We Want You to Fight For Us

We Want You to Fight For Us October 1, 2013

Mom posted this video on Facebook, and I wanted to share too.

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  • Ed

    Great video Bristol,,, I can’t wait till you Mother is in D.C. helping Senator Curz protect America,,,, Piper is so growing up, she is not the Little Girl we were first introduced to. Take care Little Lady. I’m gonna post this on FB for all to see.

    • 1MiddleRoader

      You’re going to have a little wait. Palin has more or less said she’s not running- she has young children, and wants to keep them “nice and pure” and away from the DC cesspool. It’s kinda hard to walk that back.

      • LMA

        She really said that? Makes one wonder: I don’t know offhand of any politican’s kids who are unpure or not nice as a result of living in or near DC. I certainly hope she didn’t have any in mind, because I thought families of politicians are off limits.

  • I like it when Cubs fight for the Mama Grizzlie

  • Sue B

    I stand with them.

  • CzarOfTruth

    God Bless you Bristol!

  • Jeff

    Is that an animal skin draped inside her fireplace? How odd.

    • otlset

      It’s actually Joe McGinnis, in disguise doing more ‘research’ for a follow-up to his first ‘expose’ book on the Palins that nobody read.

      • Jeff

        Now that was good. Much better than your mom calling you from the basement. Nice progress otlset!

  • Your mom is amazing. You are so courageous. Keep believing in your family and America. God bless…

  • David

    Good Video, Bristol.
    We need a lot more Politicians like your Mom and Ted Cruz.

  • LauraAgain

    Thank you for sharing this. We all must fight the good fight!

  • otlset

    Meanwhile the dictator in the White House orders closures and barricades to make Americans suffer, and blackmail passage of his ACA ‘healthcare’ (insurance actually, not healthcare itself which will decline in availability and quality — depend on it) turkey.http://twitchy.com/2013/10/02/barry-cades-confirmed-park-service-says-obama-admin-ordered-closure-of-world-war-ii-memorial/

    • Jeff

      “Blackmail passage of his ACA health care insurance”? Are you serious?

      Here are some facts for you:

      The Affordable Care Act is not a bill, there is a difference between a bill and an enacted law and that the Act was passed by Congress and signed into law by the President, as prescribed by the Constitution.

      The Act was also found to be constitutional by the Supreme Court.

      President Obama won an election in which the Affordable Care Act was a central issue.

      The time to discuss the merits of the Act and bring up any deficiencies was while it was still a bill but the Republicans refused to participate.

      Trying to negotiate (or extort the President) now is too little to late.

      A civics lesson might come in handy for those representatives who believe that they can now defund the Act by petulantly shutting down the
      government because a small minority could not get what it wanted.

      • otlset

        They are going to offer explicit continuing resolutions to fund non-objectionable portions of the budget besides O’care (which IS an objectionable yoke of slavery, a killer of new and existing jobs, of transfer of wealth from one group to another to foist on the American people, which will result in reduced options for care, more waiting, delays, denials (death panels), and especially lower quality of care overall as really good doctors flee the system or retire, leaving those remaining to double their workload (as millions more enter the healthcare system) and put up with the government bean counters directing what they can and can’t do in each patient’s case for treatment), and each time Obama and his team of thugs strike them down, the country will see who actually has the public’s interest in mind, and who is just stubbornly sticking to an agenda (Obama and his crappy nationalized healthcare ‘legacy’).

        Just awhile ago the stubborn and dense fool Harry Reid was asked if passing a particular CR that would fund the NIH to keep the clinical trials for kids with cancer running, and possibly saving even one child with cancer, would he? And he replied “Why would we want to do that?” No, he and the narcissist Obama would rather force the ACA piece of c**p legislation on us all than fund an individual CR that might help childhood cancer treatments. The Democrats are playing games here with lives potentially at stake, but they don’t apparently care, as long as they achieve their big-government socialist agenda…


        • 1MiddleRoader

          To your last point, sequestration already affected clinical trials: http://www.nih.gov/news/health/jun2013/nih-03.htm
          Neither side squawked about it then, b/c they both accepted the deal. Ongoing trials will continue; but new trials may be delayed. And let’s face it, if Cruz had his druthers, he’d slash NIH funding even more, or eliminate it entirely. After all, it’s not in the Constitution. NIH is a favorite target of the right (not totally without reason, some of the grants/studies they do seem bizarre, at least to me.) I will grant you, however, that Reid’s response did seem amazingly callous. But I do agree with him, that, beyond national defense, (which is why I’m very happy the military is being paid), and things already appropriated for, like Social Security, it should be a clean CR. Fight the O’care and other stuff separately.

          • otlset

            The main point of my mentioning it was Harry Reid’s callous comments dismissing the child with cancer example (in favor of forcing the initiation of socialized medicine on America), not the legitimacy of the government funding the trials itself instead of another mechanism outside of government.

