My Fourth Access Hollywood Blog: Time To Rock ‘N’ Roll

My Fourth Access Hollywood Blog: Time To Rock ‘N’ Roll October 16, 2012

My fourth Access Hollywood blog relates to last week’s dance — and our argument.  Thank you for voting Mark and me through and helping us survive the double elimination!!  Here’s the first part:

I wish I didn’t have to start this blog about the fight between Mark and me, but I know it was really a big part of our show package last week.

As you know, Mark and I have been friends and dance partners for a long time, and we’ve never had much conflict at all. Ninety-nine percent of the time, we get along well really well – like he’s family. But, just like siblings, we got into a fight. With all the emotions of this sometimes stressful competition, things boiled over and, well, we got into it.

Read it all here!

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  • Thomas Hubbard

    Oh Bristol, my bones ache in just watching you two. In my days as a teen the dances were the Twist, Mash Potatoes, The Swim and Lets do the Freddie. Can you guess my age.

    • Isabella

      I can, I can! Mid 80’s like most of the Palin cult members lol!

      • sue

        Actually, most Palin supporters that I know of are under 45, and contrary to lib stereotyping include black folks, women and gays.

        • Fado

          “black folks” Sue? Seriously? That’s quite a world you live in where you can still win people over to Sarah’s side, most of the supporters you know are under 45 and even include ” the gays”!!!! Too funny .

  • Gilly

    No Thomas she can’t guess your age but clearly you are past your expiration date.

  • Gary Ernsthausen

    Now Todd was in competition, Bristol is doing great at DWTS all that is left to top it off is Sarah on Nov. 6th! I won’t be surprized but the whole world will be! Come on Sarah you can pull it off! !

  • Gilly


  • Bristol,

    I am a member of a fan group for you. Never had been a memeber of a fan club before. But I was
    determine to be there and support you when you where on season 11. I was so happy that you went
    to the finals. In this group we all were concern for you because of how the liberals have treated your
    family. We were tired of seeing the ugly bashers attacked you. I voted for you all the way though
    season 11 and now through season 15. We were so upset when you were eliminated tonight. If I had
    to discribe with one word of DWTS it would be “unfair” in the rudeness toward you.

    I want to say I have never seen anyone that has been treated in the manner you have been and then
    to have that person turn out such a class act that you did during both season. I have nothing but
    the highest respect for you and you should be very proud of that class act. You deserved to be there
    as much as anyone else. You started out as a non-dancer in season 11 and you have continued to
    improve in the season. You were coming up against people who more than likely has been dancing
    before. And you had one dancer that should not have been there because she has been dancing for
    a long time. Was trained in dancing school and is also a choreographer.

    There is one thing that you have and that is you are a beautiful dancer. You should be very proud of
    yourself. Just remember the bashers are just that and no more. I know
    I have heard your mom say you have a old soul and I will add you also have a beautiful soul.

    I will be looking for you on the horizon for I know you will be there and of your own choosing.

    Love to Tripp and all of your family.

  • Gilly

    Can anyone guess what Bristol and Mitt Romney had in common tonight? Here’s a hint it starts with the letter L and it ends with the letter R.

    • CapitalG

      I agree, and that word is LEADER. FAUXbama’s debate performance can be summed up with those starting and ending letters but that word is LIAR!

      • Gilly

        Only a brain-dead conservative would think that Bristol and Mitt’s “performances” could be equated with the word Leader. Fortunately the majority seems the for what they are LOSER.

    • Gilly, Bristol and Romny have in common
      The word starts with an H and ends with a Y. In case you can’t guess it is HONESTY!!!. Something
      unfortunately our president is not familier with.

      • Fado

        Millie, that ridiculous story about binders full of women wasn’t even true ( not to
        Mention that his whole response was tone deaf and insulting to women) and go see what he really has to say about blind trusts. Honesty? Ha!

      • Gilly

        Ha ha ha. If conservatives are stupid enough to elect a Mormon Pastor/Vulture Capitalist I can GUARANTEE I will get the last laugh. Mittens is going to outlaw coffee on his first day in office. And i hope you like wearing your government sanctioned underwear. Of course that is if he can master sitting on a bar stool.

        • sue

          You know, as a conservative, I have no use for Romney, but if he is making nuts like you crazy- maybe I better reconsider my opinion.

          • Gilly

            Oh sue Mittens is not making us crazy. He’s as much fun as a barrell of Palins. I can’t wait for the next stupid thing to fall out of his mouth. Hopefully someday he will stick your hero Sarah in one of his “Binders”.

  • Bo

    According to David S. Bernstein and “several people directly involved in the MassGAP effort who confirm” that The MittWit actually told the “women in binders” story ass-backwards. Here’s how they describe what happened:

    What actually happened was that in 2002 — prior to the election, not even knowing yet whether it would be a Republican or Democratic administration — a bipartisan group of women in Massachusetts formed MassGAP to address the problem of few women in senior leadership positions in state government. There were more than 40 organizations involved with the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus (also bipartisan) as the lead sponsor. They did the research and put together the binder full of women qualified for all the different cabinet positions, agency heads, and authorities and commissions. They presented this binder to Governor Romney when he was elected.

