How To Love Your Brothers And Sisters

How To Love Your Brothers And Sisters April 24, 2019

Even though it may be difficult at times to love our brothers or sisters, we are commanded to love them, and here’s how you can do that.

A Friend for Adversity

Scripture teaches us that “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity” (Prov 17:17), and I’ve lived long enough to be on both ends of that; the one receiving the help and the one giving it. When we go through times of adversity, it’s a bit easier if your friend goes through it with you. The old saying, “A joy shared is doubled, but a burdens shared is halved” is true. When David was running for his life from King Saul, David knew he could trust Jonathan, the king’s son. After David slew Goliath, and displayed his total trust in God, it was said that “the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul” (1 Sam 18:1). Their friendship was so special that “Jonathan made David swear again by his love for him, for he loved him as he loved his own soul” (1 Sam 20:17). Most of us have at least one close friend…some more, but Solomon wrote, “A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother” (Prov 18:24), and that brother or sister that is a genuine friend will stick with you during times of adversity. You could say that they were born for such a time.

A Friend in Need

If we’re going to be a genuine friend, and not just a “fair weather” friend or a friend only when it’s convenient for us, then we will “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor” (Rom12:10). True brotherly and sisterly loves means “If among you, one of your brothers should become poor, in any of your towns within your land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not harden your heart or shut your hand against your poor brother” (Deut 15:9). The Apostle John says that “if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him” (1 John 3:17)? It’s one thing to claim to be a friend, but when it comes to real needs, that’s when you really find out who your friends are. James wrote, “If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? James’ point is that “faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead” (James 2:17). I would say, “What kind of friend is that?!” No friend at all, I’d say, so let sisterly and “brotherly love continue. Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares” (Heb 13:1).

Friends Don’t Offend

If we pay attention to our brother and sister’s struggles, we’ll avoid making them stumble or offending them. I know I have the freedom to drink beer, but I chose not to since many might think if he can drink, it must be okay. With this in mind, the Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 8:13, that “if food makes my brother stumble, I will never eat meat, lest I make my brother stumble.” If I invite a Jewish family over for dinner, the last thing we’d have is a ham dinner. Even if they might not have been offended, it’s better to err on the side of showing respect for our guests. Someone who’s battling alcoholism should have friends that are aware of this and avoid situations where their friend would be tempted to drink or provide opportunities for them to drink. Paul wrote, “It is good not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything that causes your brother to stumble” (Rom 14:21), so we should not “not pass judgment on one another any longer, but rather decide never to put a stumbling block or hindrance in the way of a brother” (Rom 14:13).

Friends Forgive

Friends should be forgiving of one another, since Christ has also forgiven us. In fact, He’s forgiven us infinitely more than anyone could ever sin against us, but what do you do if your brother or sister sins against you? Jesus says, “If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother” (Matt 18:15). If he or she doesn’t, then at least you’ve tried to reconcile with them. The Apostle Peter thought he was being generous when asking, “Lord, how often will my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? As many as seven times?” but “Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you seven times, but seventy-seven times” (Matt 18:21-22). It’s also important that we receive this kind of forgiveness from our friends too, so “if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted” (Gal 6:1).


Psalm 113:1 tells us “how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity,” but loving your brother or sister doesn’t come naturally, and love is not actually expressed by a greeting card, flowers, or other gifts, but by what we do. Those things in themselves are not bad, but talk is cheap compared to love in action. Love is a verb. It is what you do more than what you say or what you feel. Human feelings are not reliable indicators, but things done in love are! I hope this helps you love your brother and sister more easily, and why shouldn’t we, since Christ Himself died for us while we were still ungodly, wicked enemies of His (Rom 5:6-10), so “all of you must live in harmony, be sympathetic, love as brothers, and be compassionate and humble” (1 Pet 3:8).

Article by Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman is a Pastor and Prison Minister in the State of Kansas. Jack is also a writer at Christian Quotes and Senior Writer at What Christians Want To Know whose mission is to equip, encourage, and energize Christians and to address questions about the believer’s daily walk with God and the Bible. You can follow Jack on Google Plus or check out his book Teaching Children the Gospel available on Amazon.

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  • Susan Jane Elohim

    Amen, Pastor.

    Loved reading this verse:

    Proverbs 18:24, English Standard Version
    A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

    This contrasts with what the world teaches. That if you are popular you are successful.

    • Jack Wellman

      Excellent Proverb, and one I overlooked Susan. Thank you so much.

      • Susan Jane Elohim

        Thanks for being such a great servant of God, Pastor.

        Here’s a worship song in God’s honor to show my appreciation for all the work that you do for Him.

        It Is Well With My Soul

  • pud

    “commanded to love”….compulsory love eh janitor jack? Another one of your ill thought out sick precepts. “Love” is earned not given…anything “free” is of little value compared to that which is earned. Only your stupid cult would think that ordering people to do things is honorable and just. You cannot make yourself “love” something nor should you…many people are completely unworthy of it….like you who makes your pitiful living lying to people

    “Love” is a noun not a verb. “loving” is an adjective. “lovingly” is an adverb

    • Susan Jane Elohim

      You’d best stop arguing with Christians and demanding proof of them when you haven’t proved you yourself are sane.

      Satan influences the sinner to keep on sinning. Sometimes spiritually through Satanic thinking the sinner learns from the world and sometimes through weak human biology. Some people like serial killers are born crazy because sin has had effect on human biology. We all die and death is a curse.

      And who is a crazy sinner like you to call God a liar when most people can still be influenced by the devil unless they learn from Jesus and actively stay away from the devil’s influence?

      God sent Jesus to be God incarnate so we could see Him and contrast in our minds what the most spiritual person i.e God looks like against all the people Satan was controlling.

      Wasn’t Satan controlling the Pharisees and the Romans when they sacrificed Jesus and when the disciples fled when Jesus was taken?

      Do you know the only disciples that weren’t fear filled enough to flee when Jesus was taken was the Apostle John and the women. They showed up at the crucifixion.

      So without God’s spirit the devil can have quite a hold on some people including yourself.

      Look what he’s got you doing. He’s deluded you into thinking you are righteous for opposing God when a sane holy person knows that is perversity making you do that.

      Now certain people. Even certain Christians. Don’t want me to tell you that the devil can get a hold on you.

      But Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and make him let go of people.

      And you put God on trial?

      You have the temerity to question God’s motives when Satan is still on the loose?

      You have lost your mind. That’s why nobody should be reading your words because all you are doing is promoting spiritual retardation when you should have been trying at all costs to become more spiritual yourself.

      You’re an evil messenger of Satan on this board now so I ignore you. I cast your evil thinking away from me like the disciples cast demons out of people.

      So I suggest you repent immediately before you lose any more ground in your mind tto Satan.

      Having the temerity to deny God’s witness, people’s witness and experience is not sane.

      Experience is knowledge and you deliberately trashed other people’s knowledge and experience as well as Jesus’ so you could serve and stay a slave to sin. That’s all you did.

      You didn’t inspire any one to live out of a more godly higher self because without Jesus you can’t.

      The online encyclopedia, wikipedia, explains:

      Experience is the knowledge or mastery of an event or subject gained through involvement in or exposure to it.[1] Terms in philosophy such as “empirical knowledge” or “a posteriori knowledge” are used to refer to knowledge based on experience. A person with considerable experience in a specific field can gain a reputation as an expert. The concept of experience generally refers to know-how or procedural knowledge, rather than propositional knowledge: on-the-job training rather than book-learning.

      Now you are insane and under Satn’s power of sin and some of these Christians want me to go light on Satan and sin though if I do that he gets to keep you.

      You already go light on Satan by denying his existence in your mind and with your life and never standing up against him at all.

      So you should flee now if you want to let Satan keep his hold on you or sit down and shut up and read the verses the Pastor is putting up and give God and a godly man like the Pastor a little respect for once in your crazy, sin filled unholy life.

      God is watching you advocate for the devil. This world is His courtroom and He is recording all your words and deeds and your heart is so hardened you are out of your mind.

      You are thinking like a spirit killing serial killer and don’t know it.

      Stop letting Satan kill God’s spirit in your thoughtlife.

      Surrender all to Jesus and Satan will have to flee you.

      Really you thought drugs were better than Jesus? Drugs have side effects.

      The only side effect of Jesus is he will make a better person out of you.

      Just remember. Some people have more sins or harder to eradicate sins than others so stick to Jesus for the long haul and repent regularly. If you repent God will make a clean heart in you. But wouldn’t it be better if you would let the Fruit of the Spirit manifest so you could have some self control. Self control is freedom from sinful inspired insanity. People exhibit demons when sin reaches epic proportions in their lives.

      Sit down, shut up and start reading those verses from the right perspective. Satan is lying to you trying to give you a false opinion of God and you are letting him.

      How can an unholy weakling like you be God’s judge?

      Jesus will make a real man out of you or real woman if the pastor is right that you are a woman.

      I think you’re a man but the Pastor might have info on you that I don’t.

      • Lauryn

        I’m sure your response, Susan Jane Elohim, will end up being a fruit producing seed for Pud. There is little doubt that based on your reply, Pud will realize the error of his ways and seek YHWH with all his heart, mind, and soul. Your tone, attitude, and mood that screamed from every word you typed was so full of love, humility, encouragement, discipleship, mercy, faith, belief, kindness, and gentleness that I am sure your words made a significant impact and difference in Pud’s life…

        Susan! I’m using sarcasm as a device in hoping you will follow the numerous, long, wordy paragraphs typed with your own hands on this very blog thread which contain your advice to other people- what they need to think/not think, what they need to do/not do, how they should act/shouldn’t act, what they should/shouldn’t say and its complete with specific character trait checklists backed by YHWH’s Word. You wrote about strength. Faith. Mercy. Belief. Kindness. Love. Encouragement. Humility. Discipleship. Devotion. Studier of His Word. Self Control. Knowledge. Respect. Inspiration. Grace. Favour. Seeking. Experience. Service. THE FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT… SUSAN! TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE. LIVE BY EXAMPLE.