          • 1MiddleRoader

            Totally agree the remarks were callous. What Reid should have said (IMO) was that of course, he cares about children (and adults) getting into clinical trials, but he also cares about Head Start, nutritional programs, disruptions in flu vaccines, and even small businesses (no NEW loan guarantees will be given out), furloughed employees, and if the shutdown goes on for a while, possible disruptions in disability and veteran’s benefits, etc. etc. He should say that rather than take a piecemeal approach and decide whose sob story is better than another, pass the CR- it has enough votes. He should have told Dana Bash to ask Rep. Boehner the same question.

          • 1MiddleRoader

            However, and this may surprise you, but I completely agree with one thing Sarah Palin said in an interview. I’m paraphrasing, but basically she said that one of Obama’s campaign promises was to go thru the budget line by line and get rid of unnecessary expenditures. (I think that was the same interview in which she also called Obama a “pinprick”- Stay classy, Sarah! But I digress…)
            I do agree that govt is too bloated and wasteful. I think both sides could start with that and cut the bloat. But of course, that would mean ignoring all the powerful lobbies.

          • otlset


  • Alberta Brett

    I’m curious (I use the term lightly) to know how many haters came out of the closet to say something about the pop tart or the fact that she was eating and watching TV – Not sitting at the table with the family having breakfast, cause you know, you guys are the poster family for that! LOL… I love you guys – your awesome. And tell your sister (that is Piper right?) to stop growing up so quickly!!

  • Alberta Brett

    Bristol – I’ve talked to your Uncle about this product and my brother is going to send him a “sample” to see if you guys can use this product in AK. http://www.gamehandlers.com Your Uncle loves the product – he hasn’t used it – just watched the videos….so check it out…. and tell Mr. Heath Jr I can’t wait for his book!

  • Kristy Patullo

    It’s what this fight is all about. The future of our children.

  • Sandi Jones


  • otlset

    Fight also Ted for holding the debt ceiling as it is for a starting point, with an eye for eventual trimming of government and its atrocious and wasteful spending in the near future, for our nation’s sake.

    Here is a Ramirez cartoon that clarifies even for dummies the Democrat majority’s and the treasonous lamestream media’s misguided “hide-your-head-in-the-sand” view of the upcoming crisis…

    • Jeff

      Your language patterns sure remind me of your idol otlset…rambling and disjointed. Of course that’s probably because you’re a conservative. But still….food for thought.

      • Jeff

        Sarah Palin Farewell Speech: Rambling, Nonsensical

        “With this decision, I will be able to fight even harder for you, for what is right, for truth. I have never felt like you need a title to do that.” – Sarah Palin

        Three weeks after announcing her resignation Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin’s farewell speech was her explanation of why she doesn’t need a title to be a public servant, or care about what anyone thinks, especially the media.

        Her rambling address Sunday was a far cry from the carefully crafted speech she gave at the RNC last fall, launching herself to national political prominence.

        That debut was also her peak. Sunday’s farewell speech? More of a valley.

        Laden with strange sentence structure and trademark weird metaphors, the selfish quitter’s not only went on too long, but seemed to go a bit overboard, too.

        She’s as unassuming and unapologetic as she is unpolished.

        • Jeff
          • otlset

            I just love her!

          • Jeff

            Beauty truly IS in the eye of the beholder.

          • otlset

            I will take a politician who speaks in a somewhat less smooth manner and speaks the TRUTH, than a polished and clever orator who consistently LIES with almost every sentence that comes out of his mouth like the creep in the White House you apparently admire and bow down to. Obama is the worst, most despicable president the people have ever been conned into voting into office.

          • Jeff

            Nice to hear you finally admit she’s an idiot. Wow its been a good week for you otlset. You upgraded your comeback machine and you told the TRUTH about your idol. Have you started going to a therapist?

          • otlset

            Yup, she tells the truth, and your phony messiah in the White House our country suffers from now consistently lies. Pretty cool huh?

          • 1MiddleRoader

            I, too, would take a politician who speaks the truth. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a single one.

          • Itarion

            Sad, but true.

          • Itarion

            One little question. How?

            He beats out Nixon, who was involved in a break-in attempting to illegally cripple the opposing party’s campaign?

            He beats out JFKennedy, whose foreign policy continually abused and stepped on other smaller countries, with the express intention of thwarting the plots of the USSR, who did the same for the inverse reason? (Yes, the Cold War was based on assumptions each side made about the other side based on their own side. Funny, right?)

            He beats out Ulysses Grant, whose political ineptitude allowed countless corrupt individuals to steal millions from the country?

            Do not accuse someone of being the worst unless you are absolutely positive that he IS, in fact, the worst. Not that I agree with everything Obama is done, but he has tried to do things right, and gotten some things done.

