“Breaking It Down with Bristol” – Week 5

“Breaking It Down with Bristol” – Week 5 October 23, 2012

Thanks to Kevin Scholla for the fifth episode of “Breaking It Down with Bristol,” which originally aired on SarahNet Radio

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  • Melissa W

    Nice job Bristol. I hope you keep these interviews up even though DWTS is over. We le hearing what you’re up to!

  • Jordana

    You are a good mom Bristol! Wonderful interview!

  • CJ

    Miss you Bristol! No more DWTS on my TV until you return for the finale 🙂
    So Happy you had a wonderful Birthday a la Tripp!!!
    Loved reading about all the sweet things he did for his beloved mama on your special day 🙂 What a BLESSING he is!
    Have also been loving your interviews with Kevin Scholla. Such a sweet guy!

  • Jeff H

    Just like her mom- a real American woman. I have daughters Bristols age. She is someone to emulate.

  • Misty

    You still haven’t said what you were going to dance to, if you got to do the ‘Guilty Pleasure’ dance.

  • Gregory Russo

    I don’t watch T.V. , however I am very supportive of the Palin Family,

    I really like the Sarahnet radio programs. It is great to get an update by Bristol.

    Happy Birthday, Bristol.

  • bellagrazi

    Awesome, thanks Bristol! I hope you do one more “Breaking It Down With Bristol” after the finale! Maybe with Mark? By the way, I’m one of the ones who had never watched DWTS before you were on or after. Haha I only watch when BP is on. Can’t wait to see Team Ballin at the finale! PS: Awe, Tripp is such a big boy! He’s got a great mom.