Happy 52nd Anniversary!

Happy 52nd Anniversary! July 29, 2013

My Uncle Chuck has a sweet post up today honoring my grandparents:

Today marks the 52nd anniversary of our parents, Chuck and Sally. We will always be grateful for what they’ve given us… not the material things, but the intangibles. Through a lifetime of outdoor experiences, Dad instilled in us a sense of adventure, an appreciation of nature, and a love of animals. He also showed us what hard work really means. Mom gave us a softer example. She comforted us always; whether it was a bad dream, sickness, injury, or personal hardships as we got older, Mom has always been there for us. She taught us compassion, patience, and most importantly, to trust in God.

To read the story of how they first met, click here.

Happy Anniversary!!  We love you!

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  • LisaGinNZ

    great picture and – wow, what an inspiration! 52 years?!?! awesome… congratulations to them… 🙂

  • Exodus2011

    a truly great example to the younger generations … one man with one woman … for LIFE

    Congratulations to Chuck and Sally … now heading for July 29th, 2016, your EMERALD wedding anniversary milestone

    DEO GRATIAS for you both


    • Melinda

      It is good for the younger generation to see marriages that last, be they heterosexual or homosexual.

      • Exodus2011

        yes … data relating to this should be studied carefully, and the results made public, so people become aware of which union provides the best undergirding of a healthy society

        I think we will see research take place and become prominent as part of the national conversation … especially once we have Constitutional Conservative Leadership in control of Capitol Hill (both Houses) after the 2014 midterms

        #BeClingers ——————–> #AmericaRISING

        • TrueBlue

          I wouldn’t say that man/woman unions are exclusively the best for kids. Neither would these credible sources. Maybe you’ve read these articles there in New Zealand, Exodus2011?





          • melinda

            exodus, perhaps you are unaware that numerous research studies have already been conducted and have found that sexual orientation of the parents has no bearing on a child’s well-being and the American Academy of Pediatrics supports gay marriage. “Bristol” incorrectly claimed in a previous post that we “know” children do better in a heterosexual marriage).


          • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

            How many homosexual grizzly bears have you encountered in your pathetic life? I say “pathetic” because you spend so much time on this site…Why? Nothing better to do?

          • Exodus2011

            I think Melinda is probably ‘assigned’ to this blog, to counter any pro-Palin talk

            I have met many of her pals (they appear to be assigned to the different Conservative blogs)

            there is much fear out there concerning the influence of Madame Steel Spine and her family

            and they (anti-Constitutional Restoration folks) have much cause for fear too …


          • melinda

            exodus, sorry to break it to you but I haven’t been “assigned” to this. I find it interesting and amusing, that’s all. You?

          • Exodus2011

            oh …is that so?

            I would say you BULLSCHMIDT rather often myself


          • Patriot

            I love how stupid conservatives think someone assigns people to post on blogs. You guys are really paranoid. It would be sad if it wasn’t so funny.

          • Guest

            That would be wrong. My job is to counter you. You are a pest.

          • 1MiddleRoader

            None. I also have never encountered any grizzlies with autism, any religious grizzlies, any political grizzlies, any mechanically inclined grizzlies, any artistic grizzlies, etc. etc. Doesn’t mean those traits are not found in humans. (Actually, I’ve never encountered any grizzlies at all.) 🙂

          • melinda

            dis, I have never seen any ay grizzl bears. What’s your point?

          • Exodus2011

            melinda, all your numerous research is chosen by you to fit your agenda

            when there is a level playing field wrt control and publication of the research things will change

            it’s good that Americans have the prospect of Restoration (including cultural) ahead under the leadership of Palin, Cruz and Demint

            (see next post …)

          • Exodus2011

            the full power of the dominant Conservative Electorate has lain dormant since RWR left the scene …they only activate if The Real Deal appears

            they DID activate after Sarah Palin addressed the RNC on sep 3rd 2008 – McCain went from -3 to +3 overnight – NOT because people switched from OBama to McCain, but because a flood of new Conservative voters came off the ‘not registered’ and ‘not likely voters’ benches

            it took the puppeteers to collapse the Economy and McCain to suspend his Campaign and return to DC, backing the Bailouts (on the advice of the Ruling Class Tool Steve BULLSCHMIDT) for those new voters to abandon the ticket

            Palin and Cruz will activate the maximum power of the Conservative Electorate again

            Under the leadership of Palin, Cruz and Demint, the GOP Conservative policy platform will be restored

            all the conservative Americans who remain disconnected from the political scene due to disgust, will be motivated to

            1. REGISTER and

            2. STORM the POLLS

            with the Real Deal as Nominee we can expect landslide results as in the 1980s under Reagan, due to Conservatives MAXing at the Polls

            #BeClingers ————————-> #AmericaRISING

            #WAR ————————–> #CrushROVE (in the 2014 primary cycle, Patriots!)


