LifeWay Debuts Paul Tripp Mustache to Equip Biblical Counselors

LifeWay Debuts Paul Tripp Mustache to Equip Biblical Counselors May 26, 2017

NASHVILLE, TN – LifeWay Christian Resources recently unveiled the mother-of-all biblical counseling resources to better equip struggling Christian counselors across the U.S with their new product, the Paul Tripp Mustache™.

The Paul Tripp Mustache™ advertises itself as the premier biblical counseling tool, able to not only boost the confidence and performance of counselors in session, but enable them to pursue and develop a robust strategy in ministering to hurting, confused, and broken people in a broken world.

While some have been hesitant to embrace the Paul Tripp Mustache™ many have given glowing endorsements of the product:

“I suspect it will become a standard resource in the field of Biblical Counseling.” – Russell D. Moore, President of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

“The Paul Tripp Mustache™ is not just any wearable mustache. It enables counselors to really feel that tickle on their upper lip as they talk. It gets sopping wet when you take a drink. But it also exudes a confidence like no other. This will be an extremely helpful tool for people who want to apply the power of Paul Tripp’s mustache in their counseling ministry in an efficient and effective manner.” – Matt Chandler, Pastor at the Village Church, Seattle, WA

“If you can’t see the sun – you will be impressed with a street light. If you’ve never felt the thunder and lightning – you’ll be impressed with fireworks. And if you turn your back on the greatness and majesty of Paul Tripp’s mustache – you’ll fall in love with an empty vat of short-lived, pithy counseling maneuvers that leave people in a world of shadows.” – John Piper, Founder and Leader of Desiring God

“Everyone is in a hurry. The Persons whom I lead in worship, among whom I counsel, visit, pray, preach, and teach, want shortcuts. They want me to help them fill in the form that will get them instant credit. They are impatient for results. After putting on the Paul Tripp Mustache™ I feel like I can finally deliver on that. There’s nothing spiritually dangerous at all about that lifestyle they’ve adopted.” – Al Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“I’ve never been able to grow facial hair all that well, so this was really a no brainer for me.” – David Platt, President of the International Mission Board


Time will tell of the overall success of the Paul Tripp Mustache™ in the Biblical Counseling world, but as of a day after the initial release, LifeWay president and CEO, Thom S. Rainer, has hinted that along with their popular coloring book “bibles” – the mustache has shared an unparalleled ability to make money and therefore, been deemed a success.

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