DWTS Second Week’s Dance: Quick Step

DWTS Second Week’s Dance: Quick Step October 2, 2012

On DWTS Week Two, Mark and I danced to “Redneck Woman,” made famous by Gretchen Wilson.  See it here!

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  • Sally

    Palns love “crosshairs”. Now that they are on Bristol, do they stil love them. Hitting Mark with a beer bottle, really? Violent people behave that way.

    • M McManus

      Bless your heart! You need to learn how to lighten up. Don’t take everything so seriously. Who are you to sit in judgement? Release your inner redneck!

    • Jane

      Well Sally-once you can write an entry that makes sense maybe Bristol could understand your comment. Whatever you are trying to say -sounds like a load of gibberish! Bristol did WONDERFUL and no matter how far she goes on DWTS….she will always be a star in this life. She was playing a ‘role’ in the song and who she is and her family are far from hitting people over the head with a beer bottle. Hey-wake up and realize real life from TV life…..really?!?!

  • Laurie

    You guys did a nice job last night, despite what the judges said. Just have fun! Speaking of having fun, I’m going to meet your grandpa and uncle in about an hour and a half on their book tour in Georgia! Good luck tonight!

  • I loved watching you last night. Such a great job. Hope you’re onto the next week.

  • Phyllis

    You are a strong woman. I have the greatest respect for you and your family. I loved your “Red Necked Woman” demo! Way to go, Bristol.

  • James

    I’m glad you are having fun. After this though I hope you give up on TV, it’s not what you are good at. You won’t be able to support your son in the long term on this road. Go to school, start a business whatever but you really need to get started on real life before it’s too late.

    • M McManus

      You’re kidding right??? She is only 21 years old!

    • Denise

      Who are YOU to tell anyone what they should do ? She is living her ” real life” Mind your own damn business.

      • James

        She is not living her real life… She freely says that this is not who she is.
        I am giving her sound advice for her future that any mother would give their daughter, you just want to watch her crash and burn on TV for your own personal amusement.

        It’s time she stopped trying to please Sarah’s Palin’s fans and got on with the life she really wants for herself.

    • Jane

      Hey James…..You apparently do not know much about Bristol with your negative comments. She is WONDERFUL at many things but you ‘haters’ have to always show up and spread your negativity around her and her family. It doesn’t matter what she is or what she is doing-you would say something hateful and NOT accurate to get under her skin. I am glad she has learned to IGNORE comments like yours and truly live her life! She is living and you….Oh yeah-spending your time spreading hate around…..Yes, thats the life! I feel sorry for you and thankful to see Bristol LIVING and enjoying this life that she has been given. She will be successful at ALL she does…unlike haters like you! I agree with you Denise…mind your OWN business and leave Bristol and her family alone! You must like spending your time watching her and looking up her blogs and such….hummmmm—if you don’t like her and feel she has no talent….why you spending your ‘educated’ time writing to her or even looking her up?!?! FAIL!

      • Fado

        Actually Jane, she is living off her parent’s notoriety. But that’s drying up, isn’t it. Poor Bristol will have to get a real job now. She should start with an education. That would be better use of her money than more plastic surgery.

        • Jane

          Oh My Fado or James or Gilly or whatever name you choose to use on this page. People that come on this site should do their homework about Bristol (and her family) before spouting off. Her parents did NOT buy her her home….nor does she had her bills over to them to pay. How funny that you think the Palin’s money is drying up or their notoriety….where do you get your information?!?! WRONG AGAIN! I am sure her parents are willing and able to help but she sustains herself and Tripp by her own earnings! You certainly have no business coming to this blog if you actually believe the words you typed. I am sure there is a liberal blog just waiting to hear your nonsense!!!!!!

    • Bree Merr

      James you come here often with your faux-sounding concern. She is still young and taking advantage of opportunities given her. Do you have a child her age? No need to try to out- parent her parents, or out-concern her extended family and friends. It sounds so silly and artificial.

