Ohio Law Seeks to Protect Down Syndrome Babies — Liberals Say It Costs Too Much

Ohio Law Seeks to Protect Down Syndrome Babies — Liberals Say It Costs Too Much August 31, 2015


What’s the value of a human life? Does it change whether it’s a life inside the womb? If it has more limitations than the average person?

How you answer these questions affects a lot. They should give you guiding principles to make decisions with. But some members of the Left get a little schizophrenic when you ask similar questions in different contexts. 

They’re all for casting themselves as the champions of the handicapped and disabled — until a pro-life group tries to protect ALL disabled lives. Then suddenly they’re the keepers of the budget, the voices of reason. And that “reason” is a thinly-veiled attempt to get rid of the “undesirables” who supposedly put a drain on society.

A proposed law in Ohio would outlaw abortions motivated by a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome in the child. But liberals are all up in arms about how much it would cost, and what would we do with all those “unwanted” babies?

George Neumayr at the American Spectator hit the nail on the head:

If a Republican argued for the killing of the handicapped for budgetary reasons, he would be called a monster. Liberals do it and they are praised as progressive. If a Republican argued that the strong should possess more rights than the weak, his career would sink. Liberals make that very argument for eugenic abortion and rise to the top of their party. Hillary Clinton famously defended partial-birth abortion on the grounds that handicapped babies deserve less protection than healthy ones.

The Left is happy to promote the Americans with Disabilities Act, provided that it continues to exempt brutalizing babies with disabilities.

Excuse me, who are the hypocrites again??

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