An Open Letter to Joe Biden

An Open Letter to Joe Biden September 16, 2020

I do want to continue to say loudly, that if you are a Christian AND you vote Democrat,


You have the moral obligation to reach out to your representatives and say something like “I support you only because you have the right view on dreamers and are doing great things for the homeless in our district…but your statements on abortion are horrendous. We need to be working together across the isle to figure out how to support women in need, not simply give those in most need of our help the single option of abortion.”

Or something like that.

I understand that you are sick of the partisanship of abortion, but we can never give up the fight that needs to take place in policy as well as in our direct charity to women and men in need.
Deacon Joshua Klickman  
Quoted in You Shall Not Judge How A Catholic Votes

Dear Joe Biden,

I am worried.  While I intend to vote for you it seems you have forgotten as an American that all people being created equal have the right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Do you think of and view the unborn the way a Christian, a Catholic , should? That before the child is knitted together in it’s mother womb God knew that person.

Don’t get me wrong I am glad you go to Mass and say the Rosary, as do I.  Rumor seems to have it that on some Facebook pages  a growing number of Catholic people, and groups are telling other Catholics not to vote for you because you are too pro- abortion.

Black lives do matter, as do all lives including the lives of the unborn.  Do you ever think about that at Mass or while saying the Rosary, especially the Joyful Mysteries?   I’m on your side sir.  I know you have lost family who died at a young age.  I have too.  Do you think is alright for the government to aid in the murder of children who had no chance at all?

Mother’s need help.  Children need a fighting chance.  Democrats stand up for the little guy, usually.  Please do all you can to help parents and unborn babies.  Adoption is an option.  I’m not looking to condemn a struggling mother. Just don’t pretend that she has the option to kill the baby. Just because the government allows it does not mean it is a right and moral choice.

We weep and are forever changed when a young family member dies.  You know it and I know it, although our situations are different.  Sometimes women feel guilt from their aborted son or daughter years later and suffer as if they had lost someone they knew, loved etc.  That is why there are groups to help people release their guilt.

I do not think I am teaching you something you do not already know.  There must be democrats in Washington who happen to be against abortion.  I hope?  Why can’t you be one of them?

One of the reasons I’m voting for you and not Trump is because he had his four year trial as president and look where it got us. He could have stopped the virus from spreading but instead just told us it would disappear and now it has killed thousands of Americans, including a friend of mine and her family. I do not like the way he treated people running away from their dangerous life situations trying to cross our border. It was a human rights violation.

Trump did show up for the Pro-Life movement rallies, but I don’t know that he has done anything to end abortion or help pregnant women care for their baby or help those children find safe adoptive families. I do think once the babies are born you will help those children, especially if they are low-income or disabled. I just really wish you would also care for the rights of the unborn.

God Bless You,

Kristin Anne Nealon Wilson OCDS


Voting IS by its nature a matter of prudential judgment. I think more Catholics should come to grips with that. The Church in the United States is being torn apart in the same way, and for the same reason, that the nation is. That won’t be good for anybody.
Jack Quirk

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10 responses to “An Open Letter to Joe Biden”

  1. This is between God and the woman and is no one else’s business. Care about the living children, the refugees, the impoverished, about girls 12-14 forced to have babies by societies that don’t care about them, nd once they are taken care of, then talk to me about other issues. The way to show yo are Christian is to care for the living.

  2. I had a three egg omelette this morning. Two eggs were fertilized. I didn’t eat two chickens and an egg. I had a three egg omelette with two potential chickens. If God is Sovereign as your faith declares, then he’s the all time leading abortionist. 40% of pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion (miscarriage). If you don’t believe in abortion don’t have one. But don’t call people who do murderers. They are not! You East the flesh and drink the blood of Jesus literally. I’m not calling you a cannibal.

  3. I vote Democrat because I want there to be fewer abortions. Making abortions illegal doesn’t accomplish that goal, nor does blaming women and trying to control their bodies, nor does cutting social programs so we can afford wars and tax cuts for the wealthy.

    What makes abortions less common is education, economic opportunity, comprehensive sex education, and a robust social safety net including universal healthcare, paid parental leave, and access to preschool. Those are proven methods, and I’ll vote for them every time.

  4. “your statements on abortion are horrendous. We need to be working together across the isle to figure out how to support women in need, not simply give those in most need of our help the single option of abortion.”

    You want to minimize abortion? Trying to make it illegal doesn’t work. How do we know? Because the abortion numbers before the Roe numbers were higher than they are now.

    You want to minimize abortion? Stop focusing on the symptom and focus on the cause: unwanted pregnancies. If you can get over the novelty of working with pro-choice advocates, you would make a lot more progress.

  5. Begin to care about hungry or abused children. Please, the holier than thou attitude about being SO worked up about abortion and then totally ok with children being separated from parents seeking a better life for them sickens me. Wear a mask, don’t judge and love the sinner, hate the sin. But you are NOT God

  6. God told us to teach them, not cast judgment on them, “judge not that ye be judged” buy the same measure that you judge. Abortion is not the total of the 10 Commandments. One caveat, the church Universal teaches that the soul, unbaptized, is eternally lost, therefor abortion condemns that entity to hell. It then goes to birth control ends that life before it can be sprinkled, then it comes that masturbation leaves the seed on the ground ending that life prior to saving “last rites”.
    One of my daughters is childless, having 3 mis-carriages, did she end 3 lives or did God end those 3 lives as punishment for her sin or the sin of her husband? Were those souls then condemned to hell?

  7. No one is pro-abortion. Those of us who are pro-choice are not pro-abortion. But if there is a decision to be made, you are not the one to make it. The Old Testament has several verses pertaining to life before birth. None of those verses condemn abortion. In fact one of them tells that society to induce abortion if there is a question of paternity. Christ never said anything about abortion. Neither did Paul. The book you hold sacred says life begins when the first breath is taken. The whole thrust of the cynical call to battle abortion, was to draw in Christians to vote Republican. And to allow misogynist men a club to control women with. After all, women aren’t supposed to enjoy sex, are they?

  8. The thought that a billionaire who knowingly and unashamedly cheated on 3 wives, who has proudly led a rich playboy lifestyle, who had a lawyer whose job was to take care of indiscretions quietly is some how pro life is a sad joke. Promoting healthcare is pro life. Taking care of all our people is pro life.

  9. while I growing up as a very devout R.C. going to mass and receiving communion most every day, my fellow R.C.s in Germany were being directed by their Nazi leaders, most of whom were R.C.s as well to hunt down and kill every last Jewish man, woman and child that they could find.
    Was our “Vicar of Christ” trying to STOP the commission of these monstrous sins? How could he? He was too busy persuing his mission against birth-control and abortion!
    See why we Christians should be promoting http://ChristianChoice.Org !!!

  10. The left hates pro-life Democrats. And the right feels it can’t trust. Don’t let the trolls here get you down, though. They’d to imagine us doing nothing for women and children but go to Twiitter campaigns to make you believe that they really really care while they sip their white mocha lattes with almond milk substitute. Oh well, I guess those lattes pay for somebody’s paycheck.

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