Who’s Really Intolerant Here? Candace Cameron Bure is Attacked for Truth

Who’s Really Intolerant Here? Candace Cameron Bure is Attacked for Truth July 13, 2015

I love that Candace Cameron Bure stands up for truth no matter what!

Last week when Candace was a guest on The View, she got in a heated argument with Raven-Symone about Oregon bakers who chose not to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding based on their religious beliefs.  Candace defended the bakers’ right to conduct their business according to their faith, while Raven compared that to racial discrimination.

Candace later said, “This is about freedom of association, it’s about constitutional rights, it’s about First Amendment rights. We do have the right to still choose who we associate with.”

Remember when the left told us that this same sex marriage thing was about tolerance? They told us it was about everyone living how they want to?  They told us they would never take away anyone’s religious freedom?

Why then, does a loving, caring woman like Candace get attacked on national TV for asking the left to “live and let live?”

Jonah Goldberg at National Review says it this way, “[The] left’s culture warriors are behaving like an invading army that shoots the survivors even after they have surrendered.”

Well I am not surrendering my rights anytime soon, and I am very glad Candace Cameron Bure isn’t going to either!

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