What The Bible Says About Friendship

What The Bible Says About Friendship November 5, 2018

Where would we be without our friends? In tribute to our friends and all godly friendships, here is what the Bible says about friendship.


The Bible is clear that we all need friends. Friends can comfort us in times of sorrow, they can celebrate with us in our joys, and they can be there when we need them. The proverb is true that “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity” (Prov 17:17). Think about that. A brother or sister was born for times in our lives where we’re dealing with adversity, but we also are born for time to help be a friend to others. In God’s sovereignty, your friend is no mistake. He or she is placed in your life for good reason, but God has friends too James 2:23 wrote that “Abraham believed God, and it was counted to him as righteousness”—and he was called a friend of God” (James 2:23). They are friends of God because they believe God, just as our own friends believe us too. They should give us the benefit of the doubt (1 Cor 13:7). First Samuel 18 shows us just how closely our friendships can become. The Scriptures say, “As soon as he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. And Saul took him that day and would not let him return to his father’s house. Then Jonathan made a covenant with David, because he loved him as his own soul” (1 Sam 18:1-3). That may be the greatest friendship recorded in the Bible. Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13), and Jesus did just that. There is such value in friendship, and even the friends of your family members are to be honored throughout the years and not forsaken when they’re old. Solomon writes, “Do not forsake your friend and your father’s friend” (Prov 27:10a), and this has no condition attached to it. We can assume it is until death.


There are many people I know who I can call faithful. Not only have they been faithful to their family, employer, and their church, but they’ve also proven to be faithful to their friends. They don’t agree on everything, but they are not going to be disagreeable because of it. Once again, Solomon’s sage advice tells us that “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another” (Prov 27:17). That means sparks may have to fly, but we can grow in the faith when we are walking with God in community, and particularly with a godly friend. Our friends love us enough to tell us the truth, as the proverb says, “Faithful are the wounds of a friend; profuse are the kisses of an enemy” (Prov 27:6). One sound’s better (kisses) than the other, but it won’t really help us. Kisses from an enemy could be the kisses of a Judas’ betrayal, but the wounds of a friend are not meant for our harm. They are meant for our good. Just like the Word of God cuts, it cuts in order to heal, and so the wounds of a friend are meant for spiritual healing. Common sense tells us that “One who is righteous is a guide to his neighbor, but the way of the wicked leads them astray” (Prov 12:28). Seeking counsel from the wicked might make us feel better, but the friend who is indeed a friend, will tell us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear, so as “Oil and perfume make the heart glad…the sweetness of a friend comes from his earnest counsel” (Prov 27:9). Our lives will be more fruitful with a godly friend.


I was always warned about running around with friends that’ll get me in trouble, and in time, it happened. Even though I had not personally done anything wrong, I became an accessory the fact. Had I known what the Bible taught on this at an earlier age, I could’ve avoided a lot of heartache. The Apostle Paul wrote, “Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals” (1 Cor 15:33), and it sure did me, so pick your friends wisely, and “Make no friendship with a man given to anger, nor go with a wrathful man, lest you learn his ways and entangle yourself in a snare” (Prov 22:24-25). And if you’re running with the crowd, that may not be good either as it says, “A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother” (Prove 18:24). That one friend who is closer than a brother or sister is better than a companion of many. James writes, “You adulterous people! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God” (James 4:4).


Jesus knew what being a friend was like and what a friend should be like. He said, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13). They may not have to lay down their physical life, but they will lay down their time for their friend, just as Job’s friends did when he was under severe affliction. It says, “Now when Job’s three friends heard of all this evil that had come upon him, they came each from his own place, Eliphaz the Temanite, Bildad the Shuhite, and Zophar the Naamathite. They made an appointment together to come to show him sympathy and comfort him” (Job 2:11). That’s a true brother born for adversity. Laying down our life for our friends will more like be investing time and effort and resources into our friend’s lives…and that sometimes means, just being a good listener.


After Jesus’ earthly ministry was wrapping up, and prior to going to the cross, he told His disciples, “No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all that I have heard from my Father I have made known to you” (John 15:15). Friends share things with one another that they know will not turn into gossip. The older we get, the more we need our friends, which is why the older we get, the more valuable our friends become, so if you have a friend, please share this with them, knowing, “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity” (Prov 17:17).

Article by Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman is Pastor of the Mulvane Brethren Church in Mulvane Kansas. Jack is a writer at Christian Quotes and also the Senior Writer at What Christians Want To Know whose mission is to equip, encourage, and energize Christians and to address questions about the believer’s daily walk with God and the Bible. You can follow Jack on Google Plus or check out his book Teaching Children the Gospel available on Amazon.

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  • pud

    What does the Bhagavad Gita say about friendship? What does Shakespeare say about friendship? What does “Lord of the Rings” tell us about friendship? What does Oprah Winfrey say about friendship?

    Actually they all have something to say about friendship…So?

    “They may not have to lay down their physical life, but they will lay down their time for their friend, just as Job’s friends did when he was under severe affliction.”

    LOL! Tell us jack…Why and by whose hand was “job” under severe affliction? Who killed all of job’s children?

    You are such a simple minded boob. This entire narrative reads just like Lord of the Rings and you swallow it entirely as reality. How insane is that?

    “The story is bewildering, from beginning to end. How could God, being God, allow Satan to seduce him into destroying a good man? More important is the moral: that we have no right to question him for doing such things. (God, for all that he says from the whirlwind, never answers Job’s questions.) Furthermore, the Book of Job seems to claim that all wrongs can be righted by property. If everything was taken away from Job, the problem is settled by God’s giving it all back, mostly twofold—fourteen thousand sheep for his seven thousand, etc. As for the ten dead children, in this case Job gets only ten back, but the new daughters are more beautiful than any other women in the land.”

    “.For people who take the Bible seriously as an explanation of life and as a guide to right conduct, all this is mysterious. It is certainly not the first instance in which God inflicts appalling misery on his people. In Genesis, he killed everyone on Earth except those on Noah’s ark.”

