Cosmo Used Shirtless Models to Get Women to Vote

Cosmo Used Shirtless Models to Get Women to Vote November 20, 2014

Cosmo votes

Nice try, Cosmo.

Cosmopolitan magazine had a brilliant idea this election — invite college girls to a party bus with some hot guys, drive them to the polls, and they’ll vote liberal!

Anyone else think that’s a little insulting?

These girls did. So they launched their own twitter campaign using #proudconservatives and posted pictures with signs that said:

We are students, not consumers.

No Cosmo, I don’t want a shirtless model. I want LIBERTY!

I don’t need a party bus to vote.

What an awesome response! They weren’t even impressed by the free “Voting is sexy” t-shirts.

News flash: Women care about issues.

Diana Stancy from Elon University, who helped organize the campaign, called the party bus “exploitative,” “degrading and disgraceful.”

This was not a plain old “get out the vote” campaign. Cosmo endorsed Democrat Kay Hagan in the NC Senate race. Funny enough, the magazine ran the party bus ploy after calling a campaign ad by the Republican candidate “sexist.” Umm… and this isn’t??

All that, and their candidate still lost!


This is ridiculous, and I cannot stand the word “feminist.”

If conservatives did this, then they’d be shamed.

But liberals once again show how hypocritical and biased they are.

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