The Generous Giver But With Strings Attached

The Generous Giver But With Strings Attached November 2, 2018

We are taught to be givers, but give without expecting in return, so why is it so easy to attach strings to our gifts?

Give without Expecting

Jesus told us to “give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you” (Luke 6:38). God has said, “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will repay him for his deed” (Prov 19:17). That means, don’t expect the poor to pay you back. If you do, the Father won’t repay you for your giving. If you expect something in return, it’s not really giving, but a loan. You can lose your reward by expecting and receiving something in return. The way Jesus sees it is that “as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me” (Matt 25:40). We are to help others as we are able (Matt 25:35-36), but we’re really doing this to Him. If we actually do it for Christ, He will pay us back someday. To take it even further, Solomon said, “If your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat, and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink” (Prov 25:21), which is similar to Jesus’ saying, “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you” (Luke 6:27-28). When we give, serve, pray, and love others, we may hear our Lord say someday, “Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master” (Matt 25:23).

Nothing in Return

My friend is a generous person, sharing the bit of money he has from his retirement from an aerospace company that he worked for the last 35 years. The problem is that after he gives, he is disappointed that the one he helped doesn’t keep thanking him for it. He begrudges the fact that the people he helps don’t keep in touch more often, or that they don’t go to Bible study with him, and sometimes he’s even upset that they don’t act like he wants them to. I felt like asking him, “Did you help this man only because you wanted him to behave in a certain way?” I don’t think he’d like the question. To me, that’s not really giving but more like hiring someone to behave in the way you want them too, however, anything he can talk them into by his gifts, someone else can talk them out of. You cannot buy someone’s obedience, unless you are willing to pay someone by the hour to do what you want them to do, but then that’s not really giving but hiring someone. Giving to someone and then expecting them to do something for you is contrary to Scriptural teaching (Luke 6:38). Recently, when my friend helped someone financially, he asked them if they’d go to a Bible study he was giving. The man had previous plans, but the man made him feel like, “I just helped you, and now you won’t do what I ask!?” This man expected him to behave in the way that he wanted him to act. He made him feel that he owed him something, so was that really a gift? Jesus said to give without expecting in return. Otherwise, it’s not giving at all. Giving a friend a gift but then expecting something in return is the same as hiring someone to mow your lawn!

No Strings Attached

Recently I heard a person who came to our church because he was sick of hearing about all the “givers” in the church. He said he was constantly reminded of who put the most money into offering plates, so he thought ,“All that was missing was the plaque with their names on it.” Now, contrast that church with ours, the smallest church in town, and the fact that we don’t have many givers. One difference is that we keep our donations or offerings private, so only the treasure knows how much people give (not even me). That lessons the chance of boasting about giving. It’s great that there are generous givers, but when they make sure everyone knows about it, their gift loses some of its luster. Perhaps their pay back for being so generous was the fact that everyone in the church knew about it. Should they expect more rewards in the kingdom? Jesus said that “when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing” (Matt 6:3), so what does that mean? Jesus explains that it is “so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you” (Matt 6:4). Give and make it known and God may forget it. If we forget it, and let others forget it too, then God may remember it.


My generous friend used to support our prison ministry, but he insisted on having strings attached to it, and so I finally had to decline his help anymore. I didn’t want to use any funds for the prisoners that came with conditions tied to it…and strings that he thought were necessary. I used these funds to buy the inmate’s family member’s Christmas gifts, particularly for the children. Being generous is good, but he reminded me of exactly how much he had given…to the penny! That’s when I had to end this man’s giving. If he was keeping track of it, God would forget. If he reminded everyone about it, God will forget it. Giving is good and proper, but not when strings come attached, and certain expectations or conditions are attached to it. As I said before, you might as well hire someone by the hour. If that’s want he wants, I hear Manpower has plenty of skilled men and women available.

Article by Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman is Pastor of the Mulvane Brethren Church in Mulvane Kansas. Jack is a writer at Christian Quotes and also the Senior Writer at What Christians Want To Know whose mission is to equip, encourage, and energize Christians and to address questions about the believer’s daily walk with God and the Bible. You can follow Jack on Google Plus or check out his book Teaching Children the Gospel available on Amazon.

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  • pud

    Nearly 200 killed when plane crashes..

    “Another passenger on JT43 described, in a talk show broadcast by Indonesia’s TVOne, a turbulent flight during which the seatbelt signs were never turned off.

    “When the plane took off, it climbed and then went down. It rose again, and then dropped again violently, shaking,” said Diah Mardani. “Everyone in the plane shouted Allahu Akbar (God is Greatest), Subhanallah (Glory to God). We recited every prayer we knew.”

    Wrong “god” jack? Prayers didn’t seem to matter to the next group of passengers who all died as this troubled plane crashed into the sea

    “jesus” NEVER “said” anything….the unknown authors of a BOOK claim that some deranged cult leader “said” this or that. Who took the notes jack? Who copied verbatim these words jack? Who copied the words “jesus” spoke even when he was ALL ALONE? It’s a STORYBOOK you fool. An Iron Age superstitious STORYBOOK!

    Speaking of “strings attached”….what are you expecting when you lie to prisoners? When you tell them things that you can’t possibly know? When you make false promises and tell fantasy stories as if they were reality?

