Sibling Love

Sibling Love January 26, 2014

How sweet are these siblings? It makes my heart melt!!

I hope one day Tripp has a sibling and loves them that much!!!

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  • MouseFanSal

    I know he’ll love your future kids. I mean, Trig is basically his brother and they are best friends. You can tell Tripp is a perfect protector for him. Children who show that kind of love LEARNED it from his family. Simply beautiful

  • MouseFanSal

    She is in school. TEMPORARILY. And he does call his father.
    Begeezus people are weird. I’ve witnessed many bad fallouts as far as relationships. This one isn’t that bad. Which is interesting considering what EACH side did to the other, equally. But at present, Tripp isn’t told to view either parent in a bad light. Sure Levi was a douche to Sarah, after she tried to defend him to the media back when there was nothing to defend, and without regards to how it’d hurt HER family. And obviously because he fails to see all that, she has no kind words for him. Tank really did him wrong, which he acknowledges, not to mention pretty disgusting, deceptive ghostwriters who manipulated things further.

    But despite this, Tripp isn’t actually in the middle and will never feel that. MANY kids and their situations are not this way. This stuff won’t matter in months, let alone years.

    And yes, Tripp has a sibling that Bristol isn’t related to, which makes your comment moot since she was talking about HER life. But on the flipside, Tripp has a best friend/brother type in Trig, someone he’sknown his whole life.

    • MouseFanSal

      You don’t know school schedules. She has class THREE days a week. It obviously leaves her MORE time with him. The temporary relocation to a second home isn’t a negative thing. There are healthy people whose parents live in separate states and see one much less often. He’s freaking 5. Holy dang. Like I said, there are actual real life scenarios MUCH worse.

      And I said BOTH parties did equal wrongs. Guess you missed that. And really, both say the same thing. Despite bad history, mistrust, and such things, both love the boy. That is all that matters. People heal, in their own time. You have no right to judge the length of time that takes, nor the people you don’t know. What, you have no life but to irrational take sides in a case involving people you know nothing about in reality? And the siblings thing, well, whomever wrote this wouldn’t be thinking of someone she’s never met.

      At least I remain neutral and can honestly conclude there is no worse here.

      • ysthi

        That’s nice. Meanwhile she attacks Wendy Davis as a terrible irresponsible abandoning mother for attending school in Harvard while her kids stayed with their father…

      • kathleenpoliticalgates

        Quit making stuff up creepy mushroom lady!

  • kathleenpoliticalgates

    Yes you have. Yes you do. You allude all THE time.

    • MouseFanSal

      Interesting. Because everything I’ve said is something seen or know. However, there are things YOU assume via your own imaginative circumstances. It’s become your rhetoric. And the lies you’ve told, blatant lies. I don’t understand. Some affect innocent people. Many about the people you gain pleasure from trashing.
      Notice I’ve never actually judged or insulted people. I simply point out things one-sided thinkers either ignore or can’t/don’t see. I’ve never actually disagreed with there needing to be a specific parenting plan or that a father should have say in events, especially since they probably agree on the activities. I mean, Tripp’s already played hockey. His mom has been of the Billet mom mentality for years now.
      My problem with people like you is, you automatically think so black and white. You think “ooo kid acts up like typical kid. Bad parent!” That’s pretty mean of you. Especially when parents who don’t act high and mighty, who remain humble and never claim perfection, are more respected than the arrogant “humble braggers.” And you’re especially acting malicious when you consider, in general, Tripp is one of the more behaved kids who actually likes responsibility, something some kids several years old revolt against regularly. He does talk about Jesus and God, and prays.
      As I’ve said for over a year now, your “side” is basically ignoring that your “hero” did cause hurt to people when he didn’t have to. Long before anything was spoken badly about him. Scapegoating wasn’t the answer. ie making money off being an ass. Though admitting your former bodyguard is an epic douche who pushed you to be mean is a good thing. It does show he knows those actions were wrong. And that doesn’t even touch just how low his relatives were. Namely, one, who’s known for pathological lying. I mean, this girl cannot even pursue her own life without copying her sister-in-law’s career choice, saying she’s been a photographer since 5th grade. Though I recall being that age 2 decades ago and taking a little time to find my niche. Basically, if a wife can admit she’s the only girl her husband has ever been “good” for as she has admitted, then how hard is it to see that healing and trust from another takes time? And that’s after he multiplied things.
      I’ve never meant harm or insult. Just for people not to judge. People heal in their own time. You cannot expect everyone who was in an unstable relationship to automatically think in co-parenting terms. That will come with healing, and timing isn’t a science.

      That is all common sense to me.

      • kathleenpoliticalgates

        See above. I’ve put my commonsense hat on again. Bye.

        • MouseFanSal

          It kills you to know someone other than yourself has a sensible point and points out things you wrongfully look away from, and that you can’t admit you’ve been a hateful liar in the past. If being an objective nice person who’s never judged is what you deem “nasty,” I feel for you. Especially when some things you’ve written are so malicious and full of distortion and lies.

        • MouseFanSal

          And really, is it that nice of you to not allow an innocent typo? I mean no actual insult to Lois. But you cannot be so deluded to actually think someone like her and her husband are topnotch people, given their pretty nasty lies in a book purported to be truth. Truly sad. It’s not like I believe she shouldn’t be forgiven. All are forgiven, by God or whomever.

    • MouseFanSal

      By the way, did you send condolences to James?

      • kathleenpoliticalgates

        You are a mean person. You can’t send condolences to a dead person. I knew long before you did that Loie was ill and that she had passed away. You only knew because you read her obituary at Salon, you knew nothing of her and her families suffering. And why should you, because you never knew her. I comforted Loie during her last days. I’m going to act sensibly again and ignore you and all your alter egos because you are just not worth the effort.

        • MouseFanSal

          Apologies. I meant to write James. And I knew in November the same week. You don’t know the people I know and whom they’re connected too. The world is small.

          and I wish her, as a wish all human beings, a nice rest and her family comfort.

          I’m sure she did a lot of good. But doesn’t erase how she manipulated a poor boy by making him a liar to further her and her husband’s political beliefs. Though we are all human and all deserve forgiveness at some point.

          But I am sorry I made that typo. I see how it could’ve come across as mean.

  • MouseFanSal

    I don’t think Bristol has anything to worry about with her future kids. He’s obviously one who loves his babies. Pic from her fb as part of that collage.

  • Kristy Patullo

    Oh my gosh, that made me cry! So adorable. I know Tripp will be the same way,
    Bristol. He’s got such a kind heart.