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Patheos Pro-Life May 13, 2020

Our Lady of Fatima pray for the Unborn….

A recent conversation over at the Patheos Catholic FB Page….

Lincoln Tf: Pathos Catholic is fanatical in their devotion to aborting children, absolute garbage as both Catholics and as human beings.

Rebecca Bratten Weiss: Lincoln Tf your comment makes no sense. No one at Patheos Catholic aborts human children. You might want to be more prudent and not make such deranged accusations.

Lincoln Tf Do you not read their pro-infant death commentary? I can assure you that if you follow this site for any length of time that you will notice that kiliing children in the womb is one of their priorities. As many as possible, as late as possible, Patheos Catholic wants them dead.

A took a look around the blogs to find all this pro-infant death commentary.  Here is some of the gems I found in support of killing children.

I do not make a habit of swearing, as I think it’s unbecoming of women, but I’ll be damned if you tell me that the small, sick, and suffering babies that I care for on a daily basis are not worth saving, loving, fighting, and suffering for. I’ll be damned if you tell me that before exiting the miraculous home that is her mother’s womb, that she is not a living, breathing, human being.

Babies are strong, so I implore you to be strong for them!
Written by a NICU nurse in Chicago, IL
Mary Kate Knorr 25 GUEST POST: A NICU Nurse’s Take On The Women’s March On Washington (January 21, 2018)  25 and Catholic @ Patheos Catholic

The wanton destruction of some 4000+ human beings a day by this abominable practice, and the upholding of it by politicians and judges, who are primarily responsible for its existence in the first place, legally-speaking, is altogether relevant, because we the voters who put such men and women in office and on judicial benches also directly bear responsibility for the holocaust. It’s the old thing about evil prevailing when good men do nothing. If a person can’t even see the intrinsic value of any human life, and the duty of government to protect that, why should we trust he or she to uphold any other lesser right?
Dave Armstrong, Abortion as a Deal-Breaker & Ethical Voting (October 6, 2016) Biblical Evidence for Catholicism @ Patheos Catholic

Dear Abortion Supporters: When you spend decades repeating the mantra “blob of tissue” and somebody with some science shows up to point out you are full of crap, you should face the fact that you made a mistake relying on woolly rhetoric instead of science.
Mark Shea Abortion Defenses Hoist on Their Own Petard (June 20, 2019) Catholic and Enjoying It! @ Patheos Catholic

Pro-life isn’t about oppressing women. It’s about helping women AND defending the right to life for ALL human beings, born or unborn.

We love the woman and we want to HELP her improve her circumstances, not oppress her. We don’t want to perpetuate the lie that the ONLY solution to her problems is the end the life of another human being. If we thought that violence was a solution to problems, we’d be pro-choice. And if preventing one human being from killing another human being is oppression, all laws prohibiting murder are unjust.
JoAnna Wahlund Pro-Life Isn’t About Oppressing Women (July 20, 2019) The Catholic Working Mother @ Patheos Catholic

The free and unlimited access to abortion seems to do the complete opposite of empowering women and human equality. It communicates a message that says women are not strong enough to do what their bodies are biologically capable of doing and renders human life to be disposable. It also enables unruly men to further objectify women, all the while making society believe that men are untrainable and doomed to be slaves to their own carnal desires.
René Albert A Perspective On Abortion Regarding Bodily Autonomy (August 13, 2018) Coffee & Crucifix @ Patheos Catholic

I simply don’t believe that a Catholic who sees a moral emergency in abortion but accepts fully the rigid class distinctions of modern capitalism in which 43% of our nation’s children live in low income families is operating in good faith. It is easy to lecture women on their choices. It is easy, in fact, to outlaw and limit abortion practice in many states. It is much much harder however to create a world in which children are so well cared for that no one who becomes pregnant need fear that they will be inescapably saddled with a life of poverty. It is much harder to look at a single mother struggling in poverty and see yourself.
Tim Duffy Pro-Life Movements and the Problem of Other People (July 14, 2018) The Literary Papist @ Patheos Catholic

In the midst of forwarding our cause, some of us seem to have forgotten that being truly pro-life is being pro-humanity. It’s remembering to see the reflection of God within others, no matter who or what they are. This includes remembering the dignity of immigrants, refugees, welfare recipients, single mothers, prisoners, minority groups, and politicians to whom we are opposed.
Avellina Balestri (Blogger @ Longbows & Rosary Beads, Patheos Catholic)
This is what Pro-Life Means (March 21, 2017)

 The Both Lives Matter campaign currently underway in Northern Ireland, where abortion remains illegal. The campaign is sponsored by pro-life Catholics and Protestants who came together after “The Troubles” in order to support women in crisis pregnancy and their children–both before and after their birth.

