Men’s ministry is pointless

Men’s ministry is pointless January 13, 2016

pointless2Why do so few churches offer a men’s ministry program? They’ve learned that men’s ministry is pointless – unless you get something else right first.

Here are some facts on men’s ministry programs:

  • Only about 10% of congregations offer ongoing ministry programs for men (compared to about 90% of churches that offer women’s and/or children’s ministries).
  • In churches that do offer men’s ministry, fewer than 20 percent of the men actively participate. The vast majority of the men in the congregation do not interact with the men’s ministry at all.
  • Men’s ministry programs tend to be event driven. Once the event is over they quickly lose momentum. Hence, most men’s ministry programs die out within 2 years of launch.
  • Men’s ministry has a reputation as being an old guys’ club.

Men’s ministry programs can be effective – if you get one thing right first. That one thing is Sunday morning worship.

Your church’s weekly worship services must be welcoming to men. If your guys feel sidelined, bored or demoralized at 11 a.m. Sunday, why would they show up for Men’s group at 6 a.m. Wednesday?

Now – don’t get me wrong. I love men’s ministry programs. I enjoy speaking at men’s rallies and retreats. Men’s ministry is absolutely life changing for some men.

But there’s more fruit to be had by helping men find God on Sunday.

It’s a simple numbers game. Your men’s ministry will attract about 20% of your guys. But Sunday worship attracts 100% of your guys. You’ve got to engage the men where they already are – in the pews.

Savvy preachers know this. America’s fastest growing churches work hard to engage men on Sunday. These pastors know that if they can capture the man they’ll usually get the family in the deal. They also know that when the man gives his heart to Christ the entire family dynamic changes.

Do guy oriented churches repel women? Hardly. Women love worshipping in the presence of enthusiastic men. Wives love it when their husbands love to go to church.

Once you get Sunday morning right, you should notice more men getting involved. That’s the right time to launch a men’s ministry program.

So, how do you get started? If you’re looking for ways to make your church more welcoming to men, check out our web site: You’ll find a ton of free resources that can help your congregation re-connect with men and boys through the ministries you already offer.

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