AP Photo Shows a Gun Pointing at Ted Cruz’s Head

AP Photo Shows a Gun Pointing at Ted Cruz’s Head June 30, 2015

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Do you think this was an accident??

A photographer for the Associated Press took some pictures of Ted Cruz at an event and failed to notice that a poster in the background appeared to be pointing a pistol straight at the Senator’s head.

AP said it didn’t realize the pictures looked that way and didn’t mean any harm by it.


Any good photographer knows to pay attention to what’s in the background and the angles that they take the picture at. There is NO WAY this got through without ANYONE noticing.

Did they think it was funny?

Here’s a thought: what if it hadn’t been Ted Cruz, but a Democrat – maybe Hillary Clinton, or gasp! even President Obama? The liberal media would be boycotting AP and calling for the photographer’s head!

Megyn Kelly at Fox remembered one of many media outrages about my mom in 2011. She pointed out an obvious double standard:

“When Sarah Palin went up with her ad that had crosshairs on it — just crosshairs, not an actual gun — saying these are the Democratic districts that are targeted, she wound up getting blamed for the shooting of Gabby Giffords. God forbid anything were to happen to Senator Cruz as a result of this threatening photo, would there be similar outrage? Shouldn’t everyone be more careful if they’re going to apply that kind of a standard to messaging?”

Watch the outraged response from Kelly and Ann Coulter on page two.

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