25 Christian Blogs You Should Be Reading (2014 Readers’ Choice)

25 Christian Blogs You Should Be Reading (2014 Readers’ Choice) December 30, 2014
Welcome to the annual “Blogs you should be reading” blog!  If your New Year’s resolution is to search out relevant, interesting, and challenging blogs, you are in the right place!
There’s such a thing as too much of a good thing sometimes.  And though there are so many more bloggers worth following who aren’t on this list, we can get overwhelmed when we go on a search for something new. Since previous lists of Christian bloggers I’ve compiled have proven very popular, I’m continuing what is becoming an annual tradition.
Bear in mind that this particular list is based on votes from others, and may not necessarily reflect my own personal recommendations (also why my own blog appears, which I debated about removing). If there’s interest, I can compile another “editor’s picks” list as well. But for now, happy searching!


Rachel Held Evans– Rachel is a widely known author and bloggerwho speaks to issues of gender identity and roles in the church and who acts as a bridge between mainline/progressive and evangelical Christians.


Jayson D. Bradley – Progress, not perfection – Jayson is both drawn to the Gospel and repelled by the way it’s been co-opted and misrepresented to cultures that desperately need it. It’s because of this dissonance that he writes the things that I do, while also readily admitting he’s guilty of many of the very things he critiques.


Nadia Bolz-Weber – Known as the Sarcastic Lutheran, Nadia is a fresh voice pointing out the sins of the Church and blends traditional Lutheran sensibilities with a funny, irreverent take on how to put our faith into action in a rapidly changing world.


Formerly Fundie – Former Christian right advocate Benjamin Corey shares insights, hopes and laments about American Christianity and culture. He writes of his break with fundamentalist religion and his awakening into a different kind of Christianity.


Christianity is Changing – Michael Hardin is the co-founder and Executive Director of Preaching Peace, a non-profit based in Lancaster, PA whose motto is “Educating the Church in Jesus’ Vision of Peace.”


Lutheran Confessions – Hosted by Rev. Dr. Clint Schnekloth, Lutheran Confessions is a confessional conversation around theology, the walk of faith and the life of the church. The blog is honest, quirky and funny!


Peter Enns – Peter is interested in helping people rethink biblical Christianity. He is a biblical scholar, interested in helping people more meaningfully engage the Bible and how ancient Scripture intersects with modern thought.


Brian McLarenPhoto by Courtney PerryBrian McLaren – explores Christian identity in a multi-faith world. He is bold and courageous, often providing a faithful, well articulated response to those who write to him.

John Pavlovitz is a 17-year ministry veteran, specializing in rabble-rousing, engineering mayhem, and generally trying to live-out the red letters of Jesus as he puts it. He writes about the stuff that needs to be said about faith and the church.



Jamie the Very Worst Missionary – A plainspoken blogger, Jamie Wright is brutally honest about her imperfections, and equally passionate about spreading the gospel.


Sarah-14-300x199Sarah Bessey – Sarah writes about her own faith and spirituality, about what love, mothering, ecclesiology, theology, women’s issues, social justice and “pretty much everything else that you are not supposed to discuss in polite company.”


Hellbound? – Kevin Miller is an award winning screen-writer, director and producer who is fascinated by theology and philosophy. His blog is a catalyst for conversation on the intersection of film; books and meta-theories that seek to explain everything from storytelling to the origin of evil.


cropped-WorldsFinest-Banner-PantherPolitical Jesus: Everyday Resistance – Political Jesus is a Christian theology blog maintained by h00die_R (Rod),  Optimistic Chad, and Amanda Mac, (that’s all you’ll know) usually filled with commentary on pop culture, race, politics, theology, Scripture, and a bit of science fiction.

Christena Cleveland – Christena’s passion is to help the body of Christ find the power of unity. Using social psychological insights, biblical principles and practical applications, she equips people – from head to heart to hands – to do the work of unity and reconciliation.

ReKnew –  Throughout the world, people are re-thinking what they thought they knew about the Christian faith. It is an age, it seems, in which many believers and skeptics alike are dissatisfied with the status quo. Questions increasingly outnumber answers, and faith feels harder and harder to hold. ReKnew is a place for those in the midst of these questions.

Womens-Heads-Decani-KosovoWebJunia Project Home – The Junia Project is a Christian community that advocates for gender equality in the home, church, and society (sometimes called biblical egalitarianism).

Frank-SchaefferWhy I Still Talk to Jesus – In Spite of Everything – Frank Schaeffer  – At Patheos Progressive Christian, Frank Schaeffer talks about play-acting (or “blessed hypocrisy”) as the only road to virtue, because at first nothing comes “naturally” but the biting and scratching.



