Bill Nye Spotted in Dumpster Looking For His Next Scientific Thesis

Bill Nye Spotted in Dumpster Looking For His Next Scientific Thesis April 27, 2017

Bill Nye

Los Angeles, CA – According to a local news source, several witnesses claim to have spotted Bill Nye “The Science Guy” in a dumpster. When someone approached him to see if everything was OK, he told them he was just looking for his “next scientific thesis.”

“When I saw him, I was instantly very concerned something had gone wrong. Was he hurt? Lost? I had no idea. I was relieved when he told me he was only doing scientific research. Apparently, he has been digging for scientific ideas for decades in there. Crisis adverted!” commented one witness.

The shock of the scene prompted some onlookers to contact 911. Though, “The Science Guy” urged all emergency responders to leave him alone. He explained that he was a doctor and he didn’t need any professional help.

When Mr. Nye was questioned about his doctorate and where he got his degree, he replied, “It’s down here, I’ll show you!” and he promptly nose-dived back into the dumpster. He surfaced 23 minutes later checking to see if people were still around. When spotted a second time, he re-submerged himself until everyone left.

“I hope he finds what he’s looking for,” added one spectator. “We could use some good entertainment. That new Netflix show of his is a great laugh!”



Original Photos Attribution: Photo 1, Photo 2 (by Gage Skidmore); CC 2.0

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