Jesus, Don’t Let Me Die Before I’ve Had Sex

Jesus, Don’t Let Me Die Before I’ve Had Sex May 29, 2013

I wrote a piece recently about the Christian challenges of what I call “marriage worship,” in which we focus so intensely on getting kids married before they have sex that we neglect necessary education and discourse about healthy emotional, spiritual and physical sexual expression.

Though lots of people seemed to really appreciate the perspective in my post, several responded with a sort of, “So, what DO we do?” comment. Well, it just so happens that there is a movie in the works to take on this very topic.

It’s not every day I see a project and think, “Man I really wish I was a part of that!” but this is one of those. It’s a critically important subject, and if handled with the kind of intelligence and honesty that it looks like they’re employing, it could be really great.

You can check out more about the film and how you can help it through the final stages of production by visiting

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  • Bobzy

    lololol. I find this funny and great that this is being discussed. For me, I find it interesting that the christian tradition of waiting before marriage is surprisingly sophisticated. the way I translate it is “Don’t have sex with a person unless you are to some degree sure that you can stand that person for 50yr or until you die. THis seems like great advise to maturing kids fighting to control their desires and don’t know what the best route is. So who do I think it is smart? well lets look at the actual outcomes of all sex incounters in peoples life times- 1.rape, 2.drunk, 3. l-love you (to get in pants). 4.updating previously listed 1-3 into MArriage. 5. Marring because you are in the moment/romantic/have no clue what genuine love that lasts for more than 5-10yrs is. 6. random sex (high probability of HIV).

    Despite some negetive impacts this tradition has on difficulties that singles deal with, it really also protects you from doing mistakes that you don’t think are detrimental to you. People can do what they want.

    Well I wish everyone a good life. For me I don’t have a desire to actually have sex with someone, unless I love that person.