    “The text we have is clearly corrupt in many places. The central section—where Job speaks to his friends, and God speaks to them all—is in verse, and its language is impassioned: pleading, sweeping, vaulting. The outer sections are written in prose, and in a blunt, matter-of-fact manner. This stylistic contrast, together with the subject matter, underlies the main puzzle of the Book: the profound nature of Job’s complaint and of God’s answer versus the cynicism of the outer sections, where God bargains with Job’s life and then, at the end, pays him off. Many modern scholars believe that the outer sections may have been written independently of the central section—perhaps slapped on to make it a story, with a beginning and an ending. More daringly, some writers have suggested that God’s speeches are interpolations. God rarely makes such a grand appearance in the Old Testament. Why here, in his most dazzling entry, is he not given any sort of introduction? (All we get is “Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind.”) And why is this proud, thundering deity so different from the cold executive of the opening and closing sections? Also, his pronouncements from the whirlwind are often inconsistent with what he says elsewhere in the Bible. As Larrimore puts it, “The pious asseverations of Job’s friends, condemned by God, are the passages of the book that best square with other texts accepted as scriptural.”

    That is by no means the end of the textual problems. Sometimes you can’t figure out what’s happening. Job will make a statement to his friends that doesn’t seem to be addressed to them. Passages have apparently been moved or omitted or inserted. Immediately before God’s arrival, we suddenly hear, at length, from a man named Elihu, who adds little to the discussion and is never mentioned again.”


    • Andres Desaya

      More ENVY and PAIN for you PUD, look for a job…

    • CloudNine

      1 Corinthians 2:14
      New Living Translation

      But people who aren’t spiritual can’t receive these truths from God’s Spirit. It all sounds foolish to them and they can’t understand it, for only those who are spiritual can understand what the Spirit means.

      This means reasoning with an unbeliever is vain.

      You don’t solve their heart problem arguing with them. Not when they need a whole attitude change so they can repent.

      Christians don’t waste your breath or a single word on an unbeliever especially when they refuse to show God any love or respect. They let blasphemy reign in their hearts along with sin and false idols so what can you exchange with them? You give them God’s holy thinking and they give you their carnal evil back.

      Now is that a fair exchange?

      Of course not. When they give God the love and respect that is His due then speak to them. Before that they are unworthy to converse with. As a child of God do not descend to the evil level of this world especially not when what they really want is to force you to take a mud bath in your mind with them. They can wallow in their evil ideas in their own minds all by themselves.

      Keep your mind, heart and garments clean Christians. You are the unblemished, unstained Bride of Christ so don’t get in any hog wallowing arguments with angry as hornet atheists.

      A big shout out of Christian love to all believers! Hallelujah! Praise be to God for saving me from the insanity of unbelief.

      • pud

        LOL..what stupid circular non reasoning! “The bible is true because the bible says it’s true” “you can’t know spirit unless you’re spiritual”

        How can you people write such mindless crap?

        Define “spirit”

        Define “spiritual”

        Demonstrate that ANY “god” exists

        Good luck!

        • CloudNine

          I am not your puppet to be ordered to demonstrate anything.

          But I will say this your reasoning that my reasoning is circular is based on a false assumption.

          You assume God does not exist so you can claim my reasoning is circular.

          But my reasoning is based on God’s revelation. God is outside the circle providing the revelation to me. You just choose to serve your own evil thought process to deny Him.

          I know He exists. He actually touched me for a long period of time.

          Now you are a spiritually blind person so stop attempting to correct my understanding.

          God said everything is spiritually discerned.

          So why do you keep trying to control the spiritual with carnal explanations?

          Has someone deceived you into being terrified of God?

          Try going on bended knee every night in prayer and ask God to enlighten you.

          Everything in your life could change and become more beautiful.

          God Bless!

          • pud

            So much proof of your insanity..

            Does the “bended knee” add something special?

            Is your prayer going to change the “divine plan”?

            Google “null hypothesis”….Rational people always start there. With the premise that no claim is true simply because it’s claimed to be. You need evidence

            Personal experience is NOT evidence

            Lots of people have “revelations” of Ganesh, Allah, Buddah etc….are they all true too or could the person claiming the “revelation” be wrong?

            You clearly are not capable of critical thinking are you?

          • CloudNine

            This is why you don’t argue with unbelieving control freaks.

            Your disbelief in God is based on an assumption.

            While Christian belief is based on God’s revelation supported by eyewitness evidence.

            I will take God’s Word which is general revelation and supported by eyewitness evidence that supports it plus my own personal revelation from God over any man’s screwy misassumptions any day of the week.

            Revelation is God granting knowledge to us and I would rather be in His circle of friends than in fallible men’s any day of the week.

            Whether or not I am capable of critical thinking may be irrelevant in God’s eyes.
            He grants the discernment and spiritual knowledge.

            You weren’t even able to master God’s perspective using your touted critical thinking.

            Maybe your heart is too sinful and you let it blind you from understanding God’s perspective.

            I am not going to examine your ideas when you are spiritually incapable of learning God’s.

            Have a nice life. You chose not to learn God’s perspective or to be gifted with the Holy Spirit as your tutor.

            I did not make that mistake.

            God Bless!

          • pud

            Show, demonstrate, prove a “holy spirit” actually exists.

            If you refuse or cannot then there is absolutely no reason for any sane rational person to be so gullible as to take your delusional word for it.

            There are NO “eyewitnesses” to anything…there is text in a story book written by men.

          • CloudNine

            God has intelligence. He can grant or withhold information to anyone He chooses.

            The whole work of salvation is of God.

            Too bad you never wanted to learn from God.

            You have devoted your whole life to disputing His existence so why would He grant any spiritual knowledge to you?

            You are a rude person. Certainly not qualified to call my sanity in question while you act like a lunatic attacking evangelicals on their own board.

            You are just a categorically different person from a believer.

            You should have strove to learn from God but you did the opposite.

            You really think people who genuinely love God are going to defect from Him because you come over to this board and act rude, pompous, demanding and controlling every day? Why that is devilish behavior.

            You need to start to reflect on the truth that God loves you. Evil people may have fed you evil atheist propaganda for a while now but God can change your whole life if you repent. Take it one baby step a day at a time.

            Remember God is a person and does things at His own discretion in His own time.

            I hope you see the light some day. Master God’s Holy perspective and throw out all that trash you have been reading.

            What if one of God’s future best children is buried under all those trash ideas from evil men.

            God loves you, pud. All you have to do is acknowledge that love in your heart and your whole world will change, Bro.

            Start seeing yourself through God’s eyes.

