Dear Santa, Can I Get An Early Present?

Dear Santa, Can I Get An Early Present? September 19, 2013

So sweet! I hope my kids have this much heart:When Karen Suffern, a single mom from Rocky Mount, N.C., asked her 8-year-old twins to write a letter to Santa with their Christmas wishes over the weekend, she expected to see toys, books and clothes on the list.

Instead, Suffern was shocked to see a heartfelt request from her son, Ryan, that Santa Claus step in and put an end to the bullying suffered by his twin sister, Amber.

“Dear Santa … I wanted a [remote control] car and helicopter, but I don’t want that any mor. Kid at school are still picking on Amber and its not fair because she doesnt do anything to them … ,” Ryan wrote. “I prayed that they will stop but god is bisy and needs your help.

“Is it against the rules to give gift early?” he wrote.

Read his sweet letter here and find out what happened when she posted it on Facebook and it went viral!

I guess Santa probably has a Facebook account these days, right?

But I do have one question — are other moms already planning for Christmas!?

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