Kimberly Knight: At Patheos Progressive Christian, Kimberly Knight blogs on being gay and Christian, featuring her own voice, and guest voices from other gay, as well as allied voices.

At the Table with April Fiet April shares stories and insights of family, church, culture and even crafts! I hope you will find something here that will inspire you, encourage you, lift you up, or give you ideas that will transform you! Please jump in and join the conversation, because there is always room for you to pull up a chair at the table.



Jason Wiedel – writes about faith and culture as it intersects with our everyday media and new. Jason serves the needs of the people in Surry and Sussex Counties. He also works to help people understand God in new ways. Jason works for Habitat for Humanity

Christian Piatt – At Patheos Progressive Christian, Christian Piatt writes on faith, family, fatherhood and post-modern life from a progressive Christian perspective.

imagesEmerging Voices is a rotating roster of diverse faith voices ( 50% women, 50% people of color, 25% LGBTQ, 10% international) that speak to the vision of a diverse , inclusive, and equitable version of Christianity.



first day walking Mihee Kim-Kort is an ordained Presbyterian minister who writes to make sense and the most of this world – one stumble at a time.



The American Jesus | Zack Hunt – While The American Jesus is a satirical take on how Americans tend to remakde Jesus in our American image, the blog is dedicated to all the crazy, sad, silly, absurd, weird, and hopeful ways that make up American Christianity.

cropped-bea-headerBrown-Eyed Amazon is an inter-faith, ecumenical, LGBT affirming feminist space founded by a Christian feminist, AnaYelsi Sanchez. Brown-Eyed Amazon is a community that celebrates the intersection of art, faith, and social justice and is dedicated to social change in 3 major and inter-connected areas: human trafficking (modern-day slavery), LGBT+ equality and gender-based violence.

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  • disqus_CwkmKlN8Tq

    Very disappointed not to find Rev Mark Sandlin not on this list.

    • Christian Piatt

      again, readers’ votes determined it. next year, promote and vote!

      • Arthur Frymyer Jr.

        So it’s basically about who runs the best “vote for me” campaign?

        • Christian Piatt

          not necessarily. I don’t think most of these bloggers mentioned the survey once.

        • J

          For what it’s worth, I saw zero vote for me requests on the handful of these blogs that I follow.

  • Interesting list to check out and follow..

  • PastorM

    Did I miss John Hagee’s blog? 🙂

    • Christian Piatt

      yes. Yes you did. And Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron…

  • Great list! I think Greg Boyd’s “ReKnew” blog is mistitled though. It just says “Home.”

  • Oh boy! It’s the time of year to get multiple reminders that no one is reading my blog. Talk about fun.

    • Arthur Frymyer Jr.

      Mine either, bro. But in my case I have only myself to blame. I made 2 posts all year. LOL!

  • Christina

    With a few token exceptions, this is still a very white “hipster” list. Christianity (and progressive Christianity) is so much more than these limited perspectives.

    • Christian Piatt

      Agreed, it is much more. Again, it’s reader-curated.

    • Camino1

      It will always be this way, Christina. That is because the people on the margins don’t belong here. You’re just not going to see people from Victory Outreach or Church of God in Christ flooding Patheos. For them, voices are not authoritative just because they’re white and educated.

      • Camino1

        I’m actually pretty happy that my comment hasn’t been given any thumbs-up–it’s a sign of progress!

        Can you imagine the vitriol a decade ago over such an “inflammatory” claim?

        May 2015 be the year of all-time greatest advances in understanding.

  • Peter Siwek

    Gosh, I’d love to have seen more People of Color acclaimed on this list…

    • Christian Piatt

      Me too. Again, reader-curated list.

      • NB: I think I nominated the Emerging Voices blog, but actually I specifically nominated the immense writing of Micky Jones, which then hit some high notes around Ferguson.

    • Paula Coyle

      Maybe they aren’t liberal enough.

  • Madeleine Alexei

    I’m pleased to see Rachel Held Evans at the top of this list, but where’s Morgan Guyton’s Mercy Not Sacrifice (http://www.patheos.com/blogs/mercynotsacrifice/ )?

  • NurseTammy

    Which one of them is Catholic? Nearly 30% of US Christians are Catholic and in the greater world we are a majority

  • Beau Jackson

    I was hoping to see Kathy Baldock of canyonwalkerconnections.com on this list. She is one woman who has helped me to see some light in Christianity again. I love her work.

  • Where’s my blog? I’m young and hip, too!

