Unarmed White Kid Shot and Killed by Black Cop in Salt Lake City

Unarmed White Kid Shot and Killed by Black Cop in Salt Lake City August 26, 2014


Why haven’t we heard anything about this white kid?

I hate the racial double standards in today’s media.  Here’s a segment from Rush Limbaugh’s radio show:

Here’s the story out of Salt Lake City.  Our caller, who mentioned right before the end of the hour, the previous hour, that there was a shooting that sounds very similar to what happened in Ferguson, Missouri.  It was August 12th.  “Family Of Man Fatally Shot By Salt Lake City Police Want Justice — A day after Salt Lake City police shot and killed a man whose family claim he was unarmed, questions about the shooting remain unanswered.

“Dillon Taylor, 20, who is from Salt Lake, was exiting 7-Eleven with his brother and cousin, Adam Thayne, around 7 p.m. on Monday, when Salt Lake City police arrived, responding to a report of a man waving a gun in the area. The officers ordered the men to the ground. Two of them complied, but Dillon, who police say matched the suspect’s description, did not go down. ‘It came in as a 911 call that there was a man with a gun,’ said South Salt Lake Police Sgt. Darrin Sweeten. ‘He was verbally challenged and ultimately was shot.’ Sweeten did not release further details on the shooting on Tuesday.”

Now, note the similarities to the Michael Brown story, except in this case there’s no evidence that the victim actually committed a crime, as there is in St. Louis.  And note the total absence of any mention of race in this story.  There is absolutely no mention of race.  Now, from all accounts, Dillon Taylor didn’t obey the cop’s orders because he was wearing headphones. He may not have heard the order to “get down.”  He reportedly was trying to pull up his pants in order to get down on the floor.

In any case, he didn’t resist. He didn’t hit the cop. He didn’t try to flee, and yet he was shot dead.  The officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave, but in this story there was no reference whatsoever to race.

Now, our caller said that the police officer that pulled the trigger’s black, except the media in Salt Lake City’s not referring to him that way.  They are referring to the officer as “other-than-white,” which reminds me of George Zimmerman becoming only the second known “white Hispanic,” a title given by the New York Times.  George Zimmerman, “white Hispanic,” shot black, innocent kid, Trayvon Martin.  You know the drill.  And in St. Louis, in Ferguson, it’s white police officer Darren Wilson, shoots innocent gentle giant whose thinking about the first day of college classes in the middle of the street at 2:15 on a Saturday afternoon in St. Louis.  Ferguson.  It’s all St. Louis.

They can’t wait to mention the racial aspects in St. Louis.  They can’t wait to.  They don’t talk about the racial aspects in Chicago, and there aren’t any racial aspects here in Salt Lake City.  However, our caller said that the media said the cop is “other-than-white,” so I said, “Well, what was he, Hispanic, illegal alien?”

“No, no, he’s a black police officer, but the media will not say that.”

Of course, we know why. The media wants to tell a story, over and over.  As Rush said, white people can not be victims only perpetrators.

Meanwhile in Salt Lake City, a family mourns and the media yawns.

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