UCLA Sacrifices Free Speech Over a… Kanye West/Kardashian Party?

UCLA Sacrifices Free Speech Over a… Kanye West/Kardashian Party? October 30, 2015

A frat party. UCLA has lost their mind over a Kanye/Kim themed party, described by the PC police an affront to the African American community.

Why? The costumes—guests were reported wearing blackface. (Are there any pictures to prove it? Of course not!) Some of the party goers did dress up as miners, smudging soot on their faces to parody the Kanye hit, “Gold Digger.” Note: Smudged, not covered.

Student activists — enraged by alleged racial costumes — demanded the school take action against the students and fraternities involved.  Apparently, they don’t realize limiting free speech isolates the very minorities they’re trying to “protect.”  (Do they even teach the Constitution at UCLA?)

In light of the fraternity’s racial insensitivity, The Blaze reported a quote from Michael Meyers. As president of the New York Civil Rights Coalition and an African American civil rights leader, he spoke out in defense of the fraternity:

“We are increasingly alarmed—and distressed—by the failure of public university officials to support free speech and diversity of opinion on campus,” he wrote in the letter to UCLA’s chancellor. “Diversity of opinion surely includes the right of students to contest orthodoxy and to poke fun at popular culture and celebrities.”

These students poked fun at celebrities. There was no hate behind their stupidly chosen theme party.

Here’s the truth (and I didn’t have to go to college to learn it).  People eventually will get offended by something.  That’s called life.

Limiting free speech anywhere is unconstitutional, but the fact that my generation is demanding that is maddening. Do they not know the lives that have been spent, the families torn, the loved ones lost, to keep and defend such a precious right? They disrespect the men and women who fight so selflessly for our nation and our freedom.

I want to say thank you to all the men and women who serve our country. Please know there are those my age who love and deeply respect the service and freedoms you provide through your sacrifice.

Don’t let this example of ignorant ungratefulness discourage you. Maybe if more college aged students put a uniform on their body instead of picketing around the protected quad, America would be a better place.

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