          • melinda

            exodus, “a level playing field wrt control and publication of research”??? You have no idea what science is, do you?

          • Exodus2011

            not at all …

            I know the media control what research is emphasised and what is kept muted

            take for example the global-warnming hoax

            the media pushed and pushed this as factually based, backup scientific research etc etc

            and now we know we had so-called objective scientists making stuff up to push their agenda

            the lefty media are opinion-shapers, not reporters of facts

            but the good thing is that the new and social media are now competing much more strongly than before

            this was shown in the defeat of the gun-grab agenda earlier this year

            despite wall-to-wall pro-guncontrol propaganda 24/7 in the Old media and the Corrupt Liar in 24/7 Campaign mode, trotting out and exploiting grieving families, they still couldn’t get 60 Senators to close the debate

            the power of the new and social media at work

            DEO GRATIAS

          • Exodus2011

            there are many agenda driven articles out there

            we need credible scientific research conducted and made public

            (btw there are other articles from NZ on the other side of the issue which you will not be able to easily retrieve because of the agenda of those in control)

            I think we will move ahead in a scientific way wrt this research, once Capitol Hill is in Constitutional Conservative hands after the 2014 Midterms

          • melinda

            Newsflash exodus, credible scientific research has been conducted. And that’s why the American Academy of Pediatrics has endorsed gay marriage.

            Excuse me but your last comment made me laugh. Since when does the Tea Party even “believe” in science?

          • Exodus2011

            no my dear

            only one side of the issue has been presented by your agenda=driven researchers

            but I expect that will change, once we have Constitutional American Leadership again … after the 2014 midterm cleanout

          • melinda

            exodus, clearly you have no idea what scientific research is.

          • Exodus2011

            I disagree melinda … but this will be proven once we have real change in DC

            I am expecting quite a singularity soon … unprecedented in American history



            #BeClingers ——————> #AmericaRISING

          • melinda

            Your predictions are amusing exodus.

            And still, you have no idea what scientific research is.

          • Exodus2011

            I don’t think you will be very amused when Snowden drops his next packet melinda … remember he has told America that there are more leaks pending

            your Masters (as well as the CORRUPT Obama Regime) will be very much afraid of what #Snowden has

            and the fact that he has instituted a ‘dead man’s switch’ makes them IMPOTENT


            I would say we have mucho sphincter pinging going on in multiple corrupt rear ends


            #BeClingers ————-> #AmericaRISING

            #CorruptocratsFALLING (both sides of the aisle! **__**)

          • melinda

            My masters? You are too funny exodus.

          • Exodus2011

            I’m pleased that I gladden your heart Melinda


            Sarah Palin is the Leader We The People need intellectually, emotionally, morally and spiritually (and of course, physically, goes without saying)

            (remember it is the so-called ‘intellectual’ Ruling Class who have got America to > 100% GDP in DEBT … oh yes … how very SMART, INTELLECTUAL and SENSIBLE that was!)

            America needs this Corruptocrat FIGHTER, Gov Sarah Palin, in the Oval Office – look at her record in AK ! She dismantled the *Corrupt B*stards Club* up there ….

            now, does America have a Corrupt B*stards’ Club in DC, operating on STEROIDS???

            Send her to DC and watch the RATS squeal as they try to RUN and HIDE!