  • Bristol, you are destined for greatness…..when one door closes another door opens!!!

  • Fado

    Destined for greatness Elwanda? How? Why? Bristol
    Has no special skills or talent, just a high school education and is only famous for having been the pregnant teen of a VP candidate. Since Sarah ended her long drawn out tease of a presidential run, the family’s marketability has dropped. I predict this is the end of the road for Bristol as a celebrity. Better to get an education, start a career and give her son some stability and normalcy.

    • Fado,

      Never count Sarah out. She may have not been running but she has definitely not stop working for
      the conservatives. Campaining to get the right people in for the GOP and to change the numbers
      in the Senate. Never count either of these two ladies out. God has alot more for them to do.

      BTW all of that work Sarah has been up to is paying off!!!!

      • Fado

        Millie, Sarah Palin has been counted out ever since she quit half way through being governor and then did nothing to strengthen what her weakness are. And if she is working so hard for conservatives, how about explains why she pulls so much money in with her PAC but gives so
        little to real candidates for office? The “work” she has been up to has been paying off? What work is that? Are you suggesting it’s for the Tea Party? Cause I’m pretty sure the Tea Party has diminished. So what is it?

        • Gilly

          Yeah Millie give us some examples of how Sarah’s great work is paying off. You do realize your party nominated the biggest RINO flip flopper in American history dont’ you? Gay marriage? Fine with Romney. Universal Health Care? Romney wrote it! Gun control? Yeah Baby! Face it millie your party is trying to elect someone who’s afraid of a cup of coffee. Someone who never saw a job he couldn’t export to China. Someone who thinks women need “flexible” hours so they can get home and fix the men folk some dinner.

        • Fado,
          The Tea Party has been deminished????? You have been listing to too many Lib’s. You
          are right they are not out demonistrating in the street. They are very busy you can bank
          on that . You just need to listen to more than the groups that are putting out untruths.
          Just stay tune you will soon know what and where the Tea Party has been!!!!!

  • lois

    Makes me sad you have to read such distasteful letters from people who need to vent on a young lady. What’s mentally wrong with folks that would do that? I guess a mean spirited heart has never watched Bambi and got the message, that if you don’t have anything good to say, say nothing at all.
    Your a beautiful girl, who doesn’t deserve to hear from the foul mouthed people that need to trash what they’re jealous of. May they recognize their own petty ways and look in the mirror.
    Keep dancing, Bristol. God’s speed.

    • Reallynow

      Lol. So how old does Bristol have to be to take responsibility for her OWN WORDS. She spews them, so she better damn well be able to take the heat. You palin zombies are truly sick people. Get help fast.

      • sue

        Ha pot meet kettle. Only mentally unbalanced people chase Palin stories around the internet to spew hatred.

        • Reallynow

          Only weak minded palin zombies can’t understand that the palin clan beg for attention with all the negative crap they spew about MANY FINE DECENT PEOPLE in this country. And we have the right to call them out on their crap. Obsessed palin zombie fans need serious help. They have an addiction, they are palinholics. Get help sue. You put these people on a pedestal. They are beyond reproach to you. You believe that they can say any hateful things they want and get away with it. You are sick sue, an intervention is needed in extreme cases like yours. Time to tear down your faded sarah posters in your bedroom, wipe away your palin tears and move on with life.

  • Sharon

    Bristol, you and Mark did a great job!! I felt like you were dancing for me!! You had ever right to be there. You are a star as much or more than some of the others that are on the show.

  • Bree Merr

    BRISTOL: Spokesperson, speaker in front of large crowds in her teens.
    Haters: Whiny, without substance, Only audience is blog of supporters of Bristol who may read their sillines.
    BRISTOL: Co wrote a best seller book.
    Haters: whiny, without substance, only known “literary work” is silliness on another person’s blog
    BRISTOL: Reality show with avid audience of fans who love her.
    Haters: Whiny, w/out substance, living in fantasy world w/ a few other haters.
    BRISTOL: Reached finals in DWTS
    Haters: whiny, without substance, still at the bottom of the pit.
    BRISTOL: Went thru 4 shows w/ beautiful dances among pro entertainers. Improved every step of the way and voted “Most Improved” by professional judges.
    Haters: whiny, w/out substance.. still in the pits without signs of improvements.

    • Bree Merr

      BRISTOL: Oh yeh, she has her won blog.
      Haters: whiny, no substance.. a parasite on Bristol blog.

    • Gilly

      Bree Merr: Pathetic loser who is obsessed with the Palins.

      • sue

        Ha, for some reason this makes me laugh coming from a loony , pathetic, needs-a-life hater that runs all over the internet spewing lies. Anyhow, I want to thank you all, I’ve turned many people at work into Palin supporters just by repeating all of the trash you all have heaped on them the past four years.

