Things We Cannot Compromise On

Things We Cannot Compromise On September 7, 2018

There are some things we believe that are worth putting your stakes down for, and the essentials are certainly those things to contend for.

No Compromise

The old expression, “Putting your stakes in the ground,” comes from a time when people made claims on land. They’d put a stake in the ground, signifying property ownership, and that stake was there to stay, so there’s nothing wrong with putting stakes in the ground over certain beliefs. We can drive our stakes in the ground on particular moral values and principles like murder or theft, so there are some things from which we shouldn’t budge. Things like loving our neighbor as ourselves. This is how people will know who Jesus’ disciples are (John 13:34-35). Some things are non-negotiable, like the fact that we are saved only by the grace of God. We are saved and it is totally without merit, so there are truths that we must not negotiate over or compromise with.

Ephesians 2:8-9

The Apostle Paul wrote that it was “by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God. Not of works, lest any man should boast” (Eph. 2:8-9). Works are not our friend if we are trying to justify ourselves before God. That’s simply filthy rags to Him (Isaiah 64:6). It must be the righteousness of Christ or nothing. Jesus + nothing equal salvation, and nothing is not a little “something.” Of course a person who is not saved by works will still do works which God has laid out before them (Eph 2:10). God would not lay them before us if He didn’t intend for us to walk in them. Jesus also gave us imperative commands (Matt 25:35-36; 28:18-20). That said, it is by grace alone by Christ alone that we are saved (Acts 4:12). That’s a bedrock truth of the Christian faith, Jesus Himself is the Chief Cornerstone.

Essentials of the Faith

I believe that Jesus was literally conceived and born of a virgin named Mary (Isaiah 7:14; Luke 1:26-33).

I also believe that Jesus lived a sinless life of perfection. The Apostle Peter wrote that “He committed no sin, neither was deceit found in his mouth” (1 Pet 2:22). The Apostle John wrote, “You know that he appeared in order to take away sins, and in him there is no sin” (1 John. 3:5). Jesus’ perfection is imputed on our behalf since we can never achieve our own righteousness. The Apostle Paul said that it was “For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God” (2 Cor 5:21). Jesus knew no sin; but we are all well acquainted with it.

I believe that salvation is in none other than through the name, person, work, and grace of Jesus Christ (John 3:16, 14:6; Rom.5:8). There is no plan of salvation. There is only the Man of Salvation.

I believe that all 66 books of the Bible are the “only” inspired Word of God (2 Tim. 3:16), and that they are the self-revelation of God, but God is most revealed through Jesus Christ. Jesus asked, “Have I been with you so long, and you still do not know me, Philip? Whoever has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’” (John 14:9)?

I believe that God is the Creator of all things, is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-present, and is fully in control to do as He wills, sovereign over all things (1 Sam 2:6-9; Psalm 24:1, 139:1-4; Jer. 32:17; Eph. 3:20).

I believe that all of humanity has fallen short of God’s glory and is in need of salvation; hence the reason Jesus came to the earth (Rom 3:23, 6:23; Rom. 5:8; John 14:6), giving His life as a ransom for many (Mark 10:45).

The Apostle Paul wanted the church at Corinth to remember the essential of the “gospel I preached to you” (1 Cor 15:1). What was so important about the gospel? He said “I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures” (1 Cor 15:3-4). These essentials are Jesus’ sinless life, His death on the cross, dying for our sins, and that He was buried but on the third day was raised to life. Jesus didn’t die! His physical body died. He is God and God cannot die, so Jesus’ body was raised on the third day.

I believe that God is One and yet Three Persons in the Trinity: The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Furthermore, I believe that each Person of this Trinity is fully God and co-equally God in all ways (Isaiah 9:6; John 1:2, 4:24; Acts 5:3; Rom 1:7; 1 Cor 8:6, 6:44; Heb 9:14;).

I believe that those who die without salvation go to a literal place called Hell (Luke 16:23.26; Mark 9:48).

I believe that those who belong to Christ have already inherited eternal life but will come into its fulfillment when Jesus returns, or after they die. Those who have trusted in Christ will dwell in a literal place (Isaiah 65; Zech 14), and that the New Jerusalem comes down from heaven and onto the earth (Rev 21:1-4). And it is Jesus alone Who gives life eternal life, and even if they die, He promises, they will live again (John11:25-26).

I believe that Jesus will return to gather His people together and bring them into the eternal kingdom, but there will also be a resurrection of the dead and Christ will judge the world at His return (Dan 12:1-3; 1 Cor 15:21-23; Rev 20:12-15). Some will awake “to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt” (Dan 12:2b).

I believe in the water baptism of believers in Christ (Acts 2:38-41; Acts 22:16). All believers are commanded to be baptized.


These essentials cannot be watered down nor can they be mixed with other beliefs. These are non-negotiable, but as for me, I thank God that holiness is not the way to Jesus but rather Jesus is the way to holiness; otherwise I would be worried. Once you are saved, don’t lose heart, for you will sin again, but you will find that you will sin less over time, however, never being sinless…but that’s okay. We are not better people; just people better off.

Article by Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman is Pastor of the Mulvane Brethren Church in Mulvane Kansas. Jack is a writer at Christian Quotes and also the Senior Writer at What Christians Want To Know whose mission is to equip, encourage, and energize Christians and to address questions about the believer’s daily walk with God and the Bible. You can follow Jack on Google Plus or check out his book Teaching Children the Gospel available on Amazon.

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  • pud

    The ONLY thing that shouldn’t be “compromised” is the TRUTH!

    “Some things are non-negotiable, like the fact that we are saved only by the grace of God”…this in NOT a truth. It is a cult “belief” with no evidence whatsoever to support it. Perpetuating this is LYING. It is your terrorist tactic that everyone is dirt and some wicked invisible undetectable agent is going to fuck you up if you don’t cower and beg all the days of your life. The irony is that besides being unsupported bullshit is how cheap petty and mindless your “creator of the universe” truly is.

    And then you babblie…”I belive” “I believe” “I believe” “I believe”…..who cares what you “believe”? Why should anyone care what anyone “believes”? “Beliefs” are NOT TRUTHS. ALL “beliefs” are equal no matter how stupid! ALL “beliefs” have exactly the same unfounded weight and no “belief” is a TRUTH statement or it wouldn’t be a “belief” but a FACT!

    You CANNOT love your neighbor as yourself…It is IMPOSSIBLE! Nor should you.

    This ridiculous essay is amongst your most stupid and infantile of all time. You’re a sick man jack…a seriously deranged and delusional man…get help!

  • Carlos Santiago

    Thank you Jack, This is an all important topic for all believers to have an adult conversation about. What are the important key beliefs and what are those that may be important to me but really are irrelevant? The faith is simple but we cloud it with stuff “placing yokes on others”: that we ourselves could not bare. This is why Paul was known as the ‘”apostle of liberty” continually as he confronted the Judiazers in his letter to the Galatians and the self appinted judges in Romans 2. In this increasingly snarky and nit picking secular society the church needs to to a be a light and not follow secular hostilities; angrily splitting the humanity of God’s creation. We are saved by faith alone and we must fight th temptation to add on other accessories. Ministers should remind the fellowships often. We need to breath the fresh air of God’s love daily, thanking Him for each person he brings us in contact with; and the simplicity of our “Good News”. Blessings!

