World’s Most Famous Atheist Says it was “Immoral” to Let My Brother Live

World’s Most Famous Atheist Says it was “Immoral” to Let My Brother Live August 21, 2014


Did you guys see this? Richard Dawkins, probably the worlds’ most famous and influential atheist, just told a woman that it was “immoral” to give birth to a baby with Down’s Syndrome.

Immoral for my Mom not to kill her own son?

I’ll make this simple: We love Trig. He brings us joy, and I know that he has a joyful life. On her Facebook page, Mom posted just a few pictures of Trig that show how much we love him, and he loves us.

But here’s the thing, even when times are hard, we love Trig with our whole hearts. Life isn’t valuable just when it’s easy. Life is valuable because it’s life. I promise you there are non-handicapped people that go through more heartache and pain than Trig does. Is it immoral for them to live?

And, by the way, how does an atheist call anything “immoral?” What standard is he using? His own ridiculous thoughts?

Fortunately, when it comes to the value of life, God disagrees with Richard Dawkins.

And someday, even Richard Dawkins will realize how wrong he is.

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