    And how come your “god” always needs more MONEY?

    Grow up jack…you’re still an infant, still think like a frightened child, still babble like an idiot.

    • Andres Desaya

      PUD, you are ENVYING Pastor Jack Wellman, he is doing a good. Look for a decent job yourself.
      God does not need money but money is needed for the gospel to be proclaimed.
      PUD you are the one who needs money, go look for a decent job…
      You believed God was ATM card and when did not happen you got disappointed and frustrated and you jump on the other fence.. no PUD! God is not mocked! Warning!!!
      You might be going too overboard…repent, God understands and forgives. Do not harden your heart…love God.

      • Jack Wellman

        Amen. That is my prayer that she /he (Pud who hides behind an incognito name) will repent and trust in Christ before God gives him/her up to their own sins.

        • Andres Desaya

          Yes, Pastor, I am a new comer in the ‘comments’ of the Crier. I noticed this Pud, a scoffer, and (hitting you below the belt) very disrespectful to you.

          With his knowledge of the Bible, obviously he used to be a believer, got disappointed and turned sour instead of getting strong in faith.
          Saying of what he is doing, he does not need to be here anymore.

          I commend your patience and restraint with this person. No one is claiming here of being perfect but we try to do our best.. keep up the good work.

          Yet, again we have to remind ourselves that even we believe our God and Saviour is a loving and redeeeming in nature, He can show his wrath also when He is pushed too.

          God tells us to focus on His love but also warns us of dire consequences when we willingly defy and disregard His goodness and mercy.

          **Again be warned!!! PUD! Love God instead, so that He will give you back what the devil stole. Ask our Lord to bring back the Joy you used to have in His presence. It is not late PUD.. Good Lord**

          • Jack Wellman

            True. This is just what I wrote about and wished he/she would consider:

          • Andres Desaya

            Yes, I went back to read it. Very sensitive and crucial topic, well written. Again continue the good work, keep on reminding everyone the reality of the Word of God.

          • pud

            OH NO! Not “saved” from your invisible undetectable make believe celestial dictator! OH NO! I better start cowering and begging now eh? LOL Zeus is going to smite you jack and then Apollo will cut you to pieces before Ganesh and Allah finish you off! You better start believing in them or else!! Tell me jack, what’s the difference between your “wishing” and “praying”?

          • Andres Desaya

            Sour believer! “fight a good fight..” and win. Don’t be a loser.Look for a job and don’t envy Pastor Jack Wellman as God blessed him. Asked for forgiveness and God will bring back what satan stole…don’t harden your heart.
            Otherwise God will teach you more lessons, you will NOT want that.. If you can’t, don’t force yourself here…

          • DDRLSGC

            Pud has a right to state his opinions and views like everyone else. Don’t like it file a complaint with the owners of this website.

          • Andres Desaya

            Absolutely, he does but should not consistently shows disrespect to the author.

          • DDRLSGC

            Yeah, well President Obama constantly got disrespect from the Republican Party and got away with it. Again, you need to file a complaint with the owners of this website.

          • Andres Desaya

            Well, file a complaint against me if you don’t like what I write against PUD.

          • DDRLSGC

            Why, I like it when PUD makes a fool of you and Wellman.

          • Andres Desaya

            Our pleasure, treat yourself. Also, love PUD the jobless who envies…

          • DDRLSGC

            Again, you have no proof, he is jobless. You mean you actually like making a fool of yourself?

          • Andres Desaya

            Go see him, he might not even be looking for a job now, just gave up like that, and just envying… He is your idol…

          • DDRLSGC

            Show me where he is at since you know where he is. No, the Republicans are my idols because even though they have given up on doing their jobs they still collect their paychecks and their bribes from their corporate sponsors. Nice way of life to be a lazy bum while still getting pay and not have to worry about being unemployed because your party has rigged the election system and fool the ordinary folks to keep voting them into office time and time again.

          • Andres Desaya

            He is under your skin. Bye…

          • DDRLSGC

            No, he is not, he gets under your skin.

          • Andres Desaya

            No, he is far away from me. I torture him…I tell him how painful it is to envy. It hurts him to know what he is entertaining, an evil feeling.

          • DDRLSGC

            No, he is under your skin and he knows how to torture you with logic and reasoning where all you have is spouting off the Bible which offers nothing for people. You don’t know if he is entertaining an evil feeling.

          • Andres Desaya

            No he being tortured every second he writes something here, he is in you. He is far away from me, he is near you, he is you.

          • DDRLSGC

            You don’t know if he is being tortured. Did God tell you so?

          • Andres Desaya

            He is being tortured, Everytime he takes ENVY in his heart..he is tortured. He is in you..

          • DDRLSGC

            Did God come to you and say that PUD is being tortured? Yes or no?

          • Andres Desaya

            He is being tortured every second..ENVY tortures him.

          • DDRLSGC

            Did God come to you personally and tell you that PUD is being tortured?

          • Andres Desaya

            As of now, he is being tortured.

          • DDRLSGC

            Did God tell you that he is being tortured?

          • Andres Desaya

            He is…you don’t know him? I thought you are one of his fellow, you know…

          • DDRLSGC

            No, did not hear of him till I came to this website.

          • Andres Desaya

            Are you sure?

