What To Do When the World Is Staring At You

What To Do When the World Is Staring At You July 1, 2015

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I love this mom!  While out to dinner with her family, including her daughter with Down Syndrome, a woman at the table next to them could not stop staring at her daughter.

She writes:

…I realized I have a choice.

I can be the mom who confronts everyone who looks at my daughter(s) the wrong way and give them a piece of my mind, or I can be the mom so caught up in the presence of our family and friends that I don’t even notice those staring eyes.

Our reaction to others actions are much more important than whatever it is people are doing.  Many of you — for whatever reason — have had to face similar scrutiny.

We have had lots of people staring at my family my whole life.  I am so thankful that instead of letting their stares distract us, we have carried on and focused on the joys of just being together! (Mostly!)  This mom’s post is a great reminder.

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