neurodivergence & transitions: entering and exiting magickal space (of course, it’s all magickal)

neurodivergence & transitions: entering and exiting magickal space (of course, it’s all magickal) October 5, 2023

Since my ADHD diagnosis, folks have reached out and asked me about how to navigate witchy spaces knowing what I now know about my brain. And I tell them, I take medication, so things are easier and also nothing has changed.

(All brains operate differently, after all.)

But when I returned from BC Witchcamp last week, I realized something I hadn’t realized before. I mean, I knew I wasn’t the best with transitions and that I would have a post-magick drop when I came home, but I did not link that to my neurospicy brain.

I linked it to being lonely without so many beloved witches. I connected it to not having food made for me. I thought it was because I had to go back to work.

It was texting a friend that made me realize this drop might be from the lack of a clear container, a schedule, places to be, and things to do. While I’m always at choice to do what I want to do at camp (well, as a teacher, I do have ‘a few’ responsibilities), things are outlined and known.

Breakfast is at 8:00 a.m.

Path (classtime) is at 9:15 a.m.

Lunch is at 12:30 p.m.

Ritual is at 7:30 p.m. (ish).

I know where to be and who to be with. I know what to do within that sacred time container.

And then I go home.

What now?

Making the Shift After So Many Shifts

My ADHD hates schedules. My ‘tism needs them. My work time is up to me, mostly, so it’s an ongoing debate. Every day is generally outlined in the same way, with some movement based on my mood and energy and other things I shove place carefully into my life.

But my calendar does not include mealtime (yeah, yeah) or transition time. Coming back from camp feels rushed and my days feel more cramped. Time feels like it’s compressed and all I want to do is step away from the To Do and wander back into a forest.

And I don’t because…capitalism. Bills. Bah.

I have to admit that when I realized I might be reacting to the lack of schedule, I started to hyperfocus on a solution. In the past, I have tried to eat the same foods upon my return to ease the transition. But what if I also kept to a schedule?

I clear my schedule for a day or two post-camp (when I can afford to). I need the time to rest, integrate, do laundry, and beg for my cats’ forgiveness for leaving them. But at some point, I will start to feel lost. Like I’m supposed to be somewhere that I’m not.

What to do, what to do. Create an enclosure for my scatteredness. Return to what has held me in grace and magick.

My new plan includes:

  • Scheduling my meal times to align with camp for a few days
  • Talking with friends who went to camp to ease ourselves back
  • Re-creating magickal moments with pictures and music from camp
  • Staying in the same hour blocks of things, or acknowledging where I would be if I were still at camp

Long story short (too late), I could ease my transition but not pull myself away from where I’ve been for a week.

But What About Beforehand?

I ALSO realized that I could prepare myself ahead of time. Instead of dropping myself into a new schedule, I could start to ease into it a few days before camp or pre-camp planning starts. The camps usually have the schedule organized ahead of time, so I could know what to expect.

I could start sleeping with that magickal timeline in mind. I could start eating at the scheduled times. I could listen to a grounding song ahead of time and then come back to it at camp if needed. I could try being around more people to get used to more stimuli and noise.

I could (GASP) be kind to my present and future selves by showing them what to expect.

My neurodivergence just sighed.

And maybe this isn’t what I end up doing (thanks ADHD). It’s a first draft and a new thought. The usual Witchcamp schedule isn’t the way I tend to structure my days, so I may need to adjust things for me. For camps that are in other time zones, I might need to get even more creative in my preparation and return.

However, for those who have trouble transitioning from one speed to another, remembering that you can introduce yourself ahead of time may make things smoother.

Maybe I won’t have to cry on the first day of camp, like I often do.



What do you think? What do you do? What secrets could you share?


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