          • DDRLSGC

            Quite sure. I come to this website only when I get emails from this website with articles that interest me.

          • Andres Desaya

            Think again..

          • DDRLSGC

            No you need to think again.

          • Andres Desaya

            No, you think again and again….PUD is in you.

          • DDRLSGC

            No, you need to think again and again.

          • Andres Desaya

            You made up your mind then, PUD is in you.

          • DDRLSGC

            You have made up your mind a long time ago, and you have no proof of what you are saying about PUD.

          • Andres Desaya

            You know it firsthand..he is you

          • DDRLSGC

            Did god tell you that?

          • Andres Desaya

            You don’t, need to know.Torture yourself… PUD.

          • DDRLSGC

            Again did God tell you that PUD is being torture?

          • Andres Desaya

            You don’t need to know…

          • DDRLSGC

            Again, did God tell you personally that PUD is being tortured?

          • DDRLSGC

            Did God tell you that PUD is being torture.

          • Andres Desaya

            Pastor Wellman is praying to God…and PUD is wishing he is in Pastor Wellman’s pasture.

            PUD, you have a great E..Envy. Envy hurts, don’t hurt yourself more..

            PUD, God can give what you wish if you humble yourself…come back to God’s Blessed pasture.

          • pud

            Up your meds, see your Doctor, remove all sharp objects from your vicinity. Seek help. You are unstable, insane, crazy, delusional and a danger to yourself and others

          • Andres Desaya

            No PUD, you know what is Truth, it is not that you do not believe. You are mad at God when your expectations were not met. Now, you jump over the fence, and now Envying Pastor Wellman’s green pasture. Go look for a job…instead of hating and feeling Sour.

            God is love but also a tester, pass the test… don’t be a loser and a failure. Win instead in the realm of God. Don’t be a LOSER!

          • pud

            OH NO!! You need to be on meds.

          • Andres Desaya

            Nobody needs meds here and neither do you. You ENVY Pastor Jack Wellman. ENVY and hatred is in your heart. Look for a decent Job…. and get out of here…warning yet again. God is not mocked. You got disappointed with God…”fight a good fight”..don’t be a LOSER! instead look for a job! Ask God to help you instead of mocking Him.

          • DDRLSGC

            Where is your proof that Pud envy’s Wellman? How do you know that Pud has a decent job or not? Did God tell you what Pud’s job is?

          • Andres Desaya

            PUD Himself is the proof, asked him.

          • DDRLSGC

            No, you are the one making the allegations so you need to prove it.

          • Andres Desaya

            No, you are the one looking for proof. Go look for PUD and see the proof for yourself.

          • DDRLSGC

            No, you need to show the proof.

          • Andres Desaya

            PUD is the proof himself. Go look for him, if you are that interested.

          • DDRLSGC

            If I am Pud as you have repeatedly claim that I am or that he is in me, then why would I need to go look for him?

          • Andres Desaya

            Don’t look for him anymore, he is your enemy, he enveloped you with negativity, remove him from yourself, actually KILL him within yourself and be a Great Warrior instead.

            Tell yourself that PUD is dead. Have this Motto.. “Fight a good fight and finish the race…” 2 Tim 4:7.

            Watch UFC, Boxing, Horseracing, Cockfighting..many comes from behind to win, winning because they don’t give up.

            Fight like there is no tomorrow, follow fighters like.

            Watch this in YoutubeChannel.

            Manny Pacquioa,
            Race like horses like Easy Goer vs Sunday Silence (great horse rivaly),
            Pitmaster Cockfighting Championship Atong Ang vs Patrick Antonio.

            Man yourself…don’t be a sissy, God does not like sissies, Die and die hard trying to win and WIN. Kill the losers in you. PUD is Dead!
            **Take this Positively, you are going to be alright. Just refocus on gaining what you lost. Let’s pass the test for now and use God’s Power later. Okay?**


          • DDRLSGC

            My, My, My what a hysterical temper tantrum you have.

            Do you have proof that God doesn’t like sissies.and losers. How do you know that PUD is dead? Pud is in me? I thought that it was the Devil and original sin that were in us? Of course, Christ came down and die for our sins; however, it was a futile exercise since people have continue to sin and many of them are proud of it and have no regrets about doing it.

            What does watching sports have to do with winning? You have whistleblowers and other people trying to do good things in God’s world and they end up being physically and/or emotionally wreck and in many cases, being killed and I don’t see God coming down to save them. Did they pass God’s test or did God think that they were a bunch of fools so he decided not to use his power to save them because they were losers and sissies in the first place for trying to do good things? BTW, the way what is God’s test?

            Why can’t we use God’s power now? It is been 2,000 years and don’t you think we should use it now? How can we use God’s power since we don’t have that power in our hands.

            Why don’t God give me the blessing now instead of waiting to give it to me? Most of us humans hardly make it to 90 and beyond.

          • Andres Desaya

            No, I wrote something positive and an encouragement, you are the one who just wrote Tantrums. Try to be positive, okay? God has something for you, just wait and give HIM a chance to redeeem you. Let God perform a wondrous work in you.

            Again, just be positive and wait…patience is a virtue.

          • DDRLSGC

            No, you were on a hysterical temper tantrum and spouting off about how God hates sissies and losers.