        If I didnt have love for you, I wouldn’t bother with my time to point this out. I do not know you personally. I can only go by the witness you have provided via your submitted word in a public forum. You go on and on and on about everyone else and where they lack and why they are wrong and how they fail. You elevate yourself. You speak with condescension and haughtiness. You assert yourself as being more obedient, being unbelievably effective in serving YHWH’s reputation which is manifested directly by our own words and actions for the whole world to witness. You made shaky accusations against them, specific accusations involving satan. You questioned their faith. You denigrated them. You berated them. You tale-beared against them. Sister, you made a big point to tout humility and how no one but you is in possession of it… right smack dab in the middle of a sea of sentences founded on, and absolutely reeking of, your own glaring pride. Are you so blinded to not see the glaring hypocrisy in your own words? You shredded someone for being an accuser instead of an encouragement. Yet every single comment you have typed IS AN ACCUSATION AGAINST OTHERS. They certainly contain no encouragements or inspiring, touching thoughts. Where is the focus on yourself? Do you examine your thoughts? Your words? Your actions? Your heart? Or are you afraid of what you might find lurking there and what might happen as a result? You are so busy focusing on everyone else that you dont realize in what ways you may fall short, how you miss the mark just as the rest of us do, and that you lack did not manifest any fruit of His Spirit to the world in these comments. Discord has been sown. Feet have been quick to run to trouble. Division and angst makeup the atmosphere instead of peace, yet you wish peace to the very people whom you raked over the coals! If humility is absolutely key in being able to serve YHWH, but you exude ZERO HUMILITY, have you asked yourself how it is you are serving YHWH? You are no different than any other human. Neither am I. YHWH holds you to the same standards as the rest of us. You are, as am I and every other person, answerable to Him. We will have to account for every word we utter(ed). In His presence. Before His throne. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE?! We will be required to explain ourselves. And there is NO EXCUSE. Do you truly, deep down believe that all you wrote in these comments is serving YHWH and making a positive impact for His Kingdom?

        You imply that you are better than your fellow commenters – That you have His favour and they do not. You explicitly accuse everyone else of being insane / not possessing sanity / being unable to compose a rationale perspective or opinion. Are you their Psychiatrist? What makes another human’s perspective insane to you? Are you sure you understand what that term even means? Susan, please turn off your computer. Set aside any phones or tablets. Please, I beg you to consider all I have said. Spend many hours in prayer seeking confirmation from YHWH. If you cannot see yourself (it’s a difficult and intimidating task for many. Request Our Father to restore your sight, to reopen your eyes, to put a check in your heart that will smack you right in the brain so hard with the truth that it
        brings you to your knees, prostrate before Him. He is faithful. I have lost count of how many times I have been guilty of all these things. And I will be again, though I grow stronger and develop greater spiritual maturity with each passing day. Be patient. You know He doesnt always provide an immediate answer. I am well-meaning in all I say to you. I pray you feel that. You have the capability to be used by YHWH in unheard of manners, in amazing ways. As of now, you may be bringing harm to YHWH’s name. We are all guilty of it. But it’s not permanent! Some very serious self-inventory, self-insight, self-honesty, self-evaluation, scrutiny, reflection, soul searching, prayer, and brutal acceptance of reality is necessary if we are to come close to changing even 10% of our dark hearts. And it must occur every hour of every day. Not just one time with a return to pointing our fingers at everyone but ourselves as accuser, judge, and jury. It’s a lifelong process. We must realize we are no better than Pub. Or any other person on the planet, currently as well as past or future. We are nothing without YHWH.We all miss the mark. None of us are sinless though we should strive to intentionally and deliberately remove sin from all aspects of our lives through focused, committed obedience to His Word. None of us is blessed with complete understanding or all wisdom. Not a single human possesses all knowledge. We slip. We fail. We foul up. We are rude. We are mean. We feed our egos. We are selfish. We are condescending. We are haughty. Truly, we are perverse reprobates. We are disobedient. We are ungrateful. I am the worst of offenders. I disgust myself. But that is exactly why I need Him. That is why I seek Him and fall to my knees crying out for His Hand, for Him to take me under His feathered wing of protection, to guide me, to direct me, to reveal insight to me via His Word, to mold me, to never extinguish this burning fire in my heart to seek him with every fiber of my mind, heart, soul, and body. If we were all capable of walking as Yeshua walked, YHWH would serve no purpose. He would be discontinued because he wouldnt be needed.

        Your words, thoughts, attitude, and opinions as expressed from your own mind and typed by your own hand completely and totally betray you! Everything you typed is the absolute opposite of every good character trait you listed. Your words do not shine brightly with love, humility, encouragement, mercy, kindness, or grace. Forgive me if I’m wrong and I missed it, but I read not one sentence you composed in a reply to others on this thread (with the exception of the blog author whom you gushed over) that radiated even the tiniest drop of gentility, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, FOREBEARANCE, or SELF-CONTROL. You gave not a millimeter of leniency or patient tolerance to any other person (all of whom were crafted and created directly by YHWH, same as you) on this blog.

        You even insisted that Pub leave the thread and stop arguing with Christian’s. You told him to sit down and shut up. You plainly stated that satan tempted him to come here and argue with Christian’s. Did you ever stop to think that Pub’s being here, along with his sentiments, is because of YHWH? Did it occur to you at all that this is all part of YAH’S plan for Pub? That YAH is watering a seed in order to draw Pub near to Himself? And even if satan’s head has popped in there somewhere, ultimately, YHWH uses satan as His agent to accomplish his purposes and will. The “devil” is only allowed to (fill in the blank) if YHWH grants him permission. YAH must provide permission for every action of satan otherwise satan couldnt so much as blow fishy kisses at demons in passing! Throughout scripture, we see time and again stories of YHWH using satan as His agent because it’s part of His ultimate plan in putting His Will into action so it may be completely fulfilled. So why do you believe you should step in and tell Pub how awful he is and that he needs to sit down and shut up. What if you are directly fouling up and interfering in the motions that YAH’S hand directly put into motion? It’s a question every believer needs to ask themselves and then provide an honest answer. Their blood is on our hands if we are a hindrance, if we manifest as a stumbling block. You shouted at others that YHWH was watching them, scrutinizing every tiny thing in regards to them, keeping record of it all. That also applies to you. In addition, I read you were going to find more teachable spirits to speak with. Teachers are held to a much higher standard than anyone else. They are more strictly judged. James 3:1; Luke 12:48b; I Corinth 3:12. Your opening line to him almost sounds like a threat. You were brutally unwelcoming.

        • Susan Jane Elohim

          Sorry but I am on my way offline.

          You lost me at the beginning of the first paragraph and I don’t know your background anyway. Are you believer, unbeliever, agnostic?

          But no matter. The Holy Spirit is my tutor and I am at a crossroads and time to move on.

          Everyone can take or leave everything I said. I hogged the blog comments section for God.

          Atheists have tried to take this blog over like they had a right to own it so I set them straight for God.

          Too bad. So sad so few people will really give God the time of day.

          Some of these people even had the temerity to ex-communicate God.

          Have a blessed day. If you’re a Christian maybe you can take over setting all these
          people straight.

          Someone has to be a real evangelical in this mixed up religious mess they call Patheos.

          God Bless!

  • Monty

    I am convinced that the greatest weakness of the modern church, at least in the west, is disunity. Disunity is a work of the flesh and rooted in spiritual pride. The love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, so we have the ability to love the brethren. Unity does not mean that we have to agree to every doctrinal difference. We will find out who is right about the rapture when it happens! But we should be ashamed of ourselves if we let doctrine divide us.

    • Jack Wellman

      Well said Monty. If believers are persecuting one another over doctrine, isn’t that like persecuting Christ? God is certianly grieved over this though, so you are right. Jesus summed it up (John 13:34-35).

      • Monty

        There is much talk of revival in Australia. People are quoting 2 Chronicles 7:14. The problem I see is that few realise what the “wicked ways” are that we need to repent of. Disunity, I believe, is foremost. And yes, if we fail to love the brethren we fail to love Christ. And we have yet to show that we have passed from death to life. Some of the critical vitriol from so-called Christians appals me. I don’t agree with a lot of stuff, including the “prosperity” teaching. So what? Some of those accused are fine Christian people who have helped others enormously. If I reject everyone on the basis of doctrinal agreement or not, I’ll have to look in the mirror to find a brother.

    • Susan Jane Elohim

      That’s why I am a universal reconcilationist. Those are the people that know both God and Satan use division but worlwide spiritual unity in Christ prevails in the end.

      Nothing is impossible with God and the divine word calls Jesus, Savior of All Men.

      People get petty and want to think they possess all knowledge and can make judgments early but God is in control.

      So don’t let the weak interpretations of men control your thought processes.

      If God says He intends to save this world then He will do it no matter what small minded men may have been mistrained to think and say.

      God wouldn’t even let Cain be killed. He put a mark on him to save him and give him time to repent and assume a whole new nature early but Cain never repented did he?

      God has a plan of the ages that He is executing. Most people miss the Doctrine of the Ages though it is in plain sight in the Bible.

      Google the “Doctrine of the Ages” over on the Associates for Scriptural Knowledge site (ASK) and read Dr. Ernest L. Martin’s short essay explaining it.

      Have a blessed day!

