My Appearance on “The View”

My Appearance on “The View” October 24, 2012

In case you missed it, here is my appearance on The View last week! 

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  • You handle yourself so well even in situations (ie The View) where you know that they typically are hostile to Conservatives. You did a terrific job on that interview and God has great plans for you. You were born for such a time as this! Bless you!

  • Kirsten McFarland

    Bristol, I saw that interview and was disgusted (but not shocked) at how Joy treated you. You were very brave and handled yourself and her hatefulness with great maturity. You should be very proud. Praying for your continued success!

  • Donna North

    Bristol, I watched the segment of your View appearance just now and have to say you did a great job! I haven’t watched the View for about 4 years now since they decided to become the LIBERAL VIEW so I had to watch your piece online. It was kinda funny watching the fake hugs from Joy and Whoopi. LOL BTW I though Sherri did a good job. I know she is liberal too but she acted adult and friendly.
    I thought you handled yourself very well and I loved the way you handled Joy’s question about Levi. You know she was just trying to start trash and you nipped that in the bud. You are right about your votes on DWTS, people either loved you or hated you right off the bat so that is a double edge sword, but you will learn and grow wiser even when confronted with unwarranted hate.

    Good luck with everything in your future. My husband and I are proud of you.

  • Rosine Stallings

    You are such a classy young woman. You proved that you were above all of the nonsense that Joy was trying to bring. She was just trying to stir the pot and you handled it with maturity and grace. God will continue to bless you.

  • Joy acted exactly the way I knew she would. She’s such a hateful person. However, you handled yourself with dignity and grace, as always. Great job!

  • Bravo! And blessing to you !

  • Sheila

    You did a great job on the view Bristol! Can’t wait to see what’s next for you!

  • Sharon

    Bristol, you are one brave girl!!!! Proud of you!!!!!

  • Patsy Carlisle

    Great job Bristol! I guess Whoopi had lock jaw. Joy was her usual snarky self. Sherry and Elizabeth were very gracious. Proud of you.

  • SueinCali

    What a great interview! Talk about walking into the lion’s den!!! And you were so classy in your response to Joy. I would have told her it was none of her dang business. You did a great job on DWTS this season. You are right that the competion is stiff this season. Still and all….I just felt Mark’s heart wasn’t in it. And I picked up a “coldness” from the others…not all, but some and it was obvious to us viewers. You are one class act and gorgeous too!

  • Bristol, you did great in the interview…..I agree with SueinCali that there was a coldness from the DWTS people…not all, but some and it was obvious to us viewers. You are one class act and gorgeous too!!!

  • Kay

    Bristol, I enjoyed rooting for you on DVWS this season. I’m sorry to see you go. You should have at least beaten Kirstie one more week, but you are right, the competition is fierce this year. I also do not watch the View as it drives me crazy so I thought the way you handled Joy was epic. Way to shut to her down girl! You shouldn’t have to answer the same questions over and over again. You are a class act all the way, as is the rest of your family.

  • Great interview. I’m so glad you are such a strong woman and can stand up for yourself. Loved your response to Joy.

  • Kimberly

    I loved how you controlled that interview and especially how you handled Joy Behar’s questions about your weightloss and Levi. Way to go!!! Hugs for your lovenut. 🙂

  • CJ

    You did a SUPER GREAT job, Bristol!!! You handled it beautifully with grace, honesty and class…..pure PALIN style all the way! 🙂 OXO

  • meloryscott

    Joy said she spoke to Levi many times. Something very sick about that!

    Next time Michelle is on the View, Joy should ask her how she feels about Barack refusing medical care for babies born alive following a failed abortion attempt. Barack voted to let those babies die, nurses have said sometimes those babies live for hours (without medical help) before they finally die. Barack was one of the few or the only one who voted against the Infant Born Alive Protection Act. From reports it seems that even PP were shocked at Baracks firm resolve on the matter. It seems even PP thought these babies should get medical treatment and be allowed to live.

    How does it feel to be married to a man do that to the least among us. Joy should ask that question everytime Michelle Obama goes on the View.

  • All4u

    Hi Bristol,

    Just wondering if you do sweet 16 birthday parties? My daughter would love to have you at hers. We would pay all your expenses to fly out here. We are in Dallas.

  • Gregory Russo

    great interview Bistol and Mark.

    This was a great interview because the Jimmy Kimmel was really mean Bristol. At least bristol has been on the View before. As i recall, Levi was on the View only once, but all the Host were not happy being around him. However Joy just asked wether ornot Levi would have some type of relationship with his son. Bristol has full custody of Tripp.

    I think because Ann Romney and one of sons were on just prior to Bristol being on the show was probably took them by surprise. was a high powered exchange. The hosts appeared be really interested in hearing what they had to say. Ann was amazing because her answers seem to quell there persistence and probing questions. The Romneys still live and raised there sons here in Massachusetts. They are use to this tpye of Mainstream media/entertainment atmosphere.

    When I watched this episode I was surprised to see Bristol come on right after. I thought it was a great interview.

  • ron

    belated happy birthday wish you the best

  • bellagrazi

    Awesome interview, Bristol! Sherrie was super sweet with you and Mark. Joy was classless, as always. Only Palin haters care what Levi Johnston is up to lately. The better question would’ve been, “How excited is Tripp about his new baby sister?”. But Joy just couldn’t help herself. But you handled yourself with class, Bristol. Your response to Joy was awesome! Haha All your fans feel the same.

  • Terri

    Great interview Bristol !

  • Sheila

    Hi Bristol,

    Don’t know if you saw this or not but thought you’d like it. John Franklin Stephens ( An athlete with Down Syndrome who competes in he Special Olympics) wrote a letter to Ann Coulter asking her to stop using the r-word. It was really well written and I’m proud that he stood up for himself. Ann Coulter is just another democrat who throws around slurs to get attention, full well knowing how much it hurts people. I hope you or your mother will step in and condemn her for this.

    • Lee

      “Ann Coulter is just another democrat who throws around slurs to get attention, full well knowing how much it hurts people.”

      Ann most definitely not democrat.

    • Patrick

      Sheila – you f**king ret**ded C**T! How is Ann Coulter a Democrat? Come back here at once and explain yourself!

      • Sheila

        Oh I know she’s not a Democrat. I was just baiting all the losers that post here. Not a ONE corrected me. And not a ONE said anything about Bristol and Sarah completely ignoring what Mann Coulter said. When a democrat uses that word its the END OF THE WORLD. But a conservative? Nah…they get a pass. Guess Sarah and Bristol just decided to “shuck and jive” right past this controversy. Another example of republican hypocrisy.

  • Robin

    You are a strong person. I would have had a hard time sitting next to Joy knowing she has said hateful things about your Mom. At least Whoopie was decent enough to just not talk at all instead of being two faced like Joy. The woman has so much hatred in her heart I quit watching the show unless I read someone is going to be on it that I love. I’ve swithced my TV to the Steve Harvey Show he keeps it clean and makes me laugh everyday.

  • Rebekah

    I remember the first time I looked for a website to post comments on to make people mad…