            Also, I think it would be best if this NOT4SALE Proven Reformer is directing things from the WH as the IMPLOSION hits America in the future (we are ticking over toward 120% of GDP in debt = Greece territory)

            she is a born Exec Officer/Manager with > 20 years of experience, her most VITAL trait being, she is NOT4SALE

            that quality ALONE is the single most important one if the US Govt is to be successfully reformed and Constitutional America rescued

            imagine what a POTUS could do, if they were beholden to NOBODY, no Lobbyists, no special interest groups, no big donors … a POTUS with a SINGLE ENTRY on her IOU list = “The American People”!

            at the same time she is the most experienced Leader wrt Energy Issues and will also manage the EXPLOSION of American energy development

            both the IMPLOSION/Reform of Govt and the EXPLOSION of American energy development must kick in at exactly the same time, if Constitutional America is
            to survive and thrive again


          • melinda

            Oh you are an easy target for her exodus! And for what it’s worth, the majority of We the People, do not agree with you on Sarah Palin.

            btw, people are claiming here that you aren’t even one of We the People exodus and you do not deny it. Are you really not even American? Is that part of the reason C4 gave you the boot?

          • Exodus2011

            nope mel

            I am an easy target for the truth, but a most difficult target for lies, smears and distortions AKA BULLSCHMIDT

            and I love to spread the truth also

            I walked outside the hastily drawn lines at C4P and the mods gave me the banhammer

            but it’s worked out well really ..because I am more inclined to roam the blogs now, than settle in one place

            that’s good isn’t it melinda?


            (people can read my disqus profile to find out more about who I am )


            Madame Steel Spine has the Long-standing consistent HISTORY and RECORD which matches her RHETORIC

            this UNIQUE fact my dear cowardly BULLSCHMIDTING GOPeTool, indicates she is


            and explains her huge, growing and vociferous following … (for example, ME)

            when you come across a Leader such as this woman, Gov Sarah Palin, you REALISE for the FIRST TIME, that you can actually SHELVE YOUR CYNICISM!

            I could hardly believe it when I investigated her history and accomplishments … I have had ZERO interest in politics … up until Aug 29, 2008

            that is not the case now – I am ENERGISED … basically 100% of my discretionary time is devoted to getting the truth about her out to the masses

            #BeClingers —————> #AmericaRISING

            (#WAR ——————–> #CrushROVE, in the 2014 Primary cycle, Patriots! **__**)

          • melinda

            Walked out side the lines at C4P as a Palin fan? Wow, that must have been a whole lot of crazy. Sorry I missed it.

          • melinda

            And hey exodus, if you are such a big fan of truth (though I think what you may mean as THE TRUTH , hahaha), is it true that you are not an American citizen?

          • Guest

            That is true. She is NOT an American Citizen

          • Guest

            It is true. I was a sight to see. June of 2012. Ex. was banned by the C4P.

          • Guest

            You imbecile.

            Snowden is not dropping excrement! He is a man with out a country. I would not doubt that he takes he own life!

          • Guest

            She has no idea what American politics is all about.
            exodus is truly a sick person.

    • Patriot

      A new gallup poll shows a MAJORITY of people support marriage equality in all 50 states. Of course the Palins are on the wrong side of history again.

      • Exodus2011

        now sweet pea – for starters, you don’t cite the poll, or the pollster, or the client of the pollster (and the accompanying agenda of that client), or the methodology of the pollster

        remember, the Ruling Class/Special Interest Groups (clients) frequently use polls to shape opinion and drive their agenda, rather than actually ‘reflect’ the landscape being surveyed, at that moment

        ie. the Polls can be/ and are often **prepared** so that the agenda of the Pollster’s **client** is advanced

        like Madame Steel Spine said: ‘polls are for strippers and cross-country-skiers’ **__**

        Big and sudden swings in public opinion wrt issues, including cultural issues, can be brought about by the leadership that dominates at a given time, remember ..

        Here is a key example, and this one explains WHY you and your pals trail me around the blogs honeybee …. your Masters *know* the power of Madame Steel Spine and are desperate to mute/shutdown Madame45’s voice …

        DEO GRATIAS for the rugged Palin family who do not cower when the Leftist Bullies unleash. There are so many things about Gov Sarah Palin that trigger their irrational hatred … in fact, you would have to say that EVERYTHING about her drives them nearly crazy with anger, hatred ……. and FEAR

        It is a little known fact but Gov Palin’s appearance on the National Stage on Sep 3rd 2008, (she and her family, including her younger son Trig introduced to > 40M Americans) had a profound impact on the key cultural issue of abortion.

        If you track the bimonthly Gallup Poll numbers for pro-life/pro-choice through 2008, and look what happened at the sep/oct mark, then the trend since, you will see that the pro-life numbers exceeded pro-choice in America for the FIRST time, I think since Gallup has begun polling the issue.

