Contact these Virginia Legislators NOW to Support #ConventionOfStates and Save America!

Contact these Virginia Legislators NOW to Support #ConventionOfStates and Save America! January 31, 2015


Have you guys heard about the Convention of States?

My mom talked about how it’s important to support the Convention of States, because it will restrict the size of the federal government.  You know, the federal government whose IRS has been illegally targeting Tea Party groups, the federal government which has been spying on us, the federal government which is drunk on its own power?

Yeah, that one.

Thankfully, the Founders put something in the Constitution that allows us — the states!! — to say, “No more.”  It’s in Article V, and it’s called the Convention of States.  (Learn about it here.)  It’s already passed in THREE states, and now it’s Virginia’s turn.

Here are the wonderful senators and delegates who have a chance to make history by supporting an application that’s coming up this week!

Senator Ralph Smith (804) 698-7519,

Senator Mark Obenshain (804) 698-7526,

Delegate Dickie Bell (804) 698-1020,

Delegate Kathy Byron (804) 698-1022,

Delegate Ben Cline (804) 698-1024,

Delegate Todd Gilbert (804) 698-1015,

Delegate Israel O’Quinn (804) 698-1005,

Delegate Todd Pillion (804) 698-1004,

Delegate Brenda Pogge (804) 698-1096,

Delegate Margaret Ransone (804) 698-1099,

Delegate Nick Rush (804) 698-1007,

Delegate Tommy Wright (804) 698-1061,

Delegate Les Adams (804) 698-1016,

Delegate Terry Austin (804) 698-1019,

 Will you do me a favor and e-mail all of these?

The message could be something like this:

The runaway federal government is ruining our nation!  Please call a Convention of the States to restrain their power by supporting Virginia’s SJ 269 and HJ 497.  YOU are the last line of defense for our liberty. Thank you for standing up for liberty!

Join with Mom, Glenn Beck, Tom Coburn, Mark Levin, and George Will by supporting the Convention of States NOW! Time is of the essence.  E-mail all of these legislators so they’ll come in Monday morning to a welcome surprise — hearing from concerned Americans everywhere!


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