Rotting December 5, 2013

You know how people say, “I hope he rots in jail?”  This is apparently the president’s policy on Pastor Saeed.

Ugh.  I wish I could come to you and give you a better update, but it seems like Pastor Saeed is literally rotting in jail.  After all of the people who have signed petitions, prayed, and tweeted for him, President Obama has left him in a deadly Iranian prison to die.

His family got to visit him recently, and what they found was terrifying.

Saeed is in a “cell” that has a sheet for a wall – which is the only thing separating him from rapists and murderers.  He has woken up several times with men standing over him with knives.  Prisoners are routinely hanged in front of everyone, by other prisoners.  He’s been robbed at knifepoint, so he has no items of personal hygiene.  The prison is so gross, he’s covered head to toe in lice.  He also described what is probably a severe urinary tract infection.  However, there’s no medication to stop it.  After several of his beatings, Iranian doctors prescribed him medication to help his internal bleeding. Now, the prison wardens are keeping it from him and he’s getting worse and worse.

Imagine going to visit your loved one in jail – who’s only crime is being a follower of Christ – and finding him covered in lice, infectious, and noticeably thin and weak. 

President Obama made a deal with Iran when he could’ve demanded his release.  He didn’t.  Why?  Originally he said no human rights issues were discussed.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that he lied about that.

Apparently, we released an Iranian prisoner on their request.  So, we caved and they did nothing for us.  More to the point, the President did nothing for Saeed.

You can sign a petition here.  You can tweet about it here.  You can even write a letter to Iran’s new president here.

(I know many of have already done this – thank you!  I think it helps him to know we haven’t forgotten about it, though Obama has intentionally closed his eyes to Saeed’s suffering.) 

Please please please pray for him in the meantime.  He has kids and a wife back home no doubt in agony.

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