        IMV, THIS statistic is at the root of the Leftists’ FEAR of Gov Sarah Palin and is why they respond with PDS whenever she becomes prominent in the Media. If the Palin family were to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, would American Culture continue to move in the current direction of degradation, or is there a chance there would be a cultural swing toward more traditional American values?

        • melinda

          Oh, you forgot you already tried using that Gallup Poll exodus! Don’t recall what I explained to you then about what the poll REALLY showed? That about 75% of Americans think abortion should be allowed at least some of the time. Sure, a slight majority said they called themselves pro life, but what many think is pro life is not how actual pro lifers define themselves. But you already knew that didn’t you. It’s just something prolifers like to gloss over when they cite the Gallup poll.

          And fyi, the left does not fear Sarah palin. What’s to fear?

          • Exodus2011

            Gallup has a long history of polling this issue for both sides of the Abortion debate mel … this is a case where the polling is more sound and has credibility

            remember I didn’t say polling is ‘always’ agenda-driven .. I said it is ‘frequently’ agenda-driven

            the left doesn’t ‘fear’ Sarah Palin huh? … so they can just ignore her now right? .. and you and your pals can stop patrolling all the conservative and Palin blogs, right?



          • Melinda

            You missed ( or pretended to miss?) the point exodus: The Gallup Poll did not show a shift toward the majority BEING pro life, but rather a slight majority CALLING themselves pro life. The large majority still believes abortion should be allowed in some cases.

            It’s hard to ignore her…. It’s like watching a slow train wreck. And for many of us, myself included, this and her limited appeal is an interesting social commentary. But there’s nothing to fear of Sarah Palin.

          • Exodus2011

            no Melinda

            you are not referring to the bimonthly tracking poll through all 2008 that *I was* referring to

            the graph of this is stunning … it is SO clear that there was a massive change of opinion right at the Sep/Oct 2008 mark

            I have been trying to find this graph for the last 2 years with no success (the only ones I can find are those with annual tracking)

            there is much fear out there concerning what happened to public opinion relating to abortion at that time in America’s history when Sarah Palin introduced her precious younger son to > 40 million Americans on Sep 3rd 2008

            however, once there is new Constitutional Leadership in DC, I think this data will be dug up again and available to the public

          • melinda

            No actually I am referring to the same poll exodus. Gallup askws what do you call yourself and they asked do you support abortion is all cases/most cases/some cases/never.

            Clearly, had Gallup defined pro life as pro lifers define it (abortion should NEVER be allowed), the majority would not call themselves pro life, but rather pro choice. How do we know this? Because about 75% of Americans asked by Gallup in the same polls said abortion should be allowed at least some of the time.

            Sorry, but Sarah Palin didn’t change how we feel about abortion.

          • Exodus2011


            you are not referring to the Gallup bimonthly tracking poll I saw at the end of 2008 because the data has been removed from the public realm

            if you think you have that graphic, showing the bimonthly tracking of abortion opinion through 2008, please print the link

          • melinda

            No longer available? Oh you are funny exodus. And I don’t suppose you saved the image or have a link for anywhere else it was saved or noted. No, of course not…….

            And isn’t it too bad for you that Gallup polls have continued to show since 2008 that about 75% af Americans do not share the pro life view that all abortion should be illegal.

          • Exodus2011

            I did save the web page/graphic at the end of 2008 … however when I went to retrieve, it had been removed, and the message ‘page no longer exists’ at the link

            the data will still be stored with Gallup though … at the right time, I think it will be released again, on request

          • melinda

            Righhhhhht. And no one else referenced it either.. not any of the pro life blogs who were lovin on Sarah Palin at that time and would have jumped on such a story……. how convienent…….

            You are funny exodus.

          • Exodus2011

            I have contacted the pro-life people and they have not replied

            I suspect that they are reluctant to push this info also, because they are trying to remain a-political … not seen to be promoting one pro-life Candidate over another, but rather just promoting the pro-life cause in general

            this bimonthly tracking poll though is SO STARK … showing such an incredible unprecedented swing at the sep/oct mark, that, should they draw attention to it, they may fear being accused of being ‘pro-Palin’ … when they want to be solely perceived as ‘pro-LIFE’ and supporting ALL pro-life Leaders equally

          • melinda

            You contacted “the pro life people” and they haven’t replied? Exodus, clearly you have no idea how the pro lifers in this country operate if you think that’s believeable. Perhaps you went a little crazy with your capitals and exclamations and they decided they didn’t want you representing them, but otherwise you story rings false. By the way, how DID you get even C4P to decide they didn’t want to be associated with you. They typically aren’t too choosy! Do tell!