      • James

        Oh please. Taking advantage of opportunities or being used by Hollywood for drama? I’m sure that is how they fed it to her as an opportunity but the reality of it is she is being used. They are making a fool of her, and she is being made fun of everywhere. I honestly feel badly for her. She knows this is not her forte but you guys just want to egg her on, and put her on display even though you know she is being made to look bad. She needs to wake up and see through it, get on with building a life she wants. This is a distraction and not good for her self image. She has a dependent now and she needs to start thinking about what will give her and her son a prosperous future.

        • Jane

          Again James…..enough already! In the past few years she has done MANY things other than TV! Like I said-you don’t even know what you are talking about. She is young and has her WHOLE life in front of her. Bravo to her as she has had NO help from Levi while raising their son. How many young girls her age do you know that has it this together and smart enough to take advantage of opportunities to do things to prosper her and her son. She has her own home and is self sufficient….if she was as bad off as you are making her….she would be living at home with her parents and living off of their notoriety. How dare you say that any of us that have commented want to see her make a fool of herself….its fools like you that cause her trouble and not she herself! I think ANYone that goes on DWTS or is able to sustain a reality show has more courage that could ever be found in most people. She is doing it…she is doing it great…..and she is living life! Good for her and sad for you. People that hate Sarah Palin go off on her children….its simply unfair and unjustified. You should look at character but then again I can tell you don’t much for yourself and no wonder you cannot see The Palins. Again-why would you ‘waste’ your time on reading a blog from someone you think is such a loser. Wish Bristol could block nonsense like yours!!! You should be ashamed. Keep going Bristol and again ignore the haters….this is exactly what they want to get a rise out of you and your family…..your more than anyone can EVER imagine!!

  • Darren

    Woohoo! Cowgirl Bristol struting her stuff and shootin em up! Way to go Bristol! I just love you for your fortitude and perservance. No one but you can make those flaming liberal haters squeel like pigs. Love it. Hahaha.

    I voted for you and support you all the way. If you make it to another week, Continue to work hard and rehearse 110%. If you feel uncomfortable about choreography, tell Mark Ballas. He’ll make changes I’m sure.

    Wow, you’re competing against Sabrina, Shawn, and Gilles. My God, I can’t believe it. It comes down to popularity and ratings.

    I believe you will be successful in anything you set your mind to, and you can’t please all people, all of the time, but only some people, some of the time. So make the best of it Bristol. Bristol the pistol. Love you.

    • Jane

      Well said Darren! Thanks for standing up for Bristol! She has some sort of back bone to deal with so much nonsense. Bravo to her —no matter how far she goes on DWTS ….she will always be successful! People should be ashamed…especially those that come to these sites to bash someone because they cannot stand her mom and what she stands for. I find it funny that the haters spend so much of their time on these sites. I really think they secretly like her and don’t want anyone to know……..I promise them I will keep their secret as long as they keep their nonsense to themselves.

  • Bree Merr

    Very entertaining performance Bristol. Judges are watching “rules” while I watch the fun of the performance and vote that way.

  • ju

    regardless the low scores i think yall did very well hope to see you and the end…..

  • Jane

    Way To Go Bristol! You are doing wonderful and really look relaxed and like you are having the time of your life. Don’t let negativity get to you….I don’t know how you handle all you do as the haters seem to be on the rise. Just ignore them….people who have to say such ugly and hurtful things to others are insecure within themselves. Delete ugly remarks and know that YOU ARE WONDERFUL! God is your God and He is seeing you through. Keep Him first and the rest will fall into place. Voting for you and remembering that “All things work out for our good”. Hang in there and enjoy every moment…you’ve been given WONDERFUL opportunities…..use them for God! Give Tripp a hug and so happy to see your family watching you dance….family really is everything! Sooooooooo proud of you Bristol! We will always be TEAM PALIN! SUPER love and support YOU!

  • Gilly

    So when Bristol loses is she going to “blame” the mean liberal media and run back to Alaska proclaiming that “hollywood” is not for her…again. Sad and embarrassing. And this is the superstar family of the conservatives? Maybe next time you guys should aim a little higher.