            Lots of people have been patient waiting for Jesus to come back after ascending into heaven and have died with him never showing up.

            According to the rules of the Internet and email communications when you type words and sentences in uppercase, you are shouting and being rude and shows that you are not in full control of your emotions.

          • Andres Desaya

            (sorry, I did not know uppercase is shouting..I thought it was for emphasy) anyway, it is not temper tantrum when we are asked by God to be confident.

            even warriors of God like Joshua, David, abraham, Moses, even the prophets were told to be strong because at one point in time they showed weakness. so God told they are going to be effective leaders and not to be (sissies or cowards).

            okay, so don’t take things personal when I am talking to you. even Job was encouraged by God because he was put in a difficult situation, tested to the core, but passed with flying colors.

            your advice is good, let us take control of our emotions when being tested and be encouraged.God told Joshua, “be strong, don’t be dismayed, and be courageous, (don’t be a sissy)”, and Joshua was strengthened.

            okay, my friend, I promise to you, i am willing to be a tool so that what Satan stole God may give it back. just compose yourself and we wait. I know something you don’t.

            God is a tester and a blesser .What can we do, that is His style. He want’s us to be warriors and winners. be positive and I will keep in touch with you. i will just wait for God’s instructions then will inform you of developments.

            God is in the move to do things when we wait and TRUST.

          • DDRLSGC

            Well if God did not want people to be weak, he should not have put weakness in their bodies in the first place, now would he?

          • Andres Desaya

            Whether God made weakness in us or not is not the issue now. Just stay put and I will contact you (hopefully it can be worked out in few weeks or sooner).

            Remember that this time let the Lord fight for you, “the Battle is the Lord’s”. Well, pray a little bit if you may but let Him give a chance to redeem you.

            He is just a tester because like any human leaders they like some kind of loyalty but no matter what He loves us.

            sincerely, AA

          • DDRLSGC

            You made it the issue since you stated that God doesn’t like weakness in human beings. I don’t see him fighting at all for the good people

          • Andres Desaya

            He fights for the humble weak and puts down the arrogant strong (that is His principle. Let us put aside argument and discussion in the meantime and let Him fight for you..okay).

            Let us just wait for the results of this battle He will fight for us. (And maybe while waiting we can humble ourselves and also pray)

          • DDRLSGC

            How can God fight for the humble weak when you stated that he hates weakies and sissies.

            He has been fighting for 2,000 years, there should have been results by now or a long time ago.

          • Andres Desaya

            God hates people whom He gave much talent, wisdom or even physical but refuses to uses and chooses to act weak…God gave it to be used and not ‘not to be used’.

            Same as your child, if you send him to university and graduated, you expect him to use what he learned in school…not sulk and be unproductive, not a weakling and scared to look for job.

            For people who are under privileged but exerts efforts to look around…doors are opened, even in hardships God provides for them.

            God already fought and brought victory in the cross, for the generations past and the forth coming generations, He is just giving humanity to choose between Him and evil. Eternal beauty or damnation.

            To follow His goodness or follow evil, believe or not to believe, honor or scorn, whatever it is, unfortunately or fortunately, humanity has to choose.

            But while on earth where evil is also fighting hard..let us be strong and not be weaklings or sissies..If we are capable to be strong, let us be strong.

            “Let’s fight a good fight and finish the race…”2 Timothy 4:7.

          • DDRLSGC

            Well, God did give people free will to misuse and abuse the talents he gave them, so that was God’s mistake. Give wisdom? If people had wisdom, the world would not been a mess in the first place.

            “For people who are under privileged but exerts efforts to look around…doors are opened, even in hardships God provides for them.”

            Yeah and the Calvinists believe that if God preordained you to be rich, then it was God’s will. If not, too bad.

            “God already fought and brought victory in the cross, for the generations past and the forth coming generations, He is just giving humanity to choose between Him and evil. Eternal beauty or damnation.”

            That makes no sense at all since you have stated that God is testing us. Why be tested by God if victory is has already been won by him? If that was true, then God would have not sacrifice his son now would he?

          • Andres Desaya

            As humans we should know and be confident that our wisdom that was given to us can and should be used for good purpose, to eliminate blaming God for an action based directly on our own decision.

            It is childish and demeaning to ourselves putting blame on someone of a result wherein we are actively a participant having our own minds to make choices.

            We are tested for many reasons, it be that God wants to know how much we believe onHim, how deep is our love not only to Him but to our lovedones or fellow men, or maybe Satan has asked for that situation, like Job in Bible, our how great is our rewards in heaven.

            Whether the test is difficult or that it makes sense at all, our focus is to pass…even with flyig colors if possible. “For great is your reward…”

            “Let’s fight a good fight and finish the race…”2 Tim 4:7.

          • DDRLSGC

            Well the human race has not done a thing about wisdom and again, it was God’s mistake to give humans free will.

            Again, why bother to test us when the victory has already been won by God? How do we know if we pass the test? In school, you know if you pass or didn’t pass when you got your test results. You can’t say about that with God’s test.

          • Andres Desaya

            Since we are in are in a spiritual site, Wisdom is describe by king Solomon considered the wisest man, “fear is of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” could be interpreted as believing on His goodness, following His instructions and goodness, follow what is right and detest evilness, helping humanity or just simple as your neighbour, etc..

