Hope You Had a Happy Memorial Day!

Hope You Had a Happy Memorial Day! May 27, 2013

Hey, guys!  Hope you are all enjoying for a nice long weekend with your family!  Tripp and I ended up just hanging around the house, then we decided to climb the butte a few times.  As you can see, it was gorgeous.  (More photos to come!)

As we think about Memorial Day, it’s sometimes easy to forget the reason for the day off.  On Facebook, Mom reminds us that – in the middle of all this Benghazi mess – it’s important to remember the real reason for the holiday.  Mom writes:

It is time to declare, “Enough is enough.” It’s time to halt the fundamental transformation of the country our soldiers have given all to preserve.

Traditionally Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, replete with family outings, barbecues, and parades. As much as we enjoy these wholesome American pastimes, this observance represents so much more. For the love of all who have ever worn the uniform, as a memorial to the service rendered, and in the spirit of those who paid the price we can never repay, may we mark this day by committing ourselves to the fundamental restoration of the greatest country on the face of the earth.

Happy Memorial Day. We will never forget.

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  • Victoria Whitcher

    I just moved to wasilla from NH. What is that your climbing? It looks fun. I have a 6 year old he love it.

  • Sue Lynn

    Thanks Bristol for sharing. When I met your mom pictured here on my profile picture we were talking about my nephew who was killed in the Iraq on veterans day 2004. After her speech in Indianola Iowa on the rope line I yelled out Gold Star Family and she came around to me looked me straight in the eyes and asked what branch of the service he was in and what happened several other questions with deep concern hugged me and was very caring. Justin was a Marine and just turned 20 years old and he is our families hero. Love your mom and your entire family inspires me and millions of other folks.

    • Bree Me

      We are greatful for Justin’s sacrifice Sue. It was a lovely post honoring Justin. Thank you.

  • Firelight

    Gorgeous photo! So glad you had a great day with Tripp and that he had fun climbing!

  • Stoneyjack

    Always good to see a post from beautiful Bristol Palin.

  • David

    I Love that View from the Butte, Bristol.
    We had beautiful weather for Memorial Day.
    Hope you and your Family enjoyed Memorial Day.

  • section9

    Wonderful view in the Mat-Su, Bristol!

  • indemind

    Thanks Bristol, Awesome Photo … Pray your Grandfather is feeling better… and God Speed His Wellness….

  • c4pfan

    Love that pic!