CBB Review – The Truth Is Out There: Vol.1 Brendan and Erc in Exile

CBB Review – The Truth Is Out There: Vol.1 Brendan and Erc in Exile April 1, 2014

Today my oldest daughter Katie contributes a review to The Catholic Book Blogger. After reading what she has to say about this graphic novel I want to read it and I think you will too!

Teens, male and female alike, have always enjoyed reading graphic novels and The Truth Is Out There Brendan & Erc in Exile Volume 1 is so much more than the average comic book for teens. The author of this cool comic is a contemplative monk who lives in Massachusetts and uses the pen name Amadeus. This graphic novel is a perfect combination of an exciting adventure and Catholic apologetics. Giving the reader easy to understand answers to everyday theological questions, this book takes readers on a journey with two interplanetary mailmen – Brendan and his friend Erc as they seek to discover the true meaning in life. Along the way they meet people who assist them on their quest to discover answers to life’s many questions. These people include a friendly priest; a stubborn Protestant; an “average coffeehouse philosopher”; a rich, unhappy movie star; and a bartender who only serves “The Good”.

The two allies both feel very differently about God and His Church. Brendan feels the emptiness in living without an ultimate goal and seeks to understand the true meaning in life, while his friend Erc, who acts as “comic relief” and is a foil to Brendan, cares more about having fun than about God. Sailing through space and delivering the mail, the friends face a trial they never expected – being falsely accused and arrested for drug smuggling. This experience leads them to question the existence of God. Throughout their journey, Brendan and Erc search for answers about life and who God truly is. As the two unlikely friends journey, they encounter challenges that lead them to examine the Church and her teachings more closely. Each chapter of this book contains a topics the duo stumbles across and eventually examines in greater detail. Some of these in-depth thoughts include – your soul vs. your body, Who is God?, Revelation and the One Church, Jesus Christ and Christianity, and God vs. Evil. Brendan and Erc find the answers they are seeking through in-depth explanations and comparisons to everyday life.

This graphic novel is a fun and easy way to understand the teachings of the Church. The comic is gray – scale; however, one colored page concludes a few of the chapters. In addition, the entire prologue and epilogue are also in color. This book is excellent for teens and adults alike. This awesome graphic novel is an enjoyable read that explains theology and everyday philosophy in a fun and easy way to understand. The plot is very exciting and thought provoking – the way Brendan and his buddy Erc sail through space delivering mail and stumbling upon the truth. In the end, Brendan finally finds that “The Truth Is Out There” – in Christ and the Catholic Church.

We received a copy of the book for this review from Catholic Answers.

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