          • Exodus2011

            what I said, is what happened, Melinda … you see, I don’t have a habit of BULLSCHMIDTING

            I believe there is a mod at C4P who is not a genuine Palin supporter, but rather a GOPe Tool

            but that is C4P’s problem, not mine


            just studying Gov Sarah Palin’s history reveals that she is truly one-of -a-kind

            I mean – the mere fact that the Palin Admin emails from her Governorship in AK are available IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN and have received full and intensive SCRUTINY is UNPRECEDENTED

            which other Leader could withstand such a BLOWTORCH?

            HA! … the answer is NOBODY

            (Romney *destroyed* the harddrives from his tenure as Governor in MA remember … as did Huckabee)

            Hey – won’t it be GREAT if after this terrible oppressive period in America’s history, We The People DEMAND that any future Candidate for POTUS not only make available ALL their personal documents for scrutiny but ALSO THEIR ADMINISTRATION EMAILS!

            LOL x 1000!

            now, won’t that be **upsetting**? **__**

            After the terrible corruption of this Obama Regime is fully exposed Americans will be crying out for TRANSPARENCY in Governance …. the only thing that will be able to restore the Public Trust

            #BeClingers ————–> #AmericaRISING

          • melinda

            oh exodus you are too funny! Palin’s emails’ were given a full and intensive scrutiny? Sure they were…. by her own people before they were heavily redacted and only then released after an…..now what was that word……UNPRECEDENTED! delay. And let’s not forget all of the personal email accounts Palin had her staff use for communication with her. Oh wait! That’s not even legal ,is it?

            Oooh and someone working for Palin Inc is actually a double agent? Do tell! How amusing! Is it RAM???? I suspect you aren’t too crazy about her are you? She gets to write Sarah’s words and you have to compete with her as Sarah’s number 1 fan. Oh wait, were you the person I heard that made fun of RAM’s looks, thinking you were making fun of noter commenter who used RAM’s photo as her avatar. Maybe that’s it! Too funny.

          • Exodus2011

            (find me on today’s articles with more traffic now, ok honeybee? … I have left all the messages here that I planned … bye melinda … i don’t think you come out to other blogs as ‘melinda’ do you?)

          • melinda

            Too funny exodus. Run away! Run away!

          • Guest


            Most posters at C4P just don’t like you.


          • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

            Hey Melinda…you must have a very large hole in your heart….your posts…all of them are full of hate….disdain for someone you may or may not know…are you that bored that you must come on this site to push your hate….take a bath…I can smell the grease from your armpits…it’s quite strong actually…Who in the hell are you to be so obnoxious? Sadly…you make no sense…

          • melinda

            Sorry the facts get in your way and make you so upset disqus

        • Patriot

          The gay marriage poll I cited was Gallup. Look it up.

          • Exodus2011

            polls swing when there is changed leadership pat

            fear not

            REAL change …for the BETTER … is coming



            (find me on today’s articles with more traffic now, ok Pat? **__**)

          • Patriot

            Oh really? So tell how did that sbortion issue go for your side when W and the republicans were running things a few years ago? Oh that’s right NOTHING was accomplished. Stupid conservatives like you keep thinking a real maverick is going to come along and save the day. That’s why most of the country sees you for what you are….a mental disorder.

          • Get happy, be nice

            Generalizations are foolish, not that you’re known for being brillant.

      • melinda

        The US is simply moving in the direction that the rest of the world is. We’re just a bit behind the times. Eventually the term “gay marraige” will be a thing of the past. It will all just be marriage.

  • Sue B

    Wonderful post. You are all blessed.

  • JustMe

    We know how much Chucky “loves” animals, he’s slaughtered hundreds. Doesn’t he keep bits and pieces of his “love” for animals in some creepy death shed on his property? God, when a palin craps, it must stink up the whole house, considering how much meat they eat. Lot’s of cans of air freshener required in a palin bathroom. No wonder ted nugent loves sp, she wears his favorite perfume, “Meat Shit Noir.”