    • Jack Wellman

      Thank you Mr. Santiago. So true about adding works or the traditions of men which tend to bog us down in our Christian walk. Well said sir. Thank you.

    • pud

      “Adults” do not “believe” nonsense. Only children and psychotics “believe” in invisible undetectable friends.

      Only the most GULLIBLE embrace “faith” as “faith” is NOT a pathway to truth. “Faith” is indeed the definition of gullibility as all and any “belief” absent evidence is equally mindless and infantile.

    • Theodore A. Jones

      Since only a few ever find the gate finding it is not a simple matter, and there does not exist a term in the scripture “saved by faith alone”. That conjecture is an add on.

  • Glory

    Pastor, we cannot compromise on expecting love and respect in our Christian dialog with this world. Please close the comments section as it is impossible for people to receive love and respect from some posters on this site.

    God said we will be persecuted but He never told us to invite it.

    It should be plain to people that the sane people are the ones practicing love and respect to a greater degree than the evil, insane people who don’t but the insane people like to believe lies that keep them trapped in their own insanity where they continue to disrespect people in their own minds, words and deeds.

    Please close the comments section and stop the access the insane people have to the saner people.

    A sane person knows to avoid the traps of evil people. That is proactive and proactive is prudent and being prudent is wise.

    Don’t let evil people who haven’t mastered some basic self control seek your company.

    Shut off attention to the negative people agitating for it.

    That is what psychiatrists say to do with out of control children who throw tantrums. They say to cut off attention to them. Don’t feed the bad behavior by giving it the reward of your attention. I saw this tactic work on a two year old. They threw a tantrum trying to get out of their car seat. I put the 2 year old in a room by themself when their tantrum started. Then let the kid out 5 minutes later and the child never had another tantrum.

    Some adults engaging in evil may be in arrested development. So they are engaging in rebellion against God like teens engaging in rebellion.

    Don’t reward their evil rebellion by giving them attention through arguing.

    Be the parent and cut them off. Then maybe they will learn to calm down and seek God’s attention on their own instead of acting out in the world and all over the internet.

    How can you reason with a person out of control of himself?

    Control has to be established first and evil attention seeking not being rewarded is a part of that process occurring for the individual.

    Have a blessed day, Pastor.

    • Glory

      Oh here is a godly meditation.

      Some people learn to pick out the stream of God’s best ideas transporting them to a more heavenly state of mind while dwelling on earth while others spew the devil’s negative worldly thinking keeping people in mental misery all over the place.

      Enjoy the godly meditation God’s children and don’t let the negative unbelievers attack your thoughtlife with their negative ideas. They never learned to read God’s message accurately or were maybe too afraid to and you can see that by the things they say.

      God’s letter to you

    • Insanity isn’t confined to those who are non Christians. it can also be found among Christians or any other grouping. Only a small minority of people are “insane” as diagnosed by psychiatrists. So I am not sure what you are driving at here, except that you seem to want an excuse for Jack to close the comments section.

      Why are you really so set on Jack closing the comments section? Is it because you feel uncomfortable with alternative perspectives, or is it some other reason? You’ve already ordered Jack to close his comments section before. He continues to allow it, so why don’t you respect Jack’s position on this? Perhaps I mistake your motives and they may be well intentioned. I can’t help thinking that you have a problem with different ideas from your own, but I may be mistaken on this, and I hope that I am mistaken.

      • Glory

        At this point in time it doesn’t matter what the real intent of the blog was.

        You can’t keep the trolls off like pud who can’t stop stooping to hate speech which is a hate crime.

        Since pud apparently has no self control and can’t stop hating on people who don’t agree with him then it behooves the blog to protect it’s readers from the abuse by closing the comments section.

        Imagine the number of innocent readers who posted in the comments section only to be surprised by the troll under the bridge who preceded to personally and negatively lambast them as if he was their superior and has a right to do that.

        Well pud has no right to do that any more than you or I have the right to go over to the house of a person we don’t know and take a poop in the middle of their living room floor.

        Since he lacks all control then a barrier must be erected between him and the unwary public or he needs to be prosecuted. Verbal abuse can sometimes be deadlier and have more negative consequences for the recipient of it than physical abuse so the abuse should be ended.

        This is also why Sam Harris is negligent in advocating conversational intolerance. It is just verbal abuse gussied up under the euphemism of conversational intolerance.

        Christians know the God of the Bible is superior in His love and would never approve of conversational intolerance and hate speech being practiced on His blog and I think He expects His people to be doers of His Word and reinstate love, joy and peace by closing the comments section.

        • mnich13

          Where is the hate speech? I don’t see any.

        • Where is your proof that Sam Harris advocates conversational intolerance? It’s easy to make allegations but where is your evidence for them. Aren’t you in danger of bearing FALSE witness?

          • Glory

            Read his wiki bio on it.

        • Illithid

          Hi, there. While I am an atheist, I have no intention of arguing with you about religion. I will suggest that if you find someone like pud obnoxious, you should block him as I have done. Now I never have to read his rude interjections again. You could also flag his posts, and perhaps the blog author will ban him. Or perhaps not. But closing comments is rather extreme, and also unproductive if one wants readers. I for one never knowingly read a blog that doesn’t allow comments. Best wishes!

          • Glory

            Great suggestion. I never saw the block key but I will look for it.

            I used to never block anybody as I am an avid believer in freedom of speech but after dialoging on line with several recalcitrant cyberbullies I was forced to qualify that. Really I am a frustrating person to talk to who doesn’t cave into that kind of thing.

            But you can only control yourself when some people are unreachable so that cutoff button is a thing of beauty.

            But watch out for the trolls. After you cut them off they pretend to apologize. When you accept the apology and relent then they are back to their old uncivilized tricks and speech again.

            So you really have to be relentless with that button. I was always kind and forgave and gave second chances though and was called a liar for relenting and got pilloried. The empathy less social deviants never see the kindness. They only see weakness and come in for the kill but they are mistaken I will call the FBI in a heart beat because arguing is not possible in an environment without the firmest moderation and strictly outlined rules and a banning penalty for breaking them. But there are no debate sites like that and the trolls know it and think they will lure nice people into debate then beat them over the head with their disrespectful personal attacks. How is that modern day reasonableness? It is thoroughly caveman.

          • Illithid

            Off to the right of a person’s alias, all the way to the edge of the screen, is a ‘minus’ sign in a box, and after that is a down-arrow. Click on the arrow and the block option will appear. Just follow the instructions. Someone you’ve blocked can’t even reply to your comments.

            I do like a good debate, but a civil one in which two people of good will can at least learn something from each other. I value free speech, too: an unmitigated boor is free to express himself, and I’m free not to listen. The blogger is free not to host someone’s speech on their blog, and the boor is free to start his own blog and see if anyone wants to read his work. All good. There are numerous blogs on Patheos where substantive and polite discussions can be had as a rule. I’m a regular on several, some atheist blogs, some religious, and some kinda in-between. Look around. Check my history if you like. Though if you attempt to prosletize on an atheist site, bring your A-game and a thick skin… we’ve probably heard it before.

          • Glory

            Thank you. I didn’t think they had the block capability on this site.

          • Glory

            Atheists can’t handle my A-game. Bob Seidensticker lost his self control and banned me in under a month when he couldn’t manipulate me.