            Peace Be With You!

          • pud

            Insane gibberish.

            You have to first demonstrate that any “god” exists…nothing you babble after that claim means anything.

            Anyone can make any kind of “CLAIM” and it would be just as ridiculous as your “claim” is….you have to prove your claim or all that follows it is just stupid additional “claims”

            You’re the only indoctrinated lunatic who’s been fed crap in this conversation.

          • CloudNine

            No you were fed the fairy, Santa Claus, pixie crap.

            It is pure atheist propaganda.

            I don’t know a single theist who believes in fairies, etc. Maybe some as children did but atheist kids probably believed it, too.

            So why do people outgrow belief in fairies but not in God?

            Something must be different.

            Seriously, get your own evidence that way maybe you will stop spreading and believing atheist propaganda. It makes you act like a boor.

          • pud

            Lots of people …

            1. Outgrow “belief” in your cult dogma…”non belief” is THE fastest growing demographic

            2. “Believe” in other “gods” for exactly the same lame reasons you do….how are they wrong and you’re right? Prove it

          • I think that this “CloudNine” is “Glory” back again.

          • pud

            Could be but it’s hard to tell one lunatic from another. LOL

          • Yes, people like CloudNine and Glory are both religious crackpots. They both claim private revelations from their god. They both like to tell other Christians what to do, but don’t take their own advice. They both try to link the murders under the Communists with all atheists. They both seem not to believe in a literal hell. They are both “up themselves”. They both believe that the bible is a multi-level book. They both talk about atheist propaganda etc.

          • CloudNine

            Quote from Marxist-Leninist Atheism on Wikipedia:

            (The membership booklet of the League of Militant Atheists in the Soviet Union)

            In the philosophy of Marxism, Marxist–Leninist atheism (also known as Marxist–Leninist scientific atheism) is the irreligious and anti-clerical element of Marxism–Leninism, the official state ideology of the Soviet Union.[1] Based upon a dialectical-materialist understanding of humanity’s place in nature, Marxist–Leninist atheism proposes that religion is the opium of the people, meant to promote a person’s passive acceptance of his and her poverty and exploitation as the normal way of human life on Earth in the hope of a spiritual reward after death. Thus, Marxism–Leninism advocates atheism, rather than belief in religion.[2][3][4]

            To support those premises, Marxist–Leninist atheism explains the origin of religion and explains methods for the scientific criticism of religion.[5] The philosophic roots of materialist atheism are in the works of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770–1831) and of Ludwig Feuerbach (1804–1872), of Karl Marx (1818–1883) and of Vladimir Lenin (1870–1924).[6] Unlike Soviet Marxism, other varieties of Marxism do not feature an antireligious philosophy, such as the liberation theology developed by Latin American Marxists.

            Don’t bother thanking me for correcting your historical mistakes.

            I am sure you hate seeing atheism as the “bad guy”.
            It causes you cognitive dissonance to have to accept reality that refutes your illusions.

            But I’m not sorry.

            I want the atheist propaganda and false illusions of grandeur dispelled.

            The tens of millions of Russian Orthodox Christians killed in the USSR to serve atheist political ideas and purposes is a historical fact.

            Be delusional if you like and deny the facts.

            You like to play games to hide the truth that atheism helped kill people in the 20th century. So you point out communism isn’t atheism except when you truly examine the facts you see the idea driving behind the communism was atheism and it’s likely Marx was more interested in destroying religion than in setting up a new economic political system. Politics was just his vehicle of choice to carry out his aim to destroy religion.

            The symbiotic relationship between atheism and communism in the USSR was unmistakeable unless you refuse to examine it.

          • (I). You attribute many inaccuracies to me, but you don’t seem to worry about bearing false witness. I fully accept that the Communist power elite within the former USSR, its Eastern European satellites, Mao’s China and other Communist countries killed couple of hundred million people. But such atrocities were not caused by atheism in general.

            (2). Most atheists in the Western world are not Marxist atheists but are humanists. Murder is NOT part of their philosophy, but you try to attribute all these murders committed by the Communist power elite to atheists in general.

            (3). I am an anti-Communist, but I am also an atheist humanist. Where did I point out that Communism wasn’t atheism? NOWHERE. But atheist humanism is NOT Communism. So stop bearing false witness. Communism was based on a particular form of atheism: dialectical and historical materialism, not humanism.

            (4). How would you like me to attribute the terrors of radical Islam to Christianity. You wouldn’t! They are both religions but you would say that they are different religions and hence the terrors of radical Islam were not committed by Christians. Similarly, atheistic Communism and atheistic humanism are radically different forms of atheism and what is attributable to Communist terrorism is not attributable to atheistic humanism.

          • CloudNine

            No more need to argue or split hairs. You’re a sinner like everyone ever born with the exception of Jesus.

            No more need for me to argue religion with unbelievers at all.

            God explained it to me here:

            1 Corinthians 2:14 New International Version (NIV)

            14 The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.

            Why even argue with someone God says is incapable of understanding the most important thing in life.

            I leave you all alone now.

            There are more agreeable, less combative actual spiritual people in this world to talk to so I leave you in God’s hands. I feel no need to make any further points here.

          • “Why even argue with someone God says is incapable of understanding the most important thing in life”.

            Well you think this of atheists but you keep on arguing with us and don’t take your own advice. What a sanctimonious hypocrite! Of course, if God doesn’t exist then no-one, including you, is capable of understanding him/her or it.

            “You’re a sinner like everyone born, except Jesus”.

            The concept of a sinner is a religious concept and has no status if there is no God. No-one is born evil, not even Jesus. Jesus was not born of a virgin (holy ghosts don’t impregnate virgins).

            Your whole argument is based on a religious text written by ancient and ignorant savages who created god in their own likeness. So why think that such a religious text is any revelation of a non-existent god? You need to base your arguments on reason and empirical evidence, not on a barbaric and violent religious text.

          • CloudNine

            1 Corinthians 2:14 New International Version (NIV)

            14 The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.

            Top 7 Bible Verses About Spiritual Blindness By Jack Wellman

            Now stop bothering me. You don’t solve spiritual blindness problems by arguing and that is your problem.

            That and your treating of other people with contempt.

            Calling Christians mentally ill which you have done? That is atheist propaganda that come from hardened sinners.

