Life, Death, and Life!

Life, Death, and Life! May 31, 2013

This is the kind of story that you just have to pass along:

Elayna Nigrelli is a miracle baby three times over. First, she entered the world three weeks early. Second, she was born to a mother who was technically dead.

And most remarkable of all, her mother, Erica Nigrelli, came back to life again and is now a happy, healthy new mom.

Apparently, the pregnant woman collapsed in a seizure while teaching school.  Her husband rushed to her side and took her to the hospital, where she died.  The baby was delivered in a post-mortem C-Section.

Then, a few minutes later, her heart started beating again!  Now, not only does this woman have a cute baby girl, she has the kind of birthing story no other mom can beat!

SO glad to hear all are doing well.

Read more here.

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  • Donna

    Amazing and scary story! Makes my 18 hour labor feel uneventful.

  • David

    Bristol, this is an amazing story … both mom and baby were lucky to survive.

  • Kimberly in VA

    Thanking God for this Miracle!!!

  • Michael Jefferies

    I just hope that she doesn’t let her newfound sense of pride to make her think that she needs Gastonia plastic surgery to life. Some people genuinely need it, like when they get in car accidents and their face gets dented in, etc. If you want to improve your looks that’s your decision but when it comes down to it do you want someone who wants you for your looks or for who you are inside?