            Although we see many evil deeds around us, there are many people following the goodness of God,, missionaries, good cops, voluntrs, charity organizations, churches helping the needy etc..yes, human race is following Wisdom…many.
            Don’t underestimate the goodness of humanity.

            I agree with you..why did God gave us free will? Look at what has happened to human race. BUT, what about who choose not to fear God, who choose not to believe Him, what about those who wants to become atheists, those who once knows and believes God and now they want to throw Him away? Obviiusly, God does not want to force people, choose…choose but choose me, He says!

            With testing humanity, he wants to know how loyal or how deep our love and desire for Him even in difficulties, it is how may gauge His reward for us in heaven and eternity.
            Even someone who fails a test can still be given everlasting life but may receive a lower reward in heaven. Testing is just not about being saved or not being saved.

            So “let’s fight a good fight… finish the race” not only willing to receive free offer of everlasting life AND ALSO the highest of the high Rewards! (***Come on PUD, let’s do some winning!**)

          • DDRLSGC

            You can’t this place a spiritual site? Where doe it say that in the Bible?

            Goodness of humanity? If that was true, the planet would not be in a mess in the first place.

            “With testing humanity, he wants to know how loyal or how deep our love and desire for Him even in difficulties, it is how may gauge His reward for us in heaven and eternity.
            Even someone who fails a test can still be given everlasting life but may receive a lower reward in heaven. Testing is just not about being saved or not being saved.”

            If God has a plan for us, then why does he test us? No sense of testing us if he has our life all lay out; however, it doesn’t explain about his plans for babies who die at stillbirth, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months after they are born. Did they know that God was testing them and did they pass the test and did they get a lower reward in heaven or were they send to Hell?

            Didn’t know there was a reward system in heaven? Where does it say that in the Bible? The only system I heard was Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. .

          • Andres Desaya

            Well, as it may sound controversial and not supposed to be the reason why we follow God and do good things here on earth , but reward system is mentioned in the Bible.

            As also in school, workplace, sports or other human endeavours…our efforts, loyalty even our tenacity is paid. We get promotions at work, win sports event, get higher grades generally speaking when exerting greater effort…

            “Rejoice and be exceedingly glad for great is your reward in heaven…” “and I saw great and small… judged (or rewarded) according to their works…”

            Well, these looks fair enough…..

            COME ON PUD let us be focused to follow God and kick the butt and the mockery of Satan and let try to achieve great rewards we will savor forever!

            Let’s go, let’s go…”let us fight a good fight and finish the race” and win eternal rewards. This material world is just temporary.. Let us be loyal to our Creator!

          • DDRLSGC

            Doesn’t answer my questions about the babies dying and whether or not they pass God’s test considering the fact that they had no choice on whether they are going to have a life since God had their plan lay out for them and they didn’t have a say in the matter.

            Yeah and when you get out in the real world, you find out that those who play office politics extremely well get all the promotions while destroying the organizations that they work for and still get reward for their bad behavior and many of them never believe what they did was wrong and were actually proud of what they did to their fellow human beings. Also you find out that if you have the right connections, you can get entry into some of the best schools while those who don’t have the connections are left out no matter how talented they are.

            If God had kicked Satan’s butt, then why is Satan seems to be coming and going in and out of Hell anytime he wants to? God can’t seems to keep Satan in Hell.

            Material world maybe temporary; however, it does change the fact that you need food, clothes, medicine, money and shelter in order to survive. Having faith and loyalty to a higher being doesn’t cut it.

          • Andres Desaya

            There are tens of thousands of questions a believer wants to ask the Divine on how He has done the past or how He does the present or how he is going to do the future.

            Human mind is limited, in due time in the future with Him, we may be given a chance to ask these relevant quetions but as of now “the secrets things are for the Lord, and the revealed things are for us and our generation..”

            Yes, you are right, God can play favoritism, much more to those who are affectionate with Him, look at king David and king Solomon…they have so much wealth, wisdom, love, descendants, became famous, passionate… hundreds of beautiful women were gifted to them, wow!

            But there is a reason..look at what they have attributed to God, read Psalms which is mostly written by king David and proverbs of king Solomon…..always PRAISING God in GOOD and in BAD times…trusting God even in difficulty. Wow! man can we do that also?…I hope so, so that hopefully God will make us His favorites too! Loyalty and love to Him no matter what…

            May be difficult to praise and trust Him when we are hurting or when being tested…but king Abraham, David, Moses, Solomon and many even in these modern times did and doing, then maybe we can too!

            God kicked satan out of heaven, but Satan ask God to give Man free will to kick out God out of their lives too.

            Free will…that is what the “PUD” in you is excercising…satan is very convincing…he tells PUD…”now God disappointed you, kick Him out!!! don’t believe Him anymore, question every detail of the Bible and follow me not to believe in God”…

            wow satan is very wily..remember he was the highest angel before he rebelled, be very CAREFULL PUD. But with the Power of God our trust in Him, we will pull through..

            “let’s fight a good fight and let’s finsh the race”..Kings David and Solomon here we come too PRAISING and LOVING God too.