        • Fado

          That’s quite an accomplishment then Sue, given all the support Sarah Palin has lost over the past four years due to her own words and actions. Bravo you!

    • NanaJ

      Excellent post.

    • Diggertoo

      Best selling author? Ha.. “Bristol’s” book sold all of 9000 copies… Most of those were had to buy copies to get a mama grizzly autograph.

  • speppers69

    Bristol….MANY of us tried to vote but when we called after only 2 or 3 votes we were told that we had already reached our limit. Here are some of the quotes from C4P today:

    “I was only able to vote 4 times each on two of my cell phones. After 4 votes I was told that I had reached my limit. I know I didn’t reach my limit because I kept a count of my votes. I kept retrying but got the same message that you have reached your limit. I had no problem voting the first 3 weeks of DWTS.”

    “My phone votes went OK, but some of my on-line votes were blocked”

    “The calls kept getting dropped. There was something very different about their phone system this week.”

    “I tried to vote online but kept getting kicked off the page when I tried to submit my vote”

    • meloryscott

      speppers when we tried to call last week we were told voting has closed for our time zone. We started voting as the show was ending, remember voting is open until an hour after the show. We kept trying and could finally get 11 votes through. How many gave up after that voicemail telling them that voting has closed?

      I believe ABC decided to let her go, even they had enough of the unhinged liberals. I believe the hate mail they received caused them to fear for Bristol’s safety, so they decided to let her go. That is why, IMO, Carry Ann was so nice to her, they were all saying goodbye.

      Bristol left on a high note, I am glad for her. And now I don’t have to watch DWTS anymore.

      • Fado

        Unhinged liberals? Please melory, regardless of politics, viewers who simply watch for the dancing think Bristol should go. The fact that she wasn’t kept on longer this time just shows the Palin marketability is fading

  • Gilly

    Bristol was so mad she refused to talk to the press. LOL. Typical sore loser like most Republicans.

    • mlynn

      I find it very laughable because when Bristol was on the show the haters whined endlessly wishing Bristol will leave the show, now that she left….they “the haters” are here again. They just can’t get enough of her. The feeling of jealousy in them make it very difficult for them to leave her alone. They rather be hateful than be friendly. Bristol, you rock!

      • Gilly

        I wonder how long it will take Bristol to morph back into “attack mode” now that she doesn’t need mean old “hollywood” anymore.

        • Fado

          Gilly, my guess us she will very quickly. It’s all she has and if she waits too long she won’t be able to capitalize on this latest wrong done to her.

      • Fado

        Why would anyone be jealous of Bristol except for those who aspire to the attention and easy miney of reality TV? It’s a sad commentary on this country if you think most people do.

    • Fado

      That’s hilarious Gilly. She was probably advised by her mother to save the interview as an exclusive to sell . Grifters extraordinaire!

  • NanaJ

    Is it true that you already have another project you are working on and will announce it on The View on Thursday?

    • Reallynow

      So Bristol is going on the View? Lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sell it Bristol!!!!!! Hate em until you need em. Hahahahahahahaha. You and your mother would sell your souls for a buck.

      • Gilly

        OMG they are the most shameless bunch of grifters I’ve ever seen.

  • Reallynow

    Oh and Bristo, remember sometime ago on this blog you posted a warning to Paul Ryan to watch out because his family would get attacked. Did you happen to notice that that has not happened. Leaves you wondering why, doesn’t it. Perhaps because he has a very nice, and truly genuine wife that has not spewed hateful crap. So no warning needed for people deserving of respect.

    • Gilly

      Good point Reallynow. Your post says it all. The Palinistas can continue to stick their heads in the sand but deep down they know its true.

  • Gary Ernsthausen

    Oh Bristol, I love to read what the libs write here! I need to throw a little more gas on the fire, I hear that Gary Johnson has saved the VP slot for Sarah whenever she is ready to announce, Jim Gray will decline for America to win!

  • Fado

    That hilarious Gary! Don’t you know? Sarah isn’t running ( well, except from the fashion police!!!) and has no intentions of running. Don’t you get it? She’s just grifting. She has no interest in governing. And any chance she might have ever had on the national stage is gone.

  • anonymous

    If you can’t say something nice about someone, why not just not say anything at all? What would Jesus do?

    • Gilly

      Tell that to Sarah and Bristol!

  • NanaJ

    Happy Birthday Bristol!!!! Enjoy NYC

  • Sorry Bristol you don’t make it pass week 4 but you looked real go on the danc floor.

  • maryann

    Bristol life is about taking chances, pushing it, andctaking risks…don’t mean to hurt you but you did none of it, your partner was even quoted as saying that you were not willing to go outside the box, and if you did perhaps you’d still be on the show. But overall I thought you did good. And before you go thinking I would say the others dancers did better, no it isn’t about that, its all about who is willing to push the limit to the next level. Call it a valuable lesson learned. I wish you only the best.

  • bellagrazi

    Awesome, thanks Bristol!