Kristin’s Awareness Month: LWIL November 1, 2021-November 7, 2021

Kristin’s Awareness Month: LWIL November 1, 2021-November 7, 2021 November 8, 2021

Last Week In Life:

November 1, 2021-November 7, 2021


Kristin’s Awareness Month

I have been falling often lately.
It doesn’t mean I fell from grace.
I have fallen from the right to own the driver’s licence I have had for over thirty years.

I fell due to drugs.
No, I am not addicted to alcohol, cocaine, LSD, or Crystal Meth.
I fell because my brain is a bit broken.
I am on as many drugs as they can possibly put me on, lest I am over-drugged.

Medicine has side-effects.
Lots of medicine has lots of side-effects.

And so I have fallen…
On the Grass Outside,
In the Shower,
Out of Bed.
Causing me intense pain up and down my head, my arm, and my spine.
Which come and go at any unpredictable moment.

Even with my walker firmly gripped tight in my hands
I have fallen and may fall again, at an unexpected moment.
It is so unexpected that it has become expected.
So when I am tired or feeling weak,
My wheelchair may save me assuming I happen to be using it.

There is a term for people like me.
But you may not be aware of the right words to use.

Calling someone an epileptic is no longer politically correct.
Nor is using the word FIT to explain the word seizure.

I am a person with epilepsy.
I am a person who has seizures.
But I am me.
I am more than an epileptic with fits.

It is National Epilepsy Awareness Month

These are Kristin the Carmelites thoughts about her hidden lifestyle which gives her something to offer up.

As I was dictating my wife’s thoughts about her life,I went down the stairs and grabbed her helmet.
As I was putting it on her I pinched her neck causing her more pain.
Thus putting on her helmet was just as dangerous as not having it on.

Read More about Epilepsy FAITH IN MY BRAIN MAY 18, 2020

In November it is also…

National Adoption Month

We were excited to have adopted a 15 year old girl named Princess.
She is now 23 and our relationship is strained.
We don’t regret adopting her.
We gave her a chance at a new life, which many teenagers need.
For better or worse she is our daughter always.
Our hope is that we can mend what is broken between us so we can
continue to live out the joy of her being part of our family.

Read more The Prodigal Daughter JUNE 01, 2020

Holy Souls in Purgatory

I often pray that those on earth, which could include me, make it to purgatory and avoid an eternity in hell.
I don’t really know what life after death will be like.
I only hope that after a purification all people will all spend eternity deeply in love with our triune God
who loves us unconditionally and has adopted us into his family.

 National Peanut Butter Lovers Month

Peanut Butter tastes best with chocolate.
Though it is not the world’s healthiest combo.
It is in my opinion among the most enjoyable junk food in the world.
My father is from Ireland and he didn’t grow up with it and still won’t eat it to this day.
Although his siblings all do.

Manatee Awareness Month

Years ago as children we visited Apollo beach in florida where my grandmother insisted there were a lot of manatees.
We did not see a single one that day.
Another time at another place in florida, as I stood on a dock, I saw a manatee floating very near by.
The gentle manatee allowed me to touch it and I was wicked excited.
I was excited because I got to touch a manatee in the wild.

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Canals on Mars? (Martian Life, Alien Life, Extraterrestrials, Exobiology)

Jimmy you live in a mysterious world

With a mysterious name

Are you Jimmy or James, Jacob or Seamus?

I inquire because I want to know,

As I am a mysterious girl.

What kind of a world is it anyway?

Do you live with ghosts, Martians, or big foot?

Is there an extra chair by your desk for your guardian angel?

Are you Facebook friends with the Loch Ness Monster?

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 Monday November 1, 2021

ALL SAINTS Solemnity [not a Holyday of Obligation this year]

National Author’s Day

Kristin has written some online books. Including some great poetry. Publications – Catholic Bard (

Color the World Orange Day

Here is what else happened on this day in History

.Sistine Chapel Ceiling Opens to Public – HISTORY

Tuesday November 2, 2021

The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed (All Souls’ Day)

Election Day

Day of the Dead

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Howard Hughes’s “Spruce Goose” Flies – HISTORY


Wednesday November 3, 2021

[Saint Martin de Porres, Religious

Japanese Culture Day

National Housewife Day

After about 12 years of being a housewife to my wonderful husband,
I am finally working hard to keep the house clean and make dinner every night.
Am I becoming more organized and caring?
Or have I finally started to care about the state of our home?

National Sandwich Day

National Stress Awareness Day

It’s really real and I often want to lay down and cry when it wraps itself around me like a blanket.
And no matter how much family have, no matter how many FB friends you have, the loneliness evelps you and you convince yourself that no one cares.
But God cares. But somehow
He seems to be hiding on you.


Here is what else happened on this day in History.

One World Trade Center Opens – HISTORY


Thursday November 4,  2021

Saint Charles Borromeo, Bishop Memorial

Use Your Common Sense Day

TIME Magazine Cover: Why Obama ♥ Reagan - Feb. 7, 2011 - U.S. Presidents - Ronald Reagan - Barack Obama

Here is what else happened on this day in History.

Entrance to King Tut’s Tomb Discovered – HISTORY

Friday  November 5, 2021

National Redhead Day

I have the map of Ireland on my face.
And, the hair, we always called Red to match.

Love Your Lawyer Day

Top news stories on this day

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The order is given: Bomb Pearl Harbor – HISTORY

Saturday November 6, 2021

National Bison Day

National Saxophone Day

Play Outside Day

As children we played outside. It was the early 1980’s.

We went to the playground across the street to use
the large metal slide, the see-saw, swings and large metal monkey bars
among other things.

We rode bikes and even found a large puddle with frogs that we titled ‘The Frog Pond’.

We made forts and we eat edible berries which we called ‘Wild Black Raspberries’ which we eat in August’.
at the lot nobody had built a house on yet.

Children today do not seem to play outside so often.
And certainly not by themselves.
Or with a group of siblings, neighborhood friends or kids from school,
While there parents are working or doing whatever parents did at home while elementary school children played outside
without adults watching them.
I wonder why that is?
Do they have no playgrounds or frog ponds or empty overgrown lots today?
Or are people afraid to leave their children alone to play.


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National Play Outside Day 2021 | Rainbow Play Systems

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U.N. Condemns Apartheid in South Africa – HISTORY


Sunday November 7,  2021

Bishop Barron’s Homily of the Week

National Cancer Awareness Day

National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

Daylight Saving Day

Here is what else happened on this day in History.

FDR Wins Fourth Term – HISTORY


Pope Francis Reveals the Prayer He Prays Every Night Before Bed – (

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May be an image of 1 person and text that says '"Let us Pray Together that people who suffer from depression or burn-out will find support and a light that opens them up to life." #PrayerIntention Famn u -Pope Francis The Roman Catholic Archdiocese Manila OFFICE OF COMMUNICATIONS fbom /rcamaoc O 5++ Christianity' A Chance To Do A Work Of Mercy

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