            ***we may not have much in this world but we survive everyday, still have clothes, food and good or in bad times, we proclaim Your goodness and love to us…in due time we will be redeemed…we will enjoy good life and rewards in heaven for billions of years and it is still the beginning…Thank You God.***

          • DDRLSGC

            Well, you have many wealthy people and many of them praise themselves for becoming rich and don’t realizes or failed to realizes that they did not get rich by themselves.

            Calvinists believe that if you are preordained by God to be rich and you work hard, then you will be bless with riches. If you were not preordained to be rich, too bad.

            Many of us praise God; however, we did not become rich. In addition, you have many people who belong to different faiths who have become rich but did not give praise to a Christian god.

            I don’t recalled Satan asking God to give Man free will. If he did, then God was really stupid and dumb to take Satan’s advice.

            People don’t have clothes, food, and shelter whether it is good times and bad times when you look at amount of poverty in the USA and in the world.

          • Andres Desaya

            Well commented, and well described….humanity in its character of being ungrateful (much more with those materially blessed). Also, if I might add, unfortunately, many people forgets God when they achieve success.

            But again it is a fact too that there people who praise God even though they do not have the privelege to become wealthy in this temporay earth…meaning they love God not based on material things. Can we say these are the people who would have an edge of rewards in heaven?

            Actually, Jesus said “store treasures in heaven and not temporal things which are on earth” (but of course Jesus does not limit us not to work hard and achieve financial succe$$, what He may be saying is “prioritize me first…”)

            With people of other faiths and are faithful and loves God and are financially succesful… it is God our Jesus Christ who blessed them too. We have to take note that Jesus is God and that whoever prays to God automatically prays to Jesus. God is a god of the entire human race no matter how we think who He is.

            (There is a time for everything, when Jesus will be fully revealed in heaven when all God loving humanity whether, muslims, buddhists, taosts..every faithful believer will worship Christ…every knee shall bow…no one will tell his neighbour as everyone will know Him. Anyway, this is another topic)

            Yes, Satan asked God NOT to make humanity like robots and give them a chance to know “the wisdom of good and evil” , and our first father and mother, adam and eve took it.. and humanity fell, we now KNOW and can ACT evilness.. God why did you allow these to us for the sake of FreeWill?… Satan says “Why Not”?

            We can’t deny that humanity’s mind now is filled, infiltrated with evil thoughts and deeds even wanting and practicing it…worst thing we have even a choice not to believe God’s existence or throw Him away or His goodness…

            Let’s “fight a good fight and finish the race..” a reward is waiting.

          • DDRLSGC

            “But again it is a fact too that there people who praise God even though they do not have the privelege to become wealthy in this temporay earth…meaning they love God not based on material things. Can we say these are the people who would have an edge of rewards in heaven?”

            Where does say that there is a system of rewards in heaven?

            “actually, Jesus said “store treasures in heaven and not temporal things which are on earth” (but of course Jesus does not limit us not to work hard and achieve financial succe$$, what He may be saying is “prioritize me first…”)”

            Wrong, your first priority is to ensure that you survive because the lord is sure as heck not providing you with the necessities of life.

            “With people of other faiths and are faithful and loves God and are financially succesful… it is God our Jesus Christ who blessed them too. We have to take note that Jesus is God and that whoever prays to God automatically prays to Jesus. God is a god of the entire human race no matter how we think who He is.”

            The people of other faith have their own gods. I doubt that they think that it was a Christian god that bless them. What about atheists, agnostic, and pagans? If god did not want a variety of religions, he should not have allowed them to rise in the first place.

            Where does it say that Satan talked to God about humanity? If God did not want Adam and Eve to eat the fruit, he should have not made the tree in the first place or put barriers around it.

          • Andres Desaya

            Just re-read my post. It has all the answers…you just went around.

            PUD, “fight a good fight and finish the race…” 2 Tim. 4:7. No pain no gain, FIGHT!!! don’t be a coward!

          • DDRLSGC

            You don’t have all the answers in your posts.

          • Andres Desaya

            Yes, I do, read it again and again…. If you “fight a good fight (and not be a coward)…” you can grasp the answers and not act like a child, asking questions after questions just to “justify” the Faith you gave up.

            PUD, “FIGHT”…don’t be a coward!! Fight a good fight if faith….just fight. Don’t sulk and act like a little child…Fight and act like a Big Man you pretend to be. FIGHT!!! or become a sour LOSER like you are now. FIGHT!!!

          • DDRLSGC

            Again you don’t have all the answers. What is wrong with asking questions? If we didn’t ask questions, we wouldn’t have all these inventions because God did not give us these things.

          • Andres Desaya

            What is difficult with you is you interpret things the inaccurate way:

            Example, I said ‘Jesus wants us to put Him first’, it does not mean ‘do not survive or not work at all and pray all day long’ and when you open your eyes you have a job and lots of money… what a stupid interpretation.

            We have to do normal things as any normal human being do..and when you have a job small or big thank Him and not complain how small your salary is…one of the meaning is acknowledge the small things He does for you and with His grace might provide you with bigger oppurtunities…

            Another wrong interpretation is that their own god is different, no there is only One God. When they pray to Allah, Buddha, The Great Spirit… or any God it automatically goes to Jesus Christ…because the Bible claims He created everything under the sun, including all religions for His own purpose. (I know these is something new to you and it involves a new topic) Jesus is a mysterious God, He can be everything He wants to be “I Am who I Am..” He says.

