Two Brothers Who Left LeBron James Speechless

Two Brothers Who Left LeBron James Speechless January 28, 2014


You don’t have to be a Miami Heat fan to appreciate this!

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  • Peter Paul

    You pull some cool stuff out I just watched that whole thing…

  • Peter Paul

    Would it be me your calling out? I’m not the right tree to bark up if it is…

  • Peter Paul

    Responding now if you are referring to myself??

  • Section 9

    Wendy Davis is an idiot. She got in a scrum with Bristol Palin when she should be debating issues with Greg Abbott.
    That’s one reason why Greg Abbott will be the next Governor of Texas.

    • MouseFanSal

      Be nice. Don’t be them. You’re (we’re) better than gossip sites and trashy hate blogs.

    • MouseFanSal


  • MouseFanSal

    She’s raised a sweet little man that’s for sure. She deserves to be so proud. Just for her strength in the face of liberal arrogance and hate alone. Brava to strong women!

  • MouseFanSal

    To what, your disgusting behavior? In all seriousness, do you have a life? Or is your sole form of happiness being a jerk?

  • MouseFanSal


  • MouseFanSal

    Dear Emily, pot, meet kettle, you little “shit talker.” She talks no shit. She gave an opinion on Wendy having her ex husband pay her way through college. smh at you.

    I would put money on you not lasting 5 seconds of what Bristol endured back when she was stalked mercilessly and slandered to the max. All over a sweet baby.

  • Kristy Patullo

    Oh my gosh, that made me cry! So adorable. LeBron James is a good guy for
    celebrating these boys.

  • Andrew Haney

    Absolutely THE BEST story of the year, glad your talking about it Bristol.