            Probably why God uses me. Really who is going to best a contentious, competitive woman like me in an argument. Women always get the last word. It is in our DNA.

          • Illithid

            Rather than weigh in on the content of your comments, I’d like to direct you to a site which I’ve found valuable in helping me to understand why some debates are so unproductive. Note that this link is in no way an accusation; I’ve found myself engaging in this error as often as I’ve noticed it in others.


          • Glory

            I may take a peek but I can’t promise. I spent many years trying to analyze atheist’s spiritual blindness but I think the only way out for an atheist may be counseling.

            Most theists aren’t so stubborn about simply accepting that God loves them. If you explore what that simple acceptance produces in the heart of a person like gratitude, etc. then you will find these are all benevolent and civilizing emotions for people to have.

            It is hard to do the psychology of religion on line though there are too many people suffering from personalization, projection, etc. issues.

            People have trouble dealing with their own issues. It’s easier to launch an argument then take stock of one’s own inadequacies and shortcomings. Many would rather escape them than admit they have them and let God change them.

            Have a blessed day!

          • Glory

            One good turn deserves another. If you like read this book. IMHO this is the most important book written after the Bible and a nerd like you would really enjoy it!

            Creation’s Jubilee, by Dr. Stephen E. Jones

            Peace Be With You!

          • Illithid

            I read the first chapter. I’m afraid the impact of the book is predicated on the premise that the Christian Bible is divinely inspired and true… which of course is a premise I don’t hold. Thanks, though.

          • Glory

            I understand. Faith is the gift of God.

            You ought to read how former atheist Derek Prince went on to become a worldwide evangelist.

            He studied philosophy and was a friend of Wittgenstein. He explains how he received his faith towards the end of his book “Gifts of the Spirit”.

            Too bad you didn’t read the whole of Jones’ work. Correcting free will and all that.

          • Derek Prince became a Pentecostal crackpot!

          • Glory

            Another Christian book more Christians should be reading is Sacred Secrets of the Sovereignty of God by Bruggemann.

            Bruggemann and Jones both explain and correct a lot of theological errors like good workmen.

            Theology is the hardest subject to master because it’s God’s thinking and requires intensive chewing of the cud cf. Psalm 1.

            Philosophy is vain said Paul.

          • Illithid

            In theology, unlike in other areas of study, there’s no objective subject matter available against which to check results. For a nonbeliever, scholarly works on theology are like intricate theses on astrology. When the foundational assumption of the subject has been shown to have any basis in reality, then I might be interested in debates over the details amongst the practitioners. Discussing the welfare of my soul is like discussing the health of my pet dragon.

            I don’t really see much point in continuing here. I appreciate your persistance, goodwill, and good manners, and what I do believe is a genuine concern for my wellbeing. But we’re talking past each other at this point. I’ll let you have the last word if you like (as you’ve said you do ☺), and wish you good night.

          • Glory

            You might like reading “God Prophetically Named the Stars” for evidence of God that humans haven’t and cannot tamper with but I fear the evidence is so sublime and your heart so hardened that you could not recognize it or interpret it.

            Bye. Won’t bother you any more.

          • Glory

            If I mention a book write it down for future reference. Some of these are very important books but not well known and may fill in pieces of information for you.

            Getting a good spiritual education is not easy in this world today. Look you can’t even post on an evangelical blog without being attacked.

            If I were you I’d pick up a copy of M. Scott Peck’s Glimpse of the Devil and read it.

            If you won’t care for your own soul then who will?

            Christianity is the most mystical of religions and has many mysteries to uncover just like science so be prepared.

            Christ died to give you your first human right. The right to be born again.

            Ciao. Nothing more to say and don’t wish to be overbearing.

            Each has to have a care for his own soul.

          • Glory

            I read the first page. Not sure if I will read more or not because it’s a bit tedious. Besides I like using my own mind to make discoveries.

            Consider this. God is the Great Psychiatrist. Light years ahead of us primitive human beings in our thinking. Yet He is spiritually evolving us through a salvation process. Some will submit and get more and more civilized while others are confused and won’t. I believe the Bible is God’s spiritual cognitive behavioral therapy. Some people are realistic enough to know they are not perfect and need to change and need help changing and some are stuck in the mud refusing to get out of it and willing to drag down into the mud anyone offering them a
            helping hand.

            If you can relate to God He can change you.

            So why would I want to stop relating to the best person in the universe to satisfy a bunch of social savages?

            Read Daniel Goleman. If ten men all equally skilled and intelligent interview for the same job the person with the most social intelligence will win the job. So EQ trumps IQ.

            God gives people social intelligence.
            Love is social intelligence.

            Hope this helps. So far you have displayed more social intelligence than the majority of atheists do.

            God bless you and may His grace abound to you!

          • Illithid

            Well, you’ve been quite civil to me as well. The problem most atheists have with relating to any of the gods we hear people describe, is that it’s difficult to have a relationship with a being who, so far as we can tell, does not exist. I said I didn’t intend to argue with you on the subject of your God’s existence, and I mean that. But I wonder if you believe me when I tell you that I am actually not aware that there is such a being. All accounts and explanations I’ve read and heard are simply unconvincing. Can you accept that this is honestly my position, or do you think I’m in denial or lying?

          • Glory

            Oh I missed this post earlier. I don’t know why you are drawing a blank.

            If in your position I would go the route of introspection and check the scriptures.

            God says everyone knows He exists cf. Romans 1.

            Don’t discount counseling because you may have buried something subconsciously and retrieving it could be hard without help.

          • Illithid

            Well, since you’ve come in again…

            Saul of Tarsus wrote the Epistle to the Romans. Why should I believe that what it says is correct, especially as it contradicts my direct experience?

          • Glory

            Because of human psychology. We could all be self deceptive and escapist to different degrees.

            We can also bury traumas, have early infant attachment issues, etc.

            I believe Jesus who said to remove the beam from your own eye before judging someone else.

            Sin is irrefutable. I don’t know why anyone toys around in origins when God hit the bullseye on sin.

            All you have to do is read a history book or a newspaper to know it exists or watch how mean kids are to each other and nobody wants war, crime or sibling rivalry fixed in the human heart?

            Well thank God that God does and sent Jesus to do something about it.

          • Glory

            One other thing. When studying Christians study the whole group. Don’t do what the typical atheist does and find the worst example of a Christian there is and make him your mental poster boy of Christianity.

            It is bizarre how negatively most atheists see Christians. They seem totally oblivious to some of the great charity work being done by some Christians.

            Atheists really seem to take an almost xenophobic approach to Christians. Projecting a paranoid fear then lashing out.

            The track record of atheist governments around the world is abysmal. Atheists try to say they had nothing to do with Soviet communism but you could not rise in Soviet communist political ranks unless you were an atheist.

            Google the Militant Society of the Godless on Wikipedia to see what happened.

            No group is sinless especially not 20th century atheistic ones with Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc.

          • Illithid

            It is indeed possible to deny something one knows is true. It is also possible honestly to hold a position that someone else finds incredible. I don’t understand how it can be that some people think the Earth is flat. It’s an utterly absurd position. But I accept that some people really believe that. Some people honestly believe that witches can cast real magic spells. Some people believe that they’ve been abducted by aliens. Some people believe in ghosts. And some people believe in gods. Any of these people could theoretically be right (except the flat-earthers…), but I don’t see any good reason to believe any of those things, so I don’t. When Paul says that everyone knows God exists, he’s simply wrong.

