Convention of States Victory Due to Swell of Grassroots Support

Convention of States Victory Due to Swell of Grassroots Support March 6, 2015

Arkansas State Capitol The Convention of States has big news.

Michelle_GrayOur resolution – HJR 1003 – failed to garner enough votes during the first consideration. But, at the request of the grassroots, Representative Michelle Gray courageously changed her vote and decided to stand with the people of Arkansas. She, along with Representatives Bob Ballinger and David Meeks, were instrumental in bringing about the motion to reconsider, which was approved by the House, 52-33.

As many of you know my mom and I posted about this yesterday and encouraged everyone to act.  Apparently, you did, and Mark Meckler gave us a little shout out:

Many thought our resolution in the state House had been defeated, but with the help of patriots like Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin, Mark Levin, and Sen. Tom Coburn, the citizens and legislators of Arkansas took a stand for liberty.

This is great news for the Convention of States Project, but even better news for America.  Thank all of you for contacting your representatives at just the right time! (Way to go, Arkansas! Maybe now we can forgive you for giving us the Clintons!) By the way, if you’d like to thank your Arkansas legislator, click through to find their phone numbers and e-mails here and sign the Convention of States petition here. Read more on the Patheos Faith and Family Channel, fan me on Facebook and follow this blog on Twitter!

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