            Now run along and find some hardened sinners to talk to.

            I am a confirmed Christian. I just don’t buy unbeliefs excuses so go make them to someone else. Thank you.

          • Truthteller

            Yes, I am CloudNine. I deleted my account because I was sick of talking to militant atheists because you guys are the most unreachable due to your own self delusions probably.

            Many, many of you atheists are toxic and imo too sick to examine yourselves but this is exactly where true self perception and change begins. When the human soul comes to grip with itself and admits it is not perfect. Admits it misses God’s standard of human perfection but is still with hope of improving in Christ who is the standard of human perfection.

            i just can’t handle exchanging posts with toxic people any more and most of you atheists that want to argue are toxic imo. I am a highly sensitive person that has been gaging the reactions of the more fanatical, reactionary atheists for approximately 15 years and I see a lot of parallels in your words and reactions to psychopaths, xenophobes and narcissists.

            All three of those toxic personality types can and do do a lot of psychological damage to others and much of the time they do the damage intentionally with a callous disregard of others’ well being.

            I used to know an old racist xenophobe well. Xenophobia comes from deep seated anxiety but it can also be learned. The old xenophobe claimed to believe in Jesus so I told him to repent of his spirit of fear. Some how the evil spirit had transferred and been taught to him by others he knew. I don’t think he ever repented of his xenophobia though. Maybe he had passed a line in his mind where he could never go back. Maybe he had mistakenly rationalized everything like an atheist does to validate his own false belief in the superiority of himself.

            He was a really outspoken xenophobe too just like you and pud are. But apparently had never repented or would have given up his hateful racist remarks and attitude.

            Now you and pud posture on this blog like hateful racists on a daily basis except your target is not people of a different race. No, your xenophobic persecution is directed at believers.

            So see if your own self is rational enough to reflect on why you come over to verbally abuse, bait, mock and argue with the people who try to follow God’s standard of spiritual perfection in this world: Jesus Christ. All many of these people try to do is obtain a more noble character. They are going to fail some time still the world is a net better place for their efforts.

            Now I am done arguing, correcting you or talking to you. I will most likely
            delete this account too because I am done pointing out the obvious to people willfully self delusional enough to stay locked in spiritual blindness.

            You, John Arthur. You, pud and you, any other militant unbeliever or confused agnostic are not perfect!

            We have all missed the standard of perfection set by Jesus. But there is nothing that says we can’t accept him as Savior and try to live up to him like a good practicing disciple is there?

            Practice makes perfect and some people need more practice than others.

            Please do not respond. EXAMINE YOURSELF!

            Am I really going to accept your callous, xenophobic, pretentious rational standard in place of Jesus’ absolute perfection of unblemished character?

            Of course not. I really love Jesus and believe he is the rewarder of people who set their hearts on being like him.

            Take care now and do that ruthless self examination that God requires of you. I am sure you can find a character flaw or two and repent.

            You have callously told Christians they are mentally ill but what about yourself?

            Am I suppose to assume you are sane because you do?

            No you atheists have Stalin, Marx, Pol Pot, Mao, cannibal painter Rivera in your atheistic group.

            I suggest you examine yourself now while there is time for God to help you and repent!

            I am done talking to people who need a complete new attitude change but refuse to cooperate with God.

            I don’t control human hearts but I know the One who can make you whiter than snow but that self reflection step where you admit your own lack of perfection. That is something you have to do.

            You aren’t perfect. You and pud and others have shown your callous disregard of the more compassionate Christians all over this blog.

            So you had better learn the fine art of self reflection and repent.

            I have nothing further to say to you while you continue to stand proud in your irrational sin and sinful attitude towards God and His followers.

            May He May A Way Towards True Repentance and True Christlike Character For You Then Maybe You Will Stop Acting Like A Blind Xenophobe and Settle Down and Learn From God Personally.

            I wish you all the best. Goodbye.

          • Truthteller

            Google “state atheism” on wiki. It exists.

            I have to disagree with you.

            But I am tired of talking to people who refuse to repent and learn God’s perspectives so they can stay spiritual failures.

            What a great cop out.

            I have to leave now. I need to tend to my own spiritual growth more.

            Tired of correcting the online Devin Kelleys’ intellectual errors.

            When the error is actually a heart issue as illustrated by their own poor attitudes toward others.

            I hope you find it in you to repent John Arthur. God will not despise a genuinely contrite heart.

          • CloudNine

            These are evil times and the fastest growing demographics just support the Bible’s claim about the decadence of the End Times.

            I do not think you are a strong atheist because you spend too much time on here.

            If you were sure about atheism’s claims then you would go out and lead your life believing this one life is all you have.

            You are obviously struggling with weak unbelief. You should never be here because you have only limited time according to your beliefs. So your unbelief is weak because you are anxious and wasting time on here and subconsciously trying to reassure yourself by all this fussing.

            Control freak behavior stems from fear/anxiety so be sure to visit that shrink to address your underlying fears. You can’t do it on here or without God, y’know.
            Take care.

          • pud

            1. These are the best times the human species has ever experienced. By every single metric life is infinitely better today than at any other time in human history….which is more than 6000 years by the way

            2. “Atheism” makes NO claims about anything. See? You don’t have the foggiest notions of what you babble about. “A” theism means without theism…period…full stop. It say one and only one thing….there is no evidence compelling enough to make a rational person “believe” your absurd claims. It is nothing but NON BELIEF in your assertions…period. You are an “A”theist to the 9999 “gods” humans have invented…I only go the logical step of one “god” more

            I’m here to smash your cult to pieces if I can and prevent you psychotics from infecting others with it

          • CloudNine

            Lots of atheists wouldn’t fully agree with your statements. You aren’t their designated over lord. Just another internet troll.

            Try smashing but you will lose. The atheist communists tried to smash theists in the USSR and now the Christians are bouncing back there.

            Bunch of bloody murdering atheists mounted the revolution in Russia and killed tens of millions of believers.

            Atheist Mao killed even more by starving 40 to 60 million peasants to death in his cultural revolution there but Christianity is now growing there like gangbusters.

            Try researching your own murderous atheist history for a change.

          • pud

            More of your ignorance on display. NO ONE ever killed ANYONE in the name of dis-belief. Communism was and is organized EXACTLY like a religion. As I recall however, the commies didn’t kill all the earths plants, babies and people like your invisible undetectable story book “god” did…did they?

          • CloudNine

            Communism was administered ONLY by atheists in the Soviet Union.

            Communism is the brainchild of atheism.

            Many were killed in the name of disbelief.

            The League of the Militant Godless killed millions trying to eradicate religion.

            Read their wiki page unless you want to remain ignorant but you could not rise in the communist party in the USSR unless you were an atheist.

          • pud

            You are as ignorant as you are indoctrinated and insane.

            “A”theism IS NOT an ideology. Stalinism had the full support of the orthodox church, Stalin studied at a monestary, Stalin was a dictator and Stalin “ism” was an ideology that had nothing to do with non belief in made up religions.

            Millions were killed because Stalin was a DICTATOR and his victims threatened his power and the state…had NOTHING to do with their beliefs in make believe religions

          • pud

            And I’ll remind you again that the greatest perpetrator of total genocide was your story book “god” who killed every living thing (save a 900 year old fart who had incest with his daughters) So tell me who was the greatest killer of them all?

          • pud

            “god is a person” eh? An invisible undetectable “person”? LOL

            You are insane…you “know” nothing and don’t care to. You’re indoctrinated into a cult and have no use for critical thinking, logic, reason or the truth

          • CloudNine

            Bye. Have a nice life acting like an internet boor.

            Religions don’t get started without founders.

            You don’t have the gift of faith from God and I do and you think your mockery is enough to scare me into giving up a long term relationship with God?

            Better think again. Faith is a supernatural work in the human soul by God.

            Your raging isn’t going to tear up God’s implanting. You are a weakling taking cheap shots at people on the internet thinking you are safe but I didn’t cave in for nastier atheists than you and I am not caving in for you now.

            I couldn’t care less for the incompetent psychiatric opinions of mean spirited people like yourself.

            You really should examine what makes you so mean.

            Never mind examining others because you act like the devil on here.

            Bye. One more nasty word out of you and you will be blocked for interpersonal boundary violations.

          • pud

            Here’s how you are completely irrational..

            Cults don’t get started without founders….your point is what? Nothing

            Any proposition no matter how insane can be “believed” by “faith” ..so how is “faith” a pathway to truth? It’s not!

            Prove or demonstrate the existence of anything “supernatural”….waiting…waiting…

            No one is asking you to “cave” only to prove your “claims” which you steadfastly refuse to do..because you can’t

            I’m not “mean” I simply do not suffer fools lightly

            Demonstrate the existence of a “devil”

            See? You can’t back up shit

          • CloudNine

            I met a nurse the other day. He told me his father had a near death experience at the age of 9 and went into the light but God sent him back to live. The light felt like pure love.

            He also told me many hospice nurses have angelic encounters at deathbeds.

            Why would I be moronic enough to appoint myself as all knowing like you do and dispute these people’s evidence?

            Personal experience is evidence.

            Eyewitness evidence is evidence in a court of law even today.

            So stop playing switch the evidence game.

            God gave the eyewitness evidence. You disputed God’s evidence then set up science in God’s place as absolute authority when unlike God science does not even have complete authority over life and death like God does.

            You keep bowing to your false idol and authority: science while you play philosophical games designed to keep you unspiritual and I will continue to believe God who is an actual authority and in control of everything.

          • pud

            “hearsay” IS NOT evidence…Do you believe the thousands of people who claim alien abductions? Do you believe all the sightings of a Loch Ness Monster? Why not?

            Personal experience IS NOT evidence as it CANNOT be demonstrated only CLAIMED.

            Do you “believe” Mohammad rode to heaven on a winged horse? Why not? He claimed he did.

            You CANNOT “claim” that “god gave the eyewitness evidence” unless and until you can even DEMONSTRATE the existence of any such “god” thing! What don’t you get about “burden of proof”?

            I have no idols stupid…I make no “claims” I do not “believe” anything…I accept certain propositions to degrees of certainty based upon evidence…that’s what rational people do….Ignorant gullible people just “believe” stories their told or read.

            You can “believe” in fairies, pixies, gnomes, trolls and unicorns if you want but it doesn’t make the “belief” true unless you can demonstrate that any of them (including all made up gods) actually EXIST!

          • CloudNine

            You are a typical stereotyping atheist.

            Where do you learn the fairy, pixie, Santa Claus routine?

            It is a classic false analogy. I never believed in fairies, Santa, etc. in my entire life.

            But you do like to mud sling off of misassumptions about others don’t you?

            It keeps you walled up in your false pride like a xenophobe.

            You elected yourself as superior to theists off a false analogy.

            Did you ever poll theists to see how many believe in Santa or fairies?

            Of course not but you drew the false stereotype to attack people with nonetheless.

          • pud

            Are there people who “believe” in Hanuman the Monkey god? Yes or No?

            Are there people who “claim” that Hanuman the Monkey god exists? Yes or No?

            Does Hanuman the Monkey god exist? Yes or No?

            How do you know?

          • pud

            Not the point stupid…You DO “believe” in another invisible undetectable agent..there is no difference. You can provide as much evidence for Santa Claus as you can for your “god”

            The POINT IS dummy…..ANYONE can believe ANYTHING on “faith” alone…no matter how stupid or absurd people can and do “believe” ridiculous things….EVERY “claim” has the exact same validity when they all lack any actual evidence.

            A billion people “believe” in Ganesh…does Ganesh exist? They claim he does! They have revelations! They make claims about Ganesh acting in their lives…JUST LIKE YOU DO….so does Ganesh exist?

          • CloudNine

            Just another handwave by you. Your confirmation bias is against God.

            You could have doubted yourself and sought the evidence but you did not.

          • pud

            Does Santa Claus exist? Yes or No? How do you know if he does or doesn’t?

            Does Hanuman the Monkey god exist? Yes or No? How do you know if he does or doesn’t?

            Does Yahweh exist? Yes or No? How do you know if he does or doesn’t?

            Show your work. Show exactly how your “claim” is correct and those that claim other similar things are not. Be sure to show how your reasoning is any different than the reasoning of those who are sure Hanuman the Monkey god exists

            Quoting your particular “book” is not evidence. Your personal experience is not evidence. Show exactly how your “belief” in your particular deity is any different than a Hindus “belief” in his deity

          • CloudNine

            I am done here. I doubt your authority on everything. You’re just another person with feet of clay and I refuse to be lead around by the nose by another fallible person.