            Lots of the more vocal atheists have deconverted from some very toxic brands of Christianity. I was never religious, so I haven’t had that pain to overcome, though I have been harassed and threatened by Christians. But some who were raised in a church and then leave it have had great harm done to them, and it takes time to recover from emotional trauma. Some church communities can become quite hostile if someone starts to doubt their teachings, or worse yet discovers they’re not heterosexual. Personally, I have several friends who are committed Christians, and others who care nothing for religion, so I’m not going to judge all Christians by the likes of Steven Anderson or the late Fred Phelps.

            “Sin” is a theological concept; it’s meaningless to a nonbeliever. Some people do good things, and some do evil things. Most do both from time to time. And before you ask, I don’t see “good” and “evil” as necessarily rooted in a deity. I’m perfectly willing to discuss the natural evolution of morality, if you wish. Successful societies encourage pro-social behavior. Some very nonreligious countries are quite peaceful and prosperous.

            I don’t believe in forcing anyone to renounce their beliefs, as the Communists did. I don’t want an atheistic government but a secular one: one that is neutral on matters of religion. I hold personal autonomy to be a core moral value, and coercion in this matter as a grave evil. I do attempt, in my own small way, to persuade those I encounter that atheism is a reasonable position, and that an atheist can be a decent person. I share your distaste for insulting behavior by anyone, but especially the more offensive atheists such as pud or miles. I think their approach is rude and counterproductive, and I wish they were not on my team, so to speak.

            I’m going to bed now, but I’ll be happy to continue chatting if you’ve replied before I go to work tomorrow.

          • Glory

            Well I just woke up and need to go back to sleep. It is good to see you have not used confirmation bias to turn you into a hater but still regard people as individuals.

            I am going to be meddlesome and just say to always remember that God is your friend and loves you as you may need Him some day.

            As I get older I realize more and more how little people need arguments. We’re people and people need attachments. Buddhists detach but Christians attach.

            The passions can get the best of us all. That is why the Buddhists detach from them while the Christians go on to form the best attachment to manifest better behaviors. There are super examples of Christians around today. True disciples though impassioned militant atheists deliberately overlook them. As Jesus said anger is murder in the human heart.

            So no more lecturing or exhorting. All most people need to know is God is for them not against them and will love them more unshakeably than any human being can because that is God’s nature. God is love.

            There is great pressure on Christians to keep up appearances because society mistakenly thinks God already changed us all the way. But the truth is s true Christian only received an earnest deposit of the Spirit and will receive the rest of the Spirit at a future time from God.

            So the world is full of perfectionist expectations of Christians because they don’t understand core doctrine but in the end the important thing is accepting God’s love, learning to abide in Christ and walk in that love towards others.

            So no more arguing. Know God loves you. I am tired and returning to sleep now. Christians are God’s ambassadors delivering His message of love to the world so people can be reborn into a new better loving and living creation. As such we make the world a better place through constant help and encouragement. Not through discouragement or tearing people down.

            Have a blessed day!

      • Glory

        Luke 6:45 King James Version (KJV)
        45 A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.

        Why do I or anyone else on this blog want to fail to protect their own hearts to meditate and entertain evil people’s ideas?

        Isn’t that to invite corruption?

        Self control is displayed when you can tune evil out which is not so easily learned in this world.

        We have been trained by the world to love our freedom of speech.

        But God says this about speech:

        James 3:6 English Standard Version (ESV)

        6 And the tongue is a fire, a world of unrighteousness. The tongue is set among our members, staining the whole body, setting on fire the entire course of life,[a] and set on fire by hell.[b]

        We should have all learned to protect our hearts from the corrupt ideas of evil men better.

        You only have one heart. Will you protect it from the evil stain of corruption or let it get unbalanced by entertaining every evil idea in it until it is no longer rational or sane.

        God Bless and I hope this helps clarify a godly position to you.

        We should all be seeking to understand God so we can be His truest children in this world even though most of the world doesn’t like God’s best children.

        They put God’s very best on the Cross.

      • Glory

        I am breaking my intention not to talk to confirmed atheists any more though at one time I evangelized many atheists and other groups and was subject to their regular verbal abuse and even banned on several atheist sites when I would not concede to them.

        Arguing may be counter productive for some people.

        If you truly wish to know if God exists then I urge you to follow His rules for success in the pages of the Bible.

        Turn off the ugly evil voices coming from evil men in this world and tune your heart station into God where He will purify your heart over time.

        We are washed by the water of the Word.

        You are going to have to show God your independence by disassociating from the worldly trolls competing for your attention with their ideas designed to undermine peace in your heart.

        Set aside a time every day to commune with God in prayer first in your prayer closet then read His Word.

        Allow His Spirit to guide you and not the evil spirits of people who refused to acknowledge God.

        And don’t ever let anyone tell you God doesn’t love you when God died on the Cross for you.

        John 15:13 King James Version (KJV)

        13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

        And we shall overcome through Christ some day in spite of all the evil in this world.

        Tune into some godly ideas for a change and see if you don’t feel better. I know a former atheist who’s turning to God literally saved his life.

        Listen to this on YouTube:

        And this:

        Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day:

        • “If you truly wish to know if God exists then I urge you to follow His rules for success in the pages of the Bible”. Whatever does this mean?

          You do know that there are over 40,000 different denominations and rising all differing on one or more points in theology, church organisation, interpretations of the bible, and in Christian ethics and praxis. While Christians ought to read and study the bible, they should allow for differences in interpretation, theology, ethics and praxis.

          Whilst I am not suggesting that there over 40,000 significant differences in viewpoint there are many. e.g. Dispensationalism differs significantly on some issues related to theology, hermeneutics and eschatology from Covenant theology. Arminians differ significantly from Calvinists over the sovereignty of god and its relationship to human responsibility in the process of salvation. Christocentric theologians of the Word of God differ on several issues from both Covenant theologians and Dispensationalists etc.

          It’s not just a matter of following “His rules for success in the pages of the Bible.” Proper biblical hermeneutics is required to understand the bible in its immediate and broader contexts. There is the text, the first hearers/readers and the modern readers. There was a shared understanding of the historical and other contexts of the text between the biblical authors and those to whom they were writing. So they do not always spell this out, but we need to try to understand this to find out what they were intending to say.

          I am not denying that Christians claim the leading of the Holy Spirit in helping God illuminate the text to them, but Christians would better understand the meaning of the text if they understood the literary form, any oral tradition involved prior to the compilation of the text in its final form, an literary structures used ( e.g. Chiastic structures found in Mark’s Gospel), the response of the first readers/hearers of each book, the historical background etc.

          If Christians ignore biblical hermeneutics, as many Fundamentalist laity do, they can read INTO the text what they want to read, mistakenly THINKING that the Holy Spirit is guiding them. So which are God’s rules and which are human rules read into the bible?

          • Glory

            Instead of worrying so much about technicalities maybe you could pray to God for the gift of faith some day. Ask Him to cure your unbelief.

            I wish you well on your journey through life.

          • Glory

            Mr. Arthur, I realize I may have given you too sketchy and answer by directing you to pray. As an atheist this world may have filled you with so much doubt and confusion and skepticism that your questioning function is overwhelming your ability to focus on key points.

            I do not know if I will be able to explain more to you or not because I am soon to receive serious medical treatment and the drugs may affect my cognition and memory for a while so I may not post in the future but I do want to direct your attention to what I think are a few key points to help make you into a genuine spiritual seeker.

            Online it is expressionless so hard to tell the sincere from the insincere and as an atheist who likes to use his mind you probably are wide open entertaining all sorts of ideas. But consider. God says to guard your heart and the biblical heart includes the mind. Now we are living in the information age and are being flooded with more continual info from the world than anyone can keep up with. Also unless somene is close to you for you to observe them you have no way of knowing whether or not these worldly ideas are coming from a source that is both rational and has integrity.

            People are very careless and expose themselves to evil ideas encouraging their evil impulses all the time in this world. So you have to learn to tend to your own heart and weed the bad ideas out unless you can find a way to limit their access to you.

            Why is this important? For one, you and every other human being on this planet need peace in their heart.

            One shortcut to eliminating false religions is simply to study the nature of God. Don’t question if He exists. What evil person who lacks peace in his heart planted that question so firmly in your mind? Root that question out so you can get to the Source with all the existential answers to the great why questions of this life.

            No rational person with a lick of commonsense would submit himself to believing in just any God without inspecting His character and credentials. Not unless he was taught wrong and many are taught wrong in this world.

            The God of the Bible is peerless. Does it make sense to believe in and worship an unholy god?
            No, that is the height of irrationality. You don’t need to worry about other gods at all once God passes the litmus test of character.

            Really who taught all these doubters to cast aspersions on God’s character so much they think they can substitute false gods in His place?

            None of these peoole teaching others to doubt has a good enough character to cast their doubts on God but they do it and communicate it anyways to other people’s detriment.

            Jesus is the Prince of Peace. If you continue to let other people you don’t even know to rule your thoughtlife without reflecting yourself then you let them and the unholy world do you a disservice.
            These people with their doubts who’s character you cannot ascertain just robbed you of your relationship with God and upset the possibility of God giving you peace in your heart. In an unstable world you are going to absolutely need some live, joy and peace in your heart plus have someone dependable i.e God to rely on.

            So I know I am longwinded but hope this helps. Get a copy of Geisler and Zukeran’s The Apologetic of Jesus and read it for the credentialing process.

            And don’t ever just believe just anybody. Can you read their hearts? What if they have evil intentions and don’t care about you getting peace in your heart and faith, hope and charitynbecause they only care about their own whims?

            So learn to meditate on everything God tells you carefully and focus on the key things. God gave you a mind to help determine them without a lot of evil people invading your thoughtlife and confusing you.

            Take care and God Bless!

          • I hope your medical treatment goes well for you.

            Your responses remind me of a blogger that used to go under various monikers including Bible Berean. Why don’t you use your real name? What are you afraid of?

            Your assumption that fundamentalist Christians are the only ones who can know peace within is false. How many Buddhists do you know? Many of them claim to feel a peaceful presence and it is real to them, just like Jesus seems real to you.

            But you do know that subjective certainty of any experience is only evidence for the experience. It says NOTHING about the TRUTH content of the experience. In other words, while you say that Jesus is real to you, the Buddhist says that the presence is real to her. But this may be something simply going on inside the person with any external reference to a being called God.

            And surely the bible is NOT the Word of God. Some parts of the book were written by barbaric savages who created god in their image or likeness, whereas other parts of the bible are okay.

          • Glory

            I’m not Bible Berean and there is nothing wrong with not using my real name if it protects me then that is wise.

            We are done exchanging posts now because you went into atheist control mode which is you elected yourself armchair psychologist to find something wrong with another person when you are actually not capable of fully evaluating their experience.

            If I skydive from a plane and you don’t then I try to explain the experience then you may or may not be able to relate to it.

            If you haven’t had the experience then you have no right to classify it. That is a personal illegal seizure of authority.

            Once I see the the know it all Richard Dawkinite propensity in a person from this false seizure of authority then I am done conversing with them.

            They have revealed they suffer from a higher degree of self deception imo and you can’t reveal the truth to someone pre-determined to escape it for their own personal reasons.

            Some atheists do turn to God I know an atheist praying to do that right now while another one after eight attempts to kill himself finally turned to God. That second atheist now understands why life is meaningless with God better than I do because I have always loved and believed in God and never experienced that level of meaninglessness.

            Atheists have an improper understanding of the Old Testament. I used to try to correct that understanding all the time but they refused to receive the correction.

            What’s wrong with being dogmatic if you actually possess the truth? Shouldn’t the truth make a stand against the peace destroying lies in this world?

            Think about it. Hope everything goes well for you.

          • “What’s wrong with being dogmatic if you actually possess the truth?”

            You BELIEVE that you possess the TRUTH but you don’t really KNOW that you do. Your belief is SUBJECTIVE. Others have subjective experiences also, that differ radically from yours and may claim to KNOW that they actually possess the TRUTH. You have NO objective way of distinguishing the TRUTH CLAIMS of these different views. You ASSUME that your view is correct.

          • Glory

            I have my mind to determine the truth.

            Why is a methodology (science) that comes from the mind of other men superior to my own mind? I have a high IQ even if I reason more unorthodoxly than someone who prides himself on his own logic.

            The confidence you have in your own mind factors into how you weigh things.

            Unfortunately, atheists have embraced a lack of confidence in their own minds to go out and sow seeds of doubt and confusion on people based on other people’s erroneous conclusions.

          • What armchair psychology did I use?

          • Glory

            In a sense we all practice arm chair psychology even psychiatrists but I run into a lot of atheists determined to typecast theists as crazy or irrational then subject them to insults like they will jolt them out of their belief system. Like pud likes to do.

            That is cruel and irrational behavior. That is what Harris intends. Harris thinks he is superior to others so he can subject them to intolerant speech. But that is just bad ethics masquerading as intellectual superiority on his part.

            Since many but not all atheists have already erroneously judged theists as crazy without even inspecting their own evil hearts, life and way for sin as God says to do I know the drill.

            Most atheist claim to want to argue but many really don’t. They just use it as a pretext to draw close to a theist then subject them to verbal abuse based on false stereotypes similar to what racist xenophobes do.

            Many atheists may suffer from what God calls a fear of man. So worried what the world and others think of them.

            But people are not perfect. Why tip toe or walk on eggshells around them. You have to do that for crazy people who refuse to examine themselves and get their lives straight like Christ says to do so they don’t go off on you.

            I used to argue as a backdoor tool of evangelism but so many atheists went off on me that it no longer makes sense to do that and now I look for saner people with the teachable spirit.

            Besides why argue if you can deliver the Gospel. Deliver twice then if the response is not welcoming move on per Book of Titus.

            Most atheist already heard the Gospel several times but want to argue it.

            They did not receive from God but want to argue with those who did?

            The burden is on the atheist to seek to know God not on anyone to prove any claim when God has already backed His claim with eyewitness evidence. You have been trained by the world to deny God’s evidence and now you want to play cheap philosophical games and place burdens on theists.

            Check your own self deceptive hearts for why you do that and repent!

            There is absolutely nothing wrong with miracle performing, life giving Jesus.

            Now stop trying to argue with me and seek God while there is still time.

            May His Grace Abound To You!

          • You are not Bible Berean. But have you been previously known as any of these: “Research Berean”, “Acts 17:11”, “Granted In” or “Nathans Father”? These were one and the same blogger and you, even if you are not any of these, write like her.

          • Glory

            Never heard of any of them or read them either.

      • Glory

        One other thing. Unbelievers are regularly slandering God on this board. This isn’t a new thing though. Jesus said the people who didn’t know God misrepresented Him. See John 8 on this.

        Jesus came to clear up exactly who God is. He is the exact image of His being.

        So why do Christians have to tolerate the slandering of God by evil men that they gussy up in disguise as an argument?

        More honest people simply accept what God has said about Himself.

        Some people may have a mind to arrive at accurate conclusions about God but that doesn’t mean they are in the position to put Him on trial by arguing over Him publicly.

        If you don’t know God then you are arguing from a position of ignorance when you deny His existence.

        Is there any reason that a Christian who knows God should argue with the ignorant who lack authoritative knowledge on the subject that they are arguing about?

        Of course not. Those in the know teach what they know.

        Read the Bible. Apologists are not an official office appointed by God no matter how much people fall into arguing defending the Gospel.

        Ephesians 4:11
        New Living Translation
        Now these are the gifts Christ gave to the church: the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers.

        Really apologetics is just the stepping stone into becoming a more mature believer. The most mature Christians study to be approved men and go on to become true disciples.

        Is there any reason an approved man of God should pretend he isn’t approved to play games arguing with the ignorant who never sought a good relationship with God or a good working knowledge of His principles.

        No. For the most dedicated in God’s family learning from God directly and personally in the scriptures is more than enough.

        • Myles

          • Glory

            I don’t frequent anti-christ sites.

            I hope you learn to seek God on your own someday instead of believing lies the world likes to pass around to people.

            Your first and most basic right is being violated and you don’t even know it.

          • Myles

            Gods exist only in the minds of the mentally ill but religion is destroying our only world. Avoiding truth is a choice, foolish but still your choice.

          • Glory

            I suggest you go over to the Love A Child site and watch their tv episodes and see what the Christian missionaries are doing for Haiti.

            If that level of faith is mentally ill then everyone should be that way.

          • Myles

            Missionaries are sent to other countries to tell everyone they are doing everything wrong. If they accept that religion, that god will make everything better. Get rid of your own beliefs and remake your lives the same as ours. There will be pie-in-the-sky when you die but only if you become one of us.
            Sick and immoral, at the very least.

          • Miles just quoted you the bible (bully bull). If this is an antichrist site, then by all means study it. Thanks for believing the lies of the bully bull!

          • Glory

            From 1 John Chapter 4

            On Denying the Incarnation

            4 Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. 2 This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, 3 but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world.

          • Myles

            Mental illness is treatable. Get help before you harm yourself or someone you love.

          • Glory

            You have been indoctrinated to be the antichrist.

            Anyone who denies Jesus rose from the dead in the flesh is the antichrist.

            So why would I entertain your ideas in my mind when you have been indoctrinated by antichrist spirits that have influenced the world.

            You should have sought the best Christians out before believing the liars.

            You did not because your heart is evil and you refuse to get it right with God.

            If you like living with evil and letting it rule you like it did Cain then go ahead but you are not disseminating your evil ideas to me to retard my spiritual growth. I already have enough spiritual battles to fight without absorbing your worldly lies, too.

            You were cheated out of your most basic human right by the antichrist spirit in this world and don’t even know it.

          • Myles

            How many zombies have you met? Talking snakes?
            Adults with imaginary friends are not exactly sane. You need help and care.
            Which of the millions of gods is able to do anything?

          • Glory

            You are a gullible person who threw away your common sense to believe lies the world teaches to us when they could go to God and receive the truth about themselves.

            We could all become the children of God in this world but we let the world keep our hearts evil and feed us it’s deception.

            Look at the lies the world let Monsanto feed the American public. And you trust science ahead of God?

            MIT Researcher: Glyphosate Herbicide will Cause Half of All Children to Have Autism by 2025

            I met an honest nurse recently who said science is lacking in knowledge. That all the honest scientists know even with every discovery there is just so much science doesn’t know so how is science authoritative over the metaphysical. It can’t be. It has not got that far so only God is the authority on the metaphysical.

            If you want to stay chained in evil because you are a weak willed person who believes complex lies then do so just don’t come around me with your misassumptions and outright lies or I will block you.

            Pray to God to cure your unbelief and give you the teachable spirit so you can escape the spirits of confusion and error that the world has filled you with. Read Ephesians. Satan is beat but still trying to rebel against God and continue his ungodly rule down here. But Jesus is coming soon to set up His New Kingdom on Earth after he rounds up all of God’s sheep.

            May His grace abound to you!

          • Myles

            In nearly fifteen billion years nothing of a supernatural nature has ever occurred. Is your god inert, unimaginative, impotent or just imaginary?
            Nothing has ever been more damaging and harmful to humanity and our Earth than religion.
            Take your gods to the nearest asylum for the mentally ill.

          • Glory

            Now you will be placed on block for incivilty. I am commanded by my God to love people and I am not going to learn your hate filled ways in order to try and correct you.

            You will go on my prayer list. Hopefully you gain enough mental competence to pray to God to reveal His truth to you. Right now you exist in spiritual darkness because you only seek to learn from the spiritually illiterate.

            You have to study the Bible to be a true disciple then put it into practice.

            Unfortunately, you don’t know any disciples because you are too busy illegally seizing worldly psychiatric authority and projecting evil onto people.

            You are not a licensed psychiatrist are you so why do you keep acting like you are.

            The psychiatric community at this time does not classify faith as a delusion. Faith is much more like a super attribute that sees people through hard times.

            You classify Christians as delusional with no valid credential to do so because you listen to error filled people and it pleases your pride and weak willed flesh and/or some other sin you refuse to deal with so God will give you over to a reprobate mind.

            If you refuse to respect His authority and work on yourself then why should He work with you and grant you the greatest gift which is faith?

            The burden rests on you to seek to get your heart right with God.

            Until you obey God and start doing that you are going to keep trying to make your evil unbelief issues into other people’s issues.

            I don’t want your unbelief issue. It is your problem to solve with God so go now and go to Him in prayer and let the Father change you.

          • Myles

            The bible comes in handy only when you run out of toilet paper. It serves no other use, not even as fairy tales because it teaches only hate and intolerance.
            Shame on you for pushing that evil stupidity. You have blood on your hands.

          • Glory

            This type of rudeness is why you are going on block soon.

            I have had enough of your disrespectful blasphemy.

            Typical atheist who can’t interpret the Bible and glean God’s perspective but is too proud to admit that he is spiritually illiterate.

          • Myles

            Your bible is evidence that ignorant shepherds lived in worlds that talking snakes and donkeys inhabited. Don’t forget zombies and scan-artists or outright fraudsters. Two creations, side-by-side, coupled with murdering first-borns and ripping open the bellies of pregnant women to more easily kill their unborn children;makes for interesting reading;if you are a budding psychopath.
            Don’t forget Psalms 137:9 “Happy shall he be who takes your little ones and dashes them against the rocks.”

          • It’s typical of so many Christians that happen to be caught up in a Fundamentalist cult, as you are, that you have no idea how to interpret the bible but just spout forth your cult perspective.

