CNN Contributor Pays Tribute to Communists on Veterans Day

CNN Contributor Pays Tribute to Communists on Veterans Day November 15, 2015

This week on Veterans Day, many Americans used their social media accounts to express their appreciation for the brave men and women who have served in our military.

But CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill did just the opposite.  Instead of posting a thank you to America’s veterans, he posted a picture of Cuban Communist Fighters.

Yes, you read that right.  Instead of thanking our veterans, or even just remaining silent, he chose to celebrate an oppressive and anti-freedom COMMUNIST army.

Marc claims to not have known that they were Cuban fighters, but instead believed them to be a West African female battalion.  Either way, his message is clear.  He thinks very little of our veterans.

Can he be any more disrespectful to the thousands of Americans who have given their lives for our freedom on the one day a year specifically set aside to honor them?

Can he not set his “progressive” agenda aside for one day? Does he really have such disdain for his own country that he can’t hold back this “statement” for one day?

Regardless of how you feel about war or America’s role in international conflicts, one thing should unite us all – respect and admiration for the Americans who give everything for the sake of our freedoms.  Turning Veterans Day into a political statement is unacceptable.

It is so ironic that the freedom Marc has to even post a statement like this does not exist under Communist rule.

In response to the controversy, Marc tweeted, “My beliefs on Veterans and Veterans Day are clear. Probably different than your readers. But certainly transparent.”

Yes, you are right Marc.  Your complete disrespect for the men and women who lost their lives to give you the freedom to tweet such ridiculous things in the first place is VERY clear.   And I am very glad to say that, yes, your beliefs are very different than ours.

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