Mom at CPAC Makes Liberals Go “Gulp!”

Mom at CPAC Makes Liberals Go “Gulp!” March 17, 2013

Guns.  America.  A “big gulp.”  Pure Mom.

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  • Trisha

    Love love love!!!!

  • Joe W.

    An “American Treasure”

  • LetsThink

    I don’t quite think the “gulp” you refer to is the same “gulp” liberals are making. They would love nothing more than for Sarah to stop pretending and actually try to be a leader instead of a cheerleader. Sadly she is not even wanted among the republican base as a leader. They like her on the sidelines cheering them on with her folksy jokes, stripper heels and new “rack”. If only she would try it would make the liberals so happy. Right now she gets to be the butt of their jokes because all she does is talk. Come on Sarah, walk the walk….

  • LetsThink

    Dead last in the CPAC straw poll

    • tinytwotoned

      You won’t last long here with truth telling like that.

  • Misty

    It was a great speech by Sarah! Loved the dig at the whole Nanny Bloomberg and obsession over a water bottle with Rubio! She’s smart and funny…just what Liberals aren’t!
    Sarah is one of the best pundits out there and she really knows how to build a great coalition of politicians. Can’t wait for 2014 and who she finds next!

  • jessica

    If I had to put a label on myself if would be a fiscally conservative democrat. My life motto is, live and let live but be prepared to pay for it yourself! I think a ban on soda is ridiculous. But it does irk me that, since most of us are putting money into the same “pot” for our health insurance, the people who live unhealthily aren’t paying for it by themselves. You want to drink 50 Big Gulps a day? Fine, but don’t use the health insurance that we all pay into to pay for your diabetes and your weight problems. You want to smoke? You want to drive without your seatbelt? All fine so long as you pay for your cancer, heart problems, and getting your face sown back together yourself rather than using the Blue Cross/Blue Shield that we all pay into. I have $150 taken out of my paycheck every month for my health insurance, just like to guy who smokes and drinks Big Gulps. Other than preventative care I have gone to the doctor 2 times-once for Posion Ivy, in the last 2 years. Statistically, the Big Gulp drinker likely can’t say the same. At least my company has a program where, if you are healthy and don’t smoke, you get a discount on your health insurance. I think that this is the answer rather than government intervention.

  • michele
  • dodie volo

    thank you Sarah…love you!!!

  • Tina Sweet

    You’re mom is awesome! She is our Iron Lady Thatcher!

  • Steve Mathisen

    And she told the rack joke with a straight face. 🙂

  • Tawny Jones

    Sarah Palin is slim, smart, stylish, & sensational!

    • Kim A

      Totally agree Tawny!

  • CJ

    WAY TO GO SARAH!!!!!!!

  • Joseph

    Awesome speech from your mom; she kicked butt!

  • MiddleRoader

    A minor point, I know, but Big Gulps are exempt from Bloomberg’s proposed ban.

    • TrueBlue

      “Guns. America. A Big Gulp.” If someone were describing me, I sure hope I bring to mind a much better list.

  • TheHornedOne81

    Bloomie’s ban was banned. As MiddleRoader points out, the Big Gulp was exempt (even though 7-11 sells prepared foods) which is part of the reason that the judge shot the ban down. The random decisions as to who and what was exempt. The ban had nothing to do with obesity and everything to do with control. When you make rules/regulations/laws that are arbitrary and confusing, and you force people to obey them, you begin to break down the mental processes that lead to critical thought. As this erodes people stop asking why and just follow along. Eventually you have them so broken that you can do as you please as the “political elite”. Asking “Why” is mindbogglingly important. When people stop thinking and just follow, they no longer care that a law targets a specific group of people, or targets a specific ideology. The left LOVES to portray themselves as liberal, wanting people to think that they don’t care how you live your life. when in reality they want to control every aspect. They want automatons that do not think for themselves, who plod along, blindly, numbly, not questioning why they have nothing and the “political elite” have everything. They don’t want you to smoke, drink, eat fatty foods, ingest sugars, eat meat, drive a vehicle… Control. So, ladies and gentlemen, and MiddleRoader, Think. Why do they want to institute this rule/regulation/law? What is the purpose? Could there be other reasons besides the ones stated?

    • MiddleRoader

      Actually, I don’t support the proposed ban, although I don’t have strong feelings either way, partly because I don’t live in NYC, and small drinks are usually too large for me. But I disagree with you on the purpose of the ban—I don’t think it’s control for control’s sake. I think Bloomberg genuinely wants to improve the health of NYC’s citizens. I suspect Bloomberg would love to have the ban extended to Big Gulps, but 7-11’s are regulated by the state, not the city, so he can’t.

  • Hey Bristol, can you maybe get your followers to tweet me pictures of them doing the “Palin Liberty Pose”? Please? I’m using them for my blog. I am not a hater 😛 go to and click on the “‘Palin Liberty Pose’ Sweeping the Nation” link. Thanks to anybody who sees this:)

  • Harshglare

    It is nice to see your mom using the tool liberals use so often: humor…

    Unlike the humor that was used against her, your moms humor is real and constructive. It is always sad to see how liberals portray women in general let alone your mom (and you, I might add).