      • Monty

        Thanks for the reference. I agree that the usual concept of hellfire is unbiblical. However, all are born spiritually dead in trespass and sin. No one qualifies for heaven unless they are born again. I don’t see any way of people getting a second chance after physical death. It is appointed to man to die, then comes the judgement. There is a second death; I don’t want to be in that! I think what is called hell by most Christians is eternal separation from God. Unbelievers will have an eternity to regret their terrible decision to reject Christ. I don’t believe that the torment is some kind of external affliction. On the other hand, God is not willing that any should perish. If that is taken at face value, why bother preaching the gospel? I’m glad someone did to me, because otherwise I would have died nearly 50 years ago. I would well and truly know the truth about salvation!

        • Susan Jane Elohim

          Yes, it is absolutely important to be born again and it will affect destinies. But there is a longer range plan I believe then just dying and going straight to heaven. We go to sleep in the grave awaiting resurrection. I don’t believe in a rapture. It is not a biblical concept. It came from a Catholic Jesuit who are the pope’s soldiers and swear allegiance to the pope. This Jesuit put out the idea of the Rapture to counter the protest made by the Protestant Reformation. Today many Christians think John Nelson Darby articulated this doctrine but he merely popularized it. It is unbiblical and came out of the Catholic Church’s desire to quench the Reformation. Research into that.

          Not that all the Protestant Churches are straight today they aren’t. So learn all the biblical doctrine you can. Though you do have to use your own mind to personally sort out doctrine and be familiar with the Bible to do that.

          To me what’s key is if what they are saying agrees with the nature of God. If it does not agree then there could be something unbiblical there.

          The pope’s office for instance and his claimed infallibility is obviously wrong. No person except Jesus was ever infallible and the headship line does not include the pope so the Jesuits are swearing allegiance to a false spiritual authority.

          God makes disciples. They are not elected by other people like the pope is. Some of the popes like the Borgia pope even bought their office.

          The universal reconciliation explanation is a longer one than the current mainstream religious one is but the relationship with Jesus is all important and Jesus does bring spiritual birth to his followers. That IS critical. Or Jesus would not have said you MUST be born again.

          • Monty

            Being born again is the prerequisite for even seeing the Kingdom of God. I am inclined to focus on what I am sure about and leave the rest alone. So much will become clear when it happens. The tragedy is not so much that Darby was wrong (or not) but the infighting that occurred when he began to preach it. The Wesley brothers fell out over the concept of holiness perfection. I know a preacher who was threatened with the sack because he preached the salvation of the soul as a second and ongoing experience. Yet he got his teaching from the Bible. I happen to agree with him. If someone disagrees, that’s ok with me. There are core beliefs that are beyond dispute. There are heresies that must be exposed. But we need to maintain unity wherever possible, in spite of doctrinal differences.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            What is this secondary experience?

          • Monty

            The salvation of the spirit is instant, the moment we are born again. The salvation of the body is also instant, when the Lord Jesus returns or whenever the mortal body is replaced by the immortal body. The salvation of the soul is progressive. It is the “goal of our faith” (1 Peter 1:9). The soul’s functions are impeded by wrong beliefs, hence the need for a renewed mind. The soul includes the will, which needs to come into complete harmony with God’s will. That can take a long time for the stubborn and rebellious. Emotional attachments can be devastating. Many Christians cling to wrong relationships, wrong attitudes, bitterness and resentments that choke their spiritual life. Watchman Nee has some excellent teaching on this much neglected subject.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            I’ve never heard that phrase before. It sounds like a synonym for the doctrine of sanctification though.

            An explanation of sanctification:

            And another one:

            Wiki says:
            Sanctification is the act or process of acquiring sanctity, of being made or becoming holy.

            Wiki also says:

            In rabbinic Judaism sanctification means sanctifying God’s name by works of mercy and martyrdom, while desecration of God’s name means committing sin.[1] This is based on the Jewish concept of God, who’s holiness is pure goodness and is transmissible by sanctifying people and things.[2]


            In the various branches of Christianity sanctification usually refers to a person becoming holy, with the details differing in different branches. [3]


            A sanctified believer has assurance that he or she is Christ’s. The call to sanctification reminds the Christian that he or she cannot presume upon justification. Professing believers are to “pursue” sanctification ( Heb 12:14 ). Apart from God’s sanctifying work in human beings, “no one will see the Lord” ( Heb 12:14 ). God will judge any person claiming identification with Christ while not actively engaged in pursuing sanctification ( Matt 7:21-23 ). John bases assurance on a faith that perseveres in sanctification ( 1 John 2:3-6 ; 5:2-4 ). Though sanctification is never complete in this life ( 1 John 1:8-10 ), it is not an optional extra tacked on to justification.

            quote from
            What is sanctification

            We Fall Down

            Be Blessed

            Praise Is What I Do

          • Monty

            The salvation of the soul is more than external holiness and not exactly the same as sanctification. I can’t do justice to the teaching on a blog. Watchman Nee’s book, titled (funnily enough) “The Salvation of the Soul” covers the subject very well. It’s readily available still.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            I’ve read a little of the Watchman’s work a while back but not that particular work.

            Christianity is on the rise in China with house churches. 100 million believers in China now last I heard.

          • Monty

            Watchman Nee set the foundations for the church in China. He avoided sectarianism and promoted small assemblies (no more than 30) that could avoid scrutiny by the communist regime. Persecution is on the rise again, partly because the church has become much more out in the open. Many are going underground again. Nee’s “The Normal Christian Church” should be mandatory reading for anyone seeking to build the church (as opposed to their own little empire).

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            That might be a good book to read. They have a house church movement going on in the West. I believe house churches were the original New Testament churches and hospitality was encouraged in them as well. But after ten Roman persecutions the church moved away from that model and was forced to go underground until the Roman Empire made Christianity the state religion and “organized” religion started up.

            Of course, some people like Dr. Ernest L. Martin believe Babylonian High Priest and sorcerer Simon Magus got into the Roman church and mixed Babylonianism with Christianity.

            The Pagan Origins of the Catholic Church

            Then the Catholic Church had a lot of corrupt worldly popes and tried to keep the Bible in Latin only so they could run everything Levitical style as if Christianity were in Old Testament times instead of under a New Covenant. Catholic priests dress like Levite priests. Why are they wearing hats?

            1 Cor. 11:17
            English Standard Version
            For a man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God, but woman is the glory of man.

            They even persecuted and killed believers who dared to translate the Bible into the vernacular languages like English.

            When you invest authority in one man i.e. the pope and call him infallible then he gets to set doctrine and everyone has to follow it even if it contradicts God’s truth as shown in the Bible.

            Why should a pope get to control and oversee the whole church when Jesus is the head and gave the making of disciples to his disciples? Not to Peter alone. The popes try to claim papal authority is based on coming from Peter as if he founded the Roman church but Christ never gave exclusive authority to Peter to disciple the nations. He made multiple disciples and told them to go and disciple the nations until he returns.

          • Monty

            That theory goes back a fair way – “The Two Babylons” by Hislop (I think). It makes for fascinating (but difficult) reading. Roman Catholicism is far removed from real Christianity yet I’ve met Catholics who would put a lot of evangelicals to shame. It’s not about right doctrine, it’s about the right life. Lord Jesus is (or should be) the Life of the Christian, yet very few Christians experience the reality of the Life Jesus came to give us. When it finally dawns on the Church, watch out! There will be a transformation that will stun the doubters, the critics and the haters. We might even get pud saved. I hope to live long enough to see that day.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Well you are definitely right that their are Catholics who have their hearts right with God.

            But God saves each in his own order the scriptures say.

            A right understanding and communication of the scriptures could affect people’s ability to get their hearts right with God.

            If you’re too lazy to inspect the scriptures you could be deceived but still love God enough to be inspired to follow him closely.

            Have you ever noticed how many people reject Jesus on the grounds of fault finding with Christians. Gandhi did it. He said I like your Christ but not your Christians.
            Well most perceptive people know you don’t judge whether or not to follow Christ based on the people. You judge based on Jesus.

            So Gandhi and a lot of people use Christian lives as excuses for their disobedience. There are plenty of true disciples around in every generation. A Christian knows that. The world talks about them too so these refusing to believe cherrypicked and chose to focus on the hypocrites, the immature and the false Christians rather than locating the successful disciples and learning from them.

            People have underlying sin natures they are escaping but the escape entails a gradual maturation.

            So who are these people to fault find with Christians and deny God deliberately ignoring all the great disciples Christ produced.

            Their hearts are not right with God and they refuse to acknowledge that and repent and some of them have a fear of the status quo changing but people and this world need to change and progress.

            So don’t let the bad apples fool you. There are good apples, too.

            Separate yourself to maintain spiritual holiness and fellowship with the good apples.

            Deliver the message to the bad apples but don’t stick around if they refuse to show God or you respect. As per Acts 19 and the Book of Titus.

            Christ says to keep your garments clean.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            I think doctrine might be similar to DNA. It’s a scriptural code from God that has to be put together accurately to understand God’s nature, makes you love and respect Him, then repent then actually try to be Christlike.

            In the course of the whole spiritual birth and development process Satan shows up to try and reverse it through worldly influence and the old human weak flesh nature.

            A lot of sin is inherited. Pedophelia, alcoholism, the tendency to get addicted to things especially pleasurable ones are all inherited traits of human beings.

            But isn’t God training His children to put mind over matter?

            It says for us to put no confidence in the flesh. That is learning to put your spiritual mind over matter. Unfortunately the world is highly devious right now in our current generation. Maybe more devious than any other generation. Science can’t answer all questions but plenty of disobedient people like to pretend that it does.

            Christ died to bring people spiritual birth and billions of people have been conned by Satan, this world and unconverted people who don’t even understand God’s perspective into leaving it on the table. As if spirit and eternal life and a godly role model like Jesus weren’t better than anything this world has to offer.

          • Monty

            I see things a little differently. God puts us into Christ, which is one of the baptisms. Christ comes to dwell in us, according to our will as we receive Him. He then lives in us. Should we choose correctly, Lord Jesus will live out His life in and through us. We do not have to “try’. We need to trust. There is an inherent flaw in the human character. We have to do things ourselves. That even extends to the impossible, which is being Christlike. I’ve given up on myself, after way too many years of fruitless struggle (Romans 7). I see now that I just bear fruit, I do not have to produce it. That’s the Vine’s job! The salvation of the soul is the process of clearing away the obstacles to the “river of Life” that should be flowing through us. The renewing of the mind simply retrains the mind to quit arguing with God’s ways and God’s word. For example, for a time I feared God’s will. Now I know that God loves me and wants the best for me. I fear NOT getting God’s will! My years of striving are over. I’m busy, even though I’m retired. But it is in God’s strength, not my own.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Good analysis. The older I get the more I feel that abiding is just staying in the flow. There is somewhat of a responsibility on believers to explain this to unbelievers but we’re still actively living it out ourselves and learning as we go. I suffer from perfectionist tendencies as I think a lot of people do. But I finally figured out with as high and trusting and opinion as I have of the Lord that the connection was unseverable and he would never drop me though as a responsive Christian one can always improve one’s ways. But no one can pluck us out of his hand cf. John 10:28.

          • Monty

            As the most influential Christian in my life (now passed away) used to say, “Stay where God has put you!”

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Sorry to hear of your loss and no offense to your friend but I have found that determining where God has put you is difficult sometimes. Especially since we are so prone to live out of our former selves but pray on it and put yourself in God’s hands and He will put His Spirit in you or increase your faith and make a way for you wherever you are at.

            Google and read Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray about it.

            I used to think I had to travel to be a missionary but now I know you can allow the missionary spirit to express itself where ever you’re at plus more and more Christians are using media and the internet in clever ways to get out God’s Word and to use their God given talents.

            You are in Australia aren’t you? Isn’t there a big need for missions in Australia?

          • Monty

            You misunderstood me. I meant stay in Christ, which is where God puts us. As for our daily walk and our place in the body, for now I know where that is. I’ve started a bible school, nothing fancy, just to build some foundations for Christians who want more of Christ in their experience. You are right about missions in Australia. It troubles me that so many “successful” Australian Christians head overseas, especially the USA. We have plenty to do right here. If you are interested, google Christian Life Bible School Frankston. We value the prayers of the saints, wherever they are!

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            That is wonderful that you started a school. I had thought of missionary work in Australia because I speak the language and feel that I would be more effective where I speak English. I don’t have the gift of mastering foreign languages. I was surprised to read that it seemed there were not many believers in Australia.

            Your school looks like it is in a beautiful setting with mountains surrounding it and, of course, it is serving a beautiful purpose.

            But my missionary activities may be curtailed due to health issues so I may have to stay close to my doctors right where I am for a while.

            But I am considering going to school for faith healing in the near future. Who knows then maybe I will start making short faith healing trips or set up a place where people come to see me. It is in the mental planning stage right now. Nothing decided yet. But all praise and glory to God for sending me into complete remission from cancer recently. I am 58 and been with the Lord the whole 58 years and even in the womb I believe. But that’s a long story. God does know people from the foundation of the world though. I started getting extremely active in the Gospel about 16 years ago shortly after reading the whole Bible. I have a very checkered religious history but I am much stronger in the Lord now.
            Part of the problem for me being slow to act is I think I attended too many overly orthodox churches which like to limit women to the nurseries and kitchen but I always had the teaching inclination so I tried for a long time to re-educate atheists on the Bible in some of the most hostile online neighborhoods. I was drawn into it because I was looking for a cure to their spiritual blindness but now I think the simple unvarnished truth is best. People suffer from heart issues and must examine themselves and repent. In the OT they could call people to repentance. People did not question that they were sinners. But a lot of people these days pridefully think they are smarter than God and refuse to simply obey Him and many Christians bend over backwards molly coddling these disobedient ones instead of simply modeling the obedience themselves and teaching people the importance of it.

            Christ said obedience is better than sacrifice. Perhaps, when we’re obedient so many sacrifices don’t have to be made.

            It’s hard to train up disobeient children to godliness. I did some substitute teaching once in the third grade of a not so good public school. The class was loaded with disobedient third graders. One kid punched another. One girl turned her desk over on me and another little girl did something bad. I forget what. They think they will act up and test the substitute teacher. But I handled it. I sent a note home to one of the little girl’s parents with directions for that note to come back signed from the parents so they could discipline her and know what she was getting up to. Then I left a note to the teacher to expect that note returned.

            Now if children can be that disobedient what kind of training did they receive and what kind of adults will they grow up to be?

            People don’t like to be corrected but nipping the disobedience in the bud early is the best course of action.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            You have the spiritual gift of exhortation, Monty.

            Here’s a description of it from

            What is the definition of exhortation?

            Answer: Exhortation is defined as “an urging done by someone close beside.” Paul instructs Timothy, saying, “Until I come, give attention to the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation and teaching” (1 Timothy 4:13). The word most often translated “exhort” or “exhortation” comes from the Greek word paraklésis, which means “to call to one’s side; to summon, encourage, admonish, entreat.” To exhort is to develop relationships with other believers for the purpose of encouraging them in their spiritual growth. Part of Timothy’s job as a young pastor was to encourage and admonish those within his flock. God holds pastors responsible for the spiritual well-being of those in their care (Hebrews 13:17), and exhortation is part of keeping them spiritually healthy.

            Exhortation is also one of the spiritual gifts listed in Romans 12:6–8. “Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to exercise them accordingly: . . . he who exhorts, in his exhortation” (NASB). The Holy Spirit gifts believers with different supernatural abilities to serve Christ and one another. The gift of exhortation is a person’s unique ability to encourage and edify others. This person delights in finding Scriptures that apply to a situation and teaching others how to apply them. People with this gift are often involved in teaching, counseling, and discipleship training ministries within the church. Exhorters are among the first to find believers who are floundering in their faith. They come alongside the weaker ones to encourage, confront, if necessary, and model victorious living.

            People with the gift of exhortation do not merely proclaim truth, as prophets often do. They develop relationships, often taking time to do those little extras that make the difference when someone is struggling. Rather than say, “You should begin reading the Psalms every day,” an exhorter might say, “Let’s start a Bible study together on Psalms. How about coffee Tuesday morning?” We are instructed to earnestly desire spiritual gifts, which implies that, as we are faithful with the ones we have been given, God will entrust us with more (1 Corinthians 12:31; 14:1). Regardless of our primary gifts, all Christians should desire to become better at exhortation to build up those who are weaker, encourage those who lead, and strengthen the Body of Christ (1 Thessalonians 5:14; 2 Corinthians 1:4).

            Recommended Resource: Tame Your Fears: And Transform Them Into Faith, Confidence, and Action by Carol Kent


            More insights from your Bible study – Get Started with Logos Bible Software for Free!

            Were you raised Christian? What prompted you to seek out the Lord?

          • Monty

            I was not raised a Christian, dad was an aggressive atheist. I went to sunday school (aka give parents a break) until I was 8 and then decided to quit. I believed it all but it meant nothing to me. I got saved because I reached my life goal at the age of 20. My reaction was, “Is this it? There must be more to life than this.” I went into free fall. I was already a heavy drinker, like my dad. I became depressed and suicidal. God knows how to arrange things. My boss at the time was a Christian who was a keen evangelist. He witnessed to me. I was convicted of my sin and I realised that I was not going to make it into heaven. My boss explained the way of salvation very clearly (using the “Romans Road method). I accepted Christ shortly before my 21st Birthday. I believe that saved my life. I had a chronic liver condition and I came close to dying from alcohol poisoning twice in two weeks. Jesus set me free from the bondage to alcohol. Shortly after, I was prayed for and my liver was healed instantly.

            Exhorter? Maybe. As you say, we should all be exhorting one another. My primary gift is teaching. (confirmed by a leader with YWAM some years ago).

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Well pray for all the spiritual gifts and desire the higher gifts as Paul said. I took a spiritual gifts test once from a founder of Liberty University I think and came out highest with exhortation then prophecy and teaching but I later realized the test didn’t ask enough questions to reveal everything. I always had a really big gift of helps underlying that. I think all Christians can acquire all the gifts but we probably don’t have enough time in this lifetime to fully develop all the gifts and talents so make the most of what you can.

            This is an interesting article that explains that God will still be giving us even more training after this life.

            Your Resurrection by David Sielaff

            “You are the object of creation.”

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Thanks for your testimony, Monty!

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            I am dedicated this song to you and Jesus to honor of your brilliant, beaming testimony about Him, Monty.

            Many thanks for your humble honesty and sharing. God bless!

            I Just Need U, Toby Mac

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            A lot of people don’t get how involved God still is with this world. If you get the chance read this short essay since it concerns Australia as well as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. and some other places as well.

            The United States in Biblical Prophecy, Steven M. Collins

          • Monty

            Verrry interesting. I studied a little about the “British Israel” theory some years ago. It was readily accepted by the British at one time (eg, the old hymn “And did those feet, in ancient times…” Mr Collins takes it a step further and it seems plausible. I was born in England and I could weep for the nation. The leaders have rejected God in favour of Allah, and are paying a huge price. My parents did me a great favour by bringing me to the other side of the world. Not that Australia is anything special spiritually. However, we do not have the spiritual heritage of the UK or the USA. To whom much is given, much is required. The answer does not lie in mega-churches. We need to get back to the simple gospel of the Kingdom of God. It will happen. I don’t know how much tribulation it will take to shake the Church back to life. I don’t know if I will be here to see it (I’m 68).

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Well I know Collins a bit personally and he seems to be an awesome student of the Bible.

            Orthodox Christianity likes to denounce the Brit-Israel ideas but then they never spent any great time studying them against history and the Bible. They assume. But the two biggest missionary producing nations of the last few centuries have been the UK and the U.S. The UK led out but now seems to be slowing down but the US is still going strong and perhaps, Canada and Australia are picking up. The Bible refers to the UK as the drunks of Ephraim and doesn’t the UK have a big pub drinking history and culture. It does. It’s possible a number of Germans are the descendants of the Tribe of Gad. Gad was a mighty warrior and those of his tribe were mighty warriors. The Germans used to farm out the Hessians as mercenaries, fought and were feared by the Roman Empire and of course put up an incredible fight trying to dominate the whole world under that devil Hitler who deceived them but got squeezed between the Christian West and the atheist Soviet Union.

            Try to eat organic to stay healthy and stay active doing things you like. If you like what you are doing then you’ll be more consistent and consistency produces results. I know a couple of people who love this pedometer thing that clocks how many miles they walk. It seems boringly over routine to me but they like it. I think it’s better to do what you like it produces more satisfaction and fun than a routine obsrvance of a gadget but to each his own. Whatever works works.

            I know of an incredible video about the Tribes and their personalities and how it relates to human anatomy by Fran Fisher.

            Let me know if you want to see it and I will dig up the link.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            This is one of the greatest spiritual teachers on the internet, Dr. Stephen E. Jones. He established this site for serious students of the Bible like you and Pastor Wellman and other serious students of Jesus.

            Here is the web page to his books on God’s Kingdom Ministries dot net:

            Personally, I think that his book Creation’s Jubilee may be the most important work ever written after the Bible but Jones is modest and gives the glory to God for it by acknowledging that it is a derivative work based on the Bible and history which God controls.

            So Jones is like Watchman Nee. He was born into a missionary family and most likely raised right right from the cradle so his interpretations of the Bible are quite extraordinarily insightful. He has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the Bible and seems to have read and researched tremendously on it.


          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Look at Martin’s article. Hislop may be taking things back too far. I suspect he rightly recognizes the Babylonian influence but read Martin for the more scriptural explanation.

            Martin shows Simon Magus entered the Roman Church to influence it early on.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Here’s some interesting info. I just googled it.

            Christianity By Country

          • Susan Jane Elohim
          • Susan Jane Elohim
      • Monty

        I’m not seeing your reference to “He’s got the whole world in his hands” reply. Disqus is not displaying properly for some reason. I dislike that song – it grates on me. I never knew why until quite recently. There is only an assumption of who “he” is. My bible says that the world is under the control of the evil one. As, to universal reconciliation, I would love to believe it is true. There are two issues that I can’t get around. One is the need to be born again. I can’t see anywhere in the word that offers hope for that after the end of this life. And if universal reconciliation is true, why bother preaching the gospel? Why does the Holy Spirit convict of sin? I came across the concept several years ago. I’m still not convinced.

        • Susan Jane Elohim

          I don’t think anyone can get born again after this lifetime. God is electing and raising His spiritual family now to help administer His future kingdom to come. Who are we going to administer over for God in His New Kingdom if not the rest of the world?

          We’re out looking for God’s sheep right now at this time to prevent this world from turning them into wolves in sheep’s clothing, am I right?

          God’s Kingdom will be established on Earth for a thousand years. Read the end chapters of Revelation. The New Jerusalem descends from heaven to earth like a bride.

          God could be allowing us to figure things out for ourselves to a certain degree. We have been troubled by false teaching since the time of the Apostle John and Jesus corrected Pharisees, Sadducees and Essenes before that.

          A fear doctrine might keep the little lambs from wandering too far from the good shepherd in their thoughtlives and getting into danger in this world but the Bible also says perfect loves casts out fear. That is the mature thing to do that I think the more spiritually mature people do. Toss out the fear and trust God is in control of everything even when this world seems out of control. He can bring good out of evil any time He wants to but we can’t. We have to study Jesus, his work the Bible and learn from the best how to practice and apply God’s wisdom while in this world.

          Disciples set the example for God by following Jesus like all good disciples do for a great Master.

          We’re the sons (and daughters) of God in training during this lifetime. So we have a lot of tests to pass don’t we? When doesn’t the devil come against us in some almost unrecognizable form?

          I hope this helps. Jones has a wonderful work called Sons of God for you to read.

        • Susan Jane Elohim

          I have my own dedicated spammer. He likes to interfere with people’s sharing of God’s more enlightened thinking by deleting my posts in feeble attempts to discourage or control me. Here is the post again:

          Regarding universal reconciliation consider this childlike song.

          We used to sing it on the bus of the Christian day camp my mother sent me to in the summer as a child long before her great and public conversion.
          Doesn’t that song show childlike faith and isn’t childlike faith the best kind of faith to have. If a child can figure out that God holds the whole world in His hand and won’t drop anybody how come some old fogey evangelical theologians can’t. Did they get indoctrinated, buy the fear demon doctrine and now refuse the true revelation that Jesus is the Savior of All Men.
          A favorite quote of mine:
          I may remark, in passing, that GOD is the Savior of no more than he saves or will save. If ten men are in danger of upsetting a boat, and I go out to save them, you could not call me the savior of ten, unless I saved them. If you saw me launch out for their relief, and knew perfectly well that I would save them, you could with propriety call me the savior of the ten, even before the work was actually done. But if it should turn out, in the end, that I should save but five, then it would prove, that you were mistaken in saying that I was the savior of the ten. So here, God is not the Savior of a soul more than he actually saves. True, that work is not yet accomplished. But the apostle knew that he had engaged in the work, and that he could not fail of success, and therefore he called him the Savior of all men. But should it turn out, in the end, that God should save but a part, then would it be proved that the apostle was wrong, when he called him the “Savior of all men.”
          I know it is said, that God OFFERS salvation to all, but it should be remembered that an OFFER of salvation is one thing, and SALVATION ITSELF is another. If I offer to save a man who is drowning, THAT does not save him, neither does it make me his savior from death. God may offer salvation to man, but that does not save him, neither does it make God his Savior. He is the Savior only of as many as he saves. Should any man dispute this, I ask him to go forward to the future world, and as he looks down into that dismal hell, in which he believes, and beholds the multitude of its hopeless inhabitants, let him tell me, if he will, in what sense God is their Savior? It matters not what may have been OFFERED them, what have they RECEIVED? is the question on which your answer must depend. I care not what MEANS may have been put in operation for their salvation. If these means were not EFFECTUAL, and they are not saved, then God is not their SAVIOR, and the apostle labored and suffered reproach for a trust, that was vain and futile in the extreme.
          Quote from the Reverend I.D. Williamson’s The Nature of Salvation

    • Susan Jane Elohim

      The greatest weakness of any church at any time is weak faith. Disunity occurs when faith is weak. People in Christianity dispute over whether or not faith healing is possible or speaking in tongues but it does not say anywhere in the Bible that these ceased. But certain denominations teach cessationism creating division when the Bible says to be silent if you don’t know.

      So weak or wrong doctrine can be taught by the so-called experts. That’s why it behooves people to become the expert themselves.

      There are some strong cessationist teachings come from high up in evangelical circles. Even from the EFCA but why are they pushing a powerless doctrine?

      People are suppose to go into discipleship early. Not sit around becoming spiritually inactive. This is one of the reasons why the laborers in the field are few.

      Matthew Henry commented in part on Matthew chapter 9:

      Christ would not heal them publicly in the streets, for this was a cure he would have kept private (v. 30), but when he came into the house, they followed him thither, and came to him. Note, Christ’s doors are always open to believing and importunate petitioners; it seemed rude in them to rush into the house after him, when he desired to retire; but, such is the tenderness of our Lord Jesus, that they were not more bold than welcome.2. The confession of faith, which Christ drew from them upon this occasion. When they came to him for mercy, he asked them, Believe ye that I am able to do this? Note, Faith is the great condition of Christ’s favours. They who would receive the mercy of Christ, must firmly believe the power of Christ. What we would have him do for us, we must be fully assured that he is able to do. They followed Christ, and followed him crying, but the great question is, Do ye believe? Nature may work fervency, but it is only grace that can work faith; spiritual blessings are obtained only by faith. They had intimated their faith in the office of Christ as Son of David, and in his mercy; but Christ demands likewise a profession of faith in his power. Believe ye that I am able to do this; to bestow this favour; to give sight to the blind, as well as to cure the palsy and raise the dead? Note, It is good to be particular in the exercise of faith, to apply the general assurances of God’s power and good will, and the general promises, to our particular exigencies. All shall work for good, and if all, then this. “Believe ye that I am able, not only to prevail with God for it, as a prophet, but that I am able to do it by my own power?’’ This will amount to their belief of his being not only the Son of David, but the Son of God; for it is God’s prerogative to open the eyes of the blind (Ps. 146:8 ); he makes the seeing eye, Ex. 4:11 . Job was eyes to the blind (Job. 29:15 ); was to them instead of eyes, but he could not give eyes to the blind. Still it is put to us, Believe we that Christ is able to do for us, by the power of his merit and intercession in heaven, of his Spirit and grace in the heart, and of his providence and dominion in the world? To believe the power of Christ is not only to assure ourselves of it, but to commit ourselves to it, and encourage ourselves in it.To this question they give an immediate answer, without hesitation: they said, Yea, Lord. Though he had kept them in suspense awhile, and had not helped them at first, they honestly imputed that to his wisdom, not to his weakness, and were still confident of his ability. Note, The treasures of mercy that are laid up in the power of Christ, are laid out and wrought for those that trust in him, Ps. 31:19 .3. The cure that Christ wrought on them; he touched their eyes, v. 29. This he did to encourage their faith, which, by his delay, he had tried, and to show that he gives sight to blind souls by the operations of his grace accompanying the word, anointing the eyes with eye-salve: and he put the cure upon their faith, According to your faith be it unto you. When they begged for a cure, he enquired into their faith (v. 28), Believe ye that I am able? He did not enquire into their wealth, whether they were able to pay him for a cure; nor into their reputation, should he get credit by curing them; but into their faith; and now they had professed their faith he referred the matter to that: “I know you do believe, and the power you believe in shall be exerted for you; According to your faith be it unto you.’’ This speaks, (1.) His knowledge of the sincerity of their faith, and his acceptance and approbation of it. Note, It is a great comfort to true believers, that Jesus Christ knows their faith, and is well pleased with it. Though it be weak, though others do not discern it, though they themselves are ready to question it, it is known to him. (2.) His insisting upon their faith as necessary; “If you believe, take what you come for.’’ Note, They who apply themselves to Jesus Christ, shall be dealt with according to their faith; not according to their fancies, nor according to their profession, but according to their faith; that is, unbelievers cannot expect to find any favour with God, but true believers may be sure to find all that favour which is offered in the gospel; and our comforts ebb or flow, according as our faith is stronger or weaker; we are not straitened in Christ, let us not then be straitened in ourselves.

      There are people in the church who believe Jesus doesn’t do miracles any more and so they teach that instead of teaching that God has a will and can say yes or no to what people pray for or think they need.
      So people stop petitioning God after a while instead of realizing He has a will and can say yes or no or answer us at the time He sees fit which may be now or later.

      From the book of James:

      Do Not Boast of Tomorrow
      13Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business, and make a profit.” 14You do not even know what will happen tomorrow! What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

      15Instead, you ought to say, “If the Lord is willing, we will live and do this or that.” 16As it is, you boast in your proud intentions. All such boasting is evil. 17Therefore, whoever knows the right thing to do, yet fails to do it, is guilty of sin.

      That’s a God is in control passage. Is it obsolete? So why do the cessationists teach people not to ask for God’s help in critical areas like their health? Do they have weak faith? Do they suffer from spiritual blindspots?

      Jesus Heals the Blind and Mute
      (Isaiah 35:1-10; Mark 7:31-37)
      27As Jesus went on from there, two blind men followed Him, crying out, “Have mercy on us, Son of David!”

      28After Jesus had entered the house, the blind men came to Him. “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” He asked.

      “Yes, Lord,” they answered.

      29Then He touched their eyes and said, “According to your faith will it be done to you.” 30And their eyes were opened. Jesus warned them sternly, “See that no one finds out about this!” 31But they went out and spread the news about Him throughout the land.

      Jesus is still alive in heaven and his authority and power has not been diminished one bit. People have problems seeing and understanding that though.

      But we’re suppose to walk according to our own faith not sight and not according to someone else’s weak faith either.

      Faith is like eyesight. Some people have stronger faith just like some people have better eyesight.

      But we fall for every Tom, Dick and Harry’s “teaching” because he has a diploma on the wall from some school that claims to be evangelical.

    • Susan Jane Elohim

      I am taking off now, Monty. Send me a message if you want to talk. The internet is one of the worst places to discuss religion because too many people who have ex-communicated God refused to learn God’s way allow the devil to disrupt their thoughtlives so they are constantly launching protests they pretend are rational arguments while refusing to heed God.

      I am going back into the real world with everything God taught me online to look for the people with more teachable spirits.

      False ideas have even invaded some of the evangelicals. Hell doctrine? What’s that?

      With God all things are possible so if it is God’s intent to save the whole world then He will because nothing and nobody can stop Him.

      But if you ex-communicate God in your thoughtlife if the devil can convince you to do that then you will stay weak and ineffective and communicate that weakness to everyone else.

      Look at at David Platt publicly admonishing believers who daily engage Satan in personal battles in his book “Radical” when God said to be an encourager.

      Platt is now head of the EFCA and doesn’t believe in tongues or faith healing. Someone taught him to dismiss God’s power and exclusively focus on evangelism as if a disciple could not do all things through Christ who strengthens him. Cessationism denies that he who is in me is greater than he who is in the world and always focuses on the money and getting money for the Church as if money was able to save people.

      God saves people. Money is merely a tool some of God’s followers use and abuse so I am sick of reading weak minded evangelists’ doubts i.e. cessationism.

      With God all things are possible. Jesus said so and Jesus’ word is final.

      • Cessationists believe that revelational gifts of the Holy Spirit (Prophesy, tongues and interpretation of tongues, word of knowledge etc.) ceased with the completion of the NT when they believe that special revelation ceased. To them, Jesus is the supreme and final revelation of God to humanity and the witness of the apostolic community to Christ ceased with the completion of the NT. Extra biblical revelation is regarded as false.

        To believe in continuing special revelation (through the continuation of revelational spiritual gifts) is (according to Evangelical cessationists) a denial of the sufficiency of Scripture which they see as of utmost importance.

        Cessationists believe that the Holy Spirit indwells all those who are “born from above”, so they believe that Christ’s Spirit indwells them all. So it is false to claim that any of them deny that “greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world”. You need to learn what cessationist Evangelical theology actually holds. You completely misrepresent them.

        It is characteristic of you that you misrepresent views that you disagree with.

        • Susan Jane Elohim

          You are going back on block for spamming me.

          I hope you learn enough obedience to let Jesus break the hold the devil has on you.

          • I did not spam you, you liar! If the devil exists, then it is you he has a hold on. Won’t you liars end up in the “lake of Fire”? There you will join the so-called devil.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Well somebody did. The exact time you are online with me and it usually happens at the time when you post on this blog.

            So either you are doing it or someone is in collusion with you.

            I suggest you repent, get Jesus so he can evict the devil from your life then you put on the full armor of God and watch how many demonic tests get sent your way.

            Start obeying God so you can start passing His tests.

            Don’t pay any attention to anyone flunking God’s tests.

            Look at Jesus and the prophets who passed God’s tests and don’t let a fear of failure stop you from letting God produce spiritual success in you. You do not control your circumstances or future. God does.

            Never give the devil a foothold in your thoughtlife.

            If you have to get up and turn the tv or radio off.

            Some people claiming to be God’s people are liars. Out singing rap songs with lyrics laced with profanity. That’s a disobedient Christian.

            Learn from the obedient ones.

            Obedience brings blessings.

            Disobedience brings curses.

            Always give the glory to God for leading you through the valley of the shadow death.

            Are you going to let the devil cheat you out of receiving God’s annointing? Cf. Psalm 23.

          • I’m not spamming you nor am I in collusion with anyone. You are off your rocker!

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Here is the spammed post again:

            Susan Jane Elohim John Arthur 6 hours ago
            Detected as spam This isn’t spam »
            Stop analyzing my mistakes and start following Jesus and apply His scriptures to yourself.
            I made a remark about David Platt the other day because he disparaged faith healing. His whole emphasis is on the gift of evangelism while faith healing is probably the manifestation of the gift of mercy. I thought Platt was a cessationist but he’s a continualationist.
            One spiritual gift leads to the other gift in a mature practicing Christian so why is he teaching a doctrine that nips faith healing in the bud?
            Jesus said: “According to your faith let it be done to you”.
            A sower of the word i.e. Platt is not the ultimate authority on it. Jesus is.
            Some people make an idol out of scripture and rule people with it with a heavy hand. Lots of popes have done that, haven’t they?
            Why were they burning heretics? There is no New Testament passage in scripture that says burning heretics is ok with God. Jesus never said to do it either.
            Platt is probably hyper focused on evangelism now. Faith is like sight. People have vision problems. Some people are far sighted, some are near sighted, etc. But the focus point and pattern for a disciple is always Jesus.
            Jesus could heal people. He allowed his disciples to use his authority to heal people in His name, too. There’s nothing in scripture saying that authority stopped. The Great Commission has not stopped so why should faith healing. But God can say no to a healing. He’s God. Are you going to quarrel with God over His decisions? Then an evil spirit or some kind of sin like pride is prompting that.
            All healing is a miracle isn’t it? Doctors don’t control it. Sometimes healing and recovery is slow. Though if God wills it it could be instantaneous or over a shorter course of time according to what He thinks. Not what some person tells you. I never let the concerned doctors who were counting me out when I had cancer get to me totally. I am a Christian I am walking and living under the authority of the Living God’s power. People don’t decide when I live or I die and Satan has not got that power over me any more either. I fully surrendered to God several years back and just kicked out a serious sin about a month ago after a long hard struggle with it. Give the glory to God after going back and forth over whether or not that was really a sin I was practicing and finally concluding it was I simply opted to obey God, go forward and not look back. Obedience is better than sacrifice. You can’t know everything God knows and neither can other people so just love Him enough to trust Him and obey Him. The sin is over and done with in Jesus already. He covered us past, present and future but my flesh had to work everything out for itself instead of taking the high road of simply trusting and obeying God and sin is dangerous it has consequences.
            You want to be used by God? Then let no sin rule over you. Cf. Psalm 119:133. Ask God for a new heart cf. Psalm 51 and put everything Jesus taught you into practice.
            I know people God healed. Monty posted about his healing just the other day on the Christian Crier when I asked him what his life story was.
            Monty is an ex-atheist who almost died but God healed him. Find his post and read it.
            Ehrman has not got his heart right with God. People have heart problems, vision problems, mind problems, walk problems and some of these people meaning well sow weak doctrine on others.
            I know. The first church I seriously attended that I got baptized in was Protestant cessationist. None of their people were going out to become street preachers. Then I spent time in Catholicism. The priest was almost infantile. He never taught from the scriptures but good naturedly prattled nonsense stories to the congregation. Then I switched back to the Protestant side of the house. Another church I attended was an itty bitty community bible based church. A friend told me later she left the church because the pastor was a chauvinist. I never saw him that way but she knew him longer and possibly better than I did. But he did believe and practiced laying on of hands.
            Most denominational divisions are based on theological divisions. Some churches or ministers preach with more power or discernment than others. They are transferring their interpretations to the congregations. But some preachers see better and have better attitudes and convictions than others.
            But there is nothing stopping you from becoming more Christlike than the preacher is.
            Let Jesus motivate you.
            Look at Tim Keller here. Great sin analysis and solution but I’ve seen the problem analyzed and solved differently by another good student of the Bible.
            So work out your own faith and don’t fall victim to other people’s problems. People are a guide. Only God is the absolute authority.
            Do you want to be fearless in your faith or weak and compromising?
            Start working and walking in it right now and applying it to yourself first because eyes will be watching you. Particularly the eyes of little people who need good role models.

