Lena Dunham’s “Newsy, Sexy, and Cool” Halloween Costume is Truly Terrifying

Lena Dunham’s “Newsy, Sexy, and Cool” Halloween Costume is Truly Terrifying October 28, 2015

Just when you think progressive elitists couldn’t get more out of touch with reality, they go and turn something barbaric and murderous into something heroic and… sexy?!?

Excuse me while I barf.

Lena Dunham – she who is so “sexually enlightened” that she molests her younger sister and she whose incredibly graphic HBO TV show employed high schooler Malia Obama as an intern – has done it again.

The Huffington Post has more:

“After detailing all her Halloween “failure,” Dunham writes, “I want to be accepted and to WIN BIG! And this year, I think I may have finally nailed it. I’m going as something newsy, sexy, and cool: a Planned Parenthood doctor!”

The 29-year-old is a vocal advocate for Planned Parenthood. In October, she showed up at the Planned Parenthood Champion of Choice event in a sweater with an image of the female reproductive system, which she ended up “spontaneously” auctioning off for $4,000 in support of the organization.

Similarly, in a 2014 interview with Vanity Fair, Dunham said she considers the men and women who work at Planned Parenthood centers across the country to be her real-life heroes.”

Heroes? Sexy? Cool?

Imagine the outcry if Lena Dunham made the following announcement instead:

“I’m going as something newsy, sexy, and cool: a slaveowner!”

I’ve written recently about the similarities between defenders of abortion and defenders of slavery.

So why is Lena Dunham defending Planned Parenthood and attempting to rewrite history to turn them into heroes?

Let’s remember – Planned Parenthood murders more than 325,000 babies every year. We have video evidence that they sometimes sell the livers, hearts, brains, legs, and other body parts to help pad their pockets. They lobby governments to allow abortion on demand for any reason at any point in the pregnancy. They lobby against bills that ensure babies born alive during botched abortions get medical care. They lobby against bills that ensure abortion clinics meet basic health standards.

They murder babies and are proud of it.

And apparently Lena Dunham thinks this is all very sexy.

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