    A great man once said: “The aim of a joke is not to degrade the human being, but to remind him that he is already degraded”

    • MiddleRoader

      How liberals portray women??
      Ann Coulter:
      – “I used to think women just shouldn’t be able to vote. Now, I think at least liberal women should not be able to hold office, and by woman I do not mean to limit that to the biological sense.” (And yes, I realize that she was not serious.)
      Rush Limbaugh:
      – “That’s why I wrote Undeniable Truth #24, which, while it established me as a great thinker, also made me enemy and target number one of the feminists and their early acolytes. And that is: ‘Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society’.”
      “I once told a feminist that I had no problem at all with the women’s movement, especially when walking behind it. They didn’t think that was funny. ” (For the record, I do think that’s a little funny.)
      That’s just from THIS MONTH.
      Can we just admit that neither side has a monopoly on sexism, racism, rudeness, and stupidity, and move on to the actual idealogical issues?

      • melory

        LOL! Love the Rush qoutes, really funny! Now Bill Maher and his kind are not funny, they are vile.

        Ann Coulter for the record is not a conservative – she dated Bill Maher – by their fruits shall they be known.

        • MiddleRoader

          Then I guess Maher is not a liberal, because he dated Coulter. (Actually, he is more libertarian than liberal, IMO. And he’s with Palin on the soda ban.) But I don’t get HBO, so I don’t listen to his show, and I really don’t care what his political views are. Coulter and Rush are not comedians; they are political commentators.

          • melory

            So now Rush is a political commentator, yesterday libs told me he was just an entertainer…

    • MiddleRoader

      Melory, I agree with you that with the line between entertainer and commentator is blurred for Maher and Limbaugh (and for Jon Stewart, Dennis Miller, and many others as well.) Limbaugh has called himself both. I think it tends to be libs who call him commentator (to suit their own purposes, of course.) When he says something controversial, the libs say he’s practically the head of the GOP, and the conservatives say he’s just an entertainer (to suit their purposes as well.) Even Palin, when confronted with Limbaugh’s on-air use of the R-word. (intellectually disabled), defended it as “satire”. (I respectfully but wholeheartedly disagree.) My original point (to Harshglare) was that both sides cross the line sometimes, and I think that point is still valid.

      • melory

        I don’t know what Rush prefers to be called but I think he is great at commenting on politics, the media and that he uses satire very effectively.

        I am not trying to be disagreeable, but it is just not true that Limbaugh is as bad as Maher for instance. Leftist have been getting away with their bad behavior for a long time – now that they can’t hide anymore and more people are calling them out – now libs want us to agree that both sides are equally bad – it just isn’t so. And I am not saying that because I am a conservative – I am saying that because the facts back me up.

        I appreciate that you and I can have a civil discussion about these things. A blessed day to you!

        • MiddleRoader

          And a blessed day to you as well!

  • 56Survivor

    Only your mom has the power to sip a soda and cause leftists around the world to spontaneously combust! Ya gotta love it!

  • Lynda Armstrong

    Your mother’s speech was great … She gives us “We the People” a voice at the table and more than that she gives us Hope that America will have a tomorrow but she also makes us understand that we must stand-up and say enough is enough …

  • Frederick Lang

    I just love your mom’s humor and tenacity. She even caught Rove’s ear and caused him to squirm a bit. If he was any kind of gentleman, he would have laughed along with her joke about him but no, he had to insult her about her governorship. She’s done more for Alaska than he would have ever been able to do for a toupee commercial!

  • Christine

    Gotta LOVE Sarah!!

  • Kim A

    Excellent public speaker. She wows them all the time and I really liked that Big Gulp prop!!!!

  • David

    Bristol, I like your Moms speech so much – I have watched it 3 times already.

  • Kristin Corsi

    See that Bloomberg? Soda is not the enemy. Sitting on your duff is.

  • #SarahPalinDoes represent the folks. #SarahPalinDoes defend the Constitution. #SarahPalinDoes fight cronyism. #SarahPalinDoes speak THE TRUTH. #SarahPalinDoes deserve to be POTUS. #SarahPalinDoes influence more voters than TokyoRove. #SarahPalinDoes more good for American than Barry or Hillary ever will. #SarahPalinDoes make it cool to be a PATRIOT. #SarahPalinDoes does speak for We The People. #SarahPalinDoes and does and does and does…

  • Tootie

    She was magnificent. No surprise for me. Even my husband, who is not a Christian, had a smirk on his face when she was drinking from th big cup. I do love her.

  • Tootie

    I loved the expression on her face when she was drinking from the big cup. Even my husband, who is not a Christian, had to grin. Your mom is magnificent. I love her.

  • mlynn

    Liberals and RINOs bashed her as stupid maybe because she dose not have an Ivy League school’s diploma or certificate. However she is a very wise person who speaks commonsense and truth. Anyone can learned to be knowledge or smart but wisdom is bestow only by God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob or king David. The Living God not gods who’s remain are still in their graves today. God bless you Sarah and God bless USA!

  • Jose

    She’s the best!

  • Thotocv

    Why Sarah Palin hates the media so much : She can’t control the message. Here is a perfect example how they rightly rip apart her message and show the irony between what she is spewing and what she is a actually doing. Enjoy.

  • Shaunika Dearman

    Hey Bristol,
    I love watching your family! You guys are great examples to the nation. I know that many people don’t see it that way, but they’re wrong…so who cares?! Your mom is one of my heroes! Love this speech! Hey, wondering if you could do a favor for a conservative California citizen, just trying to make a difference. There’s a guy here in CA that has organized a march, the California Liberty March, a call-to-action protest in defense of our civil rights, specifically the right to keep and bear arms. But since we’re in California, the media isn’t covering ANY OF IT. He started today in Southern California with a big rally and will end it in Sacramento on June 1st. Any chance you could give him a shout out on your fb page or blog? Here’s the link to his website: