25 Christian Blogs You Should Be Reading

25 Christian Blogs You Should Be Reading April 23, 2012

This list is from 2012. To read the new, updated list of Christian Blogs You Should Be Reading from August, 2013, CLICK HERE.

I’m reposting this blog entry from my friend and Colleague, Matthew Paul Turner, for two reasons. First, if you don’t know MPT, you should. He’s written about eleventy-seven books, from the practical to the theological and even some memoir-type stuff. He’s prolific, creative, challenging and pretty damn funny too.

So, the two reasons I’m re-posting MPT’s list of 25 blogs you should be reading:

  1. I’m lazy. I’ve been asked to do a list like this of my own, but he did such a great job compiling this that I figured I’d ride his coattails.
  2. I’m a narcissist. He was gracious enough to list me at #12, and to say some generous things along with his props. So of course I think it’s a great list; I’m on it!

(MPT’s blog entry below.)


All of us know the names and URLs of the popular faith blogs. But some of the most interesting blogs about faith, theology, personal journey, doubt, and skepticism fly under the radar. In hopes of changing that, I offer you 25 lesser-known faith blogs (in no particular order) that I believe are well worth your time and attention. Some of these bloggers I know, and some I only “know” from afar. I don’t always agree with every view that is expressed, but every blogger on this list presents the topic of faith/belief with passion, creativity, humor, story, and/or good commentary.

1) Split Frame of Reference: An interesting (sometimes funny) mix of faith, theology, and popular culture.

2) Confessions of a Funeral Director: In my opinion, Caleb Wilde is a wonderful writer/thinker. On his blog, he covers life/death, personal journey, family life, and commentary about faith topics.

3) Alise… Write!: Alise is a beautiful writer who tackles various topics/ideas about faith, doubt, and personal journey.

4) Shawn Smucker: I’m new to reading Shawn’s blog (a mix of story, encouragement, and personal journey), but it’s quickly become one of my favorite reads.

5) In.A.Mirror.Dimly: Author Ed Cyzewski is one of my favorite theologians and his blog is a must read for any person who studies God and faith.

6) Sarah Over the Moon: I love how Sarah Moon thinks. She’s a lovely writer, full of passion, emotion, and love for good things.

7) Jamie the Very Worst Missionary: Jamie’s blog tagline says it all–Inappropriate remarks, embarrassing antics, and generally lame observations from a Christian missionary in Costa Rica. And that’s why I love her.

8 ) Mama Monk: Micha Boyett is one of Christianity’s best kept secrets, a fantastic writer who is as comfortable and prolific writing about parenthood as she is writing about theology–sometimes both at the same time.

9) Man of Depravity: The “depraved” soul behind the blog is Tyler Braun. What I love about Tyler’s blog (which covers a wide range of topics, including faith, theology, church leadership, worship, and lots more) is that, when I read his blog, I feel as though I’m watching a man learn, make mistakes, and grow. And that’s what blogging is all about.

10) Some Wise Guy: I confess, I don’t read ThatKCGuy’s blog as often as I should! But every time I do, I’m reminded of why I bookmarked it a year or so ago. ThatKCGuy is a practical writer, one who sucks truth and wisdom out of every day circumstances. What I love most about this blog is that I almost always can relate. And that’s a powerful gift.

11) Slacktivist: Fred Clark is a fantastic blogger. Not only is he a talented thoughtful writer, he’s also thorough, unafraid to tackle difficult/controversial topics, and wonderfully opinionated. Progressive and wise, add Slacktivist on your blog reader.

12) Christian Piatt: I love Christian Piatt! Yes, because he’s a fantastic writer, wise beyond his years, but also because his words challenge me. His thoughts on God, fatherhood, and being a follower of Jesus make me better at all of those things. And he’s not afraid to be opinionated about a myriad of topics–from God to politics.

13) Sarcastic Lutheran: Nadia Bolz-Weber’s writing convicts me. And I doubt that she’s trying to do that. But that’s what happens. Her humility and love (and occasional sass) challenges my life and faith.

14) Faith Goes Pop: A thoughtful and interesting look at the intersection of “God” and “popular culture”.

15) Joy in this Journey: My friend Joy Bennett is excellent at bringing an interesting angle to a Christian topic, idea, or belief. Full of wise passion, Joy’s writing offers reflections, frustrations, and lots of hope. This is a great blog if you love engaging faith conversations.

16) Carole Smith Turner: Carole has long been one of my favorite bloggers! Her writings and thoughts have, for many, gone under the radar. And I think that’s a travesty! I love Carole’s willingness to ask difficult questions, engage topics that are political or “taboo,” and always express her opinions with thoughtfully and kindly.

17) History in the Making: Lots of people know Ben Arment (the creative and intelligent man behind History in the Making), but more people need to read this man’s blog! Not only is Ben (who is also the founder of Story conference) a talented leader and marketer, he’s a darn good blogger. Always interesting and creative about the topics he posts about, Ben is one of the handful of blogs that I read several times a week.

18) UNTITLED: I’m fascinated by blogger (and creative director) Blaine Hogan’s blog (UNTITLED is also the name of Blaine’s latest book) about creativity. Perhaps that’s because I work in a creative field. But I think almost anybody can glean some good thoughts from his words. And that’s why he’s on this list.

19) Baby Bloomr: I absolutely love Tori Taff. While her blog probably fits better in the “mommy blog” category, I think her witty stories and observations about family, life, culture, and faith should not missed. In addition to her talented writing, Tori is also quite witty on Twitter (especially when there’s an awards show on)!

20) TIM: Though I’ve never met Tim Schraeder, as a frequent reader of his blog (on leadership, popular culture, churchy things, and communications), I feel like we could be best friends. I’ve heard others say the same thing about Tim. That’s because, amid his curious mix of observations, opinions, and stories, Tim always puts himself in the mix, which makes me feel like I know him. (You should know him, too.)

21) Stephen Brewster: Brewster is a church creative rock star in my opinion. If you work in ministry, read his blog.

22) Tamara Out Loud: Warning: Tamara’s occasional explicit choice of words might make you feel uncomfortable. But if you’ll give her a chance, she’ll make you fall in love with her. And I think you should give her a chance…

23) Bryan Allain: Mr. Allain, in my opinion, is the best blogger I know. Though he’s a chemist during the 9 to 5, Bryan moonlights as one of the most creative, hilarious, talented writers in the blogosphere. If you’re not reading Bryan’s witty take on life, then you need to go add him to your reader right now. Do it.

24) Danny Eason: While Danny and I disagree about a lot. I still love reading his blog. His love for God and the Church shines through with every blog post, and while I might disagree with his point of view, I can’t help but love his heart.

25) Annie Blogs: What makes Annie Downs such a cool blogger is her willingness to put her soul–the good and the bad–into words. A talented writer and passionate about her faith (not to mention, she’s Nashville’s “Kevin Bacon”–she knows EVERYBODY), Annie’s words are warm and friendly and make you feel like you’ve known her your entire life.


What are your favorite Christian blogs? (And feel free to include your own in the list!)

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