            Jesus is infallible.

            Sorry your own mind does not work good enough to detect the difference between him and false gods.

          • pud

            Of course “you’re done here” you have nothing.

            Demonstrate that any “jesus” actually existed…fail

            Demonstrate that if any “jesus” existed that he was supernatural…fail

            Demonstrate that your invisible undetectable “jesus” is an actual “god”…fail

            Demonstrate that any “god” every existed….fail

            Demonstrate how you know the difference between a real “god” and a “false” one…fail

            Explain how your “infallible” god-man screwed up so many times that he had to wipe out humanity (and baby kittens) in a global flood and still didn’t get it to turn out right so he has to come again to slaughter the leftovers

            You fail at everything other than being a master of baseless claims and assertions.

            You are an irrational, indoctrinated, delusional full member of a psychotic religious cult and that is the bottom line.

          • CloudNine

            You really don’t think for yourself.

            You keep spewing atheist learned group think.

            God owns everything by right of creation.
            We’re all already living and dying at His command. At the fall the human race’s life span was limited. We now live no more than 120 years.

            You wanted God to reveal all the scientific secrets thousands of years ago before man was ready to receive them or He wasn’t God to you.

            You are incapable of seeing that God could be managing a spiritual growth curve for the human race.

            You are so anxious to elect yourself god and control other people’s destinies when you are spiritually blind.

            God committed genocide? God looked down and everyone was thinking evil continuously. How do you know we didn’t avert a genetic nightmare by the Flood? People are not so good at protecting their own genetics from their own evil ways sometimes. We have people today passing on diseases to their descendants because of careless living.

            God is not genocidal. That is a category error you have been indoctrinated by atheist propaganda to make.

            Hitler was genocidal.

            Can Hitler raise anyone?

            God promises to raise everyone so how can He be considered genocidal in the same category as an evil man? All you did was allow your own evil attempt to drag Him down so you could blaspheme Him to others who don’t make your category error.

            Only the shortsighted and those brainwashed by anti-God propaganda consider Him as such.

            God has ownership rights to everything He ever created and as owner can do whatever He wants. Fortunately, for us He is a good god who loves His creation and intends to restore all of it (His creation).

            So why are you continuously criticizing and griping and complaining?

            What? You want everyone as miserable as you are.

            Repent and be baptized and have a little hope for a change.

          • pud

            It’s clear that you are clinically insane..cheers! Nothing worth my time here.

          • CloudNine

            Good go back to an atheist blog where they all group think. You belong there.

            You can’t even tell God apart from Hitler.

            Category error! Look it up Mr. Claim to be A Critical Thinker.

            You could not even think critically enough to tell God apart from a mortal man who has no power to raise anyone from the dead.

            So how are you a critical thinker? You aren’t. You are blind according to the Bible.

            If you are spiritually blind then how perceptive can your critical faculty be?

          • pud

            You are so fucked up.

            Hitler was real, demonstrable, visible, detectable, provable….your invisible, undetectable, asserted, man made story book “god” not so much

            See the difference? Of course you don’t

          • CloudNine

            Well you should have read Tim Keller’s book’s chapter on why the Resurrection is true. It flew in the face of both Judaic and Greek thinking at the time.

            But you are interested in insulting people and controlling the conversation instead of doing the deeper research and thinking this subject requires.

            You don’t respect God so you will not treat me with respect.

            So goodbye. Block now. You need to see a shrink for your anger problem. A Christian can turn his anger problem over to God and be done with it but you don’t believe in God so get a less competent person to help you.


          • CloudNine

            Really? God isn’t real? Then why are you angry enough to accuse Him of crimes!

            Read Romans 1. You suppressed the truth.

          • pud

            Notice stupid that I referred to your “story book” Your “lord” according to you and your book IS the greatest mass murderer of all time

          • CloudNine

            Once again you like your propaganda so much that you let it make you make category errors.

            Wiki explains it:
            A category mistake, or category error, or categorical mistake, or mistake of category, is a semantic or ontological error in which things belonging to a particular category are presented as if they belong to a different category,[1] or, alternatively, a property is ascribed to a thing that could not possibly have that property. An example is the metaphor “time crawled”, which if taken literally is not just false but a category mistake. To show that a category mistake has been committed one must typically show that once the phenomenon in question is properly understood, it becomes clear that the claim being made about it could not possibly be true.- end quote

            God is not a man for you to be reducing Him so ignorantly. You can’t even grasp the critical distinction between an all powerful holy God and an evil human dictator. So why do you keep insisting that you think critically?

          • pud

            Demonstrate that ANY “god” past or present existed/exists. You cannot say another word until you accomplish this feat first

            Did your “all powerful” “holy god” kill every living thing in a global flood according to your delusional infantile belief or not? Yes or No?

            Does that or does that not make him a genocidal maniac? Yes or No?

            Is there any justification for an “all powerful” “all knowing” deity killing every single thing except for an incestious family and some critters?

            You bore me now…you’re clearly not capable of any rational thought…bye

          • Jonald Duck

            Yes Santa obviously exists. How do u think the presents get under the Christmas tree u SILLY POO POO!

          • pud

            “interpersonal boundary violations”? LOLOLOL!!! Grow up snowflake!

          • CloudNine

            I think you should get off this board and research the millions of worldwide Near Death Experiences that happen each year in this world until you locate your own evidence for God or else your personal claim that you need evidence is a lie.

            A rational, responsible person gets his own evidence and evaluates it and doesn’t leave such an important responsibility to other people that he never even met. That is if he actually requires evidence and isn’t using it as an excuse to dodge and cast false burdens on others that God never intended them to shoulder.

            That is your criteria. You called God a liar so get your own evidence.

            I am not reading you further evil person.

            I am getting my peace and quiet back and putting you on block.

            Unless you are an evidence denier like many skeptics who handwave away the chore of getting the evidence with pat explanations you will get the evidence yourself.

            Some people more confident than you in their own minds judging capability simply judge the testimony of God as given in the Gospels as sufficient.

            Read Simon Greenleaf’s The Testimony of the Evangelists. He is an actual legal evidence expert and explains why the Gospels are sufficient as eyewitness evidence.