  • Robert Barnes

    I’ve learned a lot from people whom I don’t necessarily agree. Some of these folks are funny, insightful, and honest about their pain and the pain in the world. I’ve read their blogs. I can see the attraction to them on a certain level.

    But have mercy, you people who voted these as your top 25, don’t you get tired of progressive, anti-establishment, anti-Bible, liberal politics disguised as love your neighbor, 24/7/365?

    The fact that this was democratically chosen makes me hurt for the body of Christ. You guys eat spiritual food like these guys serve all year and it will be like drinking one of those freaky ultra-hoppy craft beers–it’s bitter as hell, but you smile and say you like it because you are supposed to! But in the end, your thirst will not be quenched, and you will not be satisfied until you are actually taking in the means of grace established by Christ that nourishes the deepest need of our hearts.

    And our deepest need is not more bitter pseudo-intellectual hipster spirituality.

    • Camino1

      ??? That’s the only beer I will drink. I’ll drink water before Coors Light.

      Maybe you’re misunderstanding a lot more, here?

    • Mick

      I noticed that myself , strange the need to make sure we all know how enlightened some are , and how lacking those who are more in tune with a more traditional Bibi cal understanding , as if they are less deserving of love and charity of Christ because they had different Sunday School Classes , do not see the racist America they do , see government hurting people with unintended consequences , and worse off all , may just be wrong about their politics as these folks are so sure of , but does that cause to undermine the church or Love of Christ . The cut On Cameron and such makes little sense except to show how important some of these blog writers need to feel they are . The best way to share Christ is to live with the knowledge we are less important then Christ , and more of Christ in us will flow the love the world needs , while giving us a life more then we could ask for , Who does not fail at times , perhaps this group will find the answer , it comes through less of us and More Of Him . Thanks for your words .

  • George

    …man. A lot of these are good voices for understanding different perspectives. Not so much for digesting and discerning biblical Christianity. Egalitarianism and liberalism isn’t doing a service to Ephesians 5, Genesis 1-3, 1 Tim 2-3, 1 Cor 11 or 1 Cor 7. Yes, gender matters and equality of worth matters- but that doesn’t eliminate a biblical complementarity of headship and submission and brotherly and sisterly love and mutual submission to Christ.

    A lot of these are focussing on agendas that are destroying essential fabric in the Church for sheep, and diverting the sheep from a worldview shaped by the Word.

  • MaryT

    What a bunch of nutters!!!

  • Theology Mix

    Great to see all these blogs! We’re a new theology blog with 35+ great authors – would love to have you stop by sometime! You can find us at http://www.theologymix.com.

  • Paula Coyle

    These are all theological liberals. Why would we want to follow them as ‘Christian’ blogs?

  • I’d recommend Addie Zierman and Elizabeth Esther as well.

  • John Ballard

    Following up on a comment I left a few hours ago I see it has been deleted. That’s unfortunate, because I went to some trouble in the middle of the night to put it together, and specifically mentioned someone who might be interested in this list. I’m not going to try to do it again. Very disappointing.

    • angangang

      Yes, mine was deleted too. I thought it was just me!

  • Christian, meaning, not Catholic nor Orthodox, meaning, the two largest Christian groups? #ProtestantCulDeSac

  • Jahan


    Hey all,
    Usually i would say, “I am aware we run away from God, but take few seconds to run your eyes though this blog.” But I am in the right place and would request you to Read His message.

  • Rullbert Boll

    The list is not satisfactory. I get it thus: religion/Christianity 1. should be a guide for the individual thru personal hardships, 2. is in reality everybodies opinionating on their perceived “right/wrong”. This is the so called progressive personal opinionating on perceived “right/wrong”. Elsewhere the fundies and the catholics and this or that “lifestyle” christianity can be found. I think I’m not a progressive anymore — I’m a heretic.

  • Jahan
  • Jahan


    Hi All,

    We run from God’s message, but take 10 seconds to run you eyes through this and it will help you.


  • angangang

    Rachel Held Evans has lost all of my respect. She has totally sold out.

  • Mike Mayer

    I follow many of these to help me think about my faith. And I realize that the title is “25 CHRISTIAN blogs…”, but I will just throw out there that one of the blogs I follow somewhat regularly is the Friendly Atheist. I find it very enlightening to see (current) Christianity through the lens of someone OUTSIDE out community. I seldom concur with his conclusions (and find the comments on his blog outright tiresome), but he definitely shines a light on the areas we need to be focusing on and how the greater community views us.

  • Since this is list of progressive Christianity, how can http://LiberalslikeChrist.Org NOT be on it? we have been fighting to bring Christianity into the 21st century since four years before it even started!