If Pro-Lifers Took Seriously Certain Issues

If Pro-Lifers Took Seriously Certain Issues April 17, 2021

One of the most important causes of Christians living in North America in the 21st century, is promoting the sacredness of human life in the womb. For example members of Congress want a vote to protect abortion survivors  like Gianna Jessen and Claire Culwell whose twin died while she survived.

“There should be no bill easier for Congress to pass than one that makes clear that killing newborn babies is wrong and will not be tolerated. Infants who are born alive after an abortion attempt should be given the same degree of care to preserve their life and health as would be given to any other newborn baby.”
Kat Talalas, assistant director for pro-life communications for the USCCB’s pro-life committee.

You would think it would be an easy law to pass, but in the past Democrats have not been too enthusiastic about allowing such bills to become a law. Republicans don’t take Democrats seriously on some of their pet causes because a good amount of them seem to disregard the sanctity of human life before the baby leaves the birth canal, especially the newly elected Catholic president. If the majority of  democrats realized that life begins at conception and that abortion kills the life of an unborn baby and worked to pass laws to stop that killing,  would Republicans take them seriously when they are asked to join their political opponents in some of their social causes? Next to the issue of abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide is the  other big concern that is fought over.  Republicans seem to be more enthusiastically in favor of passing laws that stop someone from directly taking the life of someone in the most vulnerable stage in one’s life. That is except if that person is on death row. In which case the democrats find the moral rigor needed to speak against it.

Five people have been executed in the run-up to President-elect Joe Biden’s 20 January inauguration – breaking with an 130-year-old precedent of pausing executions amid a presidential transition. They make Mr Trump the country’s most prolific execution president in more than a century, overseeing the executions of 13 death row inmates since July of this year.-BBC News

If Republicans took seriously the pro-life issue to its fullest limit and recognized that the condemned person on death row has a right to life simply because their human, would democrats listen to them when they talk about the sacredness of life in the womb?

Because certain pro-life individuals take the high moral ground in condemning others for voting democrat, I am specifically focusing on asking them if they took certain things seriously that they don’t seem to take seriously, would people opposed to them listen to them more. In the end it is about serving God by protecting innocent human life in all forms, not excluding those in the womb or outside it.

While the trial of Derek Chauvin, who last year killed George Floyd, is underway, several miles away another police shooting took place when officer Kim Potter shot 20 year old Daunte Wright during a traffic stop on Sunday April 11th, 2021. She thought she was reaching for a taser gun when he was acting out of control to subdue him, but instead pulled out a real gun and shot him. Now he is dead. This naturally peeved off a lot of people which resulted in more protests and looting. The police response to protests was to use pepper spray, tear gas and paintballs against demonstrators. This did not please Mayor Mike Elliott who blasted police tactics to control protesters.

To make matters worse for the overall picture of cops was the shooting of 13 year old Adam Toledo by Officer Eric Stillman in Chicago at about 3 a.m. on Monday March 29.  Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said…

“We live in a city that is traumatized by a long history of police violence and misconduct. So while we don’t have enough information to be the judge and jury of this particular situation, it is certainly understandable why so many of our residents are feeling that all too familiar surge of outrage and pain. It is even clearer that trust between our community and law enforcement is far from healed and remains badly broken.”

Illinois House, state Rep. Edgar Gonzalez, who lives four blocks from where Toledo died said…

“So if you put your hands up, they shoot. If you put your hands down, they shoot. If you walk, you run, you hide, you sleep, you do exactly as they say, they still shoot,” Gonzalez said. “So I ask the members of this chamber, what are we supposed to do?”

If Pro-lifers took seriously that there is a problem with cops killing unarmed minorities, which is connected to racism and lack of proper training of what to do in certain difficult situations, would pro-choicers listen to them when they talk about saving babies in the womb?

