Check Out What this Military Wife Did to Surprise Her Husband

Check Out What this Military Wife Did to Surprise Her Husband December 1, 2014

Misty ShafferBest reunion ever!!

Larry Shaffer missed a lot when he was deployed in Afghanistan for one year. He left behind his wife of 4 years and their 2-year-old daughter. When he came back, a lot had changed – even more than you’d normally expect!

Their daughter Nevaeh was a lot bigger than she’d been a year ago, but she still recognized her daddy.

But Larry didn’t recognize Misty at first. She had lost 100 pounds while he was gone, and kept it a surprise!

Just by eating healthier foods and smaller meals, Misty went from 260 to 155 pounds in 12 months. Her husband was so stunned when he saw her, he could only say “wow.”

Then, Misty added that she’d also bought a new house while he was gone. No big deal!

Larry said if she could managed a huge weight loss AND buying a new house all on her own, without telling him, he knows that she can handle anything.

The weight loss wasn’t so easy to keep a secret. But Misty only sent him pictures of her from the shoulders up, so he couldn’t tell she was losing so much weight.

When he got back, her husband said she was “literally half the person she used to be”! (In a good way!)

The most special part for Misty wasn’t the house or her huge accomplishment or her husband’s surprise — it was that her husband could now pick her up. He’d never been able to lift her before! But she jumped right in his arms and he could hold her now.

“A lot of people look at it like, ‘Why is that such a big deal?'” she said. “But (when) you never thought you’d see that moment, that somebody can pick you up … it is a big deal.”

This story just makes me smile. It shows so many parts of what family is really about — the big things and the little things. The joy of just being together, but the ability to survive when you’re apart, and that both of those are good things. Plus how motivated we can be when we’re doing things for someone else!

Watch Larry and Misty’s reunion here:

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