            Jesus as God blesses a muslim or buddhist no matter how they see who He is..that is what I said. Someone don’t need to know Jesus as God so that He will bless them, that is my point..their own god is the same God as the One whom the christian worships, these non-christians just don’t know..

            PUD, refocus your love and loyalty to God and Jesus will bless you. TRUST and OBEY…wait for further instructions. I am willing to be used by Him to bless you…just pray for it. I would say there is a reason why we met in this site..for God to show His love to you, maybe He will not disappoint you after all, He understands you and would like to bless you.

            “Fight a good fight of faith…” 2 Tim. 4:7.

          • DDRLSGC

            No, it is people like you who interpret things the inaccurate wrong way?

            Why should a person give thanks for having a small salary when it doesn’t cover the basic necessities of life?

            “Their own god is the same God as the One whom the christian worships, these non-christians just don’t know..

            Those different religions have many gods and they worship them, so there is nothing you can do about it. Even the Romans and the Greeks worship different gods so are you saying that they are wrong? What make you think a person’s different god is the same as the Christian god? So what if they don’t know, that doesn’t make them wrong or stupid and are they going to Hell because they don’t know?

            Wait for further instructions? It has been 2,000 years and how many people have died and never ever got further instructions from God?

            We are on this site to give our opinions on whether there is a god or not. People like Jim Jefferies, George Carlin, and Pud have a right to question whether God exists or not

          • Andres Desaya

            Then don’t be thankful..then don’t believe..then don’t be hopeful..then don’t be positive…

            Then be hopeless…and be negative…Stay the way you are and be Miserable. It is your life. But as your misery continues consider all the things I told you, it could have come from Above and it could have turn your life to joy and full of gratitude. But it is never too late, if you can just change your attitude.

            (Bye bye negativistic PUD, welcome your continued misery if that is your choice and you like to entertain that.Dwell with your misery, as far as I can see you like that…bye bye now)

            But I pray that in the may change your heart for the sake of your own self, by the grace of God.

          • DDRLSGC

            If I don’t believe that there is a god, then that is my right and privilege.

            Yeah, and too many people have positive thoughts that things would turn around if the Republicans get a hold of the federal government when Reagan, Bush, Sr., and Bush, Jr, were elected into office and when the Republicans got swept into Congress in the 1990s and now, they finally realized that their positive thoughts were all for nothing.

          • Andres Desaya

            Exactly, same with believers. So what are you doing here in a spiritual site wasting your time. Get out of here…bye PUD, a loser!

            Go and exercise your right somewhere and NOT HERE. Bye, bye bye..

          • DDRLSGC

            Who said that this was a spiritual site? I will exercise my right to leave my comments and opinions here. Don’t like it, file a complaint with the owners of this website.

          • Andres Desaya

            Be the voice against God here then…but I need to remind you that by choosing to be this…it is Satan who is dictating you and behind you….

            What a Choice!! Satan was right for asking God, “give human a choice because there are people who will not follow You but will follow Me instead”.

            PUD…”Congratulations” from Satan.

          • DDRLSGC

            Where is your proof that Satan is dictating people? If that was truth we would have more Satan temples around the world. Where does it say in the Bible, that Satan asks God to give human beings a choice? If God was all powerful, he would not be so pretty stupid and dumb to give in to Satan’s request.

          • DDRLSGC

            Where is your proof that this is a spiritual site? This site is also for a place of atheists, agnostics and people of other religions. I will exercise my right to voice my comments and opinions. Don’t like it, file a complaint with the owners of this website.

            Again, do not scream/yell on this website or on any other website. It is against the etiquette rules of the internet.

          • Andres Desaya

            Actually you are right, I have to remind myself that we discussed that God has allowed Satan to make human choose…whether to believe Him or not…

            Okay PUD, by you action and verbalizations here, you chose that you are on the side and the Voice of Satan….so be it.. I cannot choose for you.

            But I need to remind you and warn you as well…to Remind!! you that you made a choice of your Free Will to be on the other side of God….and to Warn!! you that you are in a Very Dangerous Stance..

            You Made a Choice…. Satan/Pud “Let us fight a good fight…” and may the best man win. And I claim God is with me…Let’s Fight…blessings or cursings.

            ***but again Pud, He is a forgiving God, and at the last breathe you have on this temporary earth, you can still accept Him…it is a Choice. Choose to God; and may HE guide you.***

          • DDRLSGC

            Where did I say that I was on Satan side? . I guess that people who worship other gods are Satan side since they were worshipping the gods long before Christianity arose; however, how can they be accuse of being on Satan side when Christianity did not exist? I don’t recall the people who worship Nordic gods, Greek gods, Roman gods, Chinese goods, etc., had wrote that God had come to them and say that their gods were phoney and if they didn’t knock it off, he would do terrible things to them.

            May the best man win? Well, what if Satan win, then what are you going to do? Be a sore loser when it was a fair fight and your side lost?

            Claim that God is on your side? Yeah and the Germans put that on their military belt buckles and they still lost both world wars. We put in God we trust on our money and it didn’t stop us from losing the Vietnam War. The people of the South believe in God; however, that did not help them win the Civil War.

