Honorable Mention: NetVUE

Honorable Mention: NetVUE March 14, 2013

This weekend, I’m heading to Indianapolis for the biannual conference of the National Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education.  It’s a project of the Council of Independent Colleges, whose purposes include:

  • Deepen our understanding of the intellectual and theological substance of vocational exploration;
  • Examine the role of intellectual and theological reflection and vocational exploration in a variety of institutional contexts;
  • Share knowledge, best practices, and reflection on experiences across participating campuses;
  • Develop a network for sustaining an extended program in the exploration of vocation.

Colleges and universities rooted in the liberal arts are particularly well suited to undertake the task of educating future leaders who are theologically literate, whose attitudes and behaviors are shaped by their values and commitments, and who are eager to sustain a life of service that is guided by a sense of calling.

The 2013 NetVUE Conference is centered around the theme, “Enriching the Theological Exploration of Vocation.”  For me, this work captures so much of what I think is essential for undergraduate education – equipping young people to find their place in the world, a place where they can do meaningful work, serve their community, and lead effectively in whatever life they live.

I look forward to a few days of interaction and conversation with good people doing good work around the country!

Author note:  ‘Honorable Mention‘ is a recurring feature on this blog, a quick mention or shout-out for something worthy of note.


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