          • pud

            Produce a single academic peer reviewed published study that ascribes anything “supernatural” to “near death” EXPERIENCES…waiting….and waiting…EXPERIENCE is NOT evidence and there is NO evidence that any so called “near death” EXPERIENCE is related to anything not biological/ neurological

            You have NOT shown that any “god” exists so I’m calling nothing, nothing!

            LOL! I’ve read all your stupid evangelical crap and NONE of it holds up to rational scrutiny NONE OF IT. All that shit is written for indoctrinated gullible people like you who just want to “believe” what you want to “believe”

            You have no clue what actual “evidence” is….None whatsoever

          • CloudNine

            There you go again asserting men as a false authority over God.

            Nobody takes supremacy over God.

            Your heart is wicked and you don’t want to get straight with God and too many people have pussyfooted around with you over respecting your blindness and personhood but I won’t.

            I know you for an evidence denier. With all your learned excuses for your intellectual dishonesty.

            I have seen this false burden put on theists too many times.

            A truly rational person thinks for himself. He does not substitute other people’s reasoning faculty for his own unless he has an evil heart motive he is trying to protect.

            You never know if another person deliberately misassumed or not so you had better think for yourself.

            I am I believe less self deceptive than most people so no I am not substituting strangers judgments for my own.

            Prove you and your experts hearts are better than mine. You can’t so you lose.

            I will rely on my own judgment and confer with and consult holier people. I always do.

          • pud

            You are the intellectual fraud.

            You make claims and assertions yet back NONE of them up with ANYTHING accepted as actual evidence.

            You deny reason, logic and common sense in favor of your presuppostional “belief” in man made, make believe nonsense.

            You do NOT know what actual evidence is and you don’t care.

            Your “claim” of a “god” you refuse to support with ANYTHING other than circular babble and a mountain of “claims” “Claims” are NOT evidence or aliens actually do abduct people, Elvis is still alive and Bigfoot roams the Northwest

            “hearts” pump blood they do no reasoning.

            Your “judgement” is seriously lacking

          • CloudNine

            You argue. You did not check Greenleaf or go out and gather your own evidence.

            I will block you so you can gather evidence and redeem yourself from the intellectual dishonesty of saying you need evidence when you refuse to examine it neutrally from an unbiased perspective.

          • pud

            LOL! Coward. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE! NONE! “Claims” are NOT evidence. Personal revelation/experience is NOT evidence! You have NO evidence whatsoever for your invisible undetectable celestial dictator….you have a BOOK! A BOOK that you willingly swallow whole without ANY critical analysis at all. You “believe” what you want to “believe” simple as that

          • CloudNine

            You actually validate the Bible’s claim of your spiritual blindness by the things you say.

            Theists have certain proofs that you can never understand because you lack the earnest deposit of the Holy Spirit.

            So I will never give you those proofs.

            Whether you like it or not God is in control and obedience is better than sacrifice.

            Why should God furnish you with the earnest deposit that lifts some of your spiritual blindness when you refuse to love, revere and obey Him?

            You are going to have to learn to throw off the atheist propaganda, think for yourself independently and genuinely seek God on your own or it seems likely you will remind blind and lost.

            May God help you with all that.

          • pud

            If you were sane…which you clearly are not…you would read that drivel you just wrote and slap yourself.

            So I can have “proof” once I already “believe” LOL! Hey, stupid….If I “believed” your absurd nonsense I wouldn’t require evidence as “belief” doesn’t require ANYTHING that reasonable, rational people demand before they accept some proposition as truthful

            There is no “atheist propaganda” dufus….”Atheism” is a the singular proposition that one doesn’t “believe” in any “god” because you all have failed your burden of proof…failed to demonstrate anything to substantiate your delusional superstitious claims

          • CloudNine

            Lol. Some theists might have been given belief before they were born so they spot the proof in the Bible easily on their own and other proofs when it is pointed out to them. I know many theists who can all spot or understand the same proofs which unbelievers cannot see.

            You guys really are blind so why you think you can saunter onto an evangelical blog oblivious to your own spiritual blindness and attempt to take over and claim authority is beyond most of us.

            You really can’t read the spiritual proofs in the text and you want to dictate to believers who can???

          • pud

            Oh so “some” “might have” been programmed from birth eh? Like robots or puppets or slaves? Can you demonstrate this?

            “Proofs” are objective…they can be “falsified” they comport with reality….show one

            Define “spiritual” and or “spirit” and demonstrate its existence

          • CloudNine

            Sorry all out of demonstrating anything to a hater filled with atheist propaganda who can’t think critically enough to eradicate the propaganda in his own head and serve a more noble cause.

            Look at how the atheist communist system has failed economically around the world and you buggers want to run the world?

          • pud

            The happiest and most successful countries in the world are SECULAR! The US, Scandinavia, Denmark, Japan, China…the worst nations on the planet are the theocratic ones!

            DUDE! Are you really this fucking stupid? Do you know how to use “google”?

          • CloudNine

            I don’t think you think too clearly. Not all theocratic countries are Christian.

            Also some “secular” countries come out of countries with former Christian values. Values take time to inculcate. Secularism isn’t responsible for some of those values. Trace the values to their source.

            The Vikings practiced selective infanticide until Judeo-Christian values came along and wiped out that evil practice in Scandavia and also worldwide.

            But you don’t bother to check the huge things Christianity got right and the huge things atheism got wrong you are too busy serving your own stereotypes through confirmation bias of atheist propaganda.

          • pud

            I didn’t say they were…I said that the most backwards, least prosperous, most unhappy nations on earth are theistic. When the christian lunatics ran theocracies those countries were also miserable horrible places to live….see “dark ages” “killing of heretics” “witch trials” etc

          • CloudNine

            Those numbers are a drop in the bucket compared to the numbers the atheist communists put up in the 20th century.

            You need to stop cherry picking crimes and realize all the crimes do is underscore the fact that all groups of people contain sinners.

          • pud

            Done with your madness now…do some critical thinking for a change


          • CloudNine

            New American Standard Bible
            But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised.

          • pud

            You don’t worship an invisible undetectable “god” you worship an ancient stupid book…I rest my case


          • CloudNine

            Christian Standard Bible
            But the person without the Spirit does not receive what comes from God’s Spirit, because it is foolishness to him; he is not able to understand it since it is evaluated spiritually.