          • Blasphemy is a religious construct. If there is NO god, there can be no blasphemy. Of course religious lunatics used the concept of blasphemy to burn people at the stake. If you people are gained political power again, you’d use it to murder religious dissenters again.

          • Aren’t you the one that is acting like a trained psychiatrist by using your brainwashed book written by barbaric savages to fill the minds of others with your barbarism?

          • Glory

            I Didn’t Know My Own Strength

            Faith is a super attribute that sees one through adversity and will make an overcomer out of a whining, issue filled complainer but you listened to all the doubt filled complainers. Your cup is full of those complaints and you refuse to dump that cup and be filled with God’s power of positive thinking.

          • Myles

            Faith is believing in something that you know is not true or even possible.

          • Glory

            People that are more knowledgeable about eyewitness evidence than me like the Harvard evidence professor Simon Greenleaf found all 4 evangelists witness to be credible.

            I am sure in legal eyewitness evidence you are not his equal.

            Read his essay online.

            “The Testimony of the Evangelists”.

          • Myles

            Hearsay, lies and rumors are not evidence of anything.

          • Glory

            Oh btw, I haven’t insulted you once. Did you know constantly insulting people is a sign of insecurity.

            You need God to cure you of that insecurity. I know He did a lot for mine.

            Maybe kicking at the goads isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be.

            Kicking Against The Goads

            Take care and God Bless!

          • You mean that you threw away common sense to believe the lies of ancient savages who created god in their own image. It is you that has the spirit of error and confusion because you have been brainwashed by your cult leaders and you do NOT want people to be liberated from your false cult of religious oppression.

          • Glory

            Want to know another thing O gullible one? Jesus speaks with authority in the pages of the Bible because he is “The One and Only Authority”. Jesus was speaking with metaphysical authority thousands of years before godless scientists took over the modern world to launch a rebellious attack on him. It is common sense. Science doesn’t know everything. It raises more questions than it answers.

            If you are satisfied with rank materialism then you will never master God’s higher metaphysical answers. Understanding those answers requires love, obedience, humility and a great respect and attitude towards God.

            So ask Him to set you apart from evil peers and influences until some of your mental darkness lifts. At least enough for you to distinguish that the metaphysical cannot be ruled out by the physical. That is just your own carnality subverting the higher thinking ability to distinguish the spiritual truths in your mind.

          • Myles

            Even the City Of Nazareth, where Jesus supposedly grew up, never existed until one hundred and twenty years after it supposedly died; the first or second time: take your choice.
            Of course science doesn’t know everything. When science doesn’t understand something, scientists study that unknown until it is no more unknown. With religion, god did it is the only possible answer.
            I feel sorry for you.

          • Glory

            All life is a miracle. Stop consulting quacks.

          • Myles

            When you deny basic facts it is you who is consulting “quacks” and “crack-pots”.
            Of course life is a miracle but imaginary gods have nothing to do with anything.

          • Glory

            Science isn’t really even an authority on materialism as it doesn’t know everything and changes and revises constantly.

            Silly of anyone to think it poses a serious challenge to God who knows everything.

            You believe in your limited science and I will believe in my omnipotent, omniscient God.

            I don’t think your observation skills are good at all.

            You didn’t recognize the ring of authority in Jesus’ words or see he had the power to read people’s hearts and knew their whole history on a brief acquaintance.

            Your focus is poor.

            No wonder you rely on other evil people to form your opinions.

            Still if you devoted years to reading the Bible maybe God would wash the evil thinking from your head and give you divine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy turning you into a better, nicer and more socially acceptable person.

            People suffer from all sorts of issues from sin and the separation from God. A place to start to look at this is the book by Curt Thompson, MD, a Christian psychiatrist who wrote Anatomy of the Soul explaining 3 out of 4 infant attachment types are insecure.

            Done talking now and you are going on to block for incivility and blasphemy.

            IMHO blasphemy is the greatest of the Ten Commandments to break. Worse than murder.

            Who is a person born in sin to blaspheme a holy God?

            Now you go blaspheme to someone who doesn’t mind listening. It just proves to me you are out of your mind and God has left you to your evil devices.

            If you won’t seek good Christian counseling then prayer may be your only hope because you are irrational and think you can study the spiritual through the material which are different and require different approaches.

            Have a blessed day!


          • Myles

            You poor thing.
            Gods exist only in your mind not reality.

          • Glory

            New Living Translation,
            Matthew 19:26

            Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.”

            You atheists would be a hoot if it wasn’t so sad. You are out projecting the evil in your hearts onto everybody else without even examining yourselves for evil. Evil is missing God’s mark not that exaggeration you see in horror films.

            Try getting the beam out of your own eye like Jesus said before subjecting people to phony psychological analysis.

            If darkness is in you then all you can see is darkness. You have to get Jesus to go into the light and really see the existential truths. Then he makes an encourager out of you.

            You silly pride filled atheists. You are not qualified to tear down anybody with your mockery.

            All that mockery does is denies you true enlightenment.

            Enlightenment has to be sought on bended knee. Nobody just hands it to you or argues you into it.
            Life is complicated and we all need the best mentor which is God All Mighty.

            Read the scriptures. The only person in the world not in need of counsel is God because He’s the only perfect one.

          • You’re the one using phoney psychological analysis, not Miles.

          • Glory

            You are absolutely and completely loved by God, Myles as Jesus so clearly proved to you on the Cross so don’t let all the liars in this world and your own heart idols block you from receiving this truth. It is a life changer.

          • Theodore A. Jones

            Myles the atheist, you wanna win? The only thing you need to do is post this statement, “For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God’s sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous.” Rom. 2:13, and then ask if your antagonist has obey that law.

          • Myles

            Fairy tales, can come true………,if you are mentally ill.

          • Glory

            You might want to seek out a Christian counselor for help resolving your crisis in faith privately if you aren’t gifted at introspection. A lot of people seem to have trouble examining their own issues and arriving at a judicious conclusion. Instead they let these issues continuously irritate them until they start taking their irritation out on others.

            That way you get someone with genuine credentials helping you into the light and your privacy is protected while you work on things.

            Examine the Fruit of the Spirit attributes. Wouldn’t you like God to bestow them on you?

          • Perhaps it is you who needs to seek out psychiatric help to have your mental health assessed, not Myles. You are caught up, bigtime, in a Fundamentalist Christian cult. You exhibit cult-like
            responses to anyone who disagrees with you.

            The fruit of the Spirit is love etc. (Gal. ch5). But compassion, mercy and loving-kindness can be displayed by humans without any reference to a god being. Just observe ordinary people. You’ve been caught up in your cult for too long. It is probably affecting your mental and emotional well-being.

          • Glory

            Did you ever realize that atheism is merely a label that obscures the fact that you may be having a big crisis in faith?

            Don’t let a label define you. God made you to be more than that.

            Stop and consider.

            Dealing With A Crisis in Faith

          • Myles

            Gods are created by man to intercede for him when he becomes afraid of something. When science reveals with makes man afraid, that god becomes unnecessary.
            Throw your god on the rubbish heap. Come live in the real world.

          • Well Said! Miles.

          • Who created Man?

          • Myles

            Man was not created, he evolved.

          • From what? Who created that? When you get to the end of this thought, it still ends at God.