            I need u, Toby Mac

            How to change deeply, Tim Keller

          • Well, why would I want to spam this? No reason at all. I just don’t agree with most of your views, but I don’t disagree with you having the freedom to post them, no matter how nutty they are. I didn’t even know that you had posted it. If I had known that you corrected your view about being a cessationist, I would not have made my comment about you misrepresenting him.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Do not contact me again. You have repeatedly lied and mischaracterized me and I feel sure you are possessed.

            You will have to repent.

            I am not associating with a possessed, unrepentant sinner voluntarily and you can’t make me.

            So you had better repent and get Jesus or you continue to run risks to yourself from those personal demons.

            Atheists have the highest suicide rate. Must be that perverse spirit and lying spirt and others that so many atheists have.

            I feel bad for you but the Bible says bad company corrupts good character so your demons aren’t going to be allowed to influence me.

            You will be blocked if you issue another post.

            Best take charge of yourself and repent so Jesus can throw those demons out.

          • There is no such thing as personal demons. So I’m not possessed by any imaginary demons. You are totally irrational and need to visit a good psychiatrist to have your mental well being assessed.

          • I haven’t lied or misrepresented you. I’ve told you the truth and accurately represented you, but you don’t want to hear the truth. You prefer to lie. You are both an idiot and a crackpot. That’s true but you are too blind to see. It seems that it is bible Fundamentalists that corrupt good character. You urgently need to visit a good psychiatrist. I fear for your mental well-being.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Do not contact me again.

            The fool has said in his heart there is no God.

            Did Ehrman say that and did you accept his counsel over God’s?

            I am not the one rejecting God and the Bible and training everyone to do it like you do.

            I suggest you get a copy of Strongman’s His Name What’s His Game and learn all about demons and how to keep them out.

            But that’s hard to do without Jesus.

            You most likely have a lying spirit in addition to a spirit of perversion and others.

            Get that book by the Robesons and read it.

            “When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, it passes through dry places seeking rest, but finds none. Then it says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’ And when it comes, it finds it empty, swept, and put in order. Then it goes and brings with itself seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they enter and dwell there. And the last state of that man is worse than the first. So shall it be also with this evil generation” (Matt. 12:43-45).

            Many use this verse to caution Christians, but the context is rejecting Christ: “The unclean spirit leaves for a time, but when he returns, he finds Christ is not there to shut him out; the heart is swept by outward reformation … and the man becomes a more decided enemy of the truth. Every heart is the residence of unclean spirits, except those which are temples of the Holy Ghost, by faith in Christ” (Matthew Henry).

            Seriously consider repenting to break free.

            Charisma Magazine

            Peace Be With You!

          • You do know that Charisma Magazine is full of Pentecostal and Charismatic crackpot articles among one or 2 reasonable ones. So why quote that worthless magazine. e.g. That Jennifer Leclaire (who blogs on Charisma magazine) is a complete and utterly deluded nutter.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            I’m not arguing doctrine or scripture with you. It’s too complicated a subject for someone who has refused to master the basic theology by putting it into personal practice himself.

            A basic understanding starts with repentance.

            You are unrepentant. You are not even trying to get your heart right with God just launching your hateful, critical spirit on me.

            That’s your problem…your hateful spirit.

            You pretend you know all theology. You don’t because you don’t even know God well enough to repent so Jesus can do a work in your soul.

            Without repentance and obedience you’re a theological nobody in God’s eyes and those are the eyes that really count.

            So insult away. I couldn’t care less what a thoroughly hardened, unrepentant sinner possibly possessed by demons thinks.

            I am too busy loving and obeying God to care and somebody has to have the courage to carry this Gospel and tell people like you to repent.

            I can’t help it that you’re out of your mind and let other people communicate their demons to you, can I?

            I am not casting your evil spirits out. Try actually putting the theology into practice for once in your life and genuinely humble yourself and repent. Then Jesus will put that devil out and keep him out.

            Otherwise the devil scores one over you.

            When you fall down you are supposed to repent and turn to Jesus then Jesus can make you stand.

            We Fall Down


            What you thought loving obedience was built in you in one day? It could take time for the higher levels of obedience to manifest. The Fruit of the Spirit has to manifest first.

            Try getting obedient by answering John the Baptist’s call to repentance if you aren’t too proud and see what happens.

            Satan can’t do nothing without God’s permission.

            I am staying under the Living God’s authority and power. I’ve seen what living like the devil does to people and you aren’t arguing me into living like that. I couldn’t care less what some evil scholar says about things.

            My senses can sort good from evil without taking up evil ideas from evil people who are trying to control me and knock me off balance in my walk with God.

            You get your heart right with God. God will give you enough obedience to shut that devil up once and for all if you do things His way for a change.

            God is sovereign. Not people. So make sure you make the full surrender to God.

          • I do not pretend to know all theology but I know more than you. I studied theology at a leading theological seminary. But theology is talk about a god who probably doesn’t exist. It is based on so-called holy texts. You show no evidence of having studied academic works on theology, liberal or evangelical. You also show no evidence of a knowledge of academic studies on the critical tools for examining the bible and you lack any knowledge of biblical Hebrew, Aramaic and NT Greek.

            You are a Fundamentalist in your attitude to the bible and a heretic in some aspects of theology. So why should anyone listen to you? Your so-called heart approach has led you astray. (You claim to be an Evangelical, yet you are far from being that. Some Evangelicals might say that you are demon possessed.)

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            The heart approach is God’s approach.

            What do you think a call to repentance is.

            I am done answering questions and accusations.

            You can seek. You’re an adult.

            My beliefs are my beliefs not subject to revision by anyone but Jesus and myself.

            This world is loaded with false teachers and false prophets.

            Orthodoxy is merely a headstart.

            At some point you have to start being a doer of the Word then you know things more precisely and realistically.

            Bye. Stop trying to force your ideas on me. I am going out into the real world now.

            I analyzed atheists responses for years and you all gave in to sins and demons like the Bible says.

            That’s God’s perspective as is His call to repentance.

            The obedient ones will obey and have their “issues” resolved. What’s the issue? Sin.

            Think about it. I don’t need to think about everyone else’s ideas that try to keep me trapped in sin with them.

            I want out of it permanently. God says it is awful and it is.

            And I want to be out of it literally as well as spiritually.

            I have a dual nature since I was born again and I am going to live out of both of them with no more sinful self contradiction and self deception.

            That anyone would tolerate sin. What a shamefilled deception that is.

            God gave the truth to escape shamefilled deception.

            I’m going back to reading God’s Word. I have had my fill of reading evil comments sections online full of nasty reasoning and suggestions from people who couldn’t get their hearts right with God to save their own lives to say nothing of anyone else’s.

          • “Demons” (or “principalities and powers”) is a term used in biblical mythology to describe the impact of what today is the impact of social structures on personal and social behaviour. Jesus was partly a product of his times and wrongly assumed that personal demons exist (He was ignorant. The bible says that he grew in knowledge and wisdom and he didn’t know the day nor the hour of his supposed return so it admits that he was ignorant on some things).

          • You’re delusional! I am not trying to force my views on you or anyone. You pontificate on theology as if you are a Protestant pope. So I respond to your delusional ideas. You seem to think that anyone who writes a rational critique of your ideas is trying to force their ideas on you. Perhaps you just want to write your ridiculous views up without having others critically assessing them. This is a public blog on the internet, so you can’t get away with your ridiculous ideas without one or more people responding.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            I am not even reading you any more.

            Stick with the devil if you must but I don’t have to read you.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Dear Father God,

            Please forgive me for being slow to act but out of deference to John Arthur’s human education on the scriptures I merely told him to repent. Father I know you can do all things and nothing is impossible for you and that the demons tremble at the mention of Your Name. Forgive me Father for giving too much credit to John Arthur’s intellect when his heart is under attack from evil spirits which makes him lie and accuse and act proudly and forget things that he said. Please give him an even better spiritual education about You to replace his humanistically learned ideas.

            Father bind the perverse spirit, the lying spirit and any other evil spirits trying to upset, enslave and keep John Arthur of Perth, Australia in bondage. Set him free and keep him free and bless him and keep him free forever. In the most blessed name of your son, Yeshua, we pray and above all we thank you and give you the glory as we acknowledge your holiness and great and awesome power over your whole creation. Please add John Arthur to your flock as soon as possible like you did Saul of Tarsus. Again, all blessing and honor and glory to you Father forever and ever for your people adore you. Amen

          • Father or is it Mother?

            Please return Susan Jane to sanity. You know that there are no such things as demons, but she doesn’t know. She is captive to ancient and medieval world superstitions. Please deliver her from her insanity in the name of Buddha or in the name of Thor. May she urgently visit a reputable psychiatrist. Amen!

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            If you’re really as smart as you seem you are going to have to turn that resentment you are holding against God against the devil.

            Pick up a copy of Curt Thompson, M.D.’s Anatomy of the Soul and read it.

            You are a born sinner like everyone else and the devil likes to meddle with people from the cradle by giving them insecurity issues.

            Intelligence doesn’t guarantee against insecurity. In fact, intelligent people might tend to be more insecure because they think too much and can end up dwelling on negativity and the wrong ideas.