As explained to me by an Irish Protestant pastor giving me a tour of his pro-life facility–one that he boasted proudly was co-sponsored by both his church and the local Catholic parish with strong support from their priest: “Our Both Lives Matter campaign is partly a response to what is happening in Alabama. Women in crisis there are being threatened with jail if they abort their child. This is damaging the credibility of the pro-life movement here in Ireland and Great Britain. Especially among women who most need our services.
Pete Vere The Pro-Life Movement is Bigger Than America: A response to Mark Shea
(July 8, 2019) Orthodoxy in Communion With Rome @ Patheos Catholic

If we truly care about the lives of the unborn, we need to be honest about the unique context of abortion, the unique vulnerability of a pregnant woman, and do what we can to create a culture in which real and legitimate choices are available to women. This means access to affordable health care, especially when women and babies are threatened by severe life-threatening conditions that require extensive and emergency aid. This means ending the culture of discrimination against women and our bodies, opposing all rape tolerance, mandating paid parental leave. It means effective sex ed that puts women in control of their own reproductivity. Stop treating women as mere “host bodies” or incubators that belong under male control.
Rebecca Bratten Weiss Dear Pope Francis: This Kind of Language About Abortion is Not Helping
(May 26, 2019) suspended in her jar @ Patheos Catholic

As a Catholic, and as a person who strives to be ethical in general, I believe that all life has value and human life in particular has great value. The lives of the most helpless deserve special consideration, which means that killing babies at any stage of their development is gravely wrong. The number of abortions I would be happy to see in the world is zero.
Mary Pezzulo Let’s Look at the Latest Abortion Legislation (May 19, 2019) Steel Magnificat @ Patheos Catholic

I know that life begins at conception and I learned that fact in a Human Growth and Development class in college, not just from the Catholic Church. I also learned it when I saw the heartbeat of my grandbaby at 7 weeks gestation. I know for a fact that if her mother had aborted her, she would not be alive right now and I would be missing out on her kisses, love and her amazing sense of humor. There is no question about it, abortion ends a human person’s life.
Leticia Adams Abortion, Religion and Politics (May 14, 2016) Through Broken Roses @ Patheos Catholic

Thousands and thousands marched on Washington today to protect the right to life of the most vulnerable, the unborn. In recent years, I have gone and taken photos of the best signs but this year that was not possible. However, people were willing to share their great March for Life signs. There were many great Baby Yoda signs but they are all near the end. Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, LC 12 Amazing March for Life 2020 Signs & 7 Nice Baby Yoda MFL Signs
(January 25, 2020)  Through Catholic Lenses @ Patheos Catholic

Believing that abortion may be legal, or voting to uphold and extent its legality, is not an option the Church has left open to Catholics. Not on this question. There is no such thing as being “personally opposed.”

Where Catholics can disagree is with regard to strategy: How do we best go about getting rid of abortion once and for all? That is not, however, to be confused with supporting or voting for its legality. It is good to eliminate the reasons why many women choose abortion, but the Church does not permit us to say that by doing so, one need no longer worry about whether abortion remains legal. As Mark Shea is wont to say: Catholics are a both-and people.
Scott Eric Alt Yes, Virginia, Catholics Can Say Abortion Should Be Legal (September 7, 2016) To Give a Defense  @ Patheos Catholic

Here are combined statements I made about abortion in a FB group.

How we act as pro-life people reflects the pro-life movement and either helps draw people to our cause or away from it. It is important to know why women want to abort. If we know why, we can fight to make changes in our society so they don’t want to. Simply outlawing it, as important as it is, is not the only thing pro-lifers should be concerned about. Lets not concentrate  SOLELY on outlawing it, which isn’t  working, but concentrate on some other aspects of stopping abortion that are important also. Let’s listen to those women who might want to abort and help them to change their mind by helping to change the reasons. If we don’t listen to them, we are not helping the pro-life movement.

And on this feast of Our Lady of Fatima

This is what the message of the Blessed Mother is all about. It is about the end of the world. It is about the end of humanity–not so much in an apocalyptic way (although I wouldn’t rule that out) but the end of the world and the end of humanity because we are destroying ourselves. We are destroying families through contraception, sterilization, abortion and divorce. We are destroying our purity and power through pornography, homosexuality, promiscuity, lust and rage. We are destroying our society through greed, materialism, disregard for the poor, trampling the widows, orphans, homeless and hungry. We are destroying ourselves and the Blessed Mother looks on with a mother’s broken heart.
Fr. Dwight Longenecker The Pope, Fatima and the End of the World  (October 13, 2013) Fr. Dwight Longenecker, @ Patheos Catholic

Lastly, here is a poem written by one of the newest and most wonderful Catholic Patheos writers.

Life for you little one

Ended after it had just begun.

It was no accident at all.

They killed you when you were so small.


You lived inside your mom,

In a place warm, peaceful and calm.

A place to nurture and to grow.

It became a deathbed though.


Your mother’s womb a murder site.

Some people think this is alright.

They shout about rights and choice,

But you never even had a voice.


Your life, a gift from our Lord.

But you never lived detached from the umbilical cord.

You never knew how to laugh or cry,

To wave hello, to wave goodbye.


They never even gave you a name.

Oh such a horrid shame.

Your life is precious.  Don’t they know?

They never even gave you a chance though.


Can you forgive your parent’s as you ought?

Perhaps they were never taught

About life and its value

And they could have died the same as you.

Kristin Wilson, ABORTED a Poem, Catholic Bard


So, where is this support of killing babies that Lincoln Tf  is talking about?

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