My Third Access Hollywood Blog: Redneck Women, Respect, and Hollywood

My Third Access Hollywood Blog: Redneck Women, Respect, and Hollywood October 9, 2012

My third Access Hollywood blog relates to last week’s dance — thank you for voting me through!!  Here’s the first paragraph:

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that last week was going to be something special! I was so thrilled that we got permission to use Gretchen Wilson’s song “Redneck Woman.” This song is my anthem, the type of song I hum around the house and that appeals to many Americans.

Well, not all Americans! It didn’t play so well in Hollywood.

Read it all here!

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  • P.J. Agnew

    Keep up the great work Bristol! Us ‘rednecks’ appreciate the shout out too 🙂

  • jwNYC

    Already wrote this in response to a hater who wrote you in another post of yours below but it didn’t post…so forgive me for posting twice: I was so shocked to read this person’s (named BO) ugly words, indicative of many sorry haters, that i felt compelled to assure you that there are many who support you & your patriotic, lovely family. I wrote previously:
    To all haters; you degrade yourself w/ your degrading words. Is your life so bereft of any significance that you find it uplifting to come to the personal blog of someone who is irrelevant in your eyes just to spew your venom & expose your ugly soul? What has Bristol ever done to you? Clearly you lead a pathetic life if you need to demean someone else to elevate yourself. Seriously get a life & some manners.

    Bristol, please let me apologise on behalf of these sub-human beings who lack your courage, fight & kind heart. You were right to call-out Mark for missing rehersals & sulking about wanting to be paired w/ a professional dancer like Sabrina . The irony is that Mark gets more priceless exposure by being paired w/ you & your Palin family name than he would ever get by receiving some mirror ball w/ a lesser known contestant. Just look at who is stealing all the headlines every day regardless of your scores…you can’t buy that kind of massive publicity that’s so important to these Hollywood “stars” & dancing pros.

    • jwNYC..I agree with you 100%. That was unprofessional of Mark not showing up in their rehearsal. Who is Sabrina anyway. I never new her nor Mark untill I started watching DWTS. I never watch this show before. I only did when I find out Bristol was one of the contestant. I really enjoyed watching you dance and you also got all my votes…goodluck.

  • David

    Bristol, it is great that you and Mark are still dancing on DWTS.
    That fact has got to be teeing-off a lot of Palin Haters who were hoping
    that you and Mark would not make it past the first week. Yaaa !

  • Gilly

    Bristol writes:
    “This song is my anthem, the type of song I hum around the house and that appeals to many Americans. Well, not all Americans! It didn’t play so well in Hollywood.”

    Let the Hollywood bashing begin. Bristol is going to get voted out so she immediately moves back to the “I’m an outsider who doesn’t get hollywood values…please feel sorry for me” mode. She will keep this up until she needs to promote something then happily trot right back to the evil hollywood. Why don’t her “fans” get this?

    • Bree Merr

      Bristol, there are many valued qualities about you. Your perserverance in the face of ugly attitudes (grace under fire) is one of the most appreciated. To see the pitiful,”I know nothing but hate” that some display shines a spotlight on your strength while exposing their fragile foundaton (if any). Let their hate expose their ugliness while you shine gracefully in spite of it.

    • Fado

      Exactly Gilly. And it’s so obvious.

    • JB

      Really Gilly….I wouldn’t take that as a snub to Hollywood. I beli”eve she mean, “oops, not everyone likes this type of music”! I did not like Country music at all until I moved to Texas….sounds crazy but it is the truth.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Gilly I see that your a bash hound yourself, full of envy “yes it’s true in no way can you measure up to Bristol.” Have you noticed see was not voted out? Your nasty words will go right back in your face!

  • Tami

    While I find it encouraging that Bristol is a great mother and chose to raise Tripp by herself, I do get kind of tired of the talk about her being a single mother….in the truest sense of the word. Being a single mother for most means getting up at the crack of dawn, walking your child to daycare because you can’t afford a car, walking to work to work a 8 hour day, not making enough money to put food on the table, doing without so that you can give your child what is needed, not living off the system because you don’t want your child to grow up thinking that is appropriate. Bristol is a good mother, but she wants for nothing financially. She is supported by many family members. Her and her child have healthcare and transportation and enough food on the table. I respect her for being a voice for young mothers, but her reality is not the reality of most.

  • Gilly

    Can you imagine if a democrat’s daughter dressed like this on a reality show? Conservatives would be lambasting her. She would be labeled a “slut” and help up as a poster child for everything wrong with liberal thinking. But nope..she’s a Palin so everything she does is not only wonderful but courageous and brave and inspiring. Give me a break.

  • jimmie lee

    Bristol, I totally agree with the others breaking hold. And I was saying the same thing. It wasn’t a slam, it wasn’t bristol fault, it was mark’s coreography.

  • NanaJ

    Keep smiling when you look at the haters on the show. Mark let you down but you have to forgive him for YOU. He’s a LA liberal and could not take the heat.

    • Gilly

      Wow NanJ. So Mark is a “LA Liberal” who couldn’t “take the heat”. Glad that Bristol’s fans are showing their true colors.

  • Ericainauburn

    So proud of you, Bristol! I have prayed for you all day today! You are strong, beautiful and full of grace. I love to watch you dance and I’m so sorry Mark has gotten caught up in all the liberal, hater MESS!
    I and my family use every means to vote for you and hope you go all the way to the mirror ball, in spite of the judges! Take pride in knowing that they “hated [Christ] first”, He knows your pain and burden and will help you carry it. What a privilege to be hated because your heart is good! Keep up the good work and stay true to yourself and God!

    • Bo

      I doubt that Mark has gotten all caught up in “the liberal hater mess” — whatever the heck that is.
      More likely, he is just getting a little tired dealing with his cud-chewing, unmotivated, self-absorbed, untalented dance partner. Bristol loves to “play victim” and displace her own shortcomings on everyone from the judges to her dance partner. She comes from a dysfunctional family that has enabled her behavior all her life and — as is evident from the majority of posts on this website — she has lots of dim-witted fans who are also co-dependents in this whole sad, pathetic Palin cult.

  • Tawny Jones

    You were wonderful on the 3rd episode, Bristol. Great moves, and the best legs on the show.

  • CJ

    Praying for you and Mark tonight, Bristol. Your Paso was OUTSTANDING!!!!
    So VERY Proud of you!!!! OXO

  • Bo

    Un- effin’-believable!
    It’s depressing that a no-talent hack like you can still be alive in the competition.
    Oh, I forgot. For the undiscerning Palinistas, DWTS isn’t a dance competition. It’s a frickin’ crusade.

    • mary vickers

      your remarks are so sad. enough said.

  • Fado

    Did she survive the elimination Bo? Oh gawd. Whats up for next week for Bristol? This week was a temper tantrum and crying followed by a lackluster performance, nowhere near the level of the others’.

    • Bo

      Yeppers. She did! Actually, I think poor little Bristol occupies a category of her own. She is neither “safe” nor “in jeopardy”. She’s “the walking dead” . . . or perhaps we should call her “the dancing dead”.

  • Ellie

    Bowl,the others aren’t so fantastic its just the judges are being a little bit easy on them,and that tantrum crying was no big deal,everyone does it sometimes.

  • bellagrazi

    Awesome, thanks Bristol!