          • pud

            How come the “perfect infallible word of god” has so many versions and thousands upon thousands of denominations? Hmmmm

          • CloudNine

            Maybe because the Word of God is interpreted by the mind of man and there is leeway between the way men think and interpret languages.

            Each of those denominations may appear to be split but can all still be in unity in the body of Christ.

            How come appearances fool you so easily and you don’t grasp the fact that the spiritual unity is in Christ not in doctrinal conformity?

          • pud

            How about a quote about no suffering a witch to live or an endorsement of slavery…you clearly must be favor of slavery right?

          • CloudNine

            I think you had better stop spewing atheist propaganda and get a good education on the differences between ancient biblical slavery and modern chattel slavery.

            I really hate to see atheist ignorance being displayed on this topic like it is fact so investigate it before raising erroneous stereotypes on the internet that make you look like an ignoramus on the Bible.

          • CloudNine


            “One great power of sin is that it blinds men so that they do not recognize its true character.” Andrew Murray
            “In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough shadows to blind those who don’t.” Blaise Pascal
            “The eyes are useless when the mind is blind.”

            On spiritual blindness:

            1 Corinthians 1:18-19 The message of the cross is foolish to those who are headed for destruction! But we who are being saved know it is the very power of God.

            Be sure to read this one:

            2 Corinthians 4:3-4 If the Good News we preach is hidden behind a veil, it is hidden only from people who are perishing. Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.

            Because of hardening their heart.

            John 12:39-40 This is why they could not believe: Isaiah also said, “He has blinded their eyes and hardened their heart, so that they might not perceive with their eyes, and understand with their mind and turn, and I would heal them.

            2 Corinthians 3:16 But whenever someone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.

          • pud

            “Why won’t god heal amputees?”

          • CloudNine

            Why should He? Because you want to disrespect Him?

            Christ put the man’s ear back on in the Garden of Gethesemane.

            These bodies aren’t our permanent ones so why do you keep expecting God to treat them like they are?

            The Roman Catholic Church has the record of a 16th century Spaniard who claimed God healed his amputated limb. Go find the record of it.

          • CloudNine

            Did you ever read any Christians on this or just agree with atheist propaganda without questioning it?

            If so you really just want to thrust your biblical illiteracy down unobservant people’s throats.

            Jesus healed lepers and lepers have missing body parts.

            Google “why won’t God heal amputees” on gotquestions dot org and learn a more godly perspective free of the error ridden atheist propaganda.

          • pud

            Why didn’t “jesus” cure leprosy? What kind of moral monster would heal a couple of lepers and not cure the disease once and for all?

            See how absurd your make believe nonsense is yet?

          • CloudNine

            Taking off now. I may never return to dialog as your mind seems made up and if you start to doubt atheism you can always seek to know God on your own.

            Why you would believe all that lying propaganda instead of letting God reveal His mysteries to you is incomprehensible to me but you can always examine yourself for the reason for that error.


          • CloudNine

            Btw, I don’t watch atheist propaganda. I prefer to keep my mind uncluttered with lies. The Bible is challenging enough to read on it’s own.

            It is the only multilevel text delivered by many different prophets over a 1500 year period that still manages to maintain thematic integrity and that is a miracle that sets the Bible in a class by itself that no other written work can claim.

          • CloudNine

            The natural man cannot discern spiritual truth.

            I rest God’s case.

            Read it: Romans 1. You suppressed God’s truth to stay unspiritual and now you understand nothing about the God of the Bible but stay on this blog pridefully attempting to force your ignorant opinions on more spiritual people. Trying to control their personal relationships and identities and attempting to interfere with their destinies.

            Read 1 Corinthians 2:14 until it sinks in.

          • pud

            What’s the more “noble cause”? Make believe? Serving an imaginary story book deity who’s supposed to be all powerful? LOL Some cause!

          • CloudNine

            Go read the Love A Child site. A Christian missionary couple went to Haiti in the 1990’s to relieve the suffering of the poor and have stayed there.

            That is a nobler cause than what you serve.

          • pud

            So why aren’t you in Haiti now serving a more noble cause?

          • CloudNine

            Because it was not the will of God.

          • pud

            LOL! So why then didn’t your “god” stop the earthquake from happening or douse the fire in California that killed 30 and burned down a church? Is he able? Is he unwilling? Why would he endorse your help when he could have prevented all that suffering in the first place?

            I’m sure you can come up with a truly stupid rationalization

          • CloudNine

            I have no idea but the End Times prediction is for worldwide weather events, earthquakes and catastrophes increasing in frequency as is happening.

            You want to pin another one on God? People are the ones mismanaging the resources God put at their disposal. We do the underground bomb testing that leads to earthquakes. We pollute the oceans with plastic killing marine life. We drill for the oil disturbing the Earth’s crust, we chop down the rain forests, we raise the cattle releasing too much methane gas, we build the ships that dump sewage in the oceans, we build the cars that pollute the air, etc. And you want to blame God for that?

            I gave you enough to think about.


          • pud

            You’ve given me shit. I actually do think and do honest research.

            The “end times” bullshit has been predicted nearly every year since your delusional death cult was formed..guess what? We’re still here!

            There are NO more weather or geologic catastrophes now than in the past stupid, there are FAR LESS! The Earth was once a ball of ice..frozen solid. There were 5 mass extinctions where nearly all life was wiped out. The planet was once a ball of molten rock. Ancient earthquakes, volcanoes, asteroid impacts, etc dwarf anything that modern humans have experienced…so once more, you KNOW shit and don’t care to. Enjoy the joy of waiting for armegedon along with your mentally ill sick breathern and keep telling everyone what a happy lot you are! LOL

            You are sick…get some professional help

          • CloudNine

            What anger! You are probably only alive today because someone with Judeo-Christian values discouraged the infanticide of one of your ancestors.

            Go read up on it.

            Google “infanticide” on deathreference dot com.

            You ought to love Christians. We uphold the sanctity of life that protects everybody.

          • CloudNine

            Berean Literal Bible
            But the natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God; for they are foolishness to him, and he is not able to understand them, because spiritually they are discerned.

          • Well said, Pud! This “Glory” or “CloudNine” is a psychotic crackpot and is still dishing up the same kind of nonsense as she did before.

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