    • Keri Norton

      Get over it Gilly and grow up please. She is just there to work hard and have fun.

      • Gilly

        Actually Keri she is there to try and extend her 15 minutes of fame. What has she accomplished in life to be considered an “All Star”? She isn’t a star. Five years ago no one had ever heard of her. She became famous because she had sex when she was a teenager and didn’t have an abortion. And the only reason she is adored by people like you is because conservatives love to play the victim and pretend they are attacked.

        • Bree Merr

          Actually Gilly, most of us see growth, potential and courage to take advantage of what comes her way. She has accomplished much and is a nice gracious girl. All we know about you is jealousy, whining, complaining. Your comments are merely nonsense. If you are under 14, we can overlook this assming you have yrs of growth ahead of you. If you are an adult, I hope you get some growth producing experience or someone to help you become a positive, gracious person like Bristol.

          • Jane

            Amen Bree! I could not have said it better myself! Get over yourself Gilly! Look at my last response to James and act like I am writing it to you also. I always find it amusing that people who don’t like her or feel she is making such a fool out of herself like to follow her blogs and be in her business. Hummmmmm…..maybe you do care. Its okay to be a secret fan….we won’t tell!

          • Gilly

            Oh Jane You ignorant slut.

  • Bobbi

    I am really proud of you and Mark. You are doing a great job. I wish the judges were more consistent and didn’t play favorites. Their constructive comments are helpful, but they don’t score fair. But I love watching you have fun. God Bless you! 🙂

  • Charley

    Bristol, I love you, sweetie, and you are getting every vote I can figure out how to give. But this dance was a bit stiff. I appreciate the fear factor, but Bruno was right (I’ve NEVER said that before!). Loosen up and focus on the steps and holds. I am behind you 100% and hope you get that mirrorball so you can show your courage and skills (and say HA to the haters). Go get ’em next week.

  • gina lee

    Bristol you did great— keep dancing, you have come a long ways.
    I live in Maine, we are a bunch of Rednecks here.

  • Kimberly

    Congratulations for making it through Week 2!!!!!

  • NanaJ

    Congratulations. You DESERVE to be safe. We voters “slapped” Carrie Ann back for YOU. Keep smiling and dancing.

  • Wow! Doing great! Praying you and Mark keep on making it thru! Your great!

  • Jake

    Wow. When I don’t like someone the last thing I’m gonna do is go on their blog and waist my time hating on them. Kinda childish an pathetic. Ex-communication people. Ignore those that come and say negative things. Don’t respond to them just ignore them. Bristol seems too! And you rocked it Chic! Love watching you and Mark and you handled that shotgun like a champ. Now handle the dance floor the same way and be a champ at that too!

  • tai

    Cheryl made the correct comments. Bristol can not dance.

  • M. Jones

    So glad you will still be on DWTS! My kids and I only watch because you are on there!

  • mlynn

    Keep trying and go out their and just have fun with that beautiful smile of yours. You have improved every day. Like they say, practice makes perfect. You go girl, you are safe for another exciting week. You are the only reason I am watching DWTS. You bring fun and excitement to the floor.

  • CapitalG

    P-P-P-Palin Power!

    Glad you made it thru week 2. The haters gonna have to hate for at least another week!

  • Joe

    Congratulations Bristol and Mark!!

  • Georgia

    Bristol both you and Mark were wonderful. All the Stars and Pros knew the rules when they started this All-Stars season. Those who are complaining are spewing sour grapes. You have a huge fan base, because you are respected and loved and of course your fans love Mark, too. Hold your heads up high, continue to walk with the Lord, work hard, and seize this opportunity, in spite of the whiners. Go Bristol and Mark!

  • NanaJ

    Carrie Ann posted that the elimination “does not make sense” on her FB wall. How unprofessional of a judge to say that the VIEWERS & VOTERS of a show she judges “does not make sense”.

  • Fado

    NanaJ perhaps Carrie thinks people actually will be honest and vote once and vote for whom they believe is the best dancer. In that case, it would make sense that the worst dancer would go home.