            Well, when the Romans and the Persians conquered other people, they allowed them to keep their religions and the Persian and Roman Empire did not fall because of competing gods and religions . What does that tells you about them being tolerate of other people’s religious beliefs as long as they don’t cause

          • Andres Desaya

            I told you, PUD himself, your master.

          • DDRLSGC

            Proof it and he knows how to master your remarks and those of Wellman.

          • Andres Desaya

            You adore him, a couch potato. I told you, go check on him..see it for yourself. He is your master…

          • DDRLSGC

            You have no proof that he is what you claim he is.

          • Andres Desaya

            Look for a mirror…and see it yourself.

          • DDRLSGC

            No, you need to look at yourself in the mirror.

          • Andres Desaya

            No need, I am not looking for PUD. YOU ARE!

          • DDRLSGC

            Yes, you do need to look at yourself, not me.

          • Andres Desaya

            For sure! I don’t like to be like you PUD!

          • DDRLSGC

            First of all, who said I was Pud? Certainly not me, and not God. Did God tell you that I was Pud? Secondly, I would not want to be you.

          • Andres Desaya

            OH NO PUD! you are here again to ENVY Pastor Jack Wellman. He does not have any fault…he just responded for his calling as a preacher and man of God.
            Remember… the start of sin was Lucifer ENVIED God. PUD, not one on one comparisson but can YOU see the resemblance? Envy hurts you, and not the other way around.
            More power to you Pastor Jack Wellman. Well.. sometimes we don’t feel comfortable being envied but for sure it is not our doing…PUD pls. STOP envying a man blessed by the Divine.

        • pud

          Tell me cowardly jack who hasn’t the balls to debate me directly….tell me why your pitiful request to your invisible undetectable celestial dictator should be granted and thus completely altering the “divine plan”?

          Oh, is that more of that logic kung-fu? Does more reason hurt your head?

          You sir are an intellectual coward. You cannot confront those who challenge your delusional make believe baseless “claims” and “assertions” You’re an imposter, a charlatan, a tortured cult leader in a pitiful backwater cowering in fear of your invisible dictator character, this primitive monsterous made up BOOK and me. Debate me jack! Don’t you have the ultimate head coach? Why are you so fearful of directly facing my challenges? Could it be that some part of you knows how badly you would fare? Me thinks so!

          • Andres Desaya

            Why can’t you answer how Christ predicted you in the Book “seed that fell in the stony soil”…”end times there will be mockers and scoffers..”. PUD you are a clear evidence.
            STOP ENVYING Pastor Jack Wellman. Stop hurting yourself..ENVY is hurting you…
            Look for a job…

          • Andres Desaya

            Why would you think Pastor Wellman will stoop to your level. But beware, the ALMIGHTY might want to have a chat with you if you are really serious on what you are saying here. Warning!!! God is not mocked…

          • pud

            Be silent imbecile. You are not rational. You cannot think rationally. You are not sane. You are delusional and probably a psychotic who should be under constant medical supervision. Jack is a coward and cannot face me for the obvious reason that he cannot support his delusional make believe cult dogma. You are simply sick.

          • Andres Desaya

            You used to be a believer, you were just disappointed. STOP demonstrating Envy and your Hatred of what you don’t have. Go look for a Job and you feel better…believe that you can stop your ENVY..otherwise more PAIN, PAIN, and more PAIN for you. What a painful life you have PUD because of ENVY…repent instead. God forgives and understands…

          • DDRLSGC

            Many people used to be believers and found out that religion doesn’t protect them from being unemployed, don’t protect them from being homeless, doesn’t put a roof over their hc.eads, clothes on their backs, pay their bills, cures them of the physical and mental illnesses, etc. Church attendance in Europe has been going down for a long time; however, they have a better standard of living and achieve it without praying to God.

          • Andres Desaya

            God is not an ATM machine..this world is just a testing ground. Believers or non-believers experience good and bad. Relationship with God is not supposed to be based on material. You only get disappointed if that is your gauge. This Earth is not our destiny…

          • DDRLSGC

            Testing ground for what? The Calvinists believe that if you are preordained by God to become rich, then you will become rich. If not, too back, You have many Christians who tried to use the the Bible to justified why you are poor and deserve to be poor. Again, the Europeans have a decent standard of living even though they are dropping out of church in record numbers

          • DDRLSGC

            Did the lord come to you and informed you that God is chatting with PUD?

  • Carlos Santiago

    Philippians 2:3 Giving without strings is true giving.

  • Jack, The Word of Faith Charismatic pastors could learn something from this article of yours. The Jesus of the gospels called upon his disciples to give generously to help the poor and the needy, not to give generously so that these shyster pastors can own their own private jet or build a triple story luxurious house for themselves with their own 18 hole private golf course.

  • Your article, if tweaked a little, might also be good for those sincere Christian disciples caught up in the Word of Faith Charismatic groups. They should be warned about these charlatans. These gullible Christians are prayed over (preyed upon) by these so-called pastors who tell them that God wants you to be wealthy and that the more you give (to their enterprises) the more you will get (100 fold return). No wonder that the only persons who are becoming wealthy in these churches are these preachers of prosperity theology and, many in their congregations who are already poor, give so willingly, liberally and generously. It’s a money making racquet. It’s highway robbery designed to empty the pockets of their followers and to enrich themselves.