            Get that book and ask Jesus to help you understand it then you’ll have your trust issues resolved and your faith restored and be able to start beating the devil like all of God’s little priest king children do.

            Don’t argue. Do it. So you can have your faith in yourself, your faith in God and your obedience restored.

            You might think you can teach this stuff but without being able to practically apply it to yourself you can’t counsel anybody.

            Jesus was a teacher-preacher-counselor.

            Don’t come back with a smart retort. Get that book and read it. Understand where your underlying issues start and let God restore your faith in Him.

            Have a great day. You will be saved but you are going to have to learn to cooperate with God. Sometimes with no questions asked.

          • I don’t have any resentment against God or the devil. They’re fictitious characters. I don’t resent a God of compassion, healing-mercy and loving-kindness, if such a person exists but I doubt it. What my beef with is the so-called God of the bible who is sometimes pictured as a genocide general, as one who allows rape to occur in an open field and force the raped woman to marry her rapist for as long as he lives etc..

            This kind of god is a brute dictator and has no compassion, mercy and loving-kindness in him but is one who hates and inspires hate in his followers. He is so unlike the Jesus of the synoptic gospels who commands his followers to love their enemies and to be compassionate just as their heavenly Father is compassionate, including towards the ungrateful and the wicked.

            But Yahweh, who is supposed to be the God of Jesus, is one who hates his enemies in some parts of the OT and has his enemies killed. He commands the butchery of little children and babies. Babies are wonderful! It makes no sense that God could be compassionate towards the ungrateful and the wicked, if he has them killed, but what wickedness have babies ever performed?

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Look you are condemning God again and that’s not good spiritually. The spiritual and the rational are connected unless you let the spiritual get blocked.

            Ask God to forgive you and to please lift your spiritual blindness.

            It’s the devil you should be condemning in your thoughtlife not God until normalcy returns to you.

            You are revealing something evil trying to control you on this blog but it’s not going to be allowed to get to me.

            I have on the full armor of God and am getting better equipped at dealing and dismissing evil and sin and living out of the Spirit of God every day.

            I am priest king class y’know as a child of God. We help Jesus throw out the devil and sin starting with ourselves so we can train others how to do it.

            Your efforts to corrupt me are in vain.

            So start getting in the Bible and let God train you up the right way. Not the world’s way.

            Bart Ehrman went to religious school and still he’s flunked out spiritually.

            So he did not learn God’s way. He let his sin rule him.

            I am really barely reading any of your posts.

            I don’t let sin get a foothold on me any more if I can help it.

            I am the born from the cradle missionary type.

          • I’m not condemning God , but the fictitious character that the “texts of terror” that are in the bible portray God as. They were not inspired by any God of compassion, healing-mercy or loving kindness. They were not inspired by a God who loves his enemies, who is kind to the ungrateful and the wicked, but were written by very barbaric, bloodthirsty, violent and ignorant savages who created god in their own likeness. I don’t condemn compassion, healing-mercy and loving-kindness.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            I am not reading you any more.

            Stop letting the devil rule you through sin and get Jesus.

            Revelation is progressive.


          • The author of 2 Timothy says that “all scripture is God breathed and profitable…”. Most scholars think that 2 Tim 3: 14-17 is pseudonymous. In fact, only 7 of the 13 letters attributed to Paul were written by Paul (1 Thess., Gal., 1 & 2 Cor. Rom, Phil. and Phile.) The other 6 (2 Thess. Eph. Col., 1 & 2 Tim. & Tit.) are pseudonymous. Bart Ehrman maintains that Pseudonymity in the ancient world was forgery. In other words, 2 Timothy is supposed to be an inspired forgery. If you believe that it is God-breathed, then you believe that God inspired forgeries. It’s complete nonsense and what it’s author wrote was nonsense.

            You can download Bart Ehrman’s book “Forged” free of charge on the internet. I challenge you to read it. Bart’s book summarises the findings of biblical scholarship. But I doubt that you will read it because you are so scared that the imaginary devil or imaginary demons will take hold of you.

          • I am not trying to corrupt you. I want you to see the reality of what the feminist theologian, Phyllis Tribble, calls the “texts of terror ” that ARE in the bible. These texts have Yahweh commanding violence and immorality. It is you who is blind to what the bible actually says because you keep on ignoring these texts. You either pretend that they do not exist or you are ignorant of their existence. Please study Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, 1 and 2 Samuel and 1 and 2 Kings! Try reconciling the barbaric butcher of these books with the Jesus of the Sermon on the Mount!

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Done here. You rejected God in favor of the opinions of immoral people.

            A minister is called and ordained by God.

            Where do you get off thinking an atheist is the equal in authority on the scriptures to an ordained minister who God approves of?

            You bought the lie.

            But you aren’t selling it to me.

            I know who really rules this world and it’s God not the devil. But you can let the devil rule you personally through sin if you’re weak willed and weak minded with a heart of stone that is insensitive to God and other people.

            Let no sin rule over me.

            And let not the thinking of evil people rule over me either.

            All I need is Jesus and his righteousness.


          • If rejecting the moral monster of the “tests of terror” is rejecting compassion, healing-mercy and loving-kindness is being guilty of rejecting an immoral god, then I plead guilty. But, I hardly see it as listening to immoral people, as you claim. To listen to those who try to justify the “texts of terror”, like you do, is to listen to immoral or evil people. I listen to reason and sense, not nonsense!

          • Atheists don’t read the “texts of terror” as if God inspired them, but you Fundamentalists think that they are. So Fundamentalist pastors are NOT qualified because no God of compassion, healing-mercy or loving-kindness would approve of them, but you mistakenly think that he would (if he exists). Look at that idiot, W.L. Craig, to see that he tries to justify the killing of little children and babies that occurred in the bible genocides!

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            You’re not including me in your rebellion any more.


          • Susan Jane Elohim

            This link may be helpful to you. It could help you figure out why you’re having a trust issue.


          • You are not under the “Living God’s authority and power”. You are deluded. Some Evangelicals would say that you are under the control of Satan’s power. So when you die, they would claim that you will join Satan in the “Lake of Fire” after the last judgment comes. Of course most Pentecostals and Charismatics, like yourself (although you don’t belong to a Pentecostal/Charismatic denomination) are utterly deceived. People like agnostic Bart Ehrman know that God talk is nonsense but they know how to do it intelligently, unlike you.

          • I don’t have a hateful spirit. Your problem is that you think any criticisms of your crazy theological views are expressing a hateful spirit. You are so far “up yourself” that you seem to have no awareness of how arrogant you are. You are the one who lacks love: compassion, mercy and loving-kindness. Go have a close view of what you write. One blogger just recently said that you are “the mother of all loons”. How was he wrong and why?

          • Hey Susan Jane,

            What’s all this nonsense you have been spouting? You claim to be an Evangelical Christian yet you spout things that are considered heretical by most Evangelicals: You deny the doctrine of the Triune God. You are a universalist (most Evangelicals consider this heresy). You hold to crackpot theories of British Israelism. Some of your views deny the sufficiency of Scripture and you seem to like quoting prosperity theologians like the Osteens.

          • I am not training people to reject the bible but to recognize that there are myths in the bible and that the bible is NOT the Word of God. Myth was a common literary form in the ancient world and many biblical scholars believe that much of the bible is mythical. They claim that both the OT and the NT needs to be demythologized for modern humans to understand it.

            Much of the OT as well as the book of Revelation in the NT is the writing that comes from very barbaric, violent, bloodthirsty and ignorant savages who created god in their own likeness. You need to read the “bloody” book and not pretend that these passages are not in the bible. Feminist theologian, Phyllis Tribble, calls these passages “the Texts of Terror”. I’m helping people deal with these texts. You’re not. You’re simply pretending that they are not there.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Faith is the gift of God.

            It’s a mysterious gift. Christianity is the most mysterious religion around but it’s real and it works.

            You’re not demystifying anyone but yourself. Undermining your own relationship with God.

            How do you know God didn’t use myths to socially evolve people over time?

            You are busy deconstructing the greatest hero of all time Jesus Christ and people need this heroic role model to follow so the devil won’t try to lord over them.

            If God is using the “myth” then it isn’t a myth but how would anyone know who didn’t accept the truth and experience it for himself.

            You don’t have the right to define truth or reality for me. So you can stop disrespecting my separate consciousness trying to force your ideas on me.

            God calls people. He gives us a choice and I will make my own choices. I am an adult. That way other people’s devils don’t get to lord it over me.

            Have a blessed day!

      • Monty

        I’ve been busy as the school is starting up again after the Easter break. Feel free to email me from the the address on the website. Oh, the picture of the mountain is symbolic, not where we have the school. In fact we are minutes from the beach!

        • Susan Jane Elohim

          Awesome. I will look you up some how. I am thinking of doing some missionary work in Australia and maybe take a course there. It’s a toss up between counseling school and faith healing school right now with one more operation to go. Recovery can be a slow process but it’s all good.

          I am a beach person as it turns out.

          Have a great day!

        • Susan Jane Elohim

          I hope the email got to you.

        • Susan Jane Elohim

          Here’s my new Internet banner verse:

          God’s love never fails. See Psalm 118 and 136.

          Now try walking in it like Jesus did.

          God will empower you to love like He does.

          That may be the most personally empowering verse in the whole Bible.

  • Susan Jane Elohim

    Humility is key to seeking the Lord. Pride gets in the way of that happening.

  • Pam Turner

    One way to show love is to NOT tell your brother’s sins or weaknesses to others, but to hide their failings and pray for them instead. God showed you for a reason because He trusts you to carry their burden, to listen to them and to not judge them but to Pray for them! Love covers a multitude of sins. Even Jesus didnt judge but trusted His Father thru the Holy Spirit to free and heal the people.