    It doesn’t make sense that Bristol is still there. She is the worst dancer. And her performance this week was actually worse than the first week – it was awkward, slow, and badly executed.

    • James

      VFTW was voting for her. So it does make sense

  • Bo

    I doubt that you are self-aware enough to actually understand this but you should be mortally embarrassed that you weren’t eliminated last night. First of all, there was that little pity-party you threw about how “it doesn’t matter what I do . . . I will still get sixes from the judges”. Then there was the travesty that you were in jeopardy, let alone not booted off the competition last night.
    This week’s results clearly show that DWTS is a popularity contest; not a dance competition. You and your mother have a huge following on FB and Twitter, I know. But that’s no excuse for the cynical self-promotion.
    I absolutely agree with Carrie Ann — by all measures, last night’s votes made no sense. But, then, there really is no sense in PalinLand or the echo chamber where all the Palinistas live.

    • Reallynow

      Along with the shots of Bristol chomping on her gum like a cow, yuck. And to all you God freaks (Georgia). I really don’t think he has time to be worried about an uneducated, star struck, poor me sourpuss dancing on tv. What kind of God worries about rich girls winning a dancing competition?

  • Bonny

    You are your Mother’s daughter! Going Rogue and loven it! One gal said she thought the competition was going to be rough, and then there was Bristol with the Tea Party. I don’t care if it was the Tea Party, Team Sarah, Sarah Radio, or what — you went rogue and made it through the storm. Keep going guys, this is a fun watch. – Sure beats the nonsense all over channels at the moment. Thanks, have fun and good luck. Love you guys!

  • Bonny

    You know what is fun to see — Family loyalty — Family particpation — Family enthusiasm — and whatever help and interest can be added. Seems the world has become dog eat dog ( out of control.) Just fun to see people having fun, and family standing by giving all the encouragement and love they can. I think that is part of what upsets these hateful people. If you are always defensive, ready to criticize, life goes sour. Just look at the faces. Keep smiling Bristol, you’ve got one beautiful smile and a partner that looks like fun too. DANCE BABY DANCE!! Good Luck Guys.

  • David

    Bristol, congratulations – you made through week 2.
    I’m glad that the Judges’ low scores did not keep you from advancing.
    You have a lot of Fans.
    Good luck next week and keep having fun.

  • ph

    Congratulations Bristol and Mark! Looking forward to next week!

  • Dennis Carr

    What country is the guy on the right from and why doesn’t he go back… We have millions of ENGLISH speaking people that would love to have that job.

    • Reallynow

      Wow, I bet you would like to get rid of all non english and non whites. This is the typie of scum the Palin clan attracts.

  • Sharon

    DWTS encourages people to vote as many times as they want. They tell you over and over how to vote and to be sure to get in all your votes. There are many people voting all the different ways over and over, for their favorite dancers. I personally know some people that are doing that and they aren’t voting for Bristol. If everyone doesn’t know this then you are living with your head in the sand. DWTS also tells you to be sure and vote for your favorite. Brooke is the main one that says this over and over. It has always been a popularity contest and will always be that. Bristol has as much a right to be on the show as anyone else. Obviously so because the producers brought her back. Bristol and Kristie are my two favorites and I am so glad they are both back!!!

    • NanaJ

      I agree with you Sharon. The bloggers are really attacking Bristol and Kirstie. Some are evening attacking Kirstie for here AGE. WOW.

  • Philip Alu

    Great dancing

  • Great job Bristol and Mark – I don’t care what the judges say, you are always lovely to watch. Keep up the good work and have fun in the process. So glad we’ll see you for another week – CONGRATS.

  • I voted our land line phone 12 times the 2 cell phones in the house 12 each. I have FB and twitter accounts and that is 12 votes each. That is 60 votes from my house….I did not cheat. If you have a favorite you should spend the time and do the same thing or shut up either one. People have been voting for their favorite on DWTS since the beginning of the show…those are the rules.