          • She’s delusional. She believes in imaginary demons, an imaginary Satan and an imaginary god. She may as well believe in fairies because there is as much evidence for their existence as there is for the other entities that she believe in: NONE

          • Glory

            Sin is irrefutable.



          • There is no such thing as sin. It is a religious construct and belongs to religious mythology. There is evil, but no SIN.

          • Realist1234

            No, Narareth did exist. Even sceptic Bart Ehrman accepts that –

            ‘There are numerous compelling pieces of archaeological evidence that in fact Nazareth did exist in Jesus’ day, and that like other villages and towns in that part of Galilee, it was built on the hillside, near where the later rock-cut kokh tombs were built. For one thing, archaeologists have excavated a farm connected with the village, and it dates to the time of Jesus. (Rene) Salm disputes the finding of the archaeologists who did the excavation (it needs to be remembered, he himself is not an archaeologist but is simply basing his views on what the real archaeologists – all of whom disagree with him — have to say). For one thing, when archaeologist Yardena Alexandre indicated that 165 coins were found in this excavation, she specified in the report that some of them were late, from the fourteenth or fifteenth centuries. This suits Salm’s purposes just fine. But as it turns out, there were among the coins some that date to the Hellenistic, Hasmonean, and early Roman period, that is, the days of Jesus. Salm objected that this was not in Alexandre’s report, but Alexandre has verbally confirmed (to me personally) that in fact it is the case: there were coins in the collection that date to the time prior to the Jewish uprising.

            Salm also claims that the pottery found on the site that is dated to the time of Jesus is not really from this period, even though he is not an expert on pottery. Two archaeologists who reply to Salm’s protestations say the following: “Salm’s personal evaluation of the pottery … reveals his lack of expertise in the area as well as his lack of serious research in the sources.” They go on to state: “By ignoring or dismissing solid ceramic, numismatic [that is, coins], and literary evidence for Nazareth’s existence during the Late Hellenisitic and Early Roman period, it would appear that the analysis which René Salm includes in his review, and his recent book must, in itself, be relegated to the realm of ‘myth.’”

            Another archaeologist who specializes in Galilee, Ken Dark, the Director of the Nazareth Archaeological Project, gave a thoroughly negative review of Salm’s book, noting, among other things, that “there is no hint that Salm has qualifications – nor any fieldwork experience – in archaeology.” Dark shows that Salm has misunderstood both the hydrology (how the water systems worked) and the topography (the lay out) of Nazareth, and points out that the town could well have been located on the hill slopes, just as other nearby towns were, such as Khirbet Kana. His concluding remarks are damning: “To conclude: despite initial appearances this is not a well-informed study and ignores much evidence and important published work of direct relevance. The basic premise is faulty, and Salm’s reasoning is often weak and shaped by his preconceptions. Overall, his central argument is archaeologically unsupportable.”

            But there is more. As it turns out, another discovery was made in ancient Nazareth, a year after Salm’s book appeared. It is a house that dates to the days of Jesus. Again the principal archaeologist was Yardena Alexandre, the excavations director at the Israel Antiquity Authority, whom I again wrote. She has confirmed the news report. The house is located on the hill slopes. Pottery remains connected to the house range from roughly 100 BCE to 100 CE (i.e., the days of Jesus). There is nothing in the house to suggest that the persons inhabiting it over this time had any wealth: there is no glass and no imported products. The vessels are made of clay and chalk.

            The AP story concludes that “the dwelling and older discoveries of nearby tombs in burial caves suggest that Nazareth was an out-of the-way hamlet of around 50 houses on a patch of about four acres… populated by Jews of modest means.” No wonder this place is never mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, Josephus, or the Talmud. It was far too small, poor, and insignificant. Most people had never heard of it and those who had heard didn’t care. Even though it existed, this is not the place someone would make up as the hometown of the messiah. Jesus really came from there, as attested in multiple sources.

          • Myles

            Garbage in, garbage out; and that is a big pile.

          • Realist1234

            You dont like the truth do you.

          • Myles

            None of that …. was even vaguely close to truth.

          • Would you know one if you had met one? Have you ever called a person a ‘snake’?

          • Myles

            Lost the thread?

          • The only ones who have been indoctrinated are Fundamentalist Christians and other cultists like yourself. You believe in an imaginary being who guides you with the a bronze and iron age book written by ancient savages who created god in their own image.

          • Mythicists do not believe that any historical Jesus existed. While most biblical scholars believe that a historical Jesus existed many of the stories associated with Jesus are myths. e.g. virgins don’t give birth, Jesus could not have flown into the sky and the various miracle stories.

          • Getalife.myles

          • Myles

            Religion is destroying our world and you want a free pass?

          • Realist1234

            Oh dear. You should read the articles on that :


          • Myles

            Perhaps you should check your sources. Garbage in, garbage out.

  • kyuss

    I only come here for pud.

  • Theodore A. Jones

    “For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God’s sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous.” Rom. 2;13

    • Realist1234

      And I have yet to meet a person, including myself, who has obeyed the law (this actually specifically refers to the Jewish Law) in full. That, if you read all of Romans, is Paul’s point. The breaking of the law, which everyone does without exception, shows our sinfulness and our need for redemption. Hence God’s grace.

      • Theodore A. Jones

        “Who are your to judge that I’ve not read all of Romans and more besides?

        • Realist1234

          If you had and properly understood it, you would not have implied it is not by grace one is saved.

          • Theodore A. Jones

            “For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God’s sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous.” Rom. 2:13 I didn’t write that statement and it that stated fact you are in disagreement with.

          • Theodore A. Jones

            I am not the author of Rom. 2:13 who has stated that a law must be obeyed or you will not be declared righteous by God. Your problem is that you do not understand that the word ‘grace’ is a reference to what realistically must be obeyed to become saved.

      • Theodore A. Jones

        The law Paul is referencing in Rom. 2:13 is not a part of the OT code of law. The law has been changed. Heb. 7:12

        • Realist1234

          Really? Paul specifically describes Gentiles as those ‘without the law’.

      • Theodore A. Jones

        The word law in Paul’s writings are referencing either OT law or the law that has been added only in regard to the sin of murdering Jesus Christ. The law Paul references in Rom. 2:13 is not a part of OT law.

  • Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg

    QUOTE: “we are saved only by the grace of God.” HERE YOU GO, making an IDOL out of doctrine again. Doctrine is doctrine. Anabaptists, Catholics and Orthodox do not subscribe to this doctrine. Your demanding that the rest of us subscribe to your doctrine is really unreasonable. Thomas jefferson excised all Paul’s writings out of his Bible, he was so offended by Saul of Tarsus’ teachings.

    • Realist1234

      Well Jefferson was wrong to do so. If he did not understand that anyone ‘saved’ is saved by God’s grace and mercy, then he did not understand God at all. If you really think your own works save you, you’ll be sadly disappointed.

      “And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, ‘This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.’ In the same way, after the supper he took the cup, saying, ‘This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you’.

      You see it is His death (and resurrection) which saves us. Nothing else.

      As you dont seem to like Paul, here are some other NT writers:

      John – ‘In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins’.

      Peter – ‘For Christ also died for sins once for all, the just for the unjust, so that He might bring us to God’.

      It is not about doctrine, it is about truth.


    I wish the author would tell that to the whistleblowers and see what kind of reaction he would get from it.