Top 7 Bible Verses About God’s Wrath

Top 7 Bible Verses About God’s Wrath July 27, 2015

Here are 7 Bible verses about the wrath of God that I hope will see how seriously God looks upon sin.

Romans 1:18 “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.”

In our pluralistic society today we have created a God in our own image, after our own likeness and put forth the doctrine that God is love and only love and would thus never punish sin but the truth is that God will judge all who have never repented and trusted in Christ. The wrath of God still abides on all who have not yet believed on Christ (John 3:36b) and to believe means to be obeying and doing what Jesus commanded and that is to abstain from all sexual immorality. Regardless of what the Supreme Court has ruled God overrules.

Proverbs 11:4 “Riches do not profit in the day of wrath, but righteousness delivers from death.”

There is no amount of money to remove the wrath of God but only the precious blood of the Lamb of God does this. No amount of good works will ever save us and God sees even our best efforts at good works to save us as filthy, dirty rags (Isaiah 64:4). Many believe that they’re a good person but the truth is not one is good (Rom 3:10-12) and all fall short of God’s glory (Rom 3:23). Repent or Jesus said you will perish (Luke 13:3) and die in your sins (John 8:21-24).

Psalm 2:12 “Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and you perish in the way, for his wrath is quickly kindled. Blessed are all who take refuge in him.”

Today, God’s wrath is being stored up and kept and being held back by the dam of His mercy but someday, perhaps soon, His righteous wrath will burst the dam and His judgment will come flooding down upon all unrepentant sinners because “God judges the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day” (Psalm 7:11).


Ephesians 5:6 “Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.”

There is no shortage of feel-good preachers out there today and they are deceiving many with empty words and these empty words are their messages; some say there’s no hell, no wrath, God accepts all sin, and condones human behavior but they are deceiving themselves and many others too but the wrath of God will be more fierce on those who teach such lies and omit from their pulpit messages the need for repentance, the necessity of forgiveness, the cross, living a holy life, and obeying God.

Romans 2:5 “But because of your hard and impenitent heart you are storing up wrath for yourself on the day of wrath when God’s righteous judgment will be revealed.”

This is similar to what I wrote earlier that God is storing up wrath for “the day of wrath” and that day is coming as surely as the sun rises tomorrow and when that day comes, it will be too late to beg for mercy for each man and woman will be judged according to their works and that culminates in the fierce wrath of God with unending torment (Rev 20:12-15). There will be some, no doubt, that read this and reject it but they will never forget this warning and regret it forever. I pray that’s not you.

Revelation 14:10-11 “He also will drink the wine of God’s wrath, poured full strength into the cup of his anger, and he will be tormented with fire and sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever, and they have no rest, day or night, these worshipers of the beast and its image, and whoever receives the mark of its name.”

God’s wrath is just as real as His mercy, love, and forgiveness is, but the wrath of God has been placed on His Son for all who have repented (turned away from and forsaken their sins) and then trusted in Christ. Anyone that trusts in their own goodness will drink from the cup of the wrath of God, full strength, and what a tragedy because they could have trusted in Christ and had that wrath removed from off from them this very day. Sadly, most will not.

John 3:36 “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him.”

Jesus gives us all two choices. There are only saints and aint’s. Those who haven’t made a decision really have made a decision to reject Christ for those on the fence must understand that the fence along with all unbelievers will be cast into the lake of fire (Rev 21:8). Today, while you still can choose, choose to hear His voice because today might be your last day of choosing Christ for eternal life (2 Cor 6:2).


A final warning comes from Paul in Romans 5:9 where he wrote, “Since, therefore, we have now been justified by his blood, much more shall we be saved by him from the wrath of God.” Choose life in Christ or separation from God for all time when the time for repentance will be long gone. If Christ returns today and you haven’t yet trusted in Him, your time will be up.

Article by Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman is Pastor of the Mulvane Brethren church in Mulvane Kansas. Jack is also the Senior Writer at What Christians Want To Know whose mission is to equip, encourage, and energize Christians and to address questions about the believer’s daily walk with God and the Bible. You can follow Jack on Google Plus or check out his book Blind Chance or Intelligent Design available on Amazon.

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