Send Me Your Pics for Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

Send Me Your Pics for Down Syndrome Awareness Month! October 21, 2013

October is for more than pumpkins and trick-or-treating!  This is the month we celebrate people with Down syndrome.  Do you have someone in your family or community who has Down syndrome?  I’d love to hear about their abilities and accomplishments.

So let’s have some fun.  I just love seeing photos of all of the great people with Down syndrome, and I’m sure my blog readers would like to be inspired too.

Share your photos with me, by e-mailing them to Bristolsblog @ (without the spaces).  I’ll pick the best to share with the world, through this blog and through Facebook.  Also, send a paragraph about why this person is special to you!

Or, tweet this blog using #DownSyndromeAwareness and we’ll try to retweet your photo!

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  • Richard Smit

    Such a wonderful Family

  • irstaxhelp

    My son Noah and daughter Genev’e

  • politicaljules

    Miss Phoebe. We call her Tenacious P.

    • c4pfan

      She’s adorable!

  • politicaljules

    Dancing with her brother, and just being the most beautiful thing I have in my life.

  • Amber Dawn Mc Nair

    My sweet grandbaby and his mommy. Best thing to ever happen to this family. She isnt my blood but i took her in her eighth grade year and they are definitely mine and i love them so much.

  • busylizzy

    Kristi 18q- syndrome. My youngest daughter who turned 21 today!

  • Guerrilla flyfishing

    Poppa’s main man!

    • c4pfan

      So cute!

  • jvaranini

    I have TWO children with Down syndrome. Our son Joaquin was born the same year your brother Trig was born. Joaquin inspired us to adopt Sofia from an orphanage in Ukraine. They are the BEST of friends and will always have each other in life as siblings now. BEST decision ever!

  • Guest

    Here are 7 of my 8 kiddos with our little Seth in the middle, right in your backyard, Bristol! 🙂 <3 from Wasilla!

  • Caroline Masi

    Beautiful Families…………..Priceless………..<3

  • Amy Deason

    Check out @twenty one design on FB and on Etsy. Handmade jewelry to raise awareness and support for Downs.

  • Donna Dively

    Berlin athlete overcomes challenges in memorable game – WJAC-TV…/berlin-athlete-overcomes-challenges-memorable-ga…‎
    ShareView shared post
    Sep 21, 2013 – –Berlin’s shutout against Ferndale was not only a huge win for the. … “They wanted me to be in the field with them,” Alex Charlton said. … Syndrome, but out on the field and to his teammates, he’s just another Mountaineer.
    This is the sweetest boy ever. I thought you would enjoy this.

  • Paula Jane Pieklo-Byler

    i couldn’t figure out how to put up a picture…

  • Colleen Morrill

    Have Ya Heard? Family and friends share the joy of what it is like to have a child with Down syndrome.

  • Renee Drumm e-PRO

    Sista’ <3 ~R.I.P., Rhonda – 1/8/1960-6/8/2011

    • c4pfan

      Thanks for sharing your picture.

  • LeticiaVelasquez

    Christina is a daddy’s girl, and he is a former farmer. They love nothing more than a trip to a local orchard for fresh apples, followed by a hay ride.

  • Georgia

    I found out that Jacob was down syndrome when my water broke at 30 weeks. We were pretty excited about it. You see, my brother-in-law is down syndrome and we used to work with mentally and physically handicapped folks in SC. The heart defect concerned me but I knew that God was in control so I left it in His hands. Jesse, was born 11 mths later and was just diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The first pic is of Jake and Jesse at the Down Syndrome picnic in Dallas. The other pic is of my 6 youngest kids. 🙂

    • c4pfan

      They are so cute!

  • Suanne Jenkins

    This is my Down syndrome daughter, Heather, age 35, on the right and her younger sister, Corinne, on the left. They were in a ballet recital last June 2012. She was the only special needs person in her dance studio and truly stole the show! She did her dance perfectly to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” with her sister. Heather is my middle daughter. I am now taking ballet with her because her sister pictured in this picture is now 7 months pregnant with her own little girl. We will be dancing to “Wind Beneath My Wings” in the recital in June 2014. She is truly the heart of our family. She has such grace and poise when performing ballet. She turns 36 on October 29th.

  • mome23kjnc My 15 yr old daughter Ciarra, and a story done about her cheering squad. Your Mom met Ciarra when she came to Maine years ago. Ciarra is very proud to show the pictures of them together to teachers etc.

  • jduncan395

    Tyler is my 32 year old son with Down Syndrome! He just had a birthday yesterday!

  • Kristy Patullo

    Great idea, Bristol! Can’t wait to see the submissions.

  • Sue

    Thanks Bristol, my daughter is 15 1/2 and loving life!! Say hi to your momma!!

  • politicaljules

    I made this video and wanted to share. It shows the amazingly gifted children born with Down syndrome. A celebration and commitment to life.

  • Dawn Smith

    Hey Bristol….Our family and friends just celebrated the 17th Annual Down Syndrome Awareness Walk at our Milwaukee County Zoo in Wisconsin. So much fun and soooooo many people there. My great nephew Caden was not only born with Down Syndrome, but born on Valentine’s Day like his mother, my niece, as well.
    She, like many of us, were in the dark on Down Syndrome and what exactly it meant for their lives ahead. As she cried, I looked her in the eye’s and said, “what he has….doesn’t define “who” he is”. Not only was he born on Valentine’s Day, but he had to out do us all with an extra chromosome of love. And she smiled, hugged me and she told me she loved me. From that day forward, it’s been nothing but love and overwhelming amount of joy.
    Caden is my light and love of my life, of all of our lives. Feeling blessed that he’s in my world.
    Pictured below is my Beautiful niece Courtney, her husband Chris, Caden and Kendall.
    Best of luck and best wishes to you and your entire family!
    Dawn S.
    Pewaukee, Wisconsin