Imagine this scenario…

A large man in his 20s is exhibiting strange behavior in a public place. No attempts to reason with him have worked. Police are called. He refuses to comply with any request including providing ID. Any attempt to physically touch him results in violent responses. It escalates and more force is used by the police.
Now before you say “he should have complied,” maybe I should mention that this is a real event for many people with Autism and a very real fear of those who love them.
So do the police have the right to beat his ass because he CANNOT comply or do we need to discuss training?- Ralph Harbison

While a kid was shot in Chicago, in Tennessee on Tuesday April 13th, 2021

A student opened fire on officers responding to a report of a possible gunman at a Tennessee high school Monday, and police shot back and killed him, authorities said. The shooting wounded an officer and comes as the community reels from off-campus gun violence that has left three other students dead this year. The shooting comes as more classrooms are reopening to students after months of remote learning during the coronavirus pandemic, which cut down the number of mass killings in the U.S. The nation has seen series of mass shootings in recent weeks, including eight people killed at three Atlanta-area massage businesses on March 16 and 10 people killed at Colorado supermarket on March 22.

Is the fact that such young people are getting deadly weapons not a concern to people? A 13 year old and a high school student had guns. And another angry person with mental health issues got access to a gun and shot 8 people at a Fedex facility on Thursday April 15, 2021. Suspect Brandon Scott Hole, 19, legally bought the assault rifles in July and September last year. The Sikh community lost four in shooting in which they feel a heavy loss.  With FedEx shootings, America suffers 6th consecutive week with a mass killing. Almost 50 people have died in eight shootings since March 13, 2021.

If conservatives took seriously the fact that we have to do something about gun violence with the possibility of taking some of our guns away from the general public, would liberals listen to us when try to pass laws to stop abortion? I suppose words like this don’t help to convince liberals we are really pro-life.

So the task that lies ahead for the left is complex, and I hope impossible. It must at the same time nullify the Second Amendment, defang and beat down the police, and purge the US military of Christians and conservatives. Progressives must keep organizing criminals and terrorists to man the next set of riots, and hope that these violence-friendly elements can somehow preserve order for the milquetoast, Woke members of the Oligarchy who want to sip their kombucha in peace.

But will the violent likes of Daunte Wright (wanted for armed robbery and gun law violations) and Jacob Blake (accused of sexual assault) keep the trans tech execs and “anti-whiteness” educators safe in their cloying, manicured suburbs and gentrified, twee urban lofts?

Here’s wishing them lots of luck, and reminding them that “cold dead fingers” wasn’t intended as a metaphor.-John Zmirak, The Stream

India’s biggest cities shut down as new virus cases hit 200K and Worldwide COVID-19 death toll tops a staggering 3 million. With the pandemic, Christians were  given a golden opportunity to witness to Christ by taking up our cross and loving our neighbor by helping them carry theirs. Simply by wearing a mask, social distancing and taking a vaccine to cure us of a deadly disease which was the 3rd highest cause of death in US last year. But we blew it BIG TIME. A lot of Conservative Christians attitude towards this pandemic was that is was too inconvenient to wear masks and that taking the vaccine was going to change our DNA or put a microchip inside of us which the antichrist would use to track Christians so he could kill them.

If Christians took seriously the obligation to love their neighbor by not believing nutty conspiracy theories and took the science behind the pandemic seriously would non-Christians take us seriously when we talk to them about the sacredness of human life in the womb and the joy of eternal life with Christ.

From a Catholic perspective there are three big things that get in the way of getting people to make the correct moral decisions in life. The fallen world in which we live in, which is composed of fallen individuals with darken minds and intellect who are influenced by fallen angels to give into their corrupted human nature and act selfish and unloving towards their neighbor and forget God. Another factor I would propose in making incorrect moral choices is tribal political thinking which has blocked our ears, our thinking and our listening to the truth of the moral law written on the human heart. Even though I have picked on conservatives a lot in this article, this actually applies to both parties who have let their politics influence their religion as opposed to letting their religion influence their politics. If we want to stop abortion, lets make our cause greater by not ignoring other causes.

So if we want others to take us seriously about some issue that warrants serious listening we better be willing to think outside of our own political ideology and at least understand why others take seriously the issues that they do. That is the only way to make progress, move ahead and actually make change happen. We don’t have to be brothers diametrically opposed to one another, having our cousin reasoned discourse walk in the middle of our disputes  as we carry the dead corpse of dialogue across our culture.

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  1. Hmmm, no.
    The murder of the silent, innocent and defenseless unborn life in the womb cannot be compared to the convicted murderer sentenced to death, who has had benefit and protection of the US court system, has been represented by legal counsel in the presence of an impartial judge and convicted by a jury of peers, likely followed with multiple appeals, sometimes to the highest court of the land.
    No, there is absolutely no comparison. These situations are on exponentially different levels of justice.

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