          • Itarion

            That’s comedy right there.

        • otlset

          This is a stop obamacare/debt ceiling thread you knucklehead.

          • Jeff

            Well gee willikers!

    • 1MiddleRoader

      So… your solution is “Don’t pay the credit card bill”. ?? That, too, is head-in-the-sand mentality.

      • otlset


        With our country 17 Trillion dollars in debt and sinking fast, anyone approving of this kind of bloated budget REALLY has their head in the sand, and helping the country die in our lifetime.

        • Itarion

          Indeed. Cut back on the salaries of elected officials, until they are at the median income level of the United States.

          Indeed. Cut back on Department of Defense – or should I use its original, honest name, Department of War – spending, because we are decades ahead, and billions of dollars per year ahead of our next 5 military spending competitors.

          Increase support of research and start-ups, sectors that continually have high returns.

          Increase taxes during the good times, and give the money back during the bad.

          A government should be run very much like a household.
          Money budgeted for medical expenses, a security system, charitable donations, savings in case of income loss. Balanced.

        • LMA

          The debt ceiling was raised 18 times under Reagan. Too bad the last R in office didn’t think about the impact two unfunded wars would have on the budget. Why should the indigent pay for them?

  • 1MiddleRoader

    Finally got around to listening to the video & Sen Cruz does not speak for 300 million people. He speaks for his constituents in TX, and for the 1/3 or so of Americans who want O’care repealed, delayed or defunded. When Palin was asked about this (kudos to Cavuto for asking, BTW), she gave her standard punny line, “polls are for strippers and skiers”. When polls don’t suit her, she ignores them. But polls say O’care is unpopular; she’s OK with that. I don’t like it, but I at least admit that a lot of folks don’t like O’care. (Old polls also show they didn’t like the health care system back before Obama either.) Although I don’t agree with Cruz, I don’t really blame him for trying to do what he can to stop O’care. But I do blame Boehner, for not smacking him down and taking the vote to the floor. Boehner seems to be doing this just to keep the Speakership.

    • otlset

      Many polls are very distorted, with bogus oversampling of liberal and Democratic voters, and misleading poll questions phrased *just so* so as to elicit the response the poll sponsors are looking for (or if not, then they are “adjusted” to account for this and that BS for the final release). How questions are phrased and presented can make all the difference, yet the final results are usually hailed and treated like the ultimate truth by the drive-by hit and run lying media. They can be way off, but idiots spout their results as if they were gospel.

      Please Mid, take ALL polls with a grain of salt, as many are just fabricated and sampled (very often by organizations known for their liberal bias) in way less than a true objective measuring. QUESTION AUTHORITY! Especially in these times when journalism is no longer journalism as it should be, but journalism as a subtle exercise in propaganda in order to sway public opinion.

      • 1MiddleRoader

        I agree, although the poll I was citing came from Forbes mag (not exactly a liberal rag). You can argue a poll’s methodology, etc. (although most of that is beyond my capability), and you also have to re-take polls over periods of time. And many polls don’t measure intensity of opinion. (I think a lot of people don’t like Obamacare, but maybe they don’t hate it enough to make it a voting issue, because they did elect him.) My point was you shouldn’t just pick and choose the polls that you agree with. Much as I would like to, I can’t ignore the fact the for years now people don’t really like O’care, although I do believe wording of some of the polls is misleading. I’m not a politician, so I don’t really care about polls that much–I’ll think what I think, even if I’m in the minority. But I won’t dismiss the polls that don’t support my views. And that, IMO, is what Palin does.

        • otlset

          Polls in Germany consistently showed Merkel struggling and even occasionally behind in the run up to election. She won in a blowout. Yet I’m sure German counterparts to our own liberal talking heads used those useless-in-retrospect polls to bash conservatives in like manner as if they were gospel.

      • 1MiddleRoader

        I don’t agree, though, that the polls usually oversample libs. Some oversample conservatives. And some give separate percentages for each. It really depends on who is taking the poll.

      • Cavy4Freedom

        votes are what counts…pools are for drowning out the truth most of the time…
        I have never been pooled…or would I like it…not…nada…no…

    • Richard Smit

      Sarah Palin is right! and go spread your hate toward Sarah Palin somewhere else!

      • Cavy4Freedom

        yes…she is raised right…the pools I call them…not polls…they make you vote left or right sometimes those answers are not the one answer we need…

    • $70129662

      “But I do blame Boehner, for not smacking him down and taking the vote to the floor.” I am not sure what you are talking about. Please elaborate.