  • Gary Ernsthausen

    I know nuthin bout dancing but I can call 1-800-868-3409! Now Sarah, what is the number to call to get you on the ballot?

  • NanaJ

    I have nothing against Joey but he WAS the worst dancer Monday. Not only did the voters save Bristol, they saved DREW. The judges gave Joey and Drew the same scores. Drew was in the bottom 2 first week but greatly improved the 2nd week. Judges got it wrong. Voters got it right.

    • Reallynow

      You’re delusional

  • Whether it is DWTS or American Idol, it all comes down to the fans voting for their favorites and talent has nothing to do with it. We see someone we like and we support them with our votes. It is the same with sports. I don’t live in NY yet I love the NY Yankees and the NY Giants. I like Tim Tebow so I may change my loyality to the Jets. It is sad that people want to put anyone down for trying. The powers that be at DWTS know they need viewers and they got big ratings when Bristol and Kristie were on before and they would be foolish not to have brought them back. The longer the 2 of them stay on, the higher the ratings and it is all about the ratings and money. I think it is funny how the left hates Bristol for how she makes her money. She has probably made more money in the last 2 segments of the show then many bloggers make in a lifetime!! She is working hard while having a blast. Even at my age, I would love to hang out with Mark !

  • I did not like the female judge doing a put down Bristol . You didnt hold in the middle of the dance that is against our rules its like slapping us in the face so we will slam you for that . What the heck she isnt a judge others didnt hold in the middle of their quick step . What a put down you go Bristol we are with you especially when you get that and didnt deserve it. Judges dont do right . They take your self esteem dont let them do it to you. Go Mark and Bristol.

  • Nightbird

    What I don’t understand is why Mark choreographs the dance so that you break hold in between beginning and end. He did that the last time and it cost points and did it again this time. That being said if you get the votes to stay, you get the votes. Why are people whining?

    • Reallynow

      Because she can’t FRIGGIN dance. If you didn’t have Palin glitter in your eyes, you would see that.

  • Charles Sanders

    I thought yu were gerat keep up the good work

  • Darren White

    Woohoo! Congratulations Bristol! I’m so pleased that you won another week on DWTS All Stars Season 15. I am voting and supporting all the way. Continue to work hard in reherasals. Tell Mark Ballas you want to do more advance ballroom dance. Remember the more hours you put in training, the better the performance.

    I love your perserverance. You can do this Bristol. Just take it one week at a time. After all, What do you have to lose? Throw caution to the wind. Chances win dances. Years from now, when Tripp becomes a man, He will learn that you did this for him. And have a greater love and respect for your perserverance. God love you Bristol. Go Team Ballin! 😀

    • Reallynow

      God loves Bristol for being on a dancing reality show. Lol I guess that’s where he was the day that 12 year old girl was gang raped by 10 men, helping Bristol Palin make money by dancing. Some of you so called “Christians” make me sick. You invoke God for such stupid crap. No wonder atheism is on the rise. With stupid, shallow people like you.

  • jack

    Your entire family are drooling morons.

  • Fado

    NanaZj Bristol was the worst dancer Monday night. She was even worse than Week 1. Hard to believe a week
    of practice produced that. Why can’t that girl move?

  • Jinky

    Yeah, I voted over 100 times for u guys!
    You rock!!!!!!

    • Jinky

      PS. I’m only 10 years old and u r my idol!!!!!!

  • Murphey Shaw

    Go girl … You have come so far, have fun!!!

  • Tawny Jones

    Bristol, you are lovely & light on your feet. You & Mark are the most exciting couple. Hope you win first prize.

  • bellagrazi

    Awesome Quickstep, Bristol! Super fun! The audience “ate it up”. (quote from Tom) The scores you received from the judges was a slap in the face. But please don’t let them break your spirit, Bristol. Just dance for the fans. We adore you and Mark. You two looked super cute that night. Loved your cowboy/cowgirl threads. You’re a gorgeous, Alaskan redneck woman, Bristol! #hellyeah

  • sodakhic

    Did anyone realize Bill Maher was here impersonating Gilly? Hey Bill, stuff it.