    • Exodus2011

      I love that quote from Madame Steel Spine ……

      something about enjoying ‘meat’ next to the ‘mashed potatoes’


      we too have 2 freezers full of meat – in our case beef and lamb, also poultry (grown on our own land, so we control exactly what the animals consume, while alive …) plus venison procured from hunting in our mountains, nearby ….

      in the case of the Palin family and the blessed Alaskan people, they have access to the lean and healthy meat from hunting moose and caribou in the wild ….

      • RushLpig

        And they stink like shit. The more meat you eat, the more you stink. Your breath, your farts, and your poop is extra foul. That’s a fact jack.

        • Exodus2011

          hmmm …. we haven’t found it to be a problem sweetness

          but embrace whichever eating plan you choose

          (and don’t forget to take your B12 supplements **__**)

          • Traveler

            Heavy meat eaters have foul body odor, especially when they sweat heavy. Kind of like stinky socks. Terrible breath as well from rotting bits of animal flesh stuck under their gums.
            I’ve sat next to enough of them on the subway. Chowing down on their 2 pound greasy hamburgers. It’s gross.

          • Happy

            I am praying you find happiness in your life.

          • Patriot

            Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. The only arguments conservatives have are either: 1. Your unhappy…go outside and breath some fresh air. 2. You must be paid by the Obama administration.

            Try to be a little more creative here folks..I understand that like empathy, creativity is not in your nature but seriously its getting really boring. Do it for Jesus!

          • Guest

            No such thing as paid trolls. That is a n old Right Wing Talking Point. Not everybody likes Palin nor is a Conservative. We are NOT a One Party Nation and NEVER WILL BE.

            Accept that.

  • bellagrazi

    Awe. ♥ Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Heath! “I think about that sometimes – the town’s first female doctor delivering Alaska’s first female governor.” And, hopefully, America’s first female President.

    • RushLpig

      That job doesn’t pay enough for the grifter. She’d rather stir up trouble on Fux News for a dirty paycheck, say retarded things to get her cult members all worked up and tease the faithful so they’ll fill her pockets. It’s all about the money honey..

  • Bree Merr

    Wonderful example for all of us.. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO THE HEATHS!! and many more.

  • David

    Happy 52nd Anniversary to your Grandparents, Bristol.
    Love the Photo.

  • melinda

    Very Interesting…… They have turned comment moderation on for any blog that mentions the writer of this blogs name. Now why do you think Palin Inc. cares so much about that?

  • melinda

    Okay looks like the old rules are back in play here. You can mention anything in the comments EXCEPT who is the real writer of this blog. Now what does that tell us folks?

    • Posseq

      Your comments tell me you need happiness and love in your life.

      • melinda

        And what does having someone pretend to be someone else and write their blog tell you Posseq? I think it says a lot, but no one here seems to want to acknowledge what it means.

  • Columba Lisa Smith

    Happy Anniversary! Beautiful picture.

  • melinda

    In case there was any question about what Sarah PAC is all about, check out the latest filing. In the first half of this year she raised and spent $500k. What was it spent on? Travel ($48k), consultants ($217k) and “postage” ($124k). Oh, and $5k went to one lone candidate for political office.


    Funny, coming from someone who railed against “consultants” at CPAC. Remember that? And what exactly is “postage”? Hmmmmmm. 48k for travel? Guess who is paying for Palin to jet between her homes in AZ and AK?

    • Ooops

      and don’t forget the $38K spent on speechwriting !
      How many speeches did she give during these 6 months ?
      It’s quite expensive for the (almost) same speech !

      • melinda

        Agreed, that is quite expensive considering the number AND that they all sound like Palin herself wrote them…… and she’s no speech writer.

    • Melinda

      Oh hey, and look at this! In the same six months the super PAC that Gabby Giffords created to fight for gun control raised $6.5 million!

  • Patriot

    Uh oh….Scary Spice isn’t as popular as her minions think she is:


  • Love

    It sure is a shame to see a lovely post overrun with random and hateful comments. Do you all have nothing in your lives? Haters should be ignored, as all they have in life is argument and bitterness. Without rebuttals, they will be forced to go out and get a life and find happiness

    • melinda

      Well Love, you might want to thenk Exodus for that. He opened up with a comment against gay marriage. But hey, maybe that’s what the “lovely post” was intended to start.

      • Guest

        So true.
        Exodus is a pestilence to all blogs. Political or not.
        She is a VERY lonely lady