      • 1MiddleRoader

        I meant that Boehner should call for a vote on a “clean” Continuing Resolution. I posted that before Boehner said there aren’t enuf votes to pass it. To my knowledge, he didn’t give that as a reason before. Logic would lean in favor of there being enuf votes b/c it’s the Dems and the Pres who are pushing it, and if it doesn’t pass, they’ll have egg on their faces. But we’ll never know for sure unless there is a vote.
        But here’s my suggestion for a compromise– interested in what you all think. Since now it’s a matter of both sides trying to save face, pass the CR, “clean,” except with an addendum (or whatever it’s called in government-speak), that both sides will come to conference within a set amount of time, to negotiate budget issues, and Obamacare. If that’s not enuf, give, not a delay, but an extension, to sign up for Obamacare, for however long it takes to fix the glitches in the roll-out. Both sides could claim victory: Obama could say the CR was passed without financial changes, and he’s on record saying he’s “happy” to negotiate after the CR is passed (although the negotiations never seem to happen). The GOP could say they got something out of the deal, and they can negotiate useful changes to a flawed law.

        • $70129662

          Thanks for the explanation.

          Boehner and GOP are willing to talk, it is Obama who insists they give him everything he wants before he comes to the negotiating table. This is not Zimbabwe, we debate, negotiate, etc. Obama is POTUS, not dictator.

          It is not a matter of saving face – it is a matter of doing what is right for the country. How ’bout Reid allowing a vote in the Senate on the CRs that the House already passed, or Obama comes to the negotiating table and they talk it out, GOP have indicated compromises they are willing to make. Obama is wiling to let the Gov shut down and country default for one very flawed law that was forced down the throat of Americans.

          Btw, there is no such thing as a “clean” bill.

          • 1MiddleRoader

            Well, I still think it boils down to saving face (on both sides). If they’re both willing to negotiate, then do it!! But fund the govt. while they’re doing it.
            And the CR is at sequester levels, so that is already some compromise. It’s looking now like the only way out of this is a short-term CR, which is basically kicking the can down the road, and not the way to run a country but would give both sides some time.

            Here’s a quote from a Stratfor article that I wish I had written:

            “Each faction is deeply committed to its beliefs, and feels it would be corrupt to abandon them. Even if it means closing the government, even if it means defaulting on debt, ideology is a demanding mistress who permits no other lovers. Anyone who reads this will recognize his enemy at work. I, however, am holding everyone responsible, from left to right — and especially the indifferent center. I hold myself accountable as well: I have no idea what I could do to help change matters, but I am sure there is something.”

            http://www.stratfor.com/weekly/roots-government-shutdown“>The Roots of the Government Shutdownis republished with permission of Stratfor.

          • Jeff

            Bob Shieffer said it best to John Cornyn on Sunday:

            “”Don’t Republicans also have to do their job?”

            “It’s almost like I’m going to throw a brick through your window unless you give me $20.”

    • $70129662

      There is much more support for Cruz’s position on Ocare, than for Reid and Obama’s position. See all the waivers granted, Unions complaining, delay for employers and insurers, majority of country not in favor of Ocare etc.

      Historical gains for GOP in 2010 because of outrage about Obamacare. Boehner is Speaker today because he and those elected ran on repealing Ocare, so finally Boehner has the integrity to do the right thing by the people who gave them those historic gains.

    • $70129662

      How ’bout Harry Reid bring up in the Senate the Full Faith and Credit Act that the House has passed, which would require the Treasury “in the event the debt ceiling is reached, to pay principal and interest due on debt held by the public before making any other payments.”

      “Harry Reid, in his desire, indeed the Democrats’ political necessity, to keep Americans as afraid as possible, has refused to bring up the measure in the Senate despite its simply making clear, as explained above, what the Constitution, common sense, and good government already require.

      Also the government takes in about seven times as much in revenue as it pays out in interest on the national debt. So how is it that we are discussing default?”

      From the American Spectator (have to go will find link and post when I come back).

      • 1MiddleRoader

        No need to find the link- I believe you. Economics is not my strong point, but I think we can both agree that hitting the debt limit is bad. Even Rep. Boehner has said so.
        As for the Full Faith and Credit Act, again not an expert, but my understanding is that we would pay China before veterans and Medicare.

        • $70129662

          Our national debt is our biggest problem, it should be our first priority, and there is more than enough money coming in every month to pay interest due on our debt.

          It means also that we should prioritize and balance the budget: I will post the link anyway, you may find the article helpful:

          “The federal government has other important obligations, whether funding the military, paying Social Security and Medicare and veterans’ benefits, along with the myriad other (mostly unconstitutional) functions currently taken on by Leviathan. If the debt ceiling were not raised, there would be real pain for many, but also substantial long-term benefit to the country if it caused a dramatic shrinking of everything from the EPA to food stamps to thousands of destructive regulatory bodies whose primary purpose is to justify their own existence.”


          I am also not an expert, but I think if we take in 7 times as much in revenue as what we have to pay out in interest on the national debt, there will be funds left to pay some of the other most important obligations such as the ones you mentioned?