I Rarely Agree with Raven-Symone, But She’s Right!

I Rarely Agree with Raven-Symone, But She’s Right! October 29, 2015

This week I told you about a cop who was suspended after he was asked to help deal with a disorderly student.

I think it is absolutely outrageous that the cop is being blamed, and not the student who was being so disrespectful to the teachers, school authorities and the police.  Well, apparently I am not the only one who feels this way.

“The View” host Raven-Symone is now in hot water with the PC police for saying the same thing I said.

Yahoo News has more:

“You do not need to be manhandling a child that way,” said “The View” co-host of the now-viral video. “But at the same time, kids — put your phones away.

“I used to be scared of my teachers, I was scared to go to the principal,” she continued. “And now, there’s so much ‘oomph’ or gusto in younger people — lack of respect — they feel like they can pop off at the mouth at an adult.”

Twitter users immediately began bashing the actress, calling her “ignorant” and a few other choice words for appearing to support the officer in the incident.

It is not a secret that I do not agree with Raven on many things, but this time she is spot on!  Kids shouldn’t question authority!  They should be listening the first time.

It’s insane that when an adult says kids should be respectful, something that should be a very matter of fact statement, she is called “ignorant” and “stupid.”

This is not about race.  In fact, this is about loving all children and believing that all children deserve the chance to be successful and productive adults.  Part of love, is discipline.  If children are not taught to respect authority while they are young, how are they ever going to hold down a job or stay out of trouble with the law as an adult.  They are never going to listen to their boss or a police officer when they are out in the real world, if they can’t even obey a simple request from a teacher when they are in school.

If you truly care about the future of all children, then stop wasting time saying stupid things about Raven, and start teaching the children around you to be respectful and loving citizens!

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