A Samhain Spell: Protection From Unwanted Spirits

A Samhain Spell: Protection From Unwanted Spirits October 24, 2019

With the coming of Samhain, the veil between worlds thins. It’s long been believed that on this night the spirits of the dead roam freely among the living. As such, we often welcome the spirits of our beloved ancestors to come visit our homes. But what about those spirits you don’t want dropping by for a late-night haunting? What if you’re terrified of ghosts? Or you live somewhere where spiritual activity is most undesirable – like next to a graveyard or somewhere that tragedy has taken place? Well, if that’s the case, I recommend making use of the following charm which will help protect your home from things that go bump in the dark on Samhain night.

Photo by Bryan Minear on Unsplash

Necessary Items: rosemary, salt, a clove of garlic, a black stone, a small copy of the fifth pentacle of the moon (you can print one from the internet or better yet, draw it yourself!), a square of red cloth, and a length of black cord.


Begin by mixing the rosemary and salt, infusing the mixture with your magical intention – which in this case it to keep unwanted spirits at bay. Pour the rosemary and salt upon the red cloth before adding the clove of garlic. Next, hold the black stone in your hand and feel it’s protective virtues merging with your magical intention. When you feel ready, place the stone among the herbs. Take the fifth pentacle of the moon and fold it in half (folding it away from your body, to send energy outwards) before putting it on top of the herbs and stone. Finally, bring the corners of the cloth together and bind it together with the black cord, tying a triple knot and leaving enough cord to hang the charm from your front door.

Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

Stand before your front door and hold the finalized charm in your hands. Take a moment to breathe and visualize your intended outcome. Imagine that your home is surrounded by a protective barrier that extends outwards from the charm in your hands. This barrier can be semi-permeable, allowing in only certain spirits that have your permission. Or the barrier could be air-tight, allowing no spirits access to your home on Samhain night. When you feel ready, repeat the following spell before hanging the charm from your door…

On this night, as spirits roam,

I craft this spell with herb and stone,

While ghosts will wander from grave and bone

From spectral haunt, I shall seal my home,

And with the hanging of this charm,

From ghoulish wraiths, I’ll receive no harm. 

The charm will only be effective for the night of Samhain, afterwards you may dispose of it how you see fit.



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