Advent Meme Reminders

Advent Meme Reminders December 1, 2021

It’s December.

We’re all a little busier then normal.

Our brains our flooded with extensive thinking about this and that and we must also not forget about that other thing.

But despite our overworked minds, we still desire wisdom and wondrous deep thought to be inserted into our souls via our cranium.

So here are some bite-sized bits of chewable ponderings to muse as we glide through the season of festive merry making.

Welcome to ADVENT 2021

I so love Advent on social media.
A time when we can come together and argue about the lyrics to “Mary did you know”,
whether “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie,
if the apocryphal story of St. Nicholas punching Arius is something to promote.
The most wonderful time of the year.-Jeff Miller



Advent Education 101


Wait! You Can’t Use The Evergreen.

OK! You Say. If you insist on Saying Merry Christmas… Remember this difference…

Celebrating Christian Advent and Secular Christmas | Mark Wilson (

If someone should forget that it is Secular Christmas or Advent, Why Should You Care?

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Which leads to this great gentle reminder…

An Example…

You Can Always Pray more as well.

You can celebrate the spirit of Christmas in Advent by observing the above means. That doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Secular Christmas or a combo of SC and Advent. Here is an example…

May be an image of 3 people and text that says 'TheAmishCatholic Retweeted Fr. A. J. @fatherajds Nov 29 The ugly Christmas sweater- Christian iconography crossover you never knew you needed NHS 22 1 95 553'

Despite it being Advent, you’ll want to watch Christmas Movies such as… Die Hard???


When Did This Become a Christmas Movie?

May be a Twitter screenshot of 1 person and text that says 'Matthew Black @MatthwBlack The thing is, Die Hard wasn't a Christ- mas movie originally. The script was changed by Constantine in 336 to align it with the Sol Invictus festival. 8:41 20Dec1 Twitter for iPhone 1,520 Retweets 5,328 Likes 10h The Messianic Secret @Messianic. Replying to @MatthwBlack and @UnvirtuousAbbey IT WAS DECLARED A CHRISTMAS MOVIE AT THE COUNCIL OF NICEA CAN'T BELIEVE| HAVE TO GET ANGRY ABOUT THIS 130'

These are some things to think about this Advent.

And here is something to sing about…

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