Pro-Choice Prayer Is About Justice

Pro-Choice Prayer Is About Justice October 14, 2012

This is the third set of prayers for women, men, and families seeking reproductive justice.

40 Days of Prayer to Stop the War on Women is a campaign by Faith Aloud, with a prayer a day beginning September 28 and leading up to the election.

“Faith Aloud is a movement to give spiritual support to persons making reproductive decisions. As people of religious faith and conviction, Faith Aloud supports reproductive justice for every person. Our struggle for reproductive freedom includes issues concerning: abortion, adoption, choice, LGBTQ rights, Same-sex marriage, reproductive health and their intersections with faith and spirituality.”

Here are the prayers for the third week:

Day 15: We pray for men, that they may offer their loving kindness and support for women’s difficult decisions.

 Day 16: We pray for increased financial support for low income women to access contraception, abortion, and childcare.

 Day 17: We pray that the staff at abortion clinics may be daily confirmed in the sacred care that they offer women.

 Day 18: We pray for insurance companies who hold the power to improve access to women’s healthcare in their hands, that they make the right choices for women.

 Day 19: We pray for all pregnant women. May they be surrounded by loving voices.

 Day 20: We pray for families of yesteryear who mourn the loss of loved ones due to illegal abortion. May we prevent it from happening again.

 Day 21: For women who fear spiritual punishment for exercising choice, we pray they come to know God as a loving guide instead of an angry judge.

I will continue providing this resource